November 1, 2014

Outstanding Website - Veganism: A Truth Whose Time has Come! TheVeganTruth blog

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that TheVeganTruth blog
won 'outstanding website' award
in the Vegan of  the Year Awards 2014

The magic that veganism brings to life is an award in and of itself. 
Winning was even more magical because I didn't try to get people to vote for me or even know I was nominated.  I'm on HIGHatus from facebooking and blogging, but went to my wall where someone posted congratulations. Yes, it makes me feel good and appreciated. The award I most desire is animal liberation, the abolition of slavery of anyone sentient, a "no-kill world" a saner, more respectful, less violent; vegan humanity bringing peace to Earth. 

Veganism recently celebrated it's 70th birthday. I recently celebrated my 36th veganniversary; making me vegan more than half the years since the birth of veganism.

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