May 24, 2013

A Special Feature; Worldwide Vegan Activism

The vegan ethic is taking root all over the world. 
with her dog friend, fed a vegan diet
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Ana María Aboglio is a lawyer, specialized in Philosophy of Law and Ethics for animal rights. She has published several articles related to animal issues in print media and online. She has participated in radio and television programs. She founded Ánima in 2000, the first Animal Rights organization in Latin America, combining theory with the practice of activism, carrying out an intense educational work for the promotion of veganism as the moral baseline for animal advocacy. Edited since then, the pioneer website on the field which is now complemented by a site specialized in veganism. She has also developed her own website: She introduced the abolitionist approach in Spanish. She participates in social forums, including the latest National Forum against Violence in Argentina. She has given several conferences, of academic level as well as targeting the general public. She published three books: La Voz de los Otros (narrative), 2004, Veganismo. Práctica de Justicia e Igualdad, 2009 and 2011 (essay and education) and Lo siento mucho (narrative), 2011. ~ "Institutional exploiters are not at all psychotic.They are not mad, they are not abusers. They are people just like us, only they haven't yet understood the wrong of what they are doing. But they are doing it, because all of us were led to believe that it is all right to demand their corpses and products. So what I would say to you, is that not only the legal system is making this possible, but also social structures are, and scientific, and educational, which therefore become structures of violence, therefore unfair structures. We will rebel today against those structures. Veganism is not “extreme.” Veganism is not a diet. Veganism is a practice of justice and equality. And we have to live it not only regarding non-human animals, but also regarding every sentient being, our friends, our companions. What we ought to banish is the feeling that we are better than others, and allow ourselves to use them as means to our ends."

Japan - Chie MartinAbolitionist Vegan advocacy: AbolitionistJP-info - Facebook page: Veganism: ヴィーガニズム   "I identify myself as a social justice activist focusing on animal rights. Becoming vegan was made extremely easy after reading the abolitionist literature of both Prof. Francione and Dan Cudahy; that was posted on my Facebook wall by Renata Peters of Alice Spring Vegan Society. Considering that I used to be a fashion designer with a hyper-materialistic, luxury 'brands-loving' attitude and was raised politically conservative. This paradigm shift deeply changed my whole entire perspective. I've recently started working for DemocracyNow! Japan as a layout designer of their web magazine (written by an amazing Japanese translator/editor team) and as a blog contributor after the 3 months of internship. ~ What I want to tell advocates in my country is not to compromise the theory of Animal Rights no matter how many people disagree. Don't promote welfare and regulation reform when you have a general understanding about justice and equality. The idea of Animal Rights is not something that we can grant to non-humans, it's something we have always taken from them violently, and now we can return it peacefully." 

Tasmania, Australia - Trisha Roberts – websites: VeganismIsNonviolenceLiveVegan  - "My pages are about nonviolence (including nonviolent speech). They are primarily about veganism. As well as veganism - which is about nonhuman animals only -- I occasionally address human social justice issues because all forms of discrimination are related and cause violence. ~ Although this is not a personal quote of mine, this quote by Dan Cudahy very adequately describes my position: "I am a vegan because after much learning and thought about the issue, I have come to see enslaving, exploiting, or intentionally killing an animal as morally equivalent to enslaving, exploiting, or intentionally killing a child. The only difference is one is socially acceptable and the other is socially unacceptable. That may sound shocking or "extreme" to some people, but it is only because we are so acculturated to devalue sentient nonhuman beings to the status of "things". What is truly extreme is the violence of intentionally killing 10 billion land animals annually in the US (about 56 billion annually globally) for unnecessary food preferences alone. Unless you consider nonviolence and justice to be "extreme", veganism is not extreme."

Zagreb, Croatia - Mariana Cerovečki - My organisation:  - My vegan art  - or see photos - and videos  - "To know what is right, you need to see what is wrong. My goal is to show you what's wrong. Through art I want to spread awareness and bring the animal rights issues to a higher level, more exposed, more visible, more - direct. I want to make the invisible things visible, I want people to feel the pain and suffering that animals go through every day, I want them to realize that they are a part of the problem, the problem which I try to explain in my artwork. Once you see the reality of the way we treat animals, you can start being a part of the solution - by simply boycotting any form of animal exploitation. Whether it is a picture, poem or a sculpture, my goal is to raise my voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. In a world that is built on destruction, I feel that –art- is to create something – without destroying it – and what I want to create is a better and fair world for all, a world without slavery, death of millions of animals, a world without speciesism. ~ I became a vegetarian when I was 10 and a vegan when I was 13, it was one video that made me realize all the horror that happens to animals, and now I hope that my work will have the same effect on others - open your eyes, make the connection, go vegan."

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Southeastern Europe - Urosh Sredojevich – You can find me on my blog, which hasn’t being updated for a while. On Facebook - on Twitter  - Recommended websites: The Vegan Truth blog - My Face is on Fire - The Academic Abolitionist Vegan - "I went vegan almost 4 years ago and am an abolitionist vegan. My advocacy is about not compromising the message. People aren't stupid, they can understand veganism. We should advocate veganism unequivocally. People, who are quite capable of making decisions and can decide what they will do; will they go vegan at once or in stages. Point is not to say that some stage is ok, moral. They may stay on that stage and never go vegan. That’s why we need to present them the whole message that all animal products are products of violence. The message should also include that problem isn't treatment of other sentient beings, but the use. It’s not that we are using them wrongly; it’s that we are using them at all. Our dreams can become reality - if we reject violence in our advocacy and embrace nonviolence. I also include human rights issues in my vegan advocacy like LGBTIQ rights, women’s rights, etc. - not to prove that vegans care about humans too, we do, but because humans are animals too who are suffering and being denied their rights. And I like to commend countless other animal rights activists for their tireless, uncompromising advocacy of veganism. ~ How can you be restricted by being vegan, if you have no right to exploit sentient beings in the first place?"

Washington state, USA Kevin Tillman - Websites: Vegan Hip Hop Movement - Animal Voices - Kevin Tillman has been practicing holistic activism for nearly 10 years. His focus is to achieve decolonization, confronting all forms of oppression, which include and are not limited to abelism, sexism, racism, speciesism, queerphobia, and classism. Kevin is the founder of the vegan hip hop movement, which was created to promote veganism through hip hop and build a bridge between your “average” vegan and other social justice movements historically embraced by the hip hop community. The vegan hip hop movement is where food justice with a plant-based/decolonial diet perspective meet hip hop and where we explore the intersections of other animal/human/earth liberation. Hip hop is rooted in resistance and rich with experience in fighting for social justice. Veganism is about practicing compassion and is motivated by living cruelty-free for the sake of other animals. The fusion of veganism and hip hop is designed to promote holistic activism. ~ Prose by Kevin Tillman: "We don't get a choice in the life form we're born, whether a child in a war-torn zone or a calf ripped from their own mother to perpetually produce milk for another."

Hungary, Europe - Anna Bonifert - - On Facebook – “I became vegan at the beginning of 2011 after reading the book by Kath Clements titled 'Why vegan?' and also some articles of Gary L. Francione. I left the welfare organization which I had been volunteering for about 7 years. My vegan activism started with writing the Hungarian subtitles for ‘Making the connection’; a movie by The Vegan Society. In September 2011, I organized the first open screening of Making the Connection. At that time there weren't more than 15 people coming. Now, there there are about 20-25 people, 2-3 dogs and lots of vegan food. ~ My 3 rescued dogs turned vegan in 2011. They did it without problems from one day to the other. My dearest old friend, who you can see in the picture, was over 10 at this time, but still it caused no difficulties. ~ I gave a lecture or presentation: "Respect for animals and veganism” at the Hungarian annual vegetarian festival. It was the first time in my life I talked in front of a lot of people. With vegan friends we had a vegan info stall at the festival. We gave cookies for children and adults who filled in our playful questionnaire about animals and this was a good conversation starter. We got many interested people at our table. The festival gave a big boost for our picnics and film clubs, so on the 1st of September there were more than 30 people at the last picnic of the year. ~I started to write my own book about animal protection and veganism. In March 2013, I could print 100 pieces from my book which is a small number but it is a start. It is about animal rights, veganism, dog and cat rescue, psychology of animal protection. I live with 5 rescued animals, 3 dogs, 2 cats. I teach English as a foreign language. ~ “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” (Edmund Burke)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates  - Nidhi Nagdeve Ruthia - "I use my facebook page to create awareness about Veganism, Animal Rights, sign petitions, and get in touch with fellow vegans. Being a vegetarian from the beginning (as my parents and the generations before have all been vegetarians), I never once bothered to question how and where non-vegetarians get their food from. After getting married, I opened up a home business about 3 years ago in cake baking and decorating, and never once questioned where eggs came from! However, my world changed forever from the day I learned of the truth about dairy, from my cousin. So, one day, just out of curiosity, I googled blogs, various speeches by renowned vegan activists and doctors and stumbled across the documentary - EARTHLINGS. I had sleepless nights, and cried for days. So one can only imagine what the animals are forced to endure. It broke my heart. I instantly gave up dairy and eggs and there hasn't been a day I have stopped spreading the word. Something in me has changed - something spiritual. My love for animals only made it more profound. I have my family's full support and there's just no going back. As they say - "where there's a will...~ The Vegan realization can only be achieved once you start to look beyond yourself, your needs, and empathize. We need to break free from the decades of mass conditioning from 'norms' and make the connection with non-human animals and with nature. From my experience, the only way this will ever happen is when the realization comes from within; on your own. As much as I'd love to make the world understand how animals cannot wait for people to take their own time to realize how directly or indirectly they are responsible for millions of deaths, it has to come from within. And once you experience this soul-stirring phenomenon, there is no going back. There is a justified urgency for people to wake up and take action. So, keep on spreading the word. There may be days when you feel small, like the whole world is against you, and no one is listening to the voiceless animals and their pain and suffering - that's when we need to step it up. ~ I believe parents and schools must educate their children and give them a choice by telling the truth about where their food comes from (and not withhold the brutal truth). Animals are here on Earth with us, not for us."

Perthshire, ScotlandLinda Clark - I started the Facebook page ‘There’s an Elephant in the Room’ in September 2012, the name reflecting that our whole society and culture is founded upon the suffering of nonhuman animals although it’s seldom acknowledged. I've been delighted to find the page is popular with a steadily growing community. Favourite Websites: Gentle World and The Abolitionist Approach – both filled with information, insight and clarity. I also love the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. As an adult I was vegetarian and, believing myself an ethical consumer, I supported all sorts of single issue campaigns for several decades while raising non-vegan children. It was not until a year ago that Facebook opened my eyes fully to the myth of ‘happy exploitation’ and the suffering inherent in vegetarianism. As soon as I realised, and sickened by my earlier ignorance - I became vegan. I was so happy when my younger son, in his mid twenties, also became vegan after watching Earthlings. Since then, as my understanding has grown, I have become focused. I now consider myself an abolitionist and do not promote welfare reforms or single issues - advocating instead for an end to all exploitation through veganism as a moral baseline. People who care about animals deserve to know the truth about the suffering we inadvertently cause when we are not vegan; we all deserve to make informed choices about our lives. As advocates we have a huge - but not impossible - task ahead and we have to put all our energy into tackling the roots of the largely ignored speciesism that underpins our culture. I love this quote by Angel Flinn and Dan Cudahy: - 'Veganism is not a fringe philosophy – it is a moral baseline that is consistent with beliefs that most of us already hold. Veganism is a simple matter of refraining from participating in unnecessary and harmful use of sentient beings. As most people are naturally opposed to unnecessary violence, becoming and staying vegan is not a matter of changing any of our basic moral beliefs. It simply requires us to be willing to change the habits we have developed that prevent us from living according to our principles.' ~ “We are part of a peaceful rebellion. We must refuse to compromise. Although our task is daunting and many people would rather not listen, we should NEVER dilute the vegan message. We should invite people to live true to their beliefs and we should illustrate how easy it is to be vegan in today’s world. Billions of nonhuman animals are relying on us. They don’t need us to support ‘happy’ exploitation, they need us to restore their moral personhood and end their suffering, and for as long as I live I‘m determined to do my part to achieve this.” 

Switzerland (German-speaking) - Claude Martin - Website  - Recommend website: - "With a bit of a lack of useful information about veganism, I went from meat-eater to vegetarian, then lacto-vegetarian, then pseudo vegan, and when I finally had found information from true animal rights activists, I became vegan. This is over a decade ago now and much has changed. I rarely have to explain what "vegan" means anymore. Even anti-speciesism is known to some. This makes it harder for the welfarists to disguise as animal rights advocates. A lot has still to be done to get society to reject animal exploitation, as they did with human slavery. Some argue that nonvegans should be approached in a "friendly" way to not scare them off. I'm known to do the opposite of this. In a society where animals are raped and murdered I will always be as direct and honest as possible. I always make it clear that I condemn all unvegan behavior. The risk to offend sensibilities is one I take to avoid any misunderstandings. I don't want anyone to think that "less meat" or vegetarianism is an acceptable option. I often get to hear that I'm intolerant. I never understand how they cannot tolerate my intolerance of animal exploitation." ~ "Nothing is more difficult and nothing requires more strength of character, than finding oneself in open opposition to ones time and to say loudly: No." Kurt Tucholsky

Grenada, West Indies ~ Mark Hardy - The Lodge - Recommended website: - Mark’s activism centers around providing a unique 100% vegan holiday destination, to help vegan/veggies stay on track by culinary inspiration, and offering nonvegans the chance to immerse themselves in a non-threatening vegan experience. Mark's philosophy: “Tread lightly, lead by example, be joyful of even the smallest progress." ~ ‘The obligations of law and equity reach only to mankind; but kindness and beneficence should be extended to the creatures of every species and these will flow from the breast of a true man, as streams that issue from the living fountain.’ (Plutarch 46-120 AD).”

Denmark - Rune Kjær Rasmussen - Website - Recommendation website: - “I am a member of Go Vegan in Denmark. I try to educate people about the horrors behind the industry and I do this mostly online. Have also done a lecture and will do so again in the future. I live in a small town where we are a very few people involved in this but trying to spread the word to get more involved. ~ I am vegan because I love life. The ability to express yourself freely and live a free life whether you are human or non-human should really be a birthright. As it is now the fight for animal rights and liberation for all must continue until what has been taken away is recognized and treated as being something invaluable that never should have been touched in the first place. A world that is not human-centric but life-centric without prejudice - is my dream. To spread that message I try to live a life which fits me and gives me what pleasures and challenges I like and because of the energy that releases, I use the extra strength, when I have it, to point towards the violence and killing of defenseless beings and how insane it is. I try to do this with empathy remembering where I once was myself but also sometimes with strong, clear language about it so there is no doubt left. I also include thoughts about it in my poems. I really recommend the books "Animal Equality" and "Speciesism" by Joan Dunayer and websites Evolve! Campaigns AbolitionistApproach

Tamilnadu, India - Johneh Sankar – has been vegan for the last 3 years and does vegan outreach for school children, believing that they’re the vital roots of the society’s future. - – “Educating children and young students will be a worthy effort. No meat, dairy or egg - is worth the suffering of pain and agony."

Australia - Greg McFarlane - Website: – Recommended website: - Greg became active in vegan advocacy in 2006 when he joined the committee of the Vegan Society NSW. He was on the organising team of the Sydney Vegan Expo from 2007 to 2011. In 2010 he took on the role of President of the Vegan Society NSW. In this capacity, he organized and coordinated many events. He also wrote or commissioned submissions to the national government on a number of different topics affecting veganism in Australia. He developed the idea about a national organisation that would represent the values of veganism at a national level. He is committed to seeing Vegan Australia become a major force for social change in Australia. He looks forward to the near future when veganism has become mainstream, convenient and accepted, and then to a time when all animals live their life free of human exploitation, use, and ownership. His philosophy quote: “Love life, live vegan.” ~ Some words from Greg: “Veganism is the next great social justice movement. Most people already agree with the basic values of veganism, that it is wrong to be cruel to animals. All we need to do is encourage them to make the connection between their values and their behaviour.”

Poland - Monika Szewczyk  is living in north Poland. - "My website And for an English-speaking activists, I would highly recommend Shelley Williams from Australia - her videos are full of care for animals and full of love and they just make you want to do good! ~ I try to show on my own experience that a transition to a vegan life is easier than it might seem and the benefits for the planet, the animals and for oneself are enormous. I'm also an animal rights activist supporting many AR actions. A favorite quote: 'In times of injustice, those who stay neutral become participants in the evil.' - Desmond Tutu ~ “I know that it's often difficult to see suffering, cruelty and injustice and remain loving and friendly, maybe it's impossible, but I believe that by being loving and friendly we can show and teach other people that we vegans have no other agenda than love and respect for everyone.”

New Zealand - Elizabeth Collins – Website: – Recommended website: - I went vegan in late 2007, my vegan activism is according to the Six Principles of the Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights and involves: podcasting in English and Spanish, doing street and market stalls promoting veganism and abolition in my local community in Auckland, New Zealand, and lately I have started recording YouTube videos in English and Spanish aiming towards bringing Gary Francione's theory of The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights to the YouTube community. I also run a Facebook page called NZ Vegan. ~ There is no need, and we have no right to use other animals. As far as I am concerned Being Human ought to equal to Being Vegan - the two ought to be synonymous, and that is the day I am aiming for: the day that Being Human=Being Vegan. My message to the world is Go Vegan. My recommendation of how to educate others about vegan living is through unequivocal creative, nonviolent, abolitionist vegan education according to the Six Principles of the Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights 

California, USA (originally from Suva, Fiji) - Marilyn  – Recommended website: - Marilyn Cornelius specializes in behavior change and design thinking in the field of climate change. She holds a doctorate from the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University. She is a co-founder of Operation Missing Link, a movement aimed at educating the public about, and asking leaders such as Al Gore to recognize and include in their messages the importance of reducing animal agriculture and promoting plant-based diets to mitigate climate change. ~ "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

South African residing in the city of Doha, Qatar, Middle East - Lynette Cowie - "Don't you just love that I have the word COW in my name, I do!". Website: - blog: - “I'm an unusual or perhaps just a rare animal myself, in that I'm a vegan fashion stylist. Because I'm so passionate and now better informed of the cruelty in fashion, and other basic lifestyle choices beyond the wardrobe, I'm currently transitioning my professional website to fully incorporate compassionate lifestyle options and teachings. I've also recently certified as a vegan lifestyle coach and educator through Main Street Vegan Academy in NYC. ~ To attain a true and lasting sense of style, I believe we're called upon to become curious, conscious and compassionate in the products we choose to support our lifestyle; from our clothing, food, cosmetics and home decor right through to entertainment choices. I'm keen to show others how healthful, helpful and alluring a compassionate lifestyle can be by sharing online, via blog, vegan community groups, (I began one here in Qatar on FB) and through my consultations.”

Queensland, Australia - Jahara Rhiannon - "My activism began in the late ‘80s in Melbourne. I attended Animal Liberation demonstrations: anti-fur, banning the use of animals in circuses, and ending duck shooting. In 1990, I attended a two-day non-violent action workshop before going out to a wetland area in Victoria to participate in a duck rescue. It was the most challenging thing I've ever done and I spent two days wading into waist-deep water bring injured birds to the first-aid tent. At one point, an angry and very drunk shooter tried to kill me. He aimed his gun directly at my head and fired. If he had not have been so drunk, he would not have missed. I reported the incident to the police there, at the end of the day, but even though the details were written down, they really didn't want to know.The police were by then relaxing in civilian clothes, and eating barbecued duck. I was also involved in animal rights/vegan activism in Northern NSW. Since moving to Brisbane, my activism has been confined mostly to the computer: writing letters, sharing information on two social networks, and signing petitions. ~ The use, torture and murder of non-humans is anachronistic and abhorrent. Every animal, no matter which species he or she is born into, should have the right to live the only life they were given, free of being the slaves of arrogant, greedy and unaware humans. I do not actively participate in campaigns for the so-called progress in farming methods (for example, bigger cages for battery hens). Even though it means a slight improvement to the way animals are treated – and I’m all for that - it sends a message that activists will then ‘shut up’ and be satisfied. I support the campaign to end factory farms, but this is not enough because people then think it is okay to eat animals if they have lived a happy life in a field under the sun. The animal welfare advocates don’t go far enough. They promote interim measures that do not address the core issue, and that is a complete end to slavery. We have a moral obligation to abolish the exploitation of non-humans. The laws need to be changed to protect animals, but this cannot happen without a world-wide drastic paradigm shift. ~ I've found for me personally, that the most realistic way to promote veganism on a daily basis, say in the work-place, is to gently explain why I am vegan: talk about the cruelties inflicted on animals rather than admonish or talk down to someone who is not vegan. It is about being the face of love, compassion and respect for all, and leading by a positive example. I wear cosmetics that have not been tested on animals and people ask me where they can get them. I wear beautiful non-leather boots, and they are coveted. I also regularly invite people from my work-place around for a vegan Sunday roast and they love it. It is all about showing non-vegans that there are positive, attractive alternatives. ~ I wish for a world whose moral compass has shifted so that animals are no longer seen as property and where the treatment of animals as human resources, is deemed as being completely unjustified and abhorrent.”

Sweden - Camilla Johansson - Website - (Vegan blog featuring articles on animal rights, recipes and interviews with vegan animal rights activists, such as Gary Smith (The Thinking Vegan) Sasha Boojor from the 269-movement, actress Katya Lidskey among others) - “I´m just a year old as a vegan, but feel that I somehow have arrived "home". Being vegan corresponds with my way of viewing the world and the issues I´m concerned with, in a way I could not imagine. Even before turning vegan, I was a staunch animal rights advocate, but also working for both human rights and the environment. If the world turned vegan, not only would it take care of the most obvious issues, such as ending the suffering of animals, but it would also fix the most basic human right: to go to sleep without being hungry. A vegan world is the answer to ending starvation. Vegan is win-win-win for everyone. ~ My activism entails working with what I think can reach the most conservative members of our society: spreading the word of how easy and delicious vegan food is. Anyone can make, eat and thrive on it. This I sprinkle with animal rights issues. ~ Even though I have quite a temper and can get very heated in discussions, I don´t think anger is the right approach when you want people to turn vegan. Calm, kindness, and facts, I believe is the way; and I´m working on it. Funny thing is that I feel my anger has become more controllable since I went vegan, which maybe is not so strange, as I´m not consuming fear or violence anymore. ~ My favourite quote which I think says it all is one by Mahatma Gandhi: 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' Don´t just tell people what they need to do. Show them by doing it first.”

Kentucky, U.S.A. - Marlaina Mortati -  Website: Animal Rights Media  - Other recommended website: How to be Cruelty Free - Vegan Lesbian Atheist  - "I became vegan almost two years ago after watching the ‘Farm to Fridge’ video while doing research on starting a dog rescue. My life changed forever that day. Not long after that I started creating what I like to call "posters" for social media activism. That is when I founded Animal Rights Media and things really started to take off. I have created over 350 animal activism images and flyers for social media sites all the while advocating veganism and a strong animal rights position. The number of people that have come to our site, now run by 5 different active administrators, asking about veganism and what they can do to help - has been overwhelming and rewarding. Running the site has been heart wrenching at times because we are often met with negativity, but even if one more person becomes vegan because of the site, our goals have been reached and then some. My long term goal and dream is to start a small farm animal sanctuary in Kentucky and open it to the public to inform, educate and create a safe haven for animals. I am 25 years old, a California transplant living in Kentucky, and an animal rights, vegan, and equality advocate. ~ I value the life of a cow which can last 20 years… more than the taste of a meal which will last 20 minutes. ~ I am not happy when a hunter hurts himself or someone else; I only hope he will understand the pain he deliberately causes. ~ Our victories are when those who did not know take action, go vegan and promote veganism. That is what will help these animals."

Israel - Julianne Maxwell Bonasera – American living in Israel - Website: Power to the Peaceful
"I have a few favorite websites: one of course is the 269life site, it started in Israel and I am incredibly proud of the work that they are doing. Some call them crazy, I call them angels. And another one is Animals News Network ~ The sign in my photo says "Changing Reality." And that's exactly what I want to do. I photograph demonstrations whenever I can. I volunteer at dog shelters as well. But I'd have to say my biggest contributions happen when I talk to people one-on-one. For example, in a matter of one month about 6 different people became either vegetarian or vegan after speaking with me about all the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet. Which I'd say is a pretty big win. Most people are actually very interested in what it’s like to be vegan. When I tell others that I’m vegan I get inundated with questions about it. I totally love when this happens because then I have their full attention. It's a perfect opportunity to open them up to the world of veganism. It also reinforces my faith that others are interested in living more peacefully, too, but just don't know where to start. I also started "Power To the Peaceful" with my sister, which is a site that focuses on how to live a more peaceful lifestyle in terms of physical and mental health, environmental responsibility, cruelty-free, natural diets, charity, spirituality and all around positivity in everything that we do in our day to day lives. There is no greater feeling than to know that I opened someone's mind to other possibilities in life. ~ I believe that our reality is whatever we make it to be. We made it into what it is today, and we can change into to whatever we want it to be tomorrow. But no change can occur without action. Activism is what makes the world go round. It’s what makes change. There is no time to wait for someone else to step up to the plate and hope that they will do the job instead. If we want something to change, it’s up to us. As we have seen in the past, it is fatal to sit back and keep silent. The best part is that you don't need to wait a single moment to start making the change you want to see. Whether you are speaking to an audience of 1 or 1,000, your voice can make all the difference. The voiceless desperately need our help and it’s up to those of us who believe that the only world should be one of equality – we need to scream our message from the rooftops.”

Victoria, Australia - Tim Oseckas - "I live in the state of Victoria in Australia, about 1 hour's drive from Melbourne. I volunteer with Animal Liberation Victoria  I also work as part of their Open Rescue Team - Recommended website: Gentle World – “I've been a vegan for around 10 years now. My activism includes volunteering with Animal Liberation Victoria promoting the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge, vegan and animal rights outreach at stalls and demonstrations, and rescuing abused, neglected, abandoned, sick, and dying animals whilst filming their situations and living conditions as part of ALV's Open Rescue Team. I have also volunteered with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on ship tours and outreach stalls. I'm vegan because it's the most compassionate, kind, just, peaceful, respectful, non-injurious, considerate way of living I know. I'm an activist because I believe nobody should suffer and die for taste, fashion, pleasure, science, entertainment. Animals are not property and I work to liberate them from human exploitation and slavery so that they can live the lives they choose free of human interference, cruelty, suffering, torture, and violent deaths. I think one of the best ways to educate people about vegan living is to introduce them to the lifestyle with information and films about vegan living and the reasons people are vegan, and get them to try vegan living either in a community or as part of a 30 day challenge with support and mentoring if needed. And if possible let them see liberated animals living peacefully at sanctuaries.”

Ethiopia - Mesfin Hailemariam – Facebook Page: Vegan Ethiopia - Recommended websites: The Vegan Truth blog and - Age 27 - Vegan since: 2008 – “I volunteer for vegan/animal rights, environmental activism. ~ “I like living by the values I strongly believe in. I am not saying I am always capable of involving in what I strongly believe in, but veganism is not just a belief to me, but a moral obligation that brings 'peace of mind' when fulfilled. We’re not legally required to live in that way for now, but by thinking deeply and opening ourselves to the necessary information, we’ll feel that we’re obliged to go vegan. Once this feeling comes, the worst feeling is to be non-vegan. Don’t take compromises as it makes you weaker. I’m here living in one of the most oblivious and indifferent societies in the world towards veganism and animal rights. Never tasted mock meats, fish, eggs, chocolates. I only tasted soy milk and tofu once or twice after going vegan, and have never met more than 10 committed vegans in my life, but I am still very much thriving as a vegan. Switching to vegan life after I learned about it was as easy as a click to me, and nothing can switch me back to non-vegan life. ~ I stay knowledgeable and well prepared with vegan FAQs. I am a frequent visitor and follower of websites like Gary Francione’s, Butterflies’ blog among others. I even have these whole websites downloaded for offline browsing using website coppier software. I am also well equipped with plenty of vegan videos, books, brochures, leaflets, etc. that I was provided by friends from abroad. I am one of the leading few involved to promote the vegan (abolitionist) lifestyle and to advance the cause for animals in my country. I have co-founded Vegan Association Ethiopia and am now the founder/director of a small advocacy group called Vegan Action Ethiopia. My mission is to educate - based on creative, tangible, logical, moral, and scientific facts - as many of the oblivious and usually indifferent Ethiopian and African community to adopt the vegan diet, by presenting its versatile advantages to all members of the society; human animals and non-human animals. ~ With only a handful of committed vegans in the country, I together with a few of my vegan colleagues, am trying as much as possible to spread the word of veganism in Ethiopia with our main activities. And it is of course difficult at this level to work everything out by ourselves. We welcome anyone who would like to support us with resources like leaflets, brochures, books, booklets, etc. (English), and maybe sponsoring our leading members for experience sharing chances and events abroad. Almost all members of our Ethiopian society understand or know nothing about veganism." Mesfin's personal Facebook page

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Vegan Smythe - Recommended website: - “I write comedy and satirical songs about all issues pertaining to veganism and animal rights. In just over a year, I've had over 100,000 views on my YouTube channel. The aim of my work is twofold: to educate and enlighten non-vegans and perhaps be their "aha moment" and also to provide support, focus and light relief for fellow vegans. Being involved in animal rights can be a lonely, thankless and depressing business. ~ I believe every person is a potential vegan underneath their hardened shell of societal beliefs built up over a lifetime. It’s our job as activists to find and exploit the cracks that are opening in each person's shell. I think every person can be triggered into choosing a cruelty-free life – it’s just a matter of finding the right spark for each individual.” Brenton (aka "Vegan Smythe")

Turkey/Netherlands - Ilke Canaslan - "I am Turkish. I lived in Istanbul for the most part. Currently I live in the Netherlands. I am 17 years old. I have been vegan for more than a year now. In my international school I have created an animal protection group (PAWS) where we educate people about animal rights (entertainment, fashion, food, testing, etc.). We help a farm sanctuary (Stichting Melief) and collected more than a 1000 Euros for them. In addition to this I bake and cook vegan foods and sell them to collect more proceeds for the farm sanctuary. We also help stray animals in Turkey and animals that are still in radiation zone in Japan. I have also been a part of protests in Istanbul where we promoted veganism. I use my Facebook page to promote animal rights. I am the second one from the right in the picture. “Remember Oneness - we are all connected in this world and the sorrow of one is the sorrow of the others.”

Philippines/Kuwait - "VeganMusa" - - AnimalRights Advocacy Philippines (ARAP)  - Vegan and Pre-veganCommunity Facebook - "I am a vegan Filipina residing in Kuwait. I am almost raw vegan, semi-freegan, and I'm an abolitionist vegan. It's the only way to sustain the earth and all its inhabitants, especially to show compassion to nonhuman animals. I have been volunteering for PAWS-Kuwait whenever I could and kept on spreading the love for nonhuman animals; fostering and adopting, feeding and providing outdoor shelters for our feral nonhuman friends, helping injured strays, defending them against oppression and abuse, etc. ~ As a vegan, I've been leafleting, sharing vegan recipes to colleagues and neighbors, recycling bus tickets into vegan flyers, calling and emailing local companies to provide vegan options in their products, etc. Once a vegan is always a vegan; one does everything in their capacity to educate the public about veganism, even if it appears like a one-person campaign for me in Kuwait. And by vegan I do not simply mean being on a plant-based diet. I believe all humans are vegan by heart, all they need is to realise this potential and help others become aware of it, too ~ I am humbled by the vegan movement. It is all encompassing. The vegan movement encompasses all of the world's ills, fueling the pace of the world's important crusades, from animal rights, human rights, to environmental rights. It's a ‘one-hits-all’ cause. It means one is refusing to participate in a speciesist world; it is a significant move to cause lesser harm towards other beings, whether they are plants, nonhuman animals or humans; it spells conscious living. The animals deserve to live their own lives free from manipulation. Veganism is a journey; a promising, empowering, beautiful journey unfolding before our eyes. It's a walk-the-talk advocacy. ~ I have a simple message to my fellow vegans: Thank you; for your unconditional love for nonhuman animals and doing whatever you can for the cause. I have a simple message to the world. Go vegan, be vegan, stay vegan. It's easy. It's worth it.”

India - Monika Siriyawebsite - Recommended website: – “Apart from vegan activism through Facebook (by starting 2 vegan groups, 1 for Mumbai and 1 for India), I host regular potlucks, conduct free talks on veganism in various organisations like Rotary Clubs, etc., and  am starting my own company of vegan t-shirts. ~ I am vegan because it is the right thing to do. I'd say go vegan for animals, environment, health, and people. To educate others on vegan living, I think we should try to work with our governments to change what is taught in schools about animals, because we are laying the wrong foundation and that is why everyone thinks that animals are meant for human use.”

Portugal - "My name (on facebook) is Rita Vlinder; my full name is Rita Cunha MoreiraMy facebook page and my Vegan Association page - "Months ago I had the initiative to create the 1st Vegan Association in Portugal... But I haven't registered it yet and we are creating a website, just a Facebook page AV - Associação Vegan - We are building a structure, joining people that are interested and mostly moving efforts to make this real! ~ I sent this picture as it was in front of a circus that was using animals, so we were demanding justice and the termination of this exploitation. The messages say: left: "Condemned" and "Boycott circus with animals" and right: "Enough of suffering in the name of entertainment". I went vegan 6 years ago when I was in the U.S. I have to admit that it became a bit hard to be a vegan when I came back to Portugal, especially because everyone was against me; nobody knew what veganism meant and even the supermarkets had really few choices. Well, if we think about it, there's always fruit and vegetables everywhere, but I was a bit inexperienced at that time, and so used to eating vegan in the U.S. easily, and I didn't know how to cook that well. Now the supermarkets and little shops have more and more choices. It became much easier to be vegan, and nowadays I actually love to cook and everybody loves the food I prepare, even those who firstly attacked me for going vegan. I guess arguments sometimes don't take you where you want; sometimes we do it better with great food!! I said it was a bit hard but my values and motivations kept me going forward. ~ I am an animals' rights activist, very determined and passionate. I go to vigils, to marches, reunions, lectures and everything that involves animals, even if it's about the cats on the street that don't have a place to stay, even if it's trying to change the Portuguese law in what concerns the legal status of the animals, which unfortunately it still considers animals as objects. We're trying to change that. I also fight against the bull fights that still go on here in Portugal, which embarrasses me for being Portuguese. And mostly, I keep sharing my views to everybody I know, to make people more aware of what it means to exploit animals, the impact on the world, the unnecessary suffering animals have to go through, the social repercussions and even the health benefits of eating vegan; even if that's not my motive to be a vegan. I went vegan for the animals and that's my main focus when I speak of veganism; to me we have to end this slavery, this abomination of eating another being, another self that has feelings just like us. I think animals have an emotional intelligence far more superior than ours and we have much to learn from our fellow beings. ~ It all comes down to choices! If someone says they're against animal abuse and still eats them, they're contradicting themselves. In this field there's really just two options: To reduce animal suffering and become vegan or, on the other hand, to participate in that suffering and continue to exploit animals in many ways, whether it's for nutrition, clothing, products tested on animals, entertainment, and so on. Don't tell me that it is "normal" because that is just a cultural pattern, and those are not static. We can evolve to enlarge our circle of compassion to include all fellow beings, all earthlings. That is a choice that depends on you, the consumer; a choice that you can make right now, today, changing consciousness and being an example."

Goran with Ronin
Croatia - Goran Petretic – “I am a new "fresh" vegan. I am new to this and I have to learn more about veganism and I will. In the start I felt strange because my family and some of my friends kept telling me this is wrong, you have to eat meat, eggs and other or you will be weak, your blood type is b+, you can’t live without meat, etc. They are all wrong. In Croatia the people eat a lot of meat, in my family every day they eat meat, and I am trying to stop this but I end up in arguing with them, but one day it will change. What pushed me to go vegan is this: one day I went with my girlfriend and her dad to a village near Zagreb (capitol city of Croatia), and we went to friend of her father, and that friend of his is an owner of a big slaughterhouse, and we went there. I felt so bad for being there, the screams of those poor animals. That owner wanted to give us meat of those poor animals; I refused. The people who work there, I noticed, all have what I call dead look in their eyes, their eyes look like the eyes of cold blooded killers, and they are. That owner said to us that on the Christmas, New Year, Easter...thousands of animals get killed on that days, he said that there are a miles of trucks with animals waiting to get killed, that they "work" 24/7 in that period. It is very sad and disgusting. And when we went home, one last thing made me more sad; when I looked through the window of the car, in the trucks I saw cows looking at me - in fear - that was their last hour of life, those eyes made me change my life. That day I felt that I have to change something and I did. I would like to connect to vegan community, and to help all sorts of animals.”

Geneva, Switzerland - Virginie Gerber - "Website: (in French) - I speak French and English. I have a website but it is not launched yet and I am writing a practical guide for vegan; people will be able to buy it on my website or in the Apple store. I have been vegan for a year now. I started being vegetarian and one month after that, was vegan. I am writing a book that will be a practical guide for vegan - both in English and in French, I am giving cuisine courses and taking some sometimes. I have a toy poodle and soon a second one who eat vegan too.  ~ I think Veganism is a lifestyle of Love and Respect; Love and Respect of the animals, the planet, the humans, and yourself. I often think about God when it comes to converting people to veganism: God lets us choose our decisions. We should do the same with others, although we can educate them with Love and Respect."

Ireland - Sandra and – Recommend Website: - Sandra Higgins is Director of The Compassion Foundation of Ireland, a psychology practice that offers vegan eco-psychological intervention to alleviate the interconnected suffering that plagues human and non-human beings due to our disconnection from other forms of life that deserve our moral consideration. She is also Director of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary which is home to over 100 rescued farmed animals, and which serves as the inspiration for her animal rights activism which is conducted at Matilda’s Promise, Animal Rights and Vegan Education Centre. Matilda’s Promise offers a free online vegan mentoring service and gives lectures on veganism and animal rights at venues throughout Ireland. Matilda’s Promise also produces reports and films on issues pertaining to the lives of non-human animals. Sandra Higgins produced the film ‘You Haven’t Lived Until You've Hugged aTurkey’ in 2012 as a form of non-graphic, positive activism to awaken people to the sentience and moral equivalence of non-human animals. ~ The International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment to Animal Rights Violations was recently founded as part of vegan activism with the purpose of bringing the issue of non-human rights to platform of the rights violations of humans with which they are entangled. We have become so adjusted to the exploitation of non-human animals that we are blind to the greatest social justice issue of our time. To be vegan is to be creatively maladjusted to the suffering they endure by being forced into slavery for human taste, tradition, and profit. To be vegan is to be creatively maladjusted to a violent world. To be vegan is to be creatively maladjusted to the interconnected problems of world hunger, and the destruction of the limited capacity of the earth to sustain us all, human and non-human. The salvation of the world lies in vegan maladjustment.Vegan education is, therefore, the greatest act of compassion and justice we can extend to our non-human animal colleagues in life. That education must equally be delivered non-violently, justly, and with compassion so that everyone learns to live every day of their life so that the individuals of all the species of beings who are impacted by us, are enriched by how we feel, think and act rather than used, exploited or harmed by us.”

Israel - Sivan Meiri - "I have a vegan food blog in Hebrew, and also a new English version of my blog: - I'm a 29 year old vegan. I’m also a cook and a communication specialist. “I'm a vegan for over a year now and spend most of my free time in educating new vegans regarding vegan cooking, and also educating non-vegans on how easy and healthy a vegan diet can be. As vegans we know how every creature is special and different, and I believe we should address non-vegans with that fact in mind. There's a way to everyone’s hearts, get to know the person you're addressing, make sure you're talking to the right aspect of their way of thinking. It's the only way to animal liberation."

Mexican living in Montpellier, France - Mariel Orozco – Blogs: - – “I talk about veganism whenever there is an opportunity. I carry pamphlets with me, like the one from the abolitionist approach, or if I have to take a plane, I carry pamphlets about airlines that transport animals to laboratories, and give them away when possible. Facebook has been a major tool in helping spread the truth. I try to be present in other social media. Recently I have been taking part in the independent collective 'Food Not Bombs', where we collect food from bio-stores and markets, where otherwise they would have been thrown away. Then we prepare vegan food for everyone to enjoy, especially the ones that live on the streets. ~ Some favorite quotes: "Once you decide that you regard victimizing vulnerable nonhumans as not morally acceptable, it is easy to go and stay vegan." ― Gary L. Francione - "Violent action creates more violence. That's why compassion is the only way to reduce violence. And compassion is not something soft. It takes a lot of courage." - Thich Nhat Hanh ~  My message to everyone:  Remember that there is good in the world and that people are changing. It's in our hands (and in our minds) to make this world a better place, we have a choice. Deliver the truth with compassion. And please, adopt someone whenever you can!”

Brazil - Renata Octaviani Martins -  ~ "I understand activism as practicing my beliefs, so I own a vegan business. I create and share vegan recipes and I've been teaching vegan cooking as much as I can, for free, mainly. As a former attorney, sometimes I write about vegan philosophy too - on my own website, on Facebook, some NGOs pages, etc. - I've been a vegetarian since 2003 and a vegan since 2008. ~ I believe in mankind and I think that a vegan has to be profoundly humanist. There's no way this world is going to change but with the intervention of people. So I really believe in solidarity, inner change, capacity to recognize suffering in other beings and fight against it, inventiveness and also vegan entrepreneurship. As a vegan, I believe that mankind has more capacity than it actually shows."

Lincoln in the East Midlands of the U.K.  "Our names are Ruth and Marcus Dredge and we run Vegan Outreach Lincoln and East Midlands; a vegan educational organisation. We also have the first and only vegan environmental radio show in the U.K.; that goes out on community radio in Lincoln, is streamed worldwide and can be downloaded as a podcast. We are involved in many local groups from the University of Lincoln Vegetarian and Vegan Society to Transition Lincoln; an environmental group looking at how we can transition to a low carbon future. We believe it is important to get involved with as many people as possible and spread the vegan word. We do free food giveaways, help organise free vegan fairs and festivals. We believe that vegan education is the answer as when people go vegan they not only stop consuming animals, but they stop using them, so no circuses, animal testing, fur or leather wearing, etc. Our website is; there you can find interesting articles written by us as well as The SpeciesBarrier radio showOther recommended site:  Matilda's Promise

Romanian born Canadian resident - Manuela Arhire - "I was born and raised until 24 in Romania and now living in Ontario, Canada. I'm a global vegan activist. Website  – "My activism includes my blog, Facebook, and beyond. ~ "The ongoing millennial, social, political, cultural, traditional programming plus the drug like heavy emotional, mental, physical addiction to animal based foods and constant media/social/familial pressure - makes it hard to awaken and acknowledge the animal holocaust... until one has a spiritual awakening OR a sudden, major health issue...then they start to pay attention. Meanwhile, the weight and pressure is on our shoulders, the awakened ones, to use all of our passion and energies to educate others in every possible creative way while we also must find a way (as impossible as it may seem) to keep sane without crushing and burning, for we are needed long term." ~ "Everything is Interconnected. Everything is energy. ALL beings are infinite expressions of the same Creative Source. If ONE suffers, ALL suffer. If I help other beings to heal and be happy and be free, then, by RESONANCE, I too heal, am happy and free. The MORE I help other beings to heal and be free, the faster I heal and the sooner I'm free. GENUINE JOY and peace cannot be experienced if one is surrounded by SUFFERING from those around. Both PAIN and JOY are energy. Energy knows no boundaries. It travels through time, space, walls, minds and hearts."

Queensland, Australia - Simone Lea – Website: (A vegan organization trying to stop the killing of pigs and greyhounds at University of Queensland to teach vet science.) Recommended site: www.endcruelty.comVegan educators. ~ “University of Queensland are persisting with using an inhumane and outdated curriculum to teach vet science. Why kill to teach medicine? Human medical students do not kill patients to learn medicine; neither should vet students. It's time this barbaric procedure ended and that animals are equal value to humans.”  ~ Favorite quotes: "The Animal Rights Movement is the greatest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery." Michael Kirby ~ "If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we?" Edgar's Mission

Prague, Czech Republic - Barbora Hunčovská - Website in English - Recommended website: – She started activism at 14 years (2005) with blogging, writing, and translating articles. In 2006 she met other active people and they together started screening documentaries and footage from farms, labs and slaughterhouses on cultural events (summer festivals, concerts) and on the street. They created Otevři oči - Open Your Eyes project. In 2007 they organised an international animal rights film festival in Prague. Since then, Bara has been running Otevři oči with other people and they organise a wide range of actions and activities. They also try to provide support to the movement and to everyone who wants to change something. ~ She studies history and history of wars and currently researches the use of horses and other animals in First World War. She believes in nonviolence and believes that love and acceptance is probably the only thing that can ever change this world for the better. Her biggest joy is her cat (such a big boy!), her rescue hamster, and all the lovely pigeons and bugs and living beings on the street. ~ "We need a change in people's minds and hearts. That won't go without understanding and unconditioned love.~ Love your life and love the lives of others. Do not let someone die for you. Do not let butchers kill for you. It's all about what your values deep inside truly are. Mine are clear - I'm vegan."

Sunshine Coast, Australia - Heidi Wood -  Sunshine Coast Vegans on Facebook - Our meetup group - "My favourite vegan website - About a year ago I was motivated to start a Vegan Meetup group in my local area, as I was wanted to concentrate my efforts on Vegan Education and spread the message to as many people as possible. At my first meetup I expected about 5 people so advertised that there would be a free vegan meal. 20 people RSVP’d so I was very busy cooking for them! I was delighted, and the group Sunshine Coast Vegans has continued to grow to several hundred members. We are a very active group with one or two meetups a month. The focus of the group has always been Vegan Education, and so we have been holding very successful movie screenings including “Peaceable Kingdom” that are having a real impact and helping people turn vegan in our local community. We have also hosted an environmental presentation by the head of the World Preservation Foundation and a cooking class, as well as social lunches, picnics, etc. In the future we hope to have a vegan education stall at the Sunshine Coast World Environment day festival and hand out delicious vegan food."

Chile - Alejandro Ayala Polanco – Websites: Homovegetus  - Vegan Seeds  - Alejandro Ayala Polanco is an independent creator and animal rights activist from Chile. 2002 Creator of Homovegetus has proposed a transformation approach of awareness in the boarding and understanding of veganism. He is narrator of the Spanish versionof the documentary "A Life Connected"  He is also creator of the Fonda Vegana del Huaso Vegetariano, in 2006, promoting a new way of thinking national holidays in Chile. He has offered several animal rights conferences throughout the country for 10 years, including schools, faculties, community centers and congress, etc. His permanent goals are to contribute to the understanding and experience of veganism by persons not connected with the movement, and inspire new approaches and perspectives of activism. Vegan Seeds is the latest initiative, within which we can conceive the series of The Timid Ape as well as a growing family of characters and adventures of animal rights. ~ There are no obstacles, just opportunities... always a pioneer, what seems impossible today tomorrow will be real.”

India - Manisha Hariharan - "I am from India and I am based out of a small town called Wardha; which is popular for its history with Mahatma Gandhi. Wardha is in the Vidharba region and I am the only vegan here. I am also Director of People for Animals, Wardha (founded by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi) Recommended website: - I am a corporate trainer, vegan image consultant, businesswoman, writer and a vegan activist. I have a column on Active Citizenship in local English daily and will be having a vegan column in a regional newspaper soon. I maintain a blog titled 'The Heart of the Matter' on the main PFA website I am also associated with SHARAN India which is a sanctuary for health and re-connection to animals and nature. I have organized health and wellness workshops (vegan diet) on their behalf and continue to do so. I also give talks on a vegan lifestyle in schools and colleges. I am working on various vegan products and services. ~ My philosophy: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi ~My message to the world - “Do...Don't Dwell. Set an example. Don't TELL them how to be vegan...SHOW them how to be vegan. It is a decision to commit to a lifetime of learning. Veganism is not about right or wrong. It's about being fair. It's about stopping to think about the choices you make and changing your choices one step at a time.”

Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. - Eriyah Flynn – Websites: - Coalition for Planetary Heath and Peace  and 300 Vegans for Independence `  Eriyah Flynn is a USAF veteran, with a career in business administration, technical project management and also served on the Alternative Energy and Climate Change Task Force for the state of Ohio Attorney General’s Office. She has been vegan nearly 13 years and has begun to organize an abolitionist vegan advocacy organization called 'The Coalition for Planetary Health and Peace' whose objective is to connect global societies to consistent vegan messaging and advocacy. Some of her projects include: public speaking and film screening with The Vegan Connection, community organizing and outreach with the 300 Vegans for Independence campaign, lead organizer for the Columbus Vegan Meet-up, blogging as The Ardent Vegan Advocate, and she is presently developing several other campaigns and projects intended to alert, educate, inspire and engage others towards a rapid vegan shift. Her primary areas of interest and education include environmental issues, human nutrition, social justice for human and non-human animals, renewable energy, sustainable living, veganic “stock free” farming, vegan consulting, and photography. She works with the leaders of other organizations because it engages the people who already care about similar issues. She gives them a platform to talk about their cause while discussing the symbiotic goals. She believes it is the way to rapidly influence and change the world. ~ "The quote that defines me, is on my blog; 'If not you, who? If not now, when?’ Hillel. ~ Take action; clear, unequivocal unapologetic eco-centric vegan action. Love  life, live vegan!” Vegan Twins/Eriyah and Angie

Southwestern Ontario, Canada - Michael Kuijpers - Website: (Facebook page of club) - Recommended website: - “I am an abolitionist vegan advocate and fundraiser for Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. In 2011, I started a student group at King’s College called the King’s Animal Rights Club to advocate for the rights of nonhuman animals. As president of the club, I have organized and hosted events involving high profile speakers in the vegan movement, such as Will Tuttle and Melanie Joy. I am also an organizer for Vegan Activists of London. ~ ‘Animal rights is a social justice movement and if other justice advocates and movements embraced veganism, they would not only become more authentic, but also enormously more effective by helping empower others to create a more peaceful and just world for everyone. ~  If you care about animals, please consider aligning your actions with your values by rejecting the violence we cause others. Being vegan is a great joy. And it’s not the most we can do; it’s the least. ~ With regards to education, I would encourage others to focus on why all animal use is morally problematic and to teach people about the nonviolent, nondiscriminatory ethical stance of veganism. My favourite form of education is vegan food outreach and hosting speakers!"

Costa Rica - Ricardo Hernández, 18 years old - Website: and Generando Conciencia Facebook which means "Raising Awareness" - Recommend website: VeganRabbit - "Well I decided to go vegan over a year ago, and it's been amazing. I was the kind of guy that used to eat big macs with just bread, meat and cheese. The person who inspired me to become a vegetarian was Brandy Kuentzel, she won the 10th season of NBC'S "The Apprentice" reality show. We became friends on facebook. She has been vegetarian for over 10 years and is very involved in animal advocacy, so we talked and she inspired me to do it. I lasted just 2 weeks as a vegetarian, then I saw Gary Yourofsky's video and that sealed the deal for me. I became a vegan overnight, not "step-by-step" or taking it slowly, I simply had to do it. Since then my health has improved a lot and I've been more involved in animal rescue and advocacy. Going vegan is the best thing that has happened to me ever. I'll be forever grateful for the people that have instructed me on this amazing journey; there are no regrets, every day I realize it's extremely easy to go vegan, it's not a big deal. I always try to educate people in a positive way, not be perceived as the "preachy" vegan. I always like to respect people and treat everyone as competent. Most of the times they respond positively and with an open mind. I'm the only vegan in my family, but my family is very supportive, when they go to the supermarket to buy groceries and foods, they always buy me vegan food. ~ By simply going vegan you can save the animals, your health, your body, the planet - and you can still enjoy delicious yummy and healthy food; there is no sacrifice in going vegan. You can only benefit yourself from it. My recommendations is to get very well informed, because people tend to question you when you go vegan. So it's important to always have a professional and science-based answer to be solid on your veganism; so know everything you can about animal advocacy, health..every aspect of veganism is important. Be always respectful, don't be preachy even if someone eats a steak at your table with you. If people see you're not preachy, you're respectful and you treat them as competent when you address them with vegan-related topics, they will most likely have an open and respectful response.”

British Columbia, Canada - Sunya Marcano - has been involved with animal rights for 9 years and now a Vegan Activist. In 2011- she began to realize that everything we do has a consequence and this includes dairy and egg consumption, thanks to the help of the dedicated work of vegans on social networking. ~ “I now live in line with my deepest values. I am Vegan. Animals are not ours to exploit; this is our new Peaceful Beginning which can save animals, our planet, and ourselves.” Personal Vegan Facebook Page: Stop Animal Suffering 
Sweden - Johan Agstam - "My blog - Recommend website: - My activism is pretty much done via facebook, through work in groups and my own wall and that of friends where I share my thoughts, give advice, and educate through interesting links, video, research and so-on. I take a balanced approach as to health, environmentalism, humanism and ethics, while of course keeping the ethics as the core of what veganism is. ~ Veganism for me, as well as the way I do my activism, is just a manifestation of every core value you could ever imagine. Conservative, liberal, environmentalist, wise, kind, responsible, the list just goes on and on, and at the end of every road taken from those starting points you will find veganism.”

Colorado, USA - Corey Lee Wrenn - Website: The Academic Abolitionist Vegan - I went vegan on my first day of college at Virginia Tech in 2001. I joined up with the student Nonhuman Animal rights group and attended some protests and video screenings. The student group eventually fizzled, but when I began graduate school at Virginia Tech, I decided to resurrect the group and soon found myself spending 20+ hours a week organizing events. When I started my doctoral program at Colorado State University, I carried over that student activism and launched another Nonhuman Animal rights student group. After that, I began working with abolitionist grassroots groups online and writing for The Examiner, One Green Planet, the Animals and Society Institute, and my blog; The Academic Abolitionist Vegan. At this time, Nonhuman Animal rights theory has become central to my research. I have published several academic articles regarding the Nonhuman Animal rights movement and my dissertation research concerns this topic as well. I currently teach Sociology with Colorado State University and Social Psychology with Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Both disciplines deal with culture, social norms, social inequality, and oppression, which are especially well-suited for anti-speciesism lesson plans. ~ My philosophy on spreading vegan awareness regards education as key. We need to embrace critical thinking, challenge that which we take for granted, and engage the dialogue. Being silent on social justice gets us nowhere, neither will ignorance.” 
Achim collecting a dead hen from a rescue
operation to show her to pedestrians

Germany - Achim Stößer (Stoesser) - Website: - Recommend website: - "When I became vegan in 1992 it was not as easy as today. Not only because it was nearly impossible to buy vegan alternatives for corpses, ovulation products or glandular secretions - which are now available in nearly every supermarket, but mainly because of the lack of information. There were no websites dealing with the subject or media reports bringing light to the reasons for becoming vegan. So it was pretty difficult to even find out what happens to male chickens and hens, calves and cows in egg and dairy industry, not to mention that the terms animal rights or antispeciesism were far out of sight. Hardly anyone even knew the word vegan. It took three years till I met the first other one. Now, two decades later, this information is omnipresent not only in the internet but also in other media. But there is lot of nonsense around, nonsense that is used (deliberately or accidentally  to cover up the true reasons for veganism: ethics leading to animal rights and antispeciesism. But everybody is babbling about veganism (often confused with veganfoodism as if veganism were a diet) for health (one's own, not that of the other animals) or for the environment. It is like not raping kids in child brothels to omit STD's or not bombing cities with nuclear weapons because of the radioactive fallout. To educate people about real veganism - an animal rights organisation different from all those whose main goals were fund-raising and welfarist reforms - was absolutely essential - so I founded "Maqi - for Animal Rights, Against Speciesism" in 1998. Education is done by articles on several websites pertaining to different aspects of animal rights, photo documentation of the speciesist reality, animal liberation (i.e. rescuing individuals from imprisonment) or taking dead bodies from trash bins of fattening facilities or egg production and presenting them to passer-bys in pedestrian zones to show them what they are wreaking by not living vegan. ~ Anti-speciesism, animal rights, abolitionism are essential aspects. So it is necessary to keep in mind that veganism is a matter of ethics, not a diet, and act accordingly: anything but veganism is murder. There is no use in politely asking murderers to reduce murder one day a week - you have to demand to end all murder."

Indore, India - Manish Kumar Jain  - Website- Indian Vegan - Website Recommendation: - Manish says: “I have been promoting veganism via my website, social networking sites, leafleting, poster exhibition and public speaking in group. ~ Take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you.” 
Manish/ Indian Vegans on Facebook
Libertyville, Illinois, U.S. - John Jungenberg - Website:  “I have been vegan for a little over 3 years now. I have been involved with activism for about 2 and a half  years. I recently co-founded an animal rights group called FAST, or Five Activists Standing Together. We are a group that travels to different cities via bicycle to hand out animal rights leaflets. I co-founded this group because it involves two of my favorite things; biking and animal activism. It is also a great way to connect the biking community and the animal rights community.

South Africa - Toni Brockhoven - – Recommended site: has been active with Beauty Without Cruelty full time since 2009. She authored a cookbook for BWC, called Living without Cruelty, especially for the South African market. She initiated and still organises the annual Cape Town Veg Pride Parade, the first in Africa, which got coverage on Supreme Master TV, an international station. She also started a national Vegan Week restaurant participation 4 years ago, where venues around the country are asked to offer either a discount or added value to a vegan main course, which is promoted as a Beauty without Cruelty initiative. "It was my 8th veganniversary on the 24 May 2013. Nothing tastes as good as compassion feels. Until we look at ourselves and recognize cruelty for what it is, regardless of the victim, we can't expect peace among humans when we take pleasure in killing any living being. We glorify killing, we celebrate the death of humans we find repugnant, we hunt, fish, cage, mutilate and look the other way while some are paid to kill on our behalf, murder by proxy. We are so used to violent living that it seems normal. Yet we shy away from seeing what we have chosen to inflict. We are cowards, school yard bullies, shallow and self-centered. Yet it doesn't have to be that way. We can make positive changes right now that will ease our heart and ensure we are removed from the violence. We can have peace, but only when we are peace. Greed is defined thus -'Intense and selfish desire for something' - and as we do not need to consume others, and we have a choice, it is therefore greed. Especially when our demand for something we do costs the planet, literally takes grain from the starving humans of the world and takes the lives of animals who suffer through their life at our mercy and are then killed in the most ghastly ways. There is nothing that justifies the suffering we cause through our obsession with the consumption of others, and no argument that cannot be shredded with logic. There is no one way to advocate for vegan living. For some it is sharing either gentle or horrific dvd's like Earthlings, for others it is leafleting, casual conversation, food-based outreach, potlucks where the vegan curious are made welcome, or all of the above when appropriate. One can focus on eco-friendly living, personal health, humanitarian reasons, or animal compassion as a basis for encouraging vegan living. It is always best to do what feels right to the advocate, as a natural passion, tempered with gentle professionalism is, I believe, the best way. There are so many excellent quotes, but if I must choose, then Bradley Millar’s covers it 'Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.'"

Panama - Bruce Motta – Web page:  - Recommended site: Changing the definition of murder to include animals ~ “I'm 100% vegan. I refuse to participate In the torture, confinement, slaughter and exploitation of vulnerable animals. I want an end to the systematic barbaric confinement and murder of defenseless animals. I want to see all animal experiments outlawed. I want all abattoirs closed down forever. I want to be alive when the animals are finally freed from being tortured, confined and eaten. I want the world's farmers to concentrate on growing sustainable, healthy, non GMO crops. I want this living nightmare to END for the animals. Please live vegan."

Sydney, Australia - Kathy Divine - Websites:,
Recommended website: – “The main focus of my life is to share the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle with others. I started with a blog by interviewing cool vegans from around the planet. The aim was to showcase shining examples of vegans from all walks of life in order to inspire others to follow suit. Following the success of the website, I started to write and compile vegan lifestyle books. The books aim to target different audiences, and all address the benefits of being vegan. Forever 21 and Vegans Are Cool were published in 2011. In 2013, I will publish my latest book called Plant-Powered Men. This book is specifically for men and aims to help them transition confidently and successfully to the vegan lifestyle. ~ My approach to vegan education is to make it fun, attractive and informative. With a friendly approach and the correct information, people will be open to discovering the wonders of living vegan. It's all about having a positive approach.”

Brazil - Fabio Chaves - (and many others) - Fabio Chaves is an internet communicator and infoactivist. In 2007, he started the project ViSta-se (Get Dressed), which is now the largest website about veganism in Brazil. The site features news, recipes, tips and relevant content every day. Also from ViSta-se came the first billboard about veganism in Brazil, placed in 2008. In partnership with a local group of activists, the ViSta-se placed vegan messages in the São Paulo subway art exhibit. After working 10 years in the advertising market and maintaining the project in his spare time, today, Fabio Chaves is dedicated full time to ViSta-se. ~ “Veganism is a political and conscious stance about everything we consume. It's the least we can do for animals, it is our way of saying we do not agree with the exploitation of animals.” - Fabio Chaves; Fundador e Infoativista do projeto ViSta-se

Iran - Mahmoud Khorsand - "I'm a vegan (30 years) and an animal lover. My idea and religion is: LOVE ~PEACE ~ FREEDOM for all creatures all over the word, wish you a glorious life! Eating vegan is very easy for me because I was a raw-veg for 12 years!" Facebook page

Kenya, Mombasa, Coast region Africa - Mansur Rupshi KaraMansur on Facebook  - "I became a Vegan in July 2012 after reading posts on FB. That was my turning point. Since then I have been advocating Veganism through the medium of FB. ~ “Veganism believes in non-violence, cruelty-free food and products, love, peace, harmony, compassion, kindness and humanity. ~ Humans have the power within themselves to make the right choices for the betterment of the animals, the earth, and the humans. All deserve respect and dignity. We are all one. One world, one love. Make this world a better place to live in for all humans and nonhumans. ~ Finally, I would request you to send me posters, fliers, write-ups (specially meant for media and newspapers), brochures, etc., so that I can start my campaign on the streets to bring awareness to the public. You can send them in PDF format so that I can start printing them.”

Hong Kong, China - Angie Palmer - her green and vegan blog - (online portfolio) - "I'm a vegan actress, producer and publicist - who blogs on the go with a cell phone about my veganism journey in Hong Kong and other countries. I write opinion columns for Chinese publications like JiuJik and luxurious lifestyle magazines such as Baccarat Magazine that is distributed in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. I'm also going to be hosting a Cantonese (with English subtitles) vegan lifestyle show in Hong Kong, with a test episode available online some time in July. It would be great if vegans around the world could support the test episode; whether the whole season of 9 other episodes will be filmed or not, depends on the traffic and feedback on the first one. ~ 'Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter' as Martin Luther King Jr. said. Living a vegan lifestyle has caused me some inconveniences and heartbreaks, especially in Asia, but it doesn't mean I should be silent about the fundamental things in life - compassion, peace, and love. I believe those people who have alienated me just because I chose not to consume animal products and animal by-products will understand where I'm coming from one day. I remain hopeful about humanity.” Her sites: - VeganTwins - Eriyah and Angie

India - Chirag S. Jain - Facebook profile - Recommended Website: - "As a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Energy Auditing, my project was based on evaluating carbon footprint of dairy sector in India. In the process of collecting data I had to survey dairy farms of the vicinity area. It was then when I realized about all the cruel practices that are carried out by farmers for higher producivity. In my research I found many things about the GHG emissions released from dairy farms and dairy industry. From my research, some of the important insights are, about 96% of the emissions were taking place on the dairy farm itself, mostly released due to the 'enteric fermentation' taking place in the stomach of the cows while they digest their food. Each kg of milk releases about 1.23 kg of CO2e gases that cause Global Warming. Scaling up this much amount of CO2e for the total milk produced in India makes dairy sector one of biggest threat to the environment and one of the major contributors to the Climate Change on Earth. ~ I was already a vegetarian myself but when I learned about the complete process of how milk is produced, it horrored my conscience deeply and I adopted Veganism. ~ Considering the Indian scenario, milk is believed to be a complete self sufficient food gifted by 'gau mata' or Mother Cow. According to the Hindu culture, it is believed that cow can capture the frequencies of all the God's in universe and so it is said that cow has 33 crore gods and goddesses in her. But how come they forget this and agonize these animals and slaughter them cruelly. People have been following this tradition of consuming dairy products without rationally thinking whether they actually respect their Mother Cow. It is high time to get into the root cause of this problem and begin a transformation. It is necessary to make people aware about the concept of Veganism. Resources should be made available in vernacular languages, so that people can understand them very well and try to adopt the vegan culture in their lives. ~ For me like Donald Watson says, Veganism is not just 'Live and let live' it is actually 'Live and HELP'!"

EgyptNada K. AhmedMy journey with veganism began in 2010 after coming across a series of articles, videos and films about the true face behind the food we eat. The discrepancy of being raised by a mother who loved and held much respect for animals and nature - and a father bringing animals into our house to prepare them for Al-Adha feast slaughter, played a great role in my conversion into a non-meat eater. I'd look those innocent beings in the eye and see there were not 'just animals'. When my dog Frodo passed away I knew how it felt to lose a family member and a best friend; that was when I decided to never be the cause of harm to any other being regardless of species. ~ All of this eventually had me struck by the sudden realization of the purpose behind my existence; it was my duty to defend animals and educate people about what's in their food, with consideration to all different cultural backgrounds. I volunteered for ESMA shelters and used my social media websites and personal blog to promote against speciesism, along with other field activities shared with fellow animal advocates, including a protest against Japan's annual whale and dolphin hunt and captivity program. ~ Non-vegans believe veganism is all about giving up meat, when it's also about being compassionate for all forms of life and considerate about the environment as a whole. Boycotting animal-tested\animal-skin products, boycotting GMOs, non-smoking and recycling are things I've learned about through veganism. I wholeheartedly deem this quote by Anatole France true:  “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened". I'm a dreamer and I will non-stop dreaming and fighting for a global awakening followed by a cruelty-free world.  Facebook site  Blogspot ~ Recommended website: S.P.A.R.E.

México City, MéxicoAntemio Pindter Maya - Recommend websites:,, - Mr. Antemio Pindter Maya is a humanitarian activist who founded Properro (Pro-Dog) a non-profit association, founded in 2003. In 2004, Antemio won the 'National Volunteer Award' from the Mexican Association of Volunteers. It was presented by the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada. With time, his activism has extended to all animals. He has participated with other activist and the Mexican government to develop and implement laws against animal cruelty. He brings awareness towards animal respect and veganism to new generations by going to schools. He teaches children about being humane with the purpose of reducing bullying among the students. He organizes the neutering and spaying of dogs and cats in low income communities by volunteering his time and organizing veterinarians to perform surgeries. Antemio Maya is against all kind of animal abuse, expressing his concern with his example; by living a vegan life.

Sragen, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia - JBayu Kusuma – "I live in a small city called "Sragen" central java. Website: Facebook site - or by my mail: Indonesia Invegis IndonesianVegan Society - “I've educated others about vegan living by sharing a poster, or with stickers, or to many people by facebook, fanpages, and direct approaching. ~ We can have a paradise on this earth if there was no killing, no violence to animals and humans in the world; go vegan or you'll be blamed for Earth’s destruction.”

Bangladesh - Ariful Islam Prodhan - "From 2012, I started veganism. In Bangladesh, we have few member of veganism. It is not well-known to people of our country. To start any activity we need finance, which we have not yet. We created a facebook page and are collecting members: VEGAN SOCIETY BANGLADESH  ~ “I never helped my father kill hens. I like to be a vegan because it does not hurt animals and to live as healthy as possible. I realized that if I was truly concerned with nonviolent consumption and my own health, a vegan diet was the best decision.” facebook

South Australia - Bev Luff –Website : – Other Recommend websites “My love for animals is deeper than my love for humans. I have no answers as to why this is so; I just feel it in my marrow. I feel a connection with animals that is beyond time and space and therefore feel their suffering immensely. This is what motivates me to want to alleviate suffering and fight for their futures and their rights. Over the years I have done this in many different ways but mainly in partnerships with groups like Animal Liberation of which I am an Honorary Life Member. Currently I make two ranges of Vegan Palm Oil Free products which I sell and 100% of sales are given to 18 different organisations which help make the world a better place for animals. One is a non-food range including things like moisturiser, arnica balm, perfume balms, etc. and the other is food range including things like Funky Chocolat and Funky Fudge, Vanilla Bean products and more. I will continue to devote my life to animals until my last breath. ~ Animals do have a voice. If you ignore their suffering, I will remind you of it. If you don't understand them, I will translate.If you don't hear them, I will be their voice. You may silence them, but, you cannot silence me as long as I live.”

Doha, Qatar - Kirstiie Cullen  - - Recommend Website: - "I am based in Qatar, a British expat, soon to be returning to Dubai. Since I became vegan in September 2011 (former vegetarian for 14 years), I find others react more positively when treated with positivity. I try not to judge when talking with someone of whom does not share my thoughts, even though it can be difficult. Whenever and wherever I travel, I write about the food I find that is vegan. I run a vegan foodie blog, which I cram full of recipes, yummy food, and positivity. Through this, I have encouraged/inspired five people to go vegan. ~ "We cannot change the whole world in a heartbeat, but we can plant the seed of knowledge."

West Australia - Nick Pendugras - Websites: - "I think the most important way people can promote veganism is just by “living by example” and showing how easy and healthy veganism can be. I try and do that. Beyond that, I am currently finishing up my PhD on human/non-human relations and the animal advocacy movement, and I try and use this research to promote veganism. For example, I use this research to give lectures on animal rights, to write articles promoting veganism and also for public talks on animal rights. With Animal Rights Advocates I promote veganism through giving talks at and helping to organise our annual vegan festival, promoting veganism on the radio, holding vegan information stalls at universities and public events, and promoting veganism online through the ARA Facebook page and also through our Vegan Perth Facebook page. I also co-host the political podcast Progressive Podcast Australia that promotes veganism and other social justice causes. ~ I believe the number one focus of vegans in the movement should be promoting veganism. Other solutions such as vegetarianism and “humane” animal products run the risk of replacing one form of animal exploitation with another – for example, replacing flesh with dairy products, replacing caged eggs with “free-range” eggs. This means that people simply choose another form of exploitation and death for non-human animals, rather than being a part of the movement to end it. Any benefits from such solutions are limited and can be pursued by non-vegans; we only have a relatively small number of people to promote veganism – the vegetarians or meat-eaters are not going to promote veganism for us! ~ When we promote veganism, I think it is important that we not only explain the reasons why people should become vegan, but also help them out with practical advice on living vegan. This includes health information, information on vegan products, eating out as a vegan, vegan social groups, choosing vegan products beyond food eg household products, clothing, etc. With this practical advice as well as the reasons for becoming vegan, I think we’ll get a lot more people going vegan and staying vegan. 

Bulgarian living in Northern Ireland - Ivelina Borislavova - My website is Mother Nature Loves You and I have a Facebook page with the same name. The name really reflects the way I feel about Nature and everything that drew me into veganism. One of the most inspiring people to me is  Dr. Will Tuttle and his work: The World Peace Diet. I read his book shortly after I went vegan and his research sealed the deal; that veganism is the only way to truly love animals, love nature and care about humans and the environment. ~ My philosophy is very simple - I believe, that we are all born vegan and that we get taught and programmed to eat, use and abuse living creatures and Nature. Food is our most intimate connection with Nature and every time we eat we make a statement regarding life. Animals are here with us, not for us. ~ Going vegan is the simplest and most effective way  to heal the World from pain, suffering, hunger and toxins. I am educating others about the benefits of vegan living using my blog and social media. I am sharing vegan food recipes every day in order to inspire and educate others of how easy it is to go vegan. I am also promoting veganism by providing vegan food at health seminars in Northern Ireland. ~ "Go vegan. Nurture and love start from your kitchen worktop. You nurture the food, that you prepare and you nurture, those that you feed. Love, compassion and cooperation with Nature starts with you." 

Malta - Miriam Sorrell; Animal Activist, Vegan Food Blogger (Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes), Random House author (author of 'Mouthwatering Vegan', published and released June 18th 2013), Natural Health Practitioner, and artist. Creator of the first proper vegan hard-boiled egg and fried egg, all plant-based, as well as a host of incredible vegan recipes. Founder of Facebook pages for The Malta Vegan Society as well as Vegan World Network Malta, Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes, Worldwide Vegans and Vegan Rejuvenation. Became vegan 5 years ago, although spent most of her adult life as a vegetarian. Miriam listened to Gary Yourofsky's speech which cemented her decision to go vegan. ~ "The idea behind my recipes has helped many people to make the transition to veganism, and my idea and plan to convert many people through my gourmet creations is one that is far reaching, and I receive many comments that say as much. I veganize as many worldwide classics as I can, many of which turn out better than the cholesterol laden ones. ~ My love for animals has been huge. I have rescued cats and dogs, I feed strays daily and I have recently met with the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights in Malta regarding the horse and carriage situation, which plagues horses year after year in the summer, so that shelters will be put in place for them - it appears we may be weeks away from this. ~ The question that often arises when veganism emerges is 'What on earth do you eat ?' - I tell them 'You should have asked me what don't we eat', because we can consume so many diverse dishes, and I am stretching the boundaries every day to make it possible for everybody to see that we are just fine leaving animals be. A ‘live and let live’ philosophy is attainable for those who have an open heart, make a connection, and feel they are willing to commit to omitting animal products. I am often that link, and with an ever-expanding food blog with over 56,000 in just 2 years on Facebook alone, and the activism and free recipes available to all – I think we have the answer. ~ Details of my upcoming vegan recipes  

Armenian/Portuguese living between Paris and London - Amanda Papoyans -  Recommended website: - "I mainly focus on online activism, vegan education stalls, leafleting and discussing veganism with anyone and everyone! I would love to start an abolitionist group soon in order to facilitate creative, nonviolent vegan education and promote awareness of animal rights as a social justice issue. ~ Veganism is and must always be the baseline for the animal rights movement. It is out job as advocates to educate ourselves on animal rights theory and use our knowledge to create an intelligent, proactive abolitionist movement that favours dialogue and exchange with others. There are so many potential vegans out there waiting to be approached, let's get active!"

Daniek with rescued orangutan, Ottoh
Indonesia - Daniek Hendarto - Organization Website: - Recommended website: - "I start vegan from 10 years ago and now I work for wild animals protection in Indonesia. My organization is Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP). Main job is combating wildlife trade, including investigation and law enforcement operation, campaign, disaster relief and assisting captive-wildlife management to improve the welfare of their animals. Indonesian rain-forest is now in destruction for palm oil plantation. Many animals died like orangutan, proboscis monkey, birds, sun bear because habitat has been loss. The greatest threat of extinction of wildlife is wildlife trade, habitat destruction, and hunting of wildlife. With our organization we will work against it all. I'm very happy if me and our team succeed in rescuing animals from wild life trade or illegal captivity and than send to the rescue center for treatment and rehabilitation and than release to the wild. I'm a vocalist in a punk band called Miskin Porno Band campaigning about animals, boycott animal show (circus), against animal trade, vegan, and forest campaign. All songs are all about animals, vegan, and nature and forest. I had a dream to dedicate the rest of my life to become an animal rescuer. ~ Vegan doesn't just mean not to eat meat, fish, eggs or drink milk. But for me vegan is my way of life. 10 years ago I started being a vegan because I think life is very beautiful and I realize I can not create it. A vegan person is committed to the environment and appreciate the real lives of other beings. Sorry my English is not good. 


Ariful Islam Manikujjaman Prodhan said...


It is a great work to communicate each other with vegans in world.

Thakn you.

Ariful Islam Prodhan

VeganLoveUnlimited said...

Dear Butterflies,

This project of yours is wonderfully awesome. You are the best in spreading the word (VEGAN).

LOVE from Denver,


Rebecca said...

It is so wonderful and inspiring to see the work of such marvelous souls all over the world! Thank you all for what you do!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so inspiring to see so many active Vegans from around the World! Wonderful blog, thank you :)

Raymond said...

Keep up the good work everyone. This is an enormous battle but the tide will turn - is turning..

Anonymous said...

Great to see an old friend and fellow vegan activist - Jahara Rhiannon - its been a while since our vegan activism days in the Northern Rivers. Ruth

Evolotus PR said...

Thank you for a lovely world tour. Those activists getting groups off the ground may want to check out The Pollination Project ( to see if you quality for a $1000 grant like John at FAST.

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To I feel with you! Look at: but it´s in german.
Thank you for your wonderful support for the earth, for the people, the animals for all! Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post! It's so great to see compassionate people from all over the world, from all walks of life. Thanks for compiling this!

VeganBunny said...

Jordan Wyatt, founder of INVSOC, Invercargill vegan society and Jenny Stone does an amazing job of promoting veganism in Southland, NZ. They have rescued hens, organised potlucks and soy milk give away, attend many fairs/expos as well as running their blog and podcast. (Coexisting with non human animals). I would love to see them on that list if its possible.

M. (known as) "Butterflies" Katz said...

To the last unknown commenter, I would like to have seen that too, but Jordan and Jenny did not respond to my shout-out for participants.

Anonymous said...

Great to see this long list of dedicated vegans.

Unknown said...

What an encouragement. I truly feel like the vegan life is possible for all on earth. This has built me up to read these peoples story and the activism they are doing. I am encouraged to keep doing my part where I am planted.

the lioness said...

Sadly I have to comment that in what concerns Portugal, the information provided is not true. I've been vegetarian living in Portugal for almost 30 years. Not available all over the country at that time, but there is a very well known supermarket called Celeiro that for more than 40 years have provided vegetarian, vegan, and other options. Also, the macrobiotic comunity has a strong impact and 20 years ago in the University Cantinee in Lisbon we were able to have a vegan meal.
More, the 1st Portuguese Vegetarian Society was created almost 100 years ago. In the meantime disapeared, but a new one was founded in 2006 ( with the goal of gather in one Organization vegans, vegetarians, etc.
Not saying that is easy to be a vegan in Portugal,but by far the interviewed person can't say she only "vegan in town"