May 14, 2022

100 Outstanding PHOTOS of ANIMALS


The following 100 photos include: 

*Award-winning photography of animals

*Unlikely interspecies friendships

*Maternal bonding (family life of animals)

*Animals adorably photobombing a picture

*Animals in a free state; no ear tags, chains...

*The depiction of the beauty of animals

*The depiction that other species are not "lesser than" us

*The depiction that humans are animals, too

*The depiction that other species have emotions 

Golden Pheasant native of Western China

Photo: Tin Man Lee / Bison now only exist in protected parks

Hamsters (wild) are found throughout Europe and Asia

Fox cub and butterfly

Toucan's large bill helps it reach far-away fruit

Orangutan (non-aggressive) and highly endangered

New Zealand native Wood Pigeon / Kea Photography 

Polar Bears are a threatened species because of global warming

Sows have been known to sing to their piglets while nursing.

Photo Credit: Austrian; Julian Rad - captures wildlife

Photo Credit: @ByTazi  Mother & baby Elephant

Okapi of Africa / Credit: Natural Encounters by Ben Williams

Emperor Penguin family (the largest of penguins)

Mandarin Ducks mate for life.

Smiling lamb / Lambs can walk 5 minutes after birth.

Red Squirrel / Squirrels are highly intelligent with good memory.

Jess Findlay Photography - Fiery Throated Hummingbird

Mandrill /Unsplash Photos/ Their color intensifies with excitement.

Photo Credit: Tim Flatch - Monkey Kiss /

Duckling & Dachshund 

Key Deer Fawn by Noni Cay

White Moose of Sweden

Photo Credit: Laurent Baheux

Gelada of Ethiopia by Amar Guillen  -

Mandarin Ducks are highly sociable & females initiate courtship.

Bubbles; (rescued) African elephant & friend Bella; the Labrador

Lion and her cub (lion cubs are born blind)

Photo Credit: -

Red Panda is a (classified) carnivore that is primarily an herbivore! 

Whale and diver

Quokkas, Rottnest Island, Australia Getty Image

Photo Credit: George Peters Design - Sloth

Caribbean Flamingo - Juan Fortes /

The Laughing Dormouse - Photo Credit: Andrea Zampatti 

Friendly, mellow Capybara (largest rodent; native to South America) 

Sheep and her lamb (Ewes recognize their lamb's bleat.)

Photo Credit:  Max Ellis/Caters News Agency - Funny Squirrel! 

Photo Credit: Anne Geier

Kissing Conure Parrots

Goslings / Geese are loyal, mate for life, & protect their family.

Pink Neck Green Pigeon (Only the males have the pink neck.)

Bubbles and Bella; both rescues who befriended each other.

Hen protecting her chicks / Chickens are more clever than toddlers.

Male Peacock / National Geographic Photo

Photo Credit: Julian Rad; Austrian Wildlife Photographer

Giraffe grooming squirrel

Hedgehog - Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan for Getty Images

Photo Credit:  Julian Rad, a wildlife photographer from Austria

Chipmunk stuffing her cheeks / Credit: Barcroft Media

Credit: KEVIN BISKABORN / baby racoons

Inseparable best friends: Pam Ishiguro/Barcroft Images/via Getty Images

Dogs on Camping Trip / Getty Images


Photo: CNImaging / Monkey and Pigeon Friend

Photo Credit: Graham McGeorge / National Geographic / Kangaroo

An orphaned black rhino with a ranger at a Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

Martin Buzora / Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Photo Credit: Claudio Contreras, Koob, Mexico - Flamingos

Photo Credit: Picture Alliance/Photoshot - Baby Gorilla

Photo Credit: Alicja Zmysłowska Photography

Red Squirrels burry their nut & seed supply to store for winter.

Squirrel photobombing photo at Banff National Park / Melissa Brandts

Perfect Timing Photography Grasshopper Cycling / Credit:  Tustel Ico

Mottled Duck and Ducklings / They travel in small groups or pairs.

Mountain Horse / Photo Credit:  Daniela Schmid

Pandas are native to temperate forests high in the mountains of China.

(8 year old) Matteo Walch with Marmot friends in Austrian Alps

Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur of Canada - Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Mallard duckling - Photo by Carl Jackson / Fine Art America

Pufferfish are masters of self-defense & highly poisonous.

Photo Credit: Joseph Rescinito - National Geographic / Alpacas

Photo Credit:  Audrey Bellot

Newborn calves can see, walk, stand - and moo shortly after birth.

Horses in the wild live full lives without a human on their back.

Scarlet Macaw of Costa Rica

Photo Credit:  Tanja Askani  (Fawn & Rabbit)

Monkey Family - Bijoys Photography

Family of Prairie Dogs / Photographer:  Wolfgang von Vietinghoff

Red-Eyed Tree Frog native of Costa Rica

Three little Pigs /  Photo Credit:  Matthias Hiekel 

Male Monarch butterflies have 2 dark spots on the hindwings. 

Adorable rats snuggling - Photo Credit:  Jessica Florence

Lena Mucha Photography / Cows at Hof Butenland Sanctuary, Germany

Seal Photobomb

Australian Koala Bear / Photo Credit: 

Goats have an inquisitive nature and like to explore.

Mandarinfish; known for their 'mating dance' occurring at sunset hours

Unusual Friends / Dog and Kitten

Doe & Fawn hiding in grass / photograph by Jpecha/Getty Images

Maine Moose (only the males have antlers)

©️ Roland Kranitz - Hungary

Fawns have a unique smell that the mother recognizes.

Deer can run up to 30 miles an hour with great agility & can jump/swim

Jo-Anne McArthur for Farm Sanctuary (rescued, free, calf)

Photo Credit: Larry Warsh Photography - Iguana

"Gentle Giants" by François Baelen

Impalas are a graceful African Impala that can run 50 MPH.

Photo Credit: Chee Kee Teo (Singapore) / Otter

Art Wolfe Photography / Wildlife photographer made a seal friend

Emperor Tamarin, Peru & Bolivia rainforests / Matthias Haker Photography

Sea Otter & baby / Photo Credit: Suzy Eszterhas

Photo: James Gifford 
A gorilla hugging the man who protects him, in Botswana.

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