October 4, 2014

36th Veganniversary, 57th birthday, and farewell message; going on HIGHatus

Now that I'm gaining years, the best thing about birthdays is that it is also my veganniversary; and in that way, I love gaining years! Last year on my 35th veganniversary, I hosted a public celebration. This year, I'm celebrating 36 years of commitment to veganism in quiet solitude. I am taking this day to say: so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, adios, shalom, ciao, sayonara, au revoir, arrivederci, namaste, aloha, hasta la vista - till we meet again. I'm taking a breather from facebooking and blogging for an extended time period. I'm on HIGHatus.

I'm intending to grow a large veganiclly-grown flower and food garden - in memory of Kisses; I want to think of her in an "alive" way - so I want to create an ecosystem that is alive and beautiful - commemorated to her memory. It will be close to the house for everyone to enjoy during the day; as a lovely break from what we do each day to build our vegan-first-and-foremost, eco-friendly-off-the-grid property, "life-as-it-should-be-is-the-goal" sort of world that is named Shangri-la; a vegan educational center and community in northland, New Zealand and powered by the volunteers of Gentle World and many global visitors and helpers. 

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog and refer to it often. As a vegan I feel like your blog is my support group..it has helped me in many ways...thanks for all your hard work and I hope all your dreams come true with future projects.

SusanEst said...

You will be missed, my beautiful friend. I wish you every blessing. You always deserve all the very best in life. Thanks for inspiring us all!!! xoxoxo <3

Lorraine Haines said...

I'll miss you, Butterflies. Wishing you love and hope.
I hope we meet one day. xxxx