December 15, 2013

125+ Vegan-Owned~Vegan Businesses Worldwide

Divided by country, this special feature shines a spotlight on more than 125 vegan-owned and operated businesses, worldwide. Hopefully this post will inspire more vegan businesses to open thereby making vegan living more accessible to the public. 

Australia – Vegan Style - "brings fashionable and ethical footwear and shoes to the vegan community. We also have belts, purses, wallets, jewelry, DVDs and books. Our range and collection of styles and products is constantly growing and changing. We have a small boutique store in Melbourne, Australia and an online store. We ship internationally as well as domestically. Our passion is providing our community with high quality products that are made without harming animals whilst minimising our impact on the environment. Our products come from Brazil, Portugal, Italy, India, Australia and the US. Not only do we require our products to be cruelty-free, but we only import products that are stylish, comfortable, chic, and of excellent quality. We also care about human animals; we avoid products that were made in sweatshop conditions. We also have a range of prices to suit different budgets. We want vegans to have access to high-quality products that look good! ~ Vegan Style is lovingly owned by Justin. He has been vegan since 2000 and vegetarian since 1987. After an extended trip around the world in 2009 (South America, North America and Europe) he discovered many great vegan products that just weren't available in Australia. After returning to Australia, Vegan Style was born. We like to support local animal rights and rescue groups. We also foster animals for a couple of local rescue groups. We find this extremely rewarding albeit hard work at times! Vegan Style is only three years old at the moment and we have grown so much in that time.”

Jeremy of Vegan Perfection with friend – Vegan Perfection - “We are an Australian-based importer and distributor of leading vegan brands to organic and health food stores, plus restaurants, caterers and directly to customers via our online shop. We specialize in fine, largely organic, foods that are free from all animal 'products' and cholesterol, so excluding meat, fish, egg, honey and dairy, but many of our range are also gluten-free, soya-free, nut-free. In addition, we sell books and organic vegan body care completely free from parabens or nasty chemicals. ~ Vegan Perfection is Jeremy and Rebecca are two committed vegans, environmentalists and humanitarians who decided one day they wanted to spread the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to the Australian population by introducing innovative and superior quality vegan products to the market. Having lived for years in the UK, they imported some of the exciting vegan brands they had enjoyed whilst living there. Since its inception in 2006, Vegan Perfection now sells ethical vegan products from all around the world. ~ Although Jeremy had a love for animals from a young age, it wasn't until he read Jeffrey Masson’s wonderful book “The Pig Who Sang to the Moon” that he became vegan. Shortly after that, Vegan Perfection was born. Rebecca has been vegetarian since a child and has now been vegan for a total of 13 years. We’re a 100% vegan-owned, run and staffed business, and pride ourselves on the rigorous research and ethical criteria we demand of all the products we stock and distribute. Vegan Perfection was ecstatic to win “Outstanding Vegan Business – Oceania ” in the 2012 Vegans Are Cool awards!” - Facebook: - Ethicology - “My partner Phil Jones and I own Ethicology; a vegan business selling online and at local markets. We stock vegan groceries, vegan cleaning products, vegan skin care products, vegan footwear/thongs, vegan pet food, vegan personal care products. Launched in 2012, Ethicology is the first and only vegan business in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Our "Why": to inspire people to think differently, spend wisely and make ethical choices. Our products are Vegan, not tested on animals, Palm-Oil free, and Fair-trade. ~ Owners: Natalie Eiser, otherwise known as "The Unlikeliest Vegan in the Village", met Phil in 2011, and was introduced to veganism as the logical and morally consistent decision for anyone who believes in non-violence and the right of animals to live their lives without being treated as property. Nat loves discovering new products that are good for the planet, good for the animals and good for us. Phil had an epiphany in his mid-twenties when, seeing cattle in a holding pen before the killing floor, he recognized the fear and awareness in these unfortunate animals. In his mid-forties, all the pieces fell into place and he went vegan. - Bounty Burgers - - Manufacturer of healthy, gourmet soy burgers. ~ Owner; Loren Lembke explains: “Our burgers are pre-cooked with as much protein as meat but high fibre, low fat, low salt, low carbs - at only 95 calories per 90 gm burger. We've done the cooking for you - so you can pop them straight into the toaster from the freezer or pan-fry 2 minutes per side - from frozen. With a short list of ingredients, Bounty Burgers contain no trans fats, canola or palm oil! ~ I have been vegan for 18+ years and vegetarian for eight years prior. As someone who is hypoglycemic, protein is a very important part of my meal. Honestly, I wanted to develop a product that would reward vegans with great taste, health and convenience - and that meat eaters would also like enough to be enticed to change. I believe Bounty Burgers ticks all those boxes! ~ I was on the committee of the Vegan Society NSW for many years and served as president for 5 years. I started the first three Sydney Vegan Expos and an early version of the burgers made their debut at the 2008 Expo. They were well-received so I was spurred on to keep going from there.” - Human Herbivore - Amanda Benham helps people to adopt healthy vegan eating patterns. Whether you're a long-tern vegan or just dabbling in plant-based eating, she can help ensure that your diet helps you to get and/or stay healthy with expert advice. Amanda tells us: “I've been an accredited practicing dietitian (equivalent to a R.D.) and Accredited Nutritionist for over 20 years, and a vegan for over 30 years. I have two grown-up children who are lifelong vegans. I can help you have a healthy vegan pregnancy and raise healthy little vegans. I can also help athletes (whether strength or endurance is required, or both) enhance their performance on a vegan diet. I can also help people of all ages reach and maintain their ideal weight on a vegan diet, or treat and manage conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues. Consultations can be conducted via skype, email, or phone, or face-to-face in Brisbane, Australia. I am also available for group sessions and public speaking. I think that being a healthy vegan is a great way to spread the vegan message and help end animal use and abuse.” – Vegan Meals Delivered - is brand new, shares owner Lara Burquest. “I cook and deliver home-cooked meals to the Sydney area, with an emphasis on tasty comfort food you would like to cook for yourself and your family if you had the time – curries, pies, stews, tagines, shepherd’s pie, creamy sauces, children’s meals and desserts. The food is 100% vegan, and I am 100% vegan. I have been cooking vegetarian food every single day for the last 25 years, and vegan food for the last few. I also cook in the commercial kitchen of a school, but judging by the first week’s orders, I may not be able to keep that up! I am a mum in Sydney who wants to do my bit for the Sydney vegan scene. This is the kind of food I would want to order, and I noticed we had no direct-to-door delivery service. ~ I wish I had gone vegan many years before I did, but now that I am vegan, I won’t look back. I want to inspire others to go vegan, and to offer a lunch and dinner option to anyone struggling to get a meal on the table. I think the more vegan businesses we see popping up; the more inspired we feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Facebook – Veganmealsdelivered – Vegan Beauty - is an online vegan beauty products shop servicing Australia via delivery, and can deliver to New Zealand (email Veronica to discuss). “I started Vegan Beauty when I couldn’t find all my vegan beauty goodies in one place when I went vegan. This was very frustrating as an ex-makeup artist. So I sourced the best vegan brands I could find and opened up Vegan Beauty where I sell (what I believe to be) great makeup, makeup tools, skincare, hair-care, nail polishes, body care, fake tanning products and other little goodies e.g. vegan cook books. Veronica Lee shares, “I started out as a vegetarian for a year or more, and then when I was researching animal products in Dec 2011, I discovered the how horrid the dairy and egg industries are. In a split second I made the decision to go vegan and STAY vegan. I started with my pantry, then my wardrobe, and the hardest part was my beauty products. I had to go to HEAPS of different online shops to get my vegan beauty goodies which was costing way too much in postage. So I did what any sane person would do – I opened up my own vegan beauty products shop.” - Totally Tempeh - is a food manufacturing business, making fresh tempeh in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia “We make authentic tempeh, regular and organic, fresh and frozen. We set up a facebook page and a crowd funding project to bring Brisbane people fresh tempeh. Our tempeh got rave reviews from food bloggers, vegan foodies and the Indonesian community. We now supply 2 restaurants and many individuals each week. We aim to produce tempeh on a commercial scale, bringing Totally Tempeh to the masses. ~ “I'm Lara; vegan for 22 years, mum to 3 vegan kids. Our family is a mix of cultures. I'm Australian and my husband is Indonesian. We make tempeh the traditional Indonesian way, so our product is authentic.”

Ecoloco is a small home-based ethical vegan business selling gift baskets that are 100% vegan and ecological. Gift basket choices can be seen here.
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U.S.A.  - Public Relations Agency - Evolotus provides PR and media support for nonprofits, documentary films, animal advocacy campaigns, books, health/wellness and vegan products. Its mission is to help like-minded organizations and businesses tell their story, gain visibility, and raise funds to carry on their work. The company was founded in 2006. ~ Gary Smith and Kezia Jauron are co-owners of Evolotus PR. They also contribute to The Thinking Vegan, a popular blog on veganism as a social justice movement. They live in Sherman Oaks, Calif. with their cat Chloë, and Frederick and Douglass; two beagles rescued from an animal testing laboratory. ~ Generating media attention for animal issues, particularly when they are controversial, is a form of activism for us. -  Main Street Vegan Academy is a 6-day intensive in New York City that trains and certifies Vegan Lifestyle Coach - Educators. Classes cover every aspect of vegan living -- animal issues, nutrition and health, the environment, cruelty-free fashion and products, history of veganism -- plus coaching techniques, marketing your business, social networking, public speaking and food demos. Instructors include cardiologist Robert Ostfeld, MD, Marty Davey, RDJasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, JDFran Costigan (Vegan Chocolate), Joshua Katcher, Michael Parrish Dudell (Shark Tank Jumpstart Your Business), and Academy founder Victoria Moran. In addition, there are fabulous field trips to NYC's vegan hot spots (MooShoes, Vaute Couture, HighVibe, et al) and terrific restaurants, all inspiring unique business and outreach ideas, and adding to the program's reputation as a life-changing adventure. ~ Victoria Moran is a vegan of 30 years and the author of eleven books including Main Street Vegan, praised by Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, and Russell Simmons. An inspirational speaker, two-time Oprah guest, and host of the Main Street Vegan Show and podcast, Victoria founded Main Street Vegan Academy in 2012 and has graduated Vegan Lifestyle Coach/Educators from across North America and six other countries around the world. In 2015, she'll host the first Main Street Vegan & Health Cruise with speakers including Will Tuttle, PhD, and Michael Greger, MD. - Sales Representatives for Vegan Companies, Products, and Services. ~ Rep Vegan is an Independent Sales Representative Firm that represents vegan and vegan-friendly companies. Rep Vegan is based out of Los Angeles, California. We place products on shelves and maintain relationships between accounts. We provide marketing, branding, and social media consulting services. Rep Vegan’s passion is to make living a vegan lifestyle accessible and practical for all. There are a significant number of individuals and businesses creating sustainable, cruelty-free products and services. When these business owners aren't sure how to come to market successfully, Rep Vegan possesses the skills to make it happen. ~ Rima Danielle Jomaa moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to attend graduate school at Pepperdine University. She graduated with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology in 2010. While in graduate education, Rima worked as a behaviorist and nutritionist, and was exposed to veganism as a lifestyle as well as a way to heal the body, mind, and soul. The things Rima learned as she explored veganism further shocked her as she grew up with an aversion to animal products. As Rima continued to discover the truth, she was infuriated that she had been misled as a child and an adolescent. After the blinders were removed, she realized her life’s passion included spreading the truth she was realizing to everyone she encountered. Rima has been active in the Animal Rights community for 2 years and has been a vegan for 4. She advocates for animals in every walk of her life. She is writing a book about the sociological and psychological shifts in society towards veganism. Pete Genender was born and raised in Los Angeles. He is the eldest of 3 brothers. He has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Redlands. As a manufacturer’s rep, Pete gained invaluable experience in merchandising, sales training, advertising, marketing and managing a large budget. ~ Please visit to see our short videos! - Vegan Mainstream - Vegan Marketing and Entrepreneurial Consulting Agency Supporting the Vegan Professional Community and Promoting Mainstream Awareness - Vegan Mainstream provides marketing solutions to vegan businesses, as well as to those interested in incorporating more mindful practices and products into their brand. Our strategic marketing plans and services are not only fueled by our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, but also by our passion to see conscious brands thrive. We are working hard to build a solid infrastructure of successful businesses and brands to ensure that an ethical lifestyle is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Imagine ethical retail stores, restaurants, clothing options and educational materials in every mall or community. Every step in making this a reality is a step that accelerates the vegan movement. Thus our mantra: Vegan Mainstream. ~ Stephanie Redcross founded this Georgia-based marketing company, in 2009 to meld her passion for entrepreneurship with her passion for the vegan lifestyle. Stephanie has over a decade of marketing experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Passionate herself about living and advocating a vegan lifestyle, Stephanie has made it her life mission to help like-minded entrepreneurs, bloggers and small to mid-sized companies reach and exceed their goals. She also hopes to encourage all businesses to consider both the marketing viability and ethical importance of shifting to vegan-friendly products and services. ~ In 2013, Vegan Mainstream co-hosted Vegan Professional Bootcamps in Berkeley, CA, Washington, DC, New York, NY and Los Angeles. These bootcamps are designed to bring vegan professionals together for a day of learning, networking, and collaboration. Our goal is to provide local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs a venue to get solutions for current challenges and to garner inspiration for their future business goals. For each bootcamp location, we select speakers from the community. Our goal is to not only to help local businesses, but also to help individual entrepreneurs such as chefs, authors, coaches, and service providers. As the world demands more vegan options, vegan businesses need support to expand and serve a growing audience. - Facebook - Vegan-themed publishing company ~ Vegan Publishers was formed in 2013 with a mission to publish a range of books that promote social consciousness and awareness related to veganism. We are interested in publishing books for children and adults that focus on positive themes emphasizing respect for all living beings. We hope to spread positive messages about veganism including but not limited to food, emphasizing kindness, respect, compassion, and healthy living. The co-founders of Vegan Publishers are Christen Mailler and Casey Taft, Ph.D. Christen is an artist with a BFA from the Tufts School of The Museum of Fine Arts. In addition to his work managing Vegan Publishers, Casey is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine. He sees the prevention of violence towards animals as a natural extension of this work. - Cookbook publisher - Vegan Heritage Press is an independent publishing company specializing in books that promote vegan cooking and lifestyles. Founded in 2007, our mission is to publish outstanding books that excite a wide audience of new and longtime vegans, the raw community, vegetarians, and anyone currently eating a mainstream diet who wishes to explore the many benefits of plant-based options. Jon Robertson is a publisher, editor, and author. He founded Vegan Heritage Press in 2007 to publish excellent vegan cookbooks for the growing population, both vegan and non, seeking a healthier, environment and animal-friendly way of eating and living. Vegan Heritage Press has a reputation for producing quality books and working closely with our authors and sellers. The company is staffed by vegans who have a thorough understanding of the publishing industry and vegan marketplace. Our staff offers the support and expertise that comes from understanding what people look for in a vegan book.’ - Web Design, Web Development, Online Marketing - Willex Media is a vegan-owned and web services firm; offering design, development, and online marketing for small businesses and non-profits. We give a percentage of profits to vegan causes, such as Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary in Oregon. There are special rates for vegan businesses and organizations, says Theron. The owner is Theron Roe, a vegan of 17 years and creator of professional websites for 15 of those years. “I’m passionate about animal rights and web technologies” says Theron. “I created and managed one of the early vegan online directories, Cool Vegan, in 1999. Though still online, it is no longer maintained by us.” - Graphic, Print, and Web Design - Compassionate Designs offers low-cost graphic, print and web design to animal rights and animal rescue organizations, primarily. “My name is Alison (or Allie!) Arwine. I've loved animals since I was a little girl – ones with fur, feathers, or scales…all of ‘em! When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be a vet, but as I became older I felt that it might be too much heartache for me. I decided to start Compassionate Designs to try to merge my love of design and animals together! I understand all too well that rescues and other animal rights groups are normally a bit strapped for cash, so I wanted to make it affordable for them to get nicely designed print pieces and websites that won’t break the bank. I share my home with many rescued animals. I have been a passionate vegan for several years and volunteer for the vegan living program in Baltimore, MD., run by Open the Cages Alliance - as a vegan coach. ~ I accept paypal. I will work with you on pricing - let me know that this is where you found me. I have additional portfolio pieces available from my day job as a full-time graphic and web designer but do not have them on the site since they aren't animal-related examples. Please contact me if you would like to see additional portfolio pieces. I'm out of USA, Pennsylvania.” – Viva La Vegan Grocery - offers vegan and cruelty-free items at our two Southern California locations and online. We are dedicated to promoting the Vegan lifestyle and aspire to open Viva La Vegan Grocery stores everywhere. ~ Arlo Toews and Isaak Iftikhar co-own Viva La Vegan Grocery. Both have lived as vegan's for many years and both are compelled to support others in choosing a more compassionate, environmentally-sound and healthier path. Location: 9456 Roberds Street Rancho Cucamonga, CA. and 2723 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA. Please like us on Facebook to receive product information and location updates. - Allison's Gourmet - is an online bakery and confection boutique specializing in vegan, organic, and fair-trade chocolates, cookies, brownies, toffee, caramels and more! Allison’s Gourmet is famous for award-winning vegan desserts that tantalize the tongue and satisfy the soul. They offer moist, chewy vegan cookies, gourmet gift baskets, vegan caramels and much more! All delivered right to your door. ~ Allison’s Gourmet is one of Allison Rivers Samson's great passions. As owner and founder of the business, Allison has been concocting delicious vegan sweets since 1997, when the business began as Allison's Cookies. Allison believes strongly in serving customers with the highest ethical standards and made with love and compassion! ~ Allison was recently awarded a Black Belt in The Nia Technique. Nia is a holistic movement form that incorporates dance + martial arts + healing arts, like yoga, set to soul-stirring music. The martial arts component offers a structure of 5 belt trainings, culminating with black. In addition to teaching Nia and creating new vegan recipes, Allison loves and embraces her most important role: being a loving mother and wife. - Le Petite Spa - is an organic, vegan day spa located in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. We specialize in European Facials, Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Body Treatments using only certified organic and certified vegan skin and body care products. Currently, we're featuring the Yum Gourmet Skincare line from Vancouver, British Columbia, and the EvaOlivia organic body care line from the Hudson Valley, NY. (They are plant-derived, organic and they don’t test on animals.) We offer a holistic approach to all of our spa treatments, using aromatherapy and meditation, for a complete mind/body relaxation experience. ~ Owner Mary T. Prenon is a New York State licensed esthetician and Certified Reflexologist. She opened Le Petite Spa in 2009. Her intention in opening her own boutique spa was to offer an alternative to what other day spas are currently offering --- a complete organic and vegan skincare and body care line. – “Hi! My name is Patricia Steere and I own a vegan women's clothing store in New Orleans, Louisiana called A Girl Is A Gun. I am vegan (of course) but there aren't a lot of vegans in Louisiana (or the entire south, I'd bet). My store has attracted famous vegans like Alicia Silverstone, her husband Christopher Jarecki and their son Bear - and also, Woody Harrelson and his wife Laura Louie. ~ I carry women's vintage-inspired clothing and accessories ranging in size from XS-2X. I also design a selection of T-shirts that are housemade, featuring vintage images of powerful women throughout history with my A Girl Is A Gun logo on them, as well as other T-shirts. (These can be seen and purchased on my web site.) ~ In the store along with the pretty clothes and accessories, shoes and bathing suits, I carry the DVD Earthlings and have a wide array of vegan literature. My store name A Girl Is A Gun means a woman is powerful and dangerous. Many people are curious about the name. It shocks some and confuses others. That's the point. The tag line for my store is "A vegan store...nothing made from animals." It's right on the front door. A Girl Is A Gun is located at 6010 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70118. Ph. 504-891-GIRL (4475) - Retail Fashion – In Bucks County, Pa., a local vegan couple is going worldwide to help like-minded people live their values, with a new online store. The store is operated by James and Christine Lucas of Pipersville, Pennsylvania. “Our customers are individuals who understand that the current mass-market production of clothing is not sustainable, and for those people who want to make sure they’re not buying into companies that exploit animals for profit,” James Lucas says. ~ A family trip to an animal rescue organization in 2008 helped Christine change her perspective on animals and food, opening her up to a vegan lifestyle. After that life-changing trip, James and Christine founded the Bucks County Vegan Supper Club and later, they helped found the website as a way to help inspire and motivate other people interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Their new venture, Grape Cat, was started “to create a new kind of company that is good for customers, employees, the environment, and animals,” says James Lucas. James is a graphic designer by trade. Christine has been in the bookselling and publishing industries for nearly 20 years. She has been interested in decreasing her ecological footprint on the planet for years and believes Grape Cat helps to spread that message. - Vegan footwear and belts - Kind Walking is the only vegan friendly shoe store in Florida and the Southeastern United States, we specialize in comfortable footwear that is cruelty free and sustainable. Owners, Andres Garcia and Anna Leon have been married for 3 years and became vegan one year ago after being vegetarians for a few months. They are originally from South America and are happy to live in St Augustine now. They tell us “Vegan shoes should not be hard to find, and they can be stylish, good quality and comfortable. Visit the store or check us out online.” – Clothing business. We offer organic, U.S.A. made vegan apparel that makes it easy to promote veganism everywhere you go. 5% of each sale is donated to a non-profit organization promoting animal rights. ~ Business owner bio: Andy Tabar has been a vegan of over 6 years and spent much of his youth touring in and tour managing bands. He turned his love of band merchandise and graphic t shirts into a way to promote vegan living and animal rights. - Max and Ruffy's Natural Organic Treats for Dogs - Located in Maryland, the small Max and Ruffy’s bakery offers a wholesome selection of delicious, healthy dog treats that are crafted with the human-grade, certified organic ingredients. They are also free of wheat, corn, soy and GMO's. The treats contain no no additives, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancer and no preservatives, no ingredients that were sourced from human or animal exploitation. Treats include Five-Star Blueberry, Butternut Squash & Kelp flavor, Coconut, Molasses and Flax flavor, Mother Quinoa's Pumpkin Patch and Powerhouse: Sweet Potato and Alfalfa flavor. Kelly Raiser and Beth Grace are the owners. The business is owned by vegans -  and staff are constantly inspired to become vegan! They tell us "Our passion and love for dogs was the inspiration for starting Max & Ruffy's. We had been baking homemade treats and food for our pack, and then began sharing the goodies with our friends and veterinary professionals. Everyone who tried the stuff pushed us to start a business, so in 2009 Max & Ruffy's was born." The owners, Beth and Kelly, are partners in life and in business. They're three dogs, Edith; an 18 year old Beagle, Grover; a 10 year old Chihuahua mix, and Jyoti; a 5 year old Chihuahua mix go to work with Kelly everyday at the bakery! - vegan pet products - V-dog is a totally new kind of dog food company; cruelty-free, plant-based and 100% growlicious! Never any corn, soy, wheat, gluten or GMOS and always made in the USA. ~ Dave Middlesworth started V-dog in 2005 and the company has been growing steadily and more rapidly recently with the introduction of their new soy, wheat, gluten and GMO free dog kibble formula. We are a 100% vegan business with a vegan team and we will never make a non-vegan product. | 888.280.8364 | PO box 188409 Sacramento, CA 95818 - House of V - Vegan Bakery, Vegan treats Cupcakes, cakes, 100% organic, plant based strict vegan. The House of V was born in 2011 in Miami Florida, and it opened on 2012, is an organic home- based bakery that specialized in gourmet cupcakes and cakes. It is not your ordinary bakery as all treats are made from scratch in small batches with high quality ingredients. ~ Valentina Cordero, Founder of The House of V, is a professional Chef, trained by world-renowned chefs. After embracing a Vegan lifestyle, Valentina knew she needed to adapt her French Cuisine training to Vegan ingredients that are both healthier and better for the planet. –Vegan Restaurant/Café in Tennessee- Family owned and operated vegan cafe specializing in southern comfort food and compassionate eating. It is a place to come and enjoy a meal, a snack or a dessert without causing harm to any of our animal friends. We opened this restaurant with the intent to have a place where you never have to worry what is in your food, to offer vegan style foods that are unavailable anywhere else, and most of all offer a place where you never feel like a weirdo for ordering food without animal products. ~ Being good to our environment is also very important to us. We believe strongly in Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. It is the primary reason our dishes don’t match, we recycle and use compost bins, and we offer biodegradable containers. We feel doing our best to leave a beautiful earth for our children, grand-children, and anyone thereafter is the least we can do. ~ Other very important reason for creating this restaurant is to not only give families an affordable place to bring their little ones but a place where children can act like children. We offer a full kids menu, and have coloring books and crayons available for use while you dine, and a children’s play area. ~ We are Adam and Kristie Jeffrey. We are a husband and wife team who are passionately vegan. We also have three vegan girls, Savannah 11, Sierra 4, and Madalynn 2 - who are a huge part of the restaurant. We live in Walls, MS. on a very small farm and have a rescued 350 lb. hog named Miss Piggy, a rescued donkey, ten rescue dogs and 2 cats.

City Green Market is a 100% vegan natural foods store in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan which opened in April of 2014.  City Green Market offers a small but very thoughtful collection of both vegan food products, body care, and other natural products with a strong emphasis on organic and fair trade items. Owners Jeff and Carrie Plummer are convinced that creating and supporting vegan businesses is a critical economic component to spreading the vegan idea.   City Green Market has future plans to grow and add an organic, fair trade coffee bar and a vegan deli.   Located at 202 Iron St., Negaunee, Michigan which is 12 miles from Marquette and Lake Superior.  Phone: 906-475-6000.  Come visit us at our store or on Facebook ~ Se Habla Vegan! - Las Vegas's first Vegan Bakery and Bystro -100% Cruelty-Free Kitchen! In Spring 2014~ Pura Vida Bakery and Bystro will be moving and getting a bigger space. Chef Mayra tells us “I was born in Mexico City, I am half Cuban and half Lebanese (Arabic). I speak 3 Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English. I became vegan because of food production, food politics and as a voice for animals to stop animal cruelty. Personally, I become vegan in late 2004 or early 2005 and my business transitioned 100% Vegan in 2006. Education, activism, higher spiritual growth and community involvement gives the opportunity to any vegan to continue to get stronger in their journey for the compassion and love to all species. A healthy you and planetary health is a bonus when you choose vegan. I love my Caribbean and Southwestern Fusion. Two of my favorite dishes are “Chipotle Orange Marinated Tofu with Mango and Tarragon sauce” in a bed of brown basmati almond rice, and “Vegan Chicken Flautas with Cilantro and Garlic Pesto” served with guacamole and Cuban rice and beans.

Chef Daniela preparing her exquisite vegan/organic food
www.Mividacafe.netMiami’s Mi Vida Café tries to support local farmers and select organic ingredients whenever possible. All meals are vegan since for Mi Vida Cafe it's first and most important to be animal-caring and therefore encouraging a purely vegetarian diet and a healthy conscious lifestyle. We avoid animal products, microwaves, frying, preservatives, genetically modified food and high fructose corn syrup in our kitchen. ~ Born and raised in the country side of a small town in Argentina, owner and chef; Daniela grew up playing in the outdoors, climbing trees, recollecting wild fruits, running through huge fields of wheat grass, or picking up watercress by the streams. In her late teen years, right after moving out from home, she made the choice to quit eating meat. But it was not an easy one; the availability of information on vegetarianism was scarce at the time, especially in Argentina. But luckily, her first boss was a very well informed vegan hippie tree-lover extremist. After graduating from Miami's LE CORDON BLEU culinary school in 2005, Daniela worked for years as a very successful private chef. With the hopes of bringing health consciousness to a lovely community that’s very much ready for a change, she opened her very own 100% vegan and organic restaurant in Miami, Mi Vida Cafe. - On Facebook Tonya Lynette Deveau explains: “I currently work out of my home in Virginia Beach, with a licensed kitchen. I started almost 3 years ago because it was difficult for me to find good treats without any animal products in them. Gradually, as customers started making requests, I added other items such as gluten-free, raw, and paleo. These are all also 100% vegan. I now have over 100 items on line, and we ship many of our products. We love making people happy with food!  We just recently added our vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake, which is currently sold in 3 area restaurants.

Door86 Vegan Cheese  - Born and raised in Nashville, TN., owner; Daphne Medina tells us that “Door 86 is a small batch, vegan cheese company that produces cashew-based, cultured cheeses to rival any dairy cheese! Our goal is bring plant-based diet awareness to the mainstream, and to help people understand the actions and consequences of consuming animal based foods. After becoming vegan, I decided to veganize all of her favorite foods, including cheese, to show that vegan food is just as delicious as omni food, and to raise awareness concerning the plight of animals used for food and other products.” ~ Daphne continues, “I am a food historian, so not only do I love to cook (and eat!) food, I research, write, and teach about it as well. I have travelled extensively, and my travels have highly influenced by cooking style. Currently, I am obsessed with developing a kombucha-fermented bean sausage, brewing ginger-lemon kombucha, and experimenting with new cheese making methods.” - Regal Vegan, Inc. - Artisan Vegan Food Producer - creates specialty, hand-crafted, savory vegan spreads in Brooklyn, NY for sale all over NYC, online and in select Whole Foods markets. On the weekends you can find their pop up booth at Brooklyn's hot Smorgasbord and Brooklyn Flea markets for both their signature products and other gourmet fare. Regal Vegan's world famous Faux Gras™ has been making waves since 2010 as an incredible rich and savory delicacy made without any animal products. Using mainly walnuts, lentils and caramelized onions, Faux Gras™ is so delicious. It was launched in 2009. Their newest sensation, Basilicotta™ provides a rich, herbal, creamy, vegan take on ricotta. ~ Founder Ella Nemcova, a certified Holisitic Health Consultant and Natural Foods Chef, traveled to over 30 countries before launching The Regal Vegan. ~ In 2012, founder Ella Nemcova and Regal Vegan Inc., successfully sued NY's largest Foie Gras manufacturers for their misleading use of "Humane" claims in their marketing. They were forced to remove any suggestion that their products are made in a humane way. and - Vegan Organic restaurant and juice/smoothie bar - Opened in 2011, Choices Vegan Cafe is a restaurant that exists to spread compassion and educate patrons on the benefits of a plant-powered diet. The menu is 100% vegan, ranges from raw to cooked, non-GMO and it is 95% organic. Cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses are also offered. Food is locally sourced whenever possible, and food waste is composted. All paper products are 100% compostable and only eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products are used in the cafe. We believe that we are all a sum of our choices! ~ Founded by two brothers who left the corporate world to follow their passion to reduce suffering for the people, the animals, and the planet. "Our mission is to inspire compassionate choices by serving delicious, healthy, and organic plant-based food prepared with love for people, animals and the planet." – Veronique shares: “I have been in business since 2011. I am a Holistic Vegan Health coach and I coach people to transition to a healthy vegan lifestyle with an emphasis on not just diet but ethical veganism. I offer several programs from 1 to 6 months for those who want to transition fast or slowly and also for the veg curious. My intent is to make them realize that being Vegan is good not just for them but the planet and other animals. ~ I was born in France and moved to the United States in 1997. I became an ethical vegan in 2006 and never looked back. Since then, I have wanted to share what I learned as a vegan with others and educate people on this amazing lifestyle. I have recovered from alcohol, cigarette and food addictions with the help of a good Vegan lifestyle and can therefore help others do the same and make them see the inherent value of other animals and how to protect the earth as well. ~ I work mostly by phone or through the internet and therefore I can work with you anywhere you are in the world. I am fluent in French and English, so if you're stuck with trying to let go of French cheese, I can help you! But seriously, I have successfully helped people to go vegan and improved their health and wake up their inner compassion for animals. Like me on Facebook - Subscribe to my blog The Busy Vegan - Vegan Health and Lifestyle Coach - Dianne Wenz is a Holistic Health Counselor, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist. Dianne coaches people from across the country to help them improve their health and well-being. Dianne combines health counseling and lifestyle coaching to create a program that is customized to your needs, and she will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. She will help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals. Private Sessions; in person or via phone, group programs and cooking classes are available. ~ Dianne coaches people to help them improve their health and well-being, and she helps people make the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to go vegan. Dianne lives in New Jersey, where she runs the busy MeetUp group Montclair Vegans. Through the group she hosts monthly potlucks, runs charity bake sales and organizes guest speaker events. An avid cook and baker, Dianne also teaches cooking classes to local clients. She just took over the role of editor-in-chief for – Veestro Vegan food delivery (our food comes frozen). We ship all over the US. We make chef inspired plant- based meals from scratch, using only organic, non-GMO ingredients. Our meals have no additives and no preservatives. They arrive at your doorstep frozen, so you can place them in the freezer and use them as you need them. (No need to eat them all the same day... they can stay in the freezer up to 6 weeks!) Although we are based out of L.A., we ship all over the US. Veestro is especially designed for people looking for a healthy and convenient alternative, especially those who are busy and don't have time to prepare and cook meals. ~ Mark and Monica are a brother and sister team whose childhood in Costa Rica was spent eating tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoying meals prepared from scratch. By creating Veestro, they married the concept of eating healthy, organic, plant-based meals, with the convenience of having the meals on hand (in the freezer) for those days when one is just too tired or busy to cook!  With Veestro, you just Defrost, Heat and Enjoy! - The Vegg – Location: Stroudsburg, PA. - Ph. (570)460-2139 – The Vegg is the developer, wholesaler and a retailer of a powdered vegan egg yolk 'The Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk' and it's related cookbook The Vegg Cookbook. Also, launching in February 2014, a powdered vegan egg replacer for baking 'The Vegg Baking Mix'; which tastes like eggs and bakes like eggs. The Vegg is a one person business owned by Rocky Shepheard, who is vegan. It all started with $4,000 in donations and grants from Compassion Over Killing, VegFund, and A Well Fed World. In business since the 1st of January, 2012, Rocky wanted to create a product to draw business away from the egg industry, and also to provide a product to help those considering veganism, not to have the egg excuse anymore. It's also a great product for those with egg allergies, and those who wish to lower cholesterol in their diet. The Vegg products are now sold worldwide. Email:, Store Locator. The Vegg Online Store: - Vegan Cooking Classes – “I teach private vegan cooking classes in Boston, MA. My goal is to make healthful vegan eating and cooking accessible (and fun!) for every individual. Regardless of cooking experience, tastes, and lifestyle, I provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to eat healthfully, ethically, and deliciously,” shares Kate. Kate Goldhouse teaches vegan cooking classes at Goldhouse Gourmet in Boston, inspiring people of all skill levels to cook delicious meals that promote better health and a better world. She is a graduate of Brown University, where she studied the way food and eating shaped ancient cultures. Kate is a self-taught expert chef who adopted a plant-based diet when she realized the way our food choices shape personal health, the environment, and the lives of animals. Learning to cook for herself was incredibly empowering, and Kate is dedicated to using her knowledge and passion to empower others. Kate also paints animal portraits, which you can view at - "Our company specializes in Tempeh, and tempeh based meat alternatives. We make traditional soy tempeh, Black-Eyed Pea Tempeh (soy-free), Garbanzo bean Tempeh (soy-free), and tempeh breakfast sausage in mild and spicy. We use only organic, non-GMO ingredients and all of our products are naturally gluten-free. We are a mother/daughter team that became vegan in the 1980′s when few people had heard of the word vegetarian, let alone Vegan. ~ We are originally from Washington, DC where Beth (Mom) received a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. Beth worked for the environmental protection agency for a few years, before leaving to pursue her calling in Animal Rights. Living in a suburb of Washington, D.C. allowed Becky and Beth to meet many animal rights activists. We met River Phoenix and his fabulous family at an animal rights conference. Beth had a chance to meet Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation. Beth worked for a time for FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement). In the late 90's we moved to Austin, Texas. Then in 2003, after hearing Sandor Katz speak about fermented foods in conjunction with passionately wanting to be part of a local economy, it wasn't long before Tempeh was the obvious choice for us. The flavor of fresh hand made Tempeh is unrivaled, and we realized we couldn't just keep it to ourselves. We had share it with the world!  We began selling to stores and restaurants in 2010, and are currently available around Central Texas. We sell our Tempeh frozen and unpasteurized, preserving the fresh flavor. Of course, we are still involved in vegan/animal rights groups around Texas." Beth and Becky Taylor ~ ~ - For kids who are veg, Veg Kids offers a wide array of totally vegan programs to support them for their good choices and connect them with other kids making similar choices. This can be wonderfully strengthening and empowering for kids who are being raised vegan or are choosing to be vegan on their own. On weekends throughout the year, there are various opportunities for kids to connect with other kids in meaningful and engaging projects as well as vegan potlucks and restaurant outings. There is a private school program that is totally vegan and also offers the most optimal individualized education for students. During vacations, there are the vegan camp programs. Campers come from all across the U.S. as well as from various other countries. There is no more conducive environment for a veg kid on vacation than to attend these camps where the food, the activities, the messages, and everything is truly totally vegan. Children are being raised with the utmost of consciousness. While these programs are ideal for kids who are veg, they are even more ideal for the world in that most kids who attend who are not veg, through these programs, have ultimately made the commitment to then go vegan. These programs are also impressive in that their entire design is of the utmost quality for the kids and for the world of which they will become an important part. ~ The Director of Veg Kids, Vegan Camp, and Vegan School is Dr. Andy Mars. Andy is a Ph.D. in Education whose professional mission statement is "Helping make a difference in the lives of kids, and helping kids make a difference in life."  He has been vegan since the early 80's, has served on the Board of Trustees of The American Vegan Society almost as long, was a founding member of Earthsave and PCRM, founded and runs the Kids Make A Difference Foundation, does a vast array of training for parents, teachers, principals, and law enforcement, consults to hundreds of schools across the country, works with a multitude of individual kids, and is quite committed to make the most positive difference he can in the world. With Veg Kids, he is helping veg kids stay vegan and helping more kids go vegan. - Vegan Skin Care. “We created Ellovi because we believe you should feed your skin the most pure and nutritional ingredients on the planet. Most cosmetics are full of unnecessary chemicals, parabens, and preservatives created in science labs. Ellovi Butter is a raw body butter made from just six pure ingredients ethically sourced from around the world. What's really special about Ellovi Butter is that we don’t add water. That means it’s highly concentrated and can’t evaporate like other body butters. Butter soaks in deep and moisturizes skin from the inside out” says Kelly. Ellovi was founded by Kelly Winterhalter. Kelly spent years selling beauty products online for big brands. After learning that most mainstream body butters contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, and other potentially harmful junk, Kelly decided to create her own line of completely pure skin products, so pure that you can eat them. Kelly is an experienced graphic designer, certified yoga instructor, animal lover, and vegan. – Botanicalz – handmade herbal, vegan, aromatherapy, body-care and spa products; scrubs, crèmes and tinctures. My Facebook page. I've been making products for 12+ years, but the site is brand new. Over 500 "Likes" in 1 week, so I'm happy!” shares Stephanie Ariel. - Vegan Cleaning and Home Organizing Service - “My name is Courtney Kintz and I am the sole proprietor of a home organizing and housekeeping business, for 5 years now. I am a personal home and office organizer as well as a housekeeper for numerous clients throughout the Portland metropolitan area. I have some of my clients by virtue of being in the greater vegan community and they wish to support a vegan small business owner. There are a few aspects to my business that most qualify this as a vegan operation. Firstly, I am a vegan of six years now. Secondly, I only use cleaning agents that are biologically safe and haven't been tested on animals. I use Dr. Bronner's soaps, vinegar, and baking soda for the majority of my cleaning. Also, when working with people in their homes who want to improve their lives, I mention veganism as much as possible as a positive life-changing option. Portland, OR. (503) 960-4939 – Andy Schulgasser’s center is about healing from diseases and losing weight naturally, which includes teaching vegan diet and walking dogs at an animal shelter. Weight loss and relieve symptoms from all diseases with change of diet, lifestyle, and belief system, and with love of animals. Andy has worked with animals for 25 years. In addition, she has studied holistic health, followed a plant-powered diet, and healed a great deal of her many illnesses and injuries throughout many years due to her change in diet, lifestyle and changing her thoughts. ~ - Vegan O'Brien Baking Company - is 100% vegan and vegan owned. "I'm located in New Paltz, NY. I sell cookies and brownies, and I won Best of the Hudson Valley 2011." He also has an Etsy shop. Evan, owner and creator is a native Manhattanite. After high school, Evan was eager to get out of the big city, but not too far away. This drew him to New Paltz, a charming community not too far from his hometown, where he studied TV and Radio Production. Loving the energy of diverse community and creative vibe around town, Evan remained in New Paltz after he graduated, deciding to ditch the career path he'd studied, and began a 9-year career driving trucks for a living. Evan started baking cookies during college for potlucks and birthday parties, and they were always a big hit. One fateful day when he was about to make some cookies, he realized that he was out of eggs. Evan's roommate informed him he could use a banana instead of an egg and make the cookies vegan! Evan, not yet vegan, soon learned he'd need to substitute the milk and butter to actually veganize his recipe. The (almost) vegan cookies were a huge hit. Evan eventually became vegan himself and continued to bake cookies on the side. The long and lonely days of truck driving took a toll on Evan and he decided to quit driving. Looking for a new direction in life, he decided to take a chance and try baking cookies for a living, and the The Vegan O'Brien Baking Company was born. Evan now sells his cookies throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley. - Lagusta's Luscious – online sales and storefront; 25 North Front Street, New Paltz, New York.  “We're an organic and fair-trade vegan chocolate shop. 100% vegan. You can see all our products here - Tastee Vegan - is a 100% vegetarian catering company serving the NYC/Long Island area. We're also developing delicious and healthy snacks for wholesale. As vegans who usually had the choice of steamed vegetables or nothing at all when attending catered events, we wanted to make food everyone could enjoy. We started Tastee Vegan in 2007. It was the first vegan catering company in New York, to our knowledge. ~ We buy locally and use organic produce whenever possible. Our food comes in Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging whenever feasible and recycled materials when it's not. ~ Liza Lopez became a vegetarian when she was 10, after realizing meat comes from animals. Eleven years later she became vegan. Liza recently celebrated her 10th year of being vegan. Liza's love of food led her to the Natural Gourmet Cooking School. It was the only school in NYC that had a vegan curriculum option at the time. Liza put the skills she learned at Natural Gourmet (including an internship with Candle Cafe) to use by starting Tastee Vegan. ~ "Tastee Vegan currently works with a cardiologist at Montefiore Medical Center, supplying an oil-free lunch for a cardiac health wellness program. We're very excited about our new snack creation, Super Oat Bites. They are vegan. Duh! And also gluten-free, oil free, soy-free, and corn-free, agave sweetened, made with the best organic ingredients, including oats, quinoa, millet, chia and flax seeds." - Nationwide Online "Carry-Out' from some of the Best Vegan Restaurants and Bakers in the World. Also, Exclusive Vegan Gifts and Creations from amazing Vegan Artisians. ~ “Order an incredible menu or treat from buykind (delivered to your door, just a couple of clicks of the mouse!), savor the taste of kindness. Our cakes are probably the most in demand -- and they are AMAZING! Lots of reviews saying they are 'the BEST'!  As the creator and founder of buykind, I offer the intro to the mission page for buykind ( as the best way to understand why BuyKind exists”, says Jody. ~ Like us on Facebook!  ~ 608-753-2324 - Catering, Non-Profit Event Coordination - Located in Portland, Oregon, The (vegan) Caterer offers full service vegan catering for weddings, commitment ceremonies, anniversaries, graduation parties, retreats, corporate events, and full menu customization to suit each client’s needs. The (vegan) Caterer is owned by Josh Raymond. Native of New Jersey, Josh relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2008. The appeal of Portland includes the endless options for outdoor adventures, cycling, and diverse eating options, as well as the opportunity to contribute to a large community of like-minded individuals. The creation of The (vegan) Caterer is his way of sharing two things he is passionate about, GOOD FOOD and ANIMAL RIGHTS. In 1997 Josh educated himself about animal suffering and his life was changed forever. It was at that time he rid his life of all animal products and dedicated himself to a compassionate lifestyle. ~ The (vegan) Caterer has been in business since late 2010, we have served countless people, many of whom are not even vegetarian. Providing guests with their first intentionally vegan meal is our opportunity to highlight some of the benefits of a compassionate lifestyle.

Someday Farm Vegan Bed and Breakfast, Freeland WA. ~ “My husband David and I, have traveled extensively and always yearned for a Bed and Breakfast that offered food we could eat. A few years ago we decided to build a place for guests to share our lovely property and it has been very rewarding. – Vegan visitors are able to relax and not be concerned about meal issues. Our suite is very private and a perfect spot to get away from it all. Our menagerie of farm animals thrills many guests-- the three miniature donkeys should have their own fan club....” shares Jill Campbell. ~ Bed and Breakfast - The Cherokee Rose Inn offers a cozy and convenient home base for exploring Portland, Oregon. Proprietor Sandy Miller, vegan since 1991, is a retired middle-school science teacher. She named the Inn for the state flower of Georgia, her home state, in respect for the Native Americans who once thrived there. The Cherokee Rose is a non-smoking facility. Two guest rooms each accommodate up to four people. There is one shared bathroom. Free day passes for public transit, full vegan breakfast daily, lots of shopping, vegan food, green space nearby. Free wi-fi.~ “The hand soap and toiletries I provide are Trader Joe's brands that state, "no animal testing, no animal products. My cleanser is Bon Ami, although I do use regular bleach for disinfecting surfaces, and it was tested long ago but not recently. There's no wool, silk or leather in the guest or common areas. The dog is vegan, but the cat is not. I don't wear or use any animal products beyond that, to my knowledge” shares Sandy. - "The original 100% Vegan Guest House; The Lodge, is now in its 13th year of providing a total Vegan environment in the magnificent setting of an old plantation house, perched on its own hill overlooking the ocean on the unspoilt Caribbean island of Grenada. You will start each day of your stay at The Lodge with a substantial continental style breakfast and end it with a different four-course gourmet evening meal (there is also the option of a two course lunch). Vegan almost 30 years, I am delighted to be able to offer the vacation experience that I was never able to find for myself.  Come and be amazed!" says Mark Hardy. - The Ginger Cat Bed & Breakfast - is nestled on 15 acres a few miles northwest of Watkins Glen, New York. It is the perfect place to stay during your vacation in the Finger Lakes. Come for some peace and quiet and delicious vegan food. ~ "I've run the Ginger Cat B&B in the Finger Lakes Region since 2008" shares Gita Devi. "I've been vegan for over 17 years and my place is 100% vegan." It was voted favorite Veg B&B in 2009 by the readers of VegNews magazine. - At Beyond Sushi also known as “The Green Roll”, Chef Guy creates aesthetically pleasing, vibrant fruit and vegetable sushi rolls. With a multitude of fillings such as baked sweet potato and mango, Beyond Sushi is kid-friendly, fish-friendly, and gluten-friendly! Chef Guy Vaknin, Israel native, moved to New York in 2005 to pursue his dream of working as a Chef in America. After nearly four years of preparing cutting edge dishes for some of the most notable charity galas, corporate functions, and high end weddings, Chef Guy was selected as a contestant on Fox Network's show, Hell's Kitchen, Season 10. Following the completion of the show, Chef Guy decided to travel down a different path. Fascinated by the many health benefits associated with a plant-based diet, Chef Guy broke new grounds and pioneered the Beyond Sushi vegan lifestyle brand. On July 1st, 2012, he opened his very own vegan sushi restaurant in lower Manhattan. A few months later, his wife Tali joined him to help develop the business and she took on the role as catering director. Co-owner, Tali is a vegan, while Guy is a vegetarian. (Um… half vegan-owned!) After ten successful months, Guy and Tali opened their second Beyond Sushi location in Chelsea Market. features the book called Vegetarian Dogs for purchase. The book examines canine nutrition, the benefits of vegan diet, and explores moral and ethical issues pertaining to safely feeding your dog a plant-based diet. Nutritional analysis is provided with recipes; and nutritional supplements are addressed. Vegetarian Dogs is beautifully illustrated, and gives accounts of several dogs which were successfully maintained on a vegan diet. – “We're a one-stop vegan supplement shop and we ship worldwide! We offer mainly soy-free, gluten-free and common allergen-free, whole food supplements.  We also have the largest selection of vegan athletic apparel, books, dvds, and more.  We also offer group training and individual personal training online” explains co-founders Giacomo Marchese and Dani Taylor. Our passion is to dispel the myths that vegans cannot build muscle.  We also co-founded a non-profit organization, Vegan Muscle Team: PlantBuilt! Dani is a competitive figure athlete and Giacomo is a competitive Bodybuilding athlete. Both are active and will be on stage alongside fellow PlantBuilt teammates again on July 26, 2014 in Austin, Texas, at the Naturally Fit Games Like us on Facebook - Fitness/Health - Greene Multisport is a private personal training business in Seattle, Washington, which is built around a plant based lifestyle. GMS offers 1 on 1, partner and small group training as well as bootcamp workouts. GMS also offered custom meal plans that are customized to each individual’s goals and diet preferences. ~ Ben Greene is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, NESTA Certified Sports Nutritionist and also holds a BS in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. Ben says “I am also the author of The Vegan Athlete. My main sport is triathlon; I am 2x Ironman Finisher. I was born 3 months early at 1lb. 5oz, which left me with cerebral palsy. I have a limp which effects my movement, but I have not let it stop me from training people and competing.” - Healing is Giving - vegan retreats and events in California. Vegan retreats and events hosted by vegans in order to provide empowerment to the vegan community by fostering a culture of self-care and to promote the wisdom of interdependence. Owner; Bee Uytiepo owns her own vegan business called Beelight, where she offers services massage therapy for all stages of life (therapeutic, fertility, pre-natal, recovery & palliative) and meditation classes. Bee Uytiepo founded V.I.B.E. (vegan. inspired. business. empowerment.); a resource group. A group of vegan business owners that meet in person, share resources and host fundraisers for various animal advocacy groups. She is an active organizer and host of vegan events for Marin Vegans.  Bee actively engages in animal advocacy campaigns in Northern California. Business phone -415-226-9240. - VIBE Resource Group - - The one and only true 100% vegan BBQ joint in Texas. BBQ REVOLUTION is a food truck dedicated to bringing people the best possible vegan foods in the best city to be vegan in: Austin, Texas. It is located at 701 E 53rd St. Menu items include Vegan "Brisket" made from Wheat Roast, Garbanzo Tempeh "Ribs" and soy curls. Sides include "mom's" Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Beans, and a special rotating Mac and cheeze. BBQ Revolution uses as many local vendors and ingredients as possible, and actually smokes all proteins on a true smoker. Our mission is to prove that BBQ doesn't equal meat. Owner Blake Newman tells us "I liked BBQ and other foods that weren't offered at vegan places and I wanted to make my own food and work for myself. We make BBQ with vegan proteins and smoke them on a smoker just like meat. We have only been open a little over a month. As for me I was trained at Le Cordon Bleu before going vegan."

Veganville on Facebook - Gigi's story: "Once upon a time an ex pro athlete/writer/performer married a musician. They loved all creatures big and small and wouldn't eat them. They called themselves vegans. Never quite sure where their next paycheck would come from, the performer who had a patched together culinary background decided to bake and sell kind desserts. The very nice musician did dishes, made boxes, went to the P.O. and made deliveries to local cafes. Based out of Berkeley CA., Veganville was born in 2009. Veganville is the home of the voopee pie, the vegan version of a moon pie. Since 2009 we have shipped to over 40 states and have been nominated for best online bakery by Vegnews magazine, says GiGi; who eats and lives vegan. When not baking and cooking, GiGi pens an irreverent vegan blog." Veganville Etsy Shop - Plant Perfection Foods - "We prepare whole food vegan, no added oil, salt or sugar; frozen foods to order and deliver them to homes or businesses. We have local delivery in Northeastern Ohio through Pittsburgh, PA and ship nationwide. ~ It started as a health journey for us, but became much more. We are total vegans committed for ethical reasons. We even have a mini farm animal sanctuary; just a few goats, hens and rescued cats and dogs. We do want people to eat healthier. Even some vegans could do better." explains Cherie Dover Perkins. - Vegan fitness training/running - Plant based nutritional coaching and outdoor, personal and corporate fitness training in San Francisco. Long-term committed vegan personal trainer to the tech superstars in SF. My favorite power fuel is a peanut butter and jelly.

United Kingdom/European Countries - All Vegan Supermarkets – From their mission statement: We strive to make a vegan life possible for everyone worldwide. Our partners love us because we are sustainable, responsible and honest. We care. We love life. Veganz is the first vegan full-range supermarket chain in Europe. ~ Veganz stands for respect, respect and responsibility towards all people, animals and the environment. We want to sensitize people for their actions towards other beings, the environment and their own health through food. Our goal and mission is to provide high quality products to stimulate interest in the vegan lifestyle and make it accessible to the general population. Therefore Veganz is much more than a vegan supermarket: as importer, wholesaler, we offer our customers an extensive range of products. We also help the public to understand us, through cooking classes, seminars / workshops, and movie nights - as a platform for the vegan diet and lifestyle. Any Veganz market has a huge cooling cell with a choice of meat, sausage and fish alternatives, 80 cheese alternatives, and vegetable ice. The dairy shelf offers 45 delicious vegetable varieties, many cream alternatives. Moreover, every Veganz store is well-equipped with a beauty department, cleaning and hygiene products, pet food, and lots of sweets like chocolate bars and biscuits. There is a department for people with gluten intolerance. The pure herbal product range includes over 6,000 products from approximately 200 suppliers from 30 countries worldwide. The entire range has been through the "Veganz - quality check " and there are no ingredients of animal origin in the products. The first Veganz market opened in summer 2011 in Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg. In 2013 an additional shop in Berlin Friedrichshain was opened. Other cities in Germany like Frankfurt and Hamburg have a Veganz store, since 2013. Over the next three years we want to "veganize" Europe. By the end of 2015, there will be 21 stores throughout Europe.” shares Elisabeth Dober. - was created to provide a one-stop vegan lifestyle shop that simply celebrates a modern compassionate lifestyle with a full range of high quality products for everyone to enjoy. Boutique vegan is an EU one-stop vegan lifestyle online shop. Discover a wide range of compassionate, sustainable, vegan, organic and high quality products (food, cosmetics, homecare, pets, media and books) by using integrated allergy filters (accessible in EN, FR and DE). We test all our products by ourselves, we strictly research and select all products according to the boutique-vegan standards. In addition to the strict controls of the ingredients we place a high value on our customers’ health. ~ Nowadays it is very easy to live a vegan lifestyle, without any restrictions in all areas of life. And the best part is – You don’t have to give up a wide range of taste, options or modernity; under any circumstances! Every choice, every day can make a difference. Living and enjoying a vegan life and investing in your health, while actively caring for our planet, the people, the animals, the environment and a sustainable future can be so easy with us. - MuLondon is a range of award-winning, 100% vegan skincare products. Based on certified organic ingredients, precious herbal extracts and pure essential oils, MuLondon products are designed for dry and sensitive skin. They come in unique varieties such as 'Marigold, Frankincense and Myrrh' and 'Rose, Rosehip and Rosemary' moisturisers or the yummy 'White Chocolate Elbow, Knee and Heel Cream'. The entire range is registered by The Vegan Society and PETA. ~ Boris is the founder and head cream-whipper of MuLondon. Having always been interested in natural and organic products, and going vegetarian at the age of 10, and vegan over 10 years ago, he found an outlet for his passion for cruelty-free lifestyle and strict ingredient requirements for the products that he uses, in creating his own range of products under the MuLondon brand. He believes in the power of safe, time-tested and effective natural ingredients, which are used in all MuLondon products. MuLondon has won some great awards: 2011 Vegan Society Awards, 2013 Mayor of Lewisham's Environmental Award, Silver Award Winner, shortlisted and commended in the 2013 FreeFrom Skincare Awards. – "ethicalWARES is an ethically-based mail order company run by vegans. We seek to trade in a manner which does not exploit animals, humans or the wider environment. By the sale of these vegan products we hope to play our part in the promotion of a cruelty-free lifestyle. All our products are not only Vegan but have been carefully sourced to satisfy us to their worker friendly credentials. We've been dealing with some of the companies making footwear for us for many years now. Where we can, we support the UK footwear industry as this has been hit so very hard by cheap imports from abroad, forcing much of the domestic industry to close down. We believe that the struggle for a better deal for animals cannot be separated from that same struggle for human rights. To this end many of our accessories are covered by Fair Trade criteria and we are proud to be supporting the Tibetan refugee community by offering Tibetan incense, handicrafts and music in our Tibet Shop” says Mike and Denise Newman. Denise and Mike have both been vegan for over 30 years now and live in West Wales (UK) with their son Bryn and 50 rescued animals. The income from ethical WARES supports the care and well-being of the animals in their care. We have recently started a Lifestyle Blog which tells a bit about our life.

Alicia and shoe - “Bourgeois Boheme is a London, U.K. brand of luxury vegan footwear for men and women produced ethically in Portugal. We offer classic designs with a contemporary twist and our signature branding of the lotus flower. Vegan business owner, Alicia Lai, further explains:  “I love shoes but I found it incredibly difficult to find shoes that were fashionable, ethically made and also represented my own ethics and beliefs as a vegan. So in 2005 BoBo was born! No animal products are used in our production and we use the finest quality Italian faux leathers and eco-friendly natural materials. BoBo’s footwear ranges are created in Portugal in handpicked factories that I have personally visited. Our designs are comfortable and stylish. We have a fabulous ranges of shoes and boots for men and women, based on classic styles with a contemporary twist. At BoBo we have done all the fancy footwork and make it easy for those looking for a more ethical option. We are passionate and love what we do and it really is the most wonderful thing to run a business based on our ethics. We aim to inspire people to live more ethically and share in our passion. ~ We are re-launching in April 2014 with a Spring Summer range. - Monthly vegan treat box - Vegan Tuck Box contains a surprise selection of 10 vegan snack and treat foods hand-picked and delivered straight to your door. Each box will contain 10 new or hard to find vegan snacks, so that you can be the first to try new products on the market. The products in the box change each month. Vegan Tuck Box is a small ethical business run entirely by two vegans, Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade. They state “We are passionate about making veganism accessible for all, so we set up Vegan Tuck Box to make vegan products more widely available and easier to obtain.” The owners are also the founders of The Vegan Approach - a national group that offers practical help for people who want to go vegan. or - Cupcakes and treats and providing catering for large events and smaller private orders. They are also supplying three restaurants and cafes. ~ Put simply, our passion lies in creating delicious treats that are kind – to animals, to the planet and to sensitive tums! We bring happiness and friendship to our cooking - everything in our food is about enjoyment. We love to bake and we’re excited to share our treats with people who already love kind food, or who are new to the scrumptious food vegans enjoy! We feel it is important to take an ethical approach to our cooking and as such we use as many fair-trade and local ingredients as possible” says Abi and Alex. Abi says: “We have such great fun doing the Fairs and Events together! She bakes all the cookies and biscuits for the stalls and helps me with product development and testing of course! My first four flavours when the business launched at the Wellington Vegan Fair in 2013 were ‘crazy for carrots’, ‘chocolush’, ‘cakewell tarts’ and ‘amaZING lemon’. I have been a vegan all my life for ethical reasons and therefore everything I bake is completely free of any animal derivatives. My cakes and treats are always egg free, dairy free and cruelty free.” - Vegan caterer + producer of a range of vegan and gluten-free cheesecakes;  currently available in independent whole food shops all over the UK (for a list of stockists, visit) - Shambhu's, a Vegan Society registered business based in London, UK, specialises in providing good quality vegan catering, inspired from culinary styles around the world. Shambhu's caters for all manner of events, ranging from home-get-togethers and business meetings, to festivals, conferences and wedding receptions. Shambhu's also produces a range of vegan and gluten-free cheesecakes sold in individual-portion pots at whole food shops all over the UK.  Shambhu's vegan founder and chef, Nishma Shah, was born in Kenya. She is accustomed to cooking in a variety of styles inspired from around the world, including European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African. She has given several vegan cookery demonstrations including African and Asian fusion foods, as well vegan Asian sweets. Nishma Shah is from Jain community, and has lived her life immersed in a culture that embraces peace and compassion (ahimsa) to all life. One of the activities that she and her husband are involved in on a voluntary basis, is outreach work through a grassroots group called the Jain Vegans Working Group - aiming to raise awareness among the Jain community about the vegan lifestyle. - Vegan homemade foods supplied to local and national business and general public. “Vegan kitchen launched mid 2013. The lack of local vegan foods in the North East of England spurred our family to do something about it, now six months on, we are looking to placed our recipes into national supermarkets. All our foods are homemade and each dish is made with love” says Louise Pinchen; is a 20 year old female business student and life-long vegan. Louise has built business recipes that have been handed down to her from her great grandmother. She feels passionately about environmental issues, animal welfare and health. - “We run a vegan cake shop. We also sell a local vegan beer, savoury snacks and vegan chocolate. We have 2 recipe books out, which we also sell in-store, and on-line. We make and serve light savoury snacks and have an entirely separate gluten free kitchen where we make our wheat and gluten-free goodies” explains Shelley. She has been vegan for almost 20 years, and Kev has been baking vegan cakes for almost as long. Kev is a dab hand sugarcraft, and decorates all our traditional celebration cakes. - We are London’s first entirely vegan bakery. We at Ms. Cupcake believe that everybody deserves great cake and it is our job to create indulgent and decadent cakes for everyone regardless of what they can, and cannot eat. Ms. Cupcake is based in Brixton, London, UK and is open 7 days a week. The menu has includes cookies, squares, layer cakes, muffins, savouries and more - but is renowned for having over 100 seasonal varieties of cupcakes. Everything we make is always 100% vegan and we additionally make lots of products without wheat/gluten. Ms. Cupake is expanding across the United Kingdom and further abroad with plans to open multiple locations in the coming years. Our first cookbook “Ms. Cupcake the Naughtiest Cakes in Town” is available now. Mellissa Morgan, aka Ms. Cupcake, originally hails from Canada and describes her baking as classic North American with a British flavour twist. The Ms. Cupcake bakery opened its doors in September 2011 inside the trendy Brixton Market. It was specially created to be an open plan bakery so everything can be baked and decorated fresh onsite in front of the customers each day. In 2011 Mellissa Morgan won the Rising Star of the Year Award at the UK’s Baking Industry Awards shares Samantha Ludwig; Sales and Relationship Manager. Our cookbook: Ms. Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town - Brighton based - Pop Up Restaurant, Vegan Catering and Cookery Classes ~ Titbits Catering is 100% vegan run business run by vegan chef Paula Young. The Gourmet Girls Pop Up Restaurant every Friday night has been running for 2 years and offers a 3 course gourmet dining experience. The menu changes weekly with a different theme from around the world. The most popular nights being Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Vegan' Fish n Chips'. Paula also offers plant based cookery classes and caters for parties and events. She has been vegan for 19 years and has been cooking for just as long. She is passionate about veganism and decided to start up her own vegan catering company after working for many years as a chef in well-known vegetarian restaurants. – Good Carma Vegan Cheese ~ “My name is Charlotte Bates. I have been vegan since 2010 and was vegetarian for 10 years before that. I have always been passionate about animals and their welfare. I am also very interested in health and nutrition. I started Good Carma Vegan Cheese in the summer of 2013 in honour of my mother Lynne who died from bowel cancer earlier that year. I wanted to help her by offering an alternative to dairy cheese without sacrificing flavour but using healthy ingredients as well. My vegan cheeses are enjoyed by non-vegans too. My aim is to help all people. I use non GM soya and locally sourced ingredients where possible. I use Himalayan Pink Salt which has many health benefits. The nutritional yeast flakes I use have added vitamin B12. White miso has many health benefits and anti-ageing qualities too. My Veez (vegan cheese) is an artisan product, hand-made in West Wales with love. I’d like to pass on Good Carma to you. I currently offer two varieties: P-Veez which is a Parmesan style vegan cheese made from almonds, nutritional yeast flakes, Himalayan pink salt and basil. G-Veez which is a soft Goats style vegan cheese made from cashews, tofu, nutritional yeast flakes, lemon juice and white miso. I also offer G-Veez with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, chopped green olives or mixed herbs.” - Fairfoods provides catering for all types of events: fairs, festivals, weddings, pop up café, community events, fund raisers and more.  "We are located in Devon, UK and cover the south west and beyond. Our food is always animal-free (vegan). We always aim for our food to be delicious (if you ever find it isn't – please tell us! We like our food to be affordable, but once in a while go for the gourmet angle and that usually means a bit more expensive. At Fairfoods we are cooks, menu planners and also love creating new dishes… but at the heart of everything we do is the desire to advocate for animals. We aim for our food to be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and omnivores, in fact, by everyone. We have a wide choice of foods including chunky vegan quiche, moreish pastries, creamy nut roast, light buffet bites, healthy salads, slabs of cake, cute cupcakes and melt-in-the mouth cheezecake. We have gluten-free and raw choices. We also want to inspire people to make vegan food and happy to share any of our recipes.  ~ Clare and Paul (co-founders of Fairfoods) went vegan for the animals. As well as promoting veganism through Fairfoods, we take part in various vegan outreach events and have fundraised for animal sanctuaries and campaigns against the badger cull. Clare trained in vegetarian catering back in the 80s (!) and after a long break from it – most of which was spent campaigning for animal rights – began doing a small amount of food making for free vegan food fairs and other vegan food giveaways. In 2004 she helped set up Pogo Café in London and from this was inspired to set up Fairfoods with Paul." - Vegan Caterer - Beany Podd is a Oxfordshire, UK based vegan catering business. You can find us at markets throughout the Buckingham/Oxfordshire area - and, sometimes, further afield (check our Facebook page for updates). We can provide a delicious selection of vegan friendly treats - from Flaky Savoury Rolls and Quiches to Trifle and Muffins. We offer a buffet service, and are hoping to offer a mail order service very soon! If you see us at a market, we'd love to meet you - so do come and say hello! ~ Beany Podd is owned and run by two vegan sisters: Pauline Brown and Lorraine Haines. "We became vegan when we realised that our actions were enslaving others. We are so happy to have woken up! We are both committed to playing our part in spreading the vegan message. We love to bake - but being vegan is not, as many believe, about food (delicious though our food is!). It is a commitment to non-violence, in all of our actions. It's what we owe to our fellow animals. ~ We both love to sing show tunes when we're having a baking session!" - Vegan cakes, sweets and savouries  -“The Tart with a Heart” offers a wide assortment of cakes and novelty cakes, such as lime and thyme cake, lavender cake, tomato cheesecake, and fig and asparagus tart. The cakes are sold online and at markets, see website for dates and locations. Dumisani Nyathi, a vegan himself, wanted to produce cakes at an affordable price so people who aren't vegan wouldn't be afraid to try. The Vegan Tart this year won two categories in the Great Brixton Bake Off.  We won best savoury and also best in show. This was a great honour when competing against 30 other bakers and a great win for veganism. - Facebook-VeganHairSalon: The Rabbit Hole - Vegan Organic Hair Parlour - Contact: - The Rabbit Hole is London's first and only exclusively vegan hair salon. They believe that no one should suffer for gorgeous and healthy hair. They're using professional vegan and organic hair colours, hair care and finishing products. Your salon experience is complete with a complimentary cup of tea/coffee served plant based milk and vegan biscuits. You need to book in advance and knock to get in - "speakeasy" style - to make sure the salon doesn't turn into an overbooked, chaotic hair factory. The name was inspired by the quirky hallway you need to pass to get to the salon. It's a real hidden gem and has a distinctly Alice-In-Wonderland feel to it. ~ Dori was no doubt born to be a hairdresser, when as a kid they asked what her favourite toy was she simply answered "scissors". She has been vegan for about 10 years so her biggest dream came true when she opened The Rabbit Hole that combined her two biggest passions: hairdressing and veganism.  ~

Shannon Idzikowska - A vegan tattoo and piercing studio. “Here at Fifth Dimension Tattoo and Piercing in Shoreditch, London, we offer a tattoo service that is vegan-friendly and sincere at heart. Because we highly believe that business should be ethical and fair for all involved, we have made sure that all our tattoo inks, stencil creams, soaps, and tattoo aftercare are 100% vegan, plant materials. You can be sure that while you are being tattooed, the entire process is vegan. ~ My name is Shannon Idzikowska and I have been vegan for eight years now. My partner, Andrzej Idzikowski, co-owns our studio and pierces, and went vegan in 2013 after many years as a vegetarian. We are two artistic people in our spare time and appreciate all walks of life! We are a completely custom studio which means that your ideas and designs are of interest to us; we don't have “flash” books with ready-made designs to pick out and stick on your skin. If you are looking for a creative environment where you will be able to have a consultation and work out the nitty-gritty about your tattoo, then you have come to the right place. Also, if you are a vegan business owner, you may be discounted as well. We have promotions running from time to time for everyone, and all this information is displayed on our website. If you have any questions about us, please email me at -or call me at 0207 613 2736. - on Facebook - Heavenly Organics Skin Care – “I hand make organic, natural and 100% vegan skincare. One of my mantras is "if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin". I started the business as when I became vegan I found it hard to find vegan skincare that was also organic and not filled with chemicals. So I started to make my own. I started with body scrubs. I gave them as presents to friends and received excellent feedback so decided to make them to sell! Very quickly I began to develop a range of vegan products and here we are today! I hope my business will be of interest to you!” Mary-Anne Mills

The Handmade Vegan on Facebook - I make various items, all suitable for vegans. Clay plaques, magnets, jewelry, felt items, cards, hand printed wrapping paper, with lots more ideas to be added as I get up and running. Each one designed and made by me from start to finish and every one of them is unique. I post worldwide. ~ I started up the business as an ethical vegan myself to make crafts for gifts that I know are suitable for other vegans. I like to support as many vegan businesses myself as I can, so trying to spend as ethically as possible is important to me. It's not all about making money; I love what I do. It's also a great way to get veganism out there! The more we talk about it, the more it has the potential to benefit the animals. Nothing is too much trouble and if I can make it, I will do, with attention to detail and to the standard that I would want to keep it to use myself. If you have an idea, I can bring it to life. If you don't see something in the shop, please email as I can turn my hand to lots of things and may be able to do it for you, or point you in the right direction. Thank you very much for reading my little bio. - - Upcycled jewelry, vegan themed jewelry and home ware, upcycled clothing, gifts and home ware. ~ My business is based on a very eco-friendly ethos. I mostly use cutlery, paper and old clothing in my jewelry and upcycled beads and chains which I buy from charity shops. I also use sea glass and ceramic which I source myself from the beaches near where I live in North Yorkshire, UK. I make gift and home ware from recycled products such as rag wreaths and papier-mâché signs. I also produce vegan themed jewelry and home ware for people who want to proudly show their veganism off to the world. ~ I have a BA (Hons) in Photography with Fine Art and have always been interested in arts and crafts. I still pursue my love of photography and drawing and painting as well as creating beautiful unique jewelry and other upcycled products. My husband and I became vegan in September 2012 after both being vegetarian for many years and have never looked back. I have always been a passionate animal advocate and environmentalist and I find that veganism is a perfect way of expressing this. - "Vegan Yarn Store  is located in Oxford, England but I ship worldwide and offer fair and affordable postage rates to all" shares Kelly. "Vegan Yarn Store was initially dreamt up in early 2013. I had visited a new local yarn store only to find that not a single skein of yarn was free from animal products! As both a long time vegan and knitter/crocheter I'd experienced problems like this before and had never given it any thought, but at that moment it dawned upon me that I couldn't be the only person experiencing these issues! I couldn't get the idea of creating a dedicated web shop for vegan crafters out of my head and over the course of a year, with a small budget and a lot of love, Vegan Yarn Store was born. Launched on 14 February 2014, the aim of Vegan Yarn Store is to connect with the best commercial and artisan yarn suppliers to bring you the most comprehensive stock of yarns available to vegan crafters. I'm already working with stockists and indie dyers from the US and Canada, as well as here in Europe and have yarns from as far afield as India and Peru! While the stock list is still currently small I have every intention of growing the store and hope to become a big part of the vegan craft revolution (there is one, right?! Let's make it happen!)."

www.plantshift.comU.K. based – Owner Heena Modi shares: “Plant Shift is a means to ensuring that following plant-based lifestyle is as easy as possible. Plant based living isn’t just about food and drink. It’s about clothes, shoes, body treatments, hair products and more. Plant based living ticks many boxes. It is a way to consume healthier products and therefore feel better. It is a way to heal the environment. It is also a way to minimise, prevent or nullify the harm inflicted on other living beings. The three H’s - (enhance) Health, (assist) Healing and (reduce) Harm. It’s about a conscious decision to think, purchase, walk and possibly, talk a better lifestyle. I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of the three H's which is why I offer plant-based lifestyle coaching to support others in achieving the same. I have been following a plant-based lifestyle since early 2008 and I wish I had done it sooner. I feel healthier and happier." – Vegusto - Swiss 100% plant-based gourmet. “Vegusto sell an exquisite range of award-winning meat and dairy free produce, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have over 40 vegan society approved products, including cheeses, sausages, burgers, sandwich slices, pepper steaks, smoked luncheon rolls, and roasts. Handmade in Switzerland, all the products are 100% natural, sustainable and healthy, with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, non-GM, trans fat and palm oil free. Since 1997, the family-owned Vegi-Service AG has exclusively developed and distributed 100% plant-based foods.  Our gourmet products are produced in a vegan factory over- looking Lake Constance, using filtered and energized water. Vegusto products are available via direct mail order and a number of independent health stores throughout the UK. Please visit our online shop, where you will find vegetarian (vegan) cat and dog food as well. Vegusto meat alternatives are made from wheat protein. The No-Moo range - is gluten and soya free and consist of potatoes and rice. All products are seasoned, ready to serve, and equally delicious served hot or cold” explains Wayne Martin ~ Vegusto on - Kevin Newell; owner of the award winning Humane Wildlife Solutions, located in Hawick, Scottish Borders, shares: "HWS is the only Humane, non-lethal, ethical, eco-friendly alternative to pest control in the UK and maybe even Europe. Our methods are helping changing the ways people and businesses deal with 'pest' wildlife issues around their homes and work places, by showing them you dont need to kill or poison them to solve a problem. We focus on what the causes are of the problem and along with our proofing methods we solve the problem and not just treat the symptoms. ~ HWS is a vegan certified business, run by my self Kevin Newell; a proud vegan for over 15 years. It is not just a service for vegans but for everyone and more and more people globally are turning to us for help as we help people no matter where they are. We wanted to offer people who care about wildlife the choice of a non-lethal alternative." is a vegan business run by an animal rights activist in the U.K. to help raise awareness of and funds for animal-related causes and direct action campaigns and also to buy life's little luxuries...such as food. I sell original designs, hand printed in vegan inks, on organic t-shirts. Postage within the U.K. is free. Music and audio mastering – “We provide professional and affordable music mastering solutions to suit all music producers, composers, engineers and DJs. We are also an eco-friendly organisation: our studio setup is powered by 100% renewable energy and our web-hosters use completely 100% renewable energy to power their servers. We help musicians who want to take their music career to another level. ~ My wife and I became vegan in September 2012, just before our wedding. We watched 'Earthlings' and that was the major turning point. Admittedly the transition to a full vegan diet and lifestyle did not happen overnight, but we were quick and eager to change and we were helped along by the resources that Scarborough (our home town) has to offer. We could never imagine how much veganism would impact on almost every part of our lives (not just what was on our plates) and we are very proud to be part of this positive movement. It was not difficult to make the business vegan: we got rid of any leather headphone cases, and we brewed-up using non-dairy milk (obviously)!” - Vanessa Lackford has a vegan guest house in North Cornwall, UK. Michael House has gradually been evolving towards being vegan for the past four years, having been a vegetarian guest house since 1997. Simon and I took it over in 2004 and became vegan ourselves in 2009. I had been a life vegetarian; never eaten meat. ~ From November 2013, the guest house has been entirely vegan. We are delighted to finally bring our business in line with our hearts. ~ Michael House has three guest rooms, two are en-suite. We are open all year, offer special out of season discounts and vegan cookery workshops. We welcome families and companion animals. We are licensed and there is an extensive menu list to choose evening meals from. We aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere, adapting what we offer to the needs of our guests wherever possible. Nothing makes us happier than hearing laughter from the dining room, with its one big table, as guests share stories and put the world to rights together! ~ We live in a wild and stunning setting in an elevated position in a small hamlet, feeling the blast of the wind from the Atlantic Ocean. There is a dog friendly and rock pool filled sandy beach some 15 minute walk away, with sea glimpses from the windows here. We welcome everyone to stay, not just those who are vegan. I am always delighted when non vegans enjoy the food here. We hope we are planting seeds and helping to create a more caring, ultimately vegan, world. - Vx - is a vegan boutique located in London. We sell a bit of everything, from grocery to shoes and clothes to take away food (sandwiches, kebab and patisserie). The shop is owned by the creator and owner of the t-shirt company Secret Society Of Vegans. That's the reason why Vx sells a lot of SSOV related merchandise. - T-shirts (nonprofit) – “Unite for the Animals provides love fueled t-shirts and resources to animal advocates around the world. Unite for the Animals is powered by the founders of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary a non-profit safe haven for rescued farm animals in Spain. Our t-shirts are made with the utmost love and care for the people, the planet and the animals. They are eco-friendly, fair-trade, organic and made with water based ink. 100% of the profits are used to give the rescued farm animals at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary the life they deserve.”~ Abigail and Mike.

Left Fiona Oakes, and right is Jennifer Dunn - Cake making business, based in Colchester Essex. Handmade cakes and cupcakes are made to order in small batches. Cupcakes also supplied to a local cafe in Colchester. ~ Jennifer Dunn set up "'s vegan!" 3 years ago, and runs it single-handedly from her kitchen. Jennifer has been vegan for the past 10 years, and has been experimenting to find the perfect vegan cake recipes! She also works part time in retail, and always tests new cake flavours out on her co-workers, to make sure they are all "non-vegan approved" as well as vegan approved! Jennifer, 28, is happily married to her husband Rob, who she started dating at the age of 15! "'s vegan" was voted into 3rd place in the category of "best vegan cakes" at the UK vegan awards 2012. Jennifer has participated twice in the Worldwide vegan bakesale, raising money for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, etc. - On Facebook  - “The Vegan Cakery is a vegan bakery. Our aim is to show vegan treats can be every bit as delectable as any other - something of utmost importance to us, as vegans ourselves. All of our products are produced in a 100% vegan environment, with no trace of animal products or derivatives” shares Michelle Orme. “I was born in and still live in Leicestershire. I became Vegetarian at the age of 15 and vegan eight years ago. I am passionate about animal rights/welfare and run The Vegan Cakery as a way to help animals and educate people as much as possible. We donate from our total take each month to a designated animal charity; this is before all postage costs, tax, insurance, fuel, ingredients etc. - Based in Devon, Mimilicious has created the only vegan alternative to clotted cream currently available in the UK. "Who says you can't enjoy luscious thick cream when you are vegan?" says Chris, who is a long term vegan himself. "Well now you can! We've had great feedback. Many people have enjoyed vegan cream teas this summer, something that they hadn't had since becoming vegan. Mimilicious is named in memory of beautiful Mimi, a very special pussy cat with a super-sized personality, who shared our lives and occupied our hearts for 16 years. We are a small company and our product is homemade in our vegan kitchen. We donate a percentage of the profits to animals in need.”

Hannah Banana bakery - "is an all vegan bakery in Southampton, UK. Since opening in July 2011, it has since gone on to win the "best cake" award at the UK vegan awards 2012 and 2013 as well as the PETA "great vegan bake off" 2013 and the Flexitarians "Feast your eyes on vegan" 2013 recipe competition. Whether its simple cupcakes or tiered elaborate wedding cakes, Hannah Banana bakery is the place to go!" shares Hannah. - I provide yoga classes at my local hall, outdoors as the weather allows in the lovely garden with the birds and bats flying free overhead, grass, flowers and trees all around. I have been vegan for 32 years for ethical reasons related to abhorrence of animal cruelty and the environmental impact of a diet based on consumption of meat and dairy. I started practising yoga in 1995 and teaching yoga in 2010. I hope that by bringing people to a better understanding of their bodies and minds they will also find their way to recognising the importance of considering all other living beings and begin the steps towards veganism.” shares Ginny. - online store. Daniel explains that ‘roots of compassion’ is a vegan and anti-authoritarian collective from Münster, Germany. We run an online-shop for fair trade clothing from organic cotton, vegan shoes, leftist literature, vegan food (if possible made with organic + fair trade ingredients and without palm oil), vegan pet food, buttons, patches, stickers and a lot more. Our coffee and all our chocolates are 100% fair trade! As a company that does not aim to maximise profit, we want to support and promote the concept of animal rights/animal liberation and veganism through our work, and also voice a progressive critique of society and the capitalist economy. Our aim is a world free from exploitation and authority. ~ Having started as an idea of two individuals who went to shows, protests and other events with yummy vegan chocolate cakes and information material, roots of compassion has, since its foundation in 2001, developed to become a well-known component of the German animal rights and animal liberation movement. In 2002, we launched our website and since 2003 it is primarily run as an online shop. Since 2008 we have been publishing various kinds of media items related to veganism, animal liberation and social criticism through our publishing house compassion media. ~ In 2009 we changed our legal structure and now we're a registered cooperative. Today roots of compassion is a collective of eight members and while it has developed into a more and more professionalized small business, it still holds on to its original goals, i.e. promoting veganism and criticizing exploitative social and economic relations and all forms of oppression. By the way, some of us love cycling and you can become a member of the fantastic roots of compassion vegan cycling team:! And soon you can watch the movie "Live and let live", a feature documentary examining our relationship with animals and the ethical, environmental and health reasons that move people to go vegan. You can write an e-mail to Marc, if you want to screen it in your town: - Facebook: - On Facebook  - "Voice-design | Werbung, Design & Druck" is an ethically focused, vegan advertising agency and printing company. Company was founded in 2000 and the address is: Bleichstr. 33, 63065 Offenbach am Main, Germany. "Ethically focused" means that we don't accept every customer or order. We don't work for customers whose corporate philosophy is not tenable for us. We would not work for companies supporting child work, running sweat shops or doing animal experiments (for example). I'm the founder and CEO and a vegan for more than 18 years now" says Founder and CEO;  Andreas Bender. "Our remit extends from artwork / design of advertisements, brochures, flyers, clothes, etc. to its production. We're also producing videos (commercials, company portraits, campaign videos…). Here's a video we created for the animal rights organization "SOKO Tierschutz". It's about mink oil in shampoos.  (in Croatian) - Vegan catering for humans and dogs. (Zagreb, Croatia). We cater for big events or small orders for a few people. We are also the first and only vegan catering that provides vegan dog food and treats. With a mix of healthy vegetables that provide all the vitamins needed, we make delicious vegan dog cookies. ~ The business started because we wanted to make vegan food more available, less expensive and focus on traditional meals, rather than exotic meals which people are not familiar with and which cost more. We provide typical Croatian meals, in a vegan version. Everything from soups, stewed vegetables, to pizza's, lasagnas and fast food, to cakes and pastries. The biggest change we made in the world of catering is that we often provide free meals for the homeless or cook for events such as the Pride Parade and other social groups. The catering is part of our activism, providing available, cheap, fresh homemade meals for everyone.” explains Mariana Cerovecki; Coordinator / Koordinatorica: Organisation STOP SPECIESISM / Udruga STOP SPECIZMU  - Vegan Shop: cruelty free food. Address: via Ascanio Fenizi 39, 00149 - Roma, Italy. email: - The biggest Vegan Shop in Italy. iVegan started in 2008, in Rome with 30 products and 1 manufacturer. Now: over 2000 vegan products around the world. We send vegan food within Italy in 24 hours.

Vegan Factory/ - Vegan Factory- Vegan Factory is an herbalist's vegan shop located in the city center of Vicenza, Italy; in scenic sixteenth-century historical palace. You can find herbals, natural cosmetics, bio foods and for intolerant. The products are attentively selected for guarantee to the client the origin and the highest quality. Vegan Factory loves the animals: the products are Vegan-Cruelty free, respects the environment: furnishings are eco- sustainable, believes in quality: it gets to know the small producers, and sustains and promotes the art: events and exhibition ~ E-Mail: – shares Cristina Napoleone. - Since 2012,  100% vegan shop with internet shop too. It was the first 100% vegan shop in Austria, with a huge spectrum of items: vegan food for animals, vegan sweets, vegan honey, vegan cheese, burgers and "meat", books about the vegan lifestyle as well as vegan cookbooks. Owner; Thomas Bezenek, has been vegan for 10 years. E-mail: - Debbie Deboo shares "I run Cakeability, which is based in Northern Ireland. Cakeability makes vegan cakes, desserts and savouries and this Christmas launched a service providing people with a ready made Christmas dinner, useful for those with vegan guests. I'll be branching out soon to provide frozen vegan ready meals. I run my business to promote veganism from an ethical point of view and about 75% of my takings (not just profits) go to animal charities and I have donated about £2500 so far this year to local animal causes. I've only been running for just under a year so pretty good going. I have rescue hens and cats and would love to do more but I have suffered from M.E. for 12 years which meant I had to give up my previous teaching profession. My husband and I train school speakers for Animal Aid and are looking to hold vegan open days for new and aspiring vegans in the locality. I'm also looking into holding vegan cooking lessons. I volunteer at a vegan cafe in Belfast which is open once a week in the evening and I help with the cooking."

Sonia Birrer is in the middle. - Irish owner; Sonia Birrer, shares: "My business is 100% vegan. It's a loose leaf tea shop that in 2014 will also stock organic superfoods (cacao, lucuma, spirulina, etc.), and hopefully very soon 100% organic vegan beauty care. All our teas are organic, too. All our take-away teas are served with organic rice milk or soy milk only, with well water or bottled spring water (Irish tap water as it is full of chemicals and even pouring it down the drain damages our eco-system to a very big degree.) We are not even aware of how many animals we hurt long term - and humans and plants. It's devastating. ~ When I took the business over some teas had honey and lactose (Milky Oolong) added, so I started "vegan friendly". I personally follow a vegan diet and lifestyle and could not imagine to do anything else but implement my own values onto my business. I go beyond being vegan - being vegan for me means being awakened to the problems of the world, seeing the bigger picture and realising that we are all connected and everything is connected - which includes animals and plants. Fairtrade, organic and vegan come hand in hand for me. It can not be that we care for animals but then buy our coffee and cacao from plantations that not only practice human slavery (yes they all do!) but also have cut down thousands of trees and plants (and harmed the animals) in order to build the plantation -- rain-forest!!! Yerba Mate is one big, big problem and the demand in Western Countries creates a lot of suffering in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina - check for an example of how to harvest fair and organic mate. (This is the only mate I sell). In The Tea Shop - fairtrade, direct trade, locals and 100% organic are just as important as vegan. ~ Personally I do not spend money on any shop that is not 100% vegan unless I have to. When I need to go out (and the only vegan café in Cork has closed) I usually end up being a bit down about the fact that the neighbour table is eating lamb or shredded duck and I just spent money at a business that buys the suffering and supports it. Yes - I am an extremist. In general I'm a happy and calm, very nice person but with strong values and beliefs." - - Raw food Restaurant  - Sil's nutritional approach is quite simple: Seduction. That's what Sseduced - Dublin's First Raw Restaurant is all about: indulging in our favourite foods without sacrificing our health.  What if burgers, pizzas, ice creams and all our favourite junk foods suddenly became extremely good for us? Experience Sil's Famous Raw Pizza, Pineapple Curry, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Irish Egg Less Omelet, Thai Coconut Soup, Papaya Ice Cream, Passion Fruit Cheesecake and so much more! I first learned about raw foods in a visit to California in the 80's. I went back to train directly with world-renowned Dr. Ann Wigmore, the creative genius behind Wheatgrass Therapy and Living Foods in Boston, in the early 90's. My intriguing passion for Biomolecular Neuropsychiatry led me to Medical School (and tango!) for a couple of years in Latin America. Sil assured me: “My reason number 1 is compassion for animals. I wear vegan boots and cruelty-free beauty products. This isn't just a business for me, I fully live it.” – A new vegan restaurant and boutique in Geneva Switzerland - cafe, organic vegan restaurant with some raw food. Helveg Cafe is a vegan gourmet restaurant that offers an ethical and holistic approach, by fulfilling the need and satisfying the sensitivity of each individual. Helveg Cafe is a place to meet over a smoothie or juice and to gather around an organic meal. The business owner is a “lover of tastes and flavors, passionate about innovation and creativity, sensitive to be conscious / respectful of life in all its forms”. is a new vegan owned business. We offer a blend of services to suit existing vegans and also to provide support for people considering becoming vegan. We run a vegan bed and breakfast in the beautiful Costa Blanca, Spain. We provide a lot of the fruits and vegetables grown stockfree (Organic Vegan) in our garden. There is also a monthly Culinary Workshop where vegans and non vegans can have fun and learn about nutrition and new techniques. We create raw/living nouveau vegan cuisine in our outdoor garden kitchen with recipes created by the owner of VLE; Tanya Lacey. She is a Plant Based Nutritionist and continues to learn about new research and clinical trials of eating plant based foods. She is also a member of PCRM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Tanya Lacey has been a vegetarian for 25 years and a vegan since beginning of 2012. "We donate each month to El Hogar Provegan Animal Sanctuary" says Tanya.

Canada - "Vegan Aisle is a new online vegan store with an added focus on ethically made (fair trade) and environmentally conscious goods. At Vegan Aisle, we read the labels for you so you don't have to! We also strive to offer all products at the absolute lowest price that's possible because we believe vegans should have access to inexpensive and affordable products, just like everyone else.  ~ We’re vegan and based in Toronto, Canada. We're a small, family-owned and -run business. Vegan Aisle came into existence because we found several vegan and vegan-fairtrade goods sold at exorbitant prices, so our focus is on providing products as close to cost price as possible." - Online Vegan T-Shirt Boutique – I have recently started a new business printing and designing vegan and animal rights t-shirts. Plenty Sweet Enough Productions is a vegan, family run business that designs, prints, and sells vegan and animal rights T-shirts through their online store. The T-shirt designs are focused on compassionate and positive messaging.  They also provide custom apparel printing to organizations and businesses. Clothing is sourced from ethical producers, fair trade and produced in sweat-shop-free environments” says Lee Aiken; a vegan mom, bookworm, and social butterfly. She is a lover of all species, including people. She derives a deep sense of joy from advocating on behalf of animals and participating with local grassroots animal rights groups in her community.  She is a co-organizer of the Toronto March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses, and a member of Toronto Pig Save and the Burlington Animal Liberation Movement. One of her favourite quotes and an idea that keeps her moving is – “Action is the antidote to despair” – Joan Baez. – vegan and gluten-free food manufacturer - Veggie Paradise is about helping people discover the Paradise within a vegan diet. We manufacture fresh vegan/gluten-free Meals-2-Go for the downtown Toronto vegan scene and also manufacture a frozen line of vegan comfort food (delicious ‘chickenless’ pot pies, etc.), an incredible line of Meatless Stir-frys.
Veggie Paradise began as a small little hobby of Lucy and Kathy, sisters who wanted to help spread the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and has quickly grown to become one of Canada’s leading Vegan food oriented businesses. They intend to continue to bring delicious vegan meals to people across Canada and eventually share their vision of Paradise with the world. ~ Owners have all followed a vegan lifestyle for over 20 years! Richard, Lucy’s son, recently joined the Veggie Paradise team after enough disappointing meals working downtown in finance and believes in making Veganism something accessible for everyone, everywhere.

New Zealand, - Vegan food – “Angel Food distributes a range of vegan products under two brands - Angel Food and Cherub Dairy Alternatives - most of which we have developed ourselves. Products (all vegan and many also soy-free) include parmesan, cheese sauce mix, meringues, dry mix for whipped topping, and soon, pizza cheese. We distribute to specialty stores and small supermarkets, and are starting to export to Australia and the UK” says Alice Shopland, who owns the company, and has been vegan since 1994. She is a former freelance writer, and a proud mum to two grown sons, Nico and Mack. “I established Angel Food with the goal of raising the profile of veganism, and making it easier for people to go vegan and stay vegan. Our focus is on treat foods because that's what people assume you can't have on a vegan diet.”

Brazil - Vegan Cakes is a grocery store specializing in vegan sweets; created in May 2011 by Cristina Maejima. She always dreamed of uniting a passion for veganism with creating candy. All products, cupcakes, cakes, sweets, cake pops, savory, well-married and brownies are made with no animal ingredients. “The Vegan Cakes works for now, online and only to the city of São Paulo. We accept orders for birthdays, weddings, events or simply to kill the urge to eat a cake in the afternoon” says Cris Maejima.

India ~ On Facebook - Vegan Health Food Restaurant which also has a small store within (store is also 100% vegan). Carrots philosophy: ~ They also conduct healthy cooking demos in various companies and organizations; offer healthy food catering; participate in various events upholding veganism, sustainability and green living. One of their philosophies is going beyond just profit motives and competition. ~ Krishna Shastry is the founder and primary stakeholder in Carrots. He is a vegan for the last 13 years and became so for ethical reasons. In the last few years he has been increasingly maturing in terms of environment and health angles of veganism also. Recently he decided to follow his heart, quit his promising corporate career and is now completely involved with running and nurturing Carrots; winner of 'Outstanding Vegan Restaurant' by Vegans are Cool  ~ One of many nice reviews - Vegan Bites - Vegan Meal Service and Catering – Ph. +91 76665 8643 – “Vegan Bites is dedicated to serving you Whole, Fresh, Plant-Based Meals. Our team of chefs, nutrition experts and doctors work together to ensure that your meal is not just healthy, but also tasty and varied. Food will be cooked with techniques to preserve the maximum nutrition. Meals are hygienically prepared and packed in our ultra-modern health kitchen and delivered across Mumbai to you at your door step by the Mumbai’s famous Dabbawalas. (Please visit our kitchen to see for yourself). The catering menu comprises of our wide range of Indian and International dishes” explains vegan business owner; Samir Pasad. - Unived is a healthcare company based in Mumbai. We manufacture nutraceuticals and dietary supplements that are 100% natural and 100% vegan. We are the first nutraceutical company in India to be registered by the Vegan Society – UK. We don’t use any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. We are pioneers in India with Vegan Omega-3 DHA from micro-algae, natural fermented CoQ10, and a range of natural health teas, vegan and organic soaps, amongst other unique highly nutritional products. ~ Unived was founded by Mr. Amit Mehta. Amit is born and brought up in Mumbai. Amit was born in a vegetarian family and had his first course of meat when he was 16. He ate meat for a few years but turned back vegetarian purely for health reasons. When Amit moved to Australia in 2005 he was exposed to Veganism. Thereafter he started reading about the benefits of giving up dairy and started understanding the implications of the same on a person’s health and the impact on this World. Upon further reading and research he was exposed to the shocking cruelty to animals at poultry farms and dairy units. While this did trigger various unexplainable emotions within, it showed him the path – there was a cause for concern and Unived was Amit’s own way of addressing this concern. Unived was founded in August 2010. It has been extremely difficult to develop nutraceuticals that are meant for serious health concerns, while keeping them 100% natural and Vegan, but compromise is a word that doesn’t exist in our dictionary and we have turned breakdowns into breakthroughs to reach where we are today.

Africa - Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free nut cheeses - At Tatamoo we are committed to gourmet vegan living. Most of our delicious products are raw, and all are made using macadamia and cashew nuts. We offer aged macadamia and cashew nut cheeses as well as cream cheeses, Tatanaise (raw veganaise) and Melts. We are based in Cape Town but courier orders nationwide. We are committed to making the world a more compassionate, vegan place one cheese at a time! ~ Hayden Lubbe became vegan several years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Having worked in the hospitality industry for years, Hayden wished to realise a vision of gourmet, compassionate food. When Henni van der Westhuizen approached him to carry forth the vision encompassed by Tatamoo, he was thrilled. Hayden is expanding the business slowly and hopes to increase availability, significantly - by 2015” says Shanelle Lubbe. - Bella Vegan - Vegan cafe opened Feb 2013. Offers an international menu, gluten-free options, and daily specials. Casual and child-friendly atmosphere and has wi-fi. Price: Inexpensive. Vegan, Western, International, Juice bar, Catering, Take-Out - 42 Palmer Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town - Western Cape, South Africa 7800 – ph. 0844777686 – A kind food and craft café that is worker-owned and operated, honouring the lives of all sentient beings, by offering cruelty-free foods and beverages.

Portugal - Sweet Empathy - sells vegan desserts such as chocolate pies, vegan cupcakes, in Coimbra, Portugal. "Sweet Empathy's desserts are not just desserts. They mostly share a message of empathy and compassion towards all animals. They intend to debunk myths and general misconceptions, and attempt to captivate everyone. Our quality commitment primes animals' well-being, people's health and the reduction of our ecological footprint. We designed this concept thinking about conscious consumers that believe they can make a difference with their own choices. We conceived ethical, healthy and ecological treats as we really believe we are what we eat. We use vegan, fresh, biologic and non-GMO ingredients and we have the option of not using sugar, (we use organic non-refined sugar), according to people's preferences and needs. We specially like to provide pleasant moments, with delicious cruelty-free desserts." shares owner; Rita Cunha Moreira. - - "Fair Fair is an online vegan shop! A place where you can find everything you need: food, clothing and accessories, footwear, household cleaning products, cosmetics, dog and cat food and much more! We deeply care about the products we sell and stand behind every single one of them. Even before meeting each other, both of us already had the dream of having an ethical shop, where we could provide people with the best cruelty-free treats, and show everyone that one can be a vegan and still enjoy the best snacks and wear the cutest stuff. So, as soon as our paths crossed we started to wonder how we could make this project a reality. After careful planning Fair Fair was born, and here we are, sharing it with you. If you still have doubts and concerns about how to live a “cruelty-free” life, please contact us; we would be more than happy to help you. Fair Fair is powered by love and kindness!" says Rita and Miguel. Miguel confirms: "I'm vegan and I run Fair Fair, an online (totally) vegan shop approved by the Cruelty-Free International. This project is a vegan-safe shop and all our goods are free from animal products and from animal testing." - RISE CLAN - "is a D.I.Y family-owned and operated business founded in 2008 in Portugal. It started as a vegan and sweatshop-free company but all the new collections are printed on organic cotton, fair-trade and climate neutral clothing. Time is passing by but RISE CLAN ideals didn’t change, they keep growing strong. We are here with the same attitude and the same willingness to make a difference in the world. RISE CLAN is much more than a clothing brand, it’s a weapon against the lies. We don’t use fur, leather, wool, silk or any other animal products and/or byproducts in the making of RISE CLAN items. We’re a proud VEGAN, FAIRTRADE, BIO and CLIMATE NEUTRAL Company. Stay True! Stay Vegan!" says Miguel. - "Welcome to the world of fashion with compassion - The brand "nae" is a Portuguese shoes brand that was born in 2008. It´s name comes from the the expression "No Animal Exploitation". In a country like Portugal – where there is significant activity in the industry of shoes – Paula and Alejandro – the vegan owners of the brand – created a brand with a vegan and ecological concept – a brand that gives "an answer" to consumers that care about ethical consumption and environmental sustainability. Design, style and quality also belongs to their collection of shoes for woman and men. Nae´s shoes have no animal products. All shoes are made of cork, biodegradable microfiber, recycled tire, organic cotton and linen, coconut fiber or 100% natural rubber – that is mainly used for the shoe´s sole that gives comfort and stability. A lot of the manufacturing processes are almost like "handmade", that requires a very specialized kind of work. Some details of the shoes are actually made by dressmakers. NAE is already on the international market in countries like Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States of America. In Portugal, nae has it´s online shop and also is present already in some multibrand shops. ~ Alex shares: "I came to Portugal from Catalonia to study math (18 years ago), and I learned more than math! I met Paula (Portuguese) and we married. We worked for many years in several big technology companies, until 2008 when we founded NAE. From 2008 to today (with a big financial crisis) we saw our business growing year after year. People are consuming more ethically, for the environment, for the animals and for the other people." For more information: Alex Pérez - Pronatural  represents, distributes and sells products that are vegan, organic and not tested on animals - in Portugal. "We started Pronatural in 2011 with the goal to promote and inform about products not tested on animals, because we found little alternatives in the market and a lot of confusion when it comes to cosmetics and house cleaning products not tested on animals. Since day one we only sell products with the Leaping Bunny certification and we are approved as a Humane Retailer by Cruelty -Free International (CFI). Besides the CFI certification, the products we sell are also vegan and organic, because we believe in a more sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free consumption - good for the animals, for the planet and for the people. Pronatural  has been growing and today we represent and distribute house cleaning products, cosmetics, chocolates, bars and superfoods. ~ It was because of my love for animals that I became vegetarian 12 years ago and a few years later a vegan. I hope through Pronatural we can provide more options to live a delicious cruelty-free life in Portugal" shares Cláudia Monteiro. Facebook: 

Sapato Verde, Eco And Animal Friendly Shoes is a vegan store in Cascais Portugal owned by Alexandra Pardal. ~ Ecological, sustainable, ethical, vegan, and animal friendly. These are the principles of Sapato Verde! ~ Sapato Verde, meaning "green shoe" in Portuguese, offers eco and animal friendly shoes and is the 1st eco-vegan shoe store in Portugal! Founded on a philosophy for sustainability, Sapato Verde arose from the need to respond the demand of vegan and eco footwear, in alternative to animal skin. As such, anything that involves the store's physical space is also focused on this aspect, and the entire decoration is based on the recycling and recovery of materials such as pallets, coil reels, plastic bottles, boat ropes and even tree branches and stones. Besides footwear you can also find accessories and cosmetics that respect environmental ethics. Sapato Verde, because awakening is urgent!" Visit them on Facebook


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There's an ethically focused, vegan advertising agency and printing company in Germany named "voice-design":
You can find it also on Facebook at

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Best Vegan Wishes and Thank You To All Who Are Helping the Animals!!!
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Another vegan business: EternityWatch Magazine, the only magazine dedicated to the vegan and raw vegan communities in Canada. Available in print or digitally. Magazine is based in Toronto.

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What a great post! Have you guys heard of this great Ethical Vegan Footwear brand called Beyond Skin. They should definitely be on here. They have great shoes and from what I understand in their newsletters they'll be soon doing menswear, which will be great. Their really nice ladies as well and have always helped me with any questions I've had about their shoes and where they're made. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about them. They're lovely! Just like their shoes!

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I am sad you did not mention vegan fair trade clothing that is also social sustainable project on top BeeZee EcoKid :(

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BeeZee Eco Kids, I did a shout-out on Facebook and those who responded to me, were included in this post. That's how I work my special features; they are a random sampling of whoever responds to my call.

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Wanted to plug My agency that is 100% ethical vegan owned and operated and our clients are all socially-just, vegan, or environmentally-conscious!

Thanks for this post and thank you for all you do for the animals!


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Please check out my small charity and Community Interest Company...both vegan ethic based and carrying out work for animals. ETSY shop coming soon with ethical products to support our work.
Both are British based.
Thank you for your consideration.

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I love Imagine Cafe: We went for the Memphis BBQ sandwich, everything we tried was great & so affordable! I am looking for a Vegan Tshirt company where I can design the prints and market, they take orders, credit cards, print & ship the item. Is there such a thing? Did I miss it?

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For Sydney based new vegans is a great way to get started with vegan cooking - it's a mealkit service that delivers ingredients and recipes to your home.

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I am from Hawaii and I have this favorite vegan shopping site that offers online purchase I am not sure if they have a physical store but I saw their collections and it is awesome try checking out Leafy Souls.