August 6, 2014

Worldwide VEGAN GiveAway Event


Explain in 400 words or less WHY YOU WILL ALWAYS BE VEGAN
Email by September 15, 2014...(see poster for email)
and BE IN TO WIN one of the following VEGAN gifts:

Bute Island Foods
A great selection of delicious 100% dairy-free Sheese, Creamy Sheese & Vegandeli slicing sausages. A winner receives a selection of any 6 products - choose whatever flavours you would like from our website!

The natural place to shop for ethical products that work! We are giving away a surprise 100% organic vegan skin and body care kit valued over $60. Australian-based with international sales.
Vegan Style
Cruelty-free shoes for both men and women. We are happy to give two $100 gift vouchers, one for Australia and one for New Zealand. We can email the vouchers to the winner with a code that will work both on our online and physical shops.

Vegan Market 
A lucky Australian selection will win a $50 gift certificate to shop at Vegan Market store online.

Beautiful footwear which is always vegan, ethical, eco-friendly; made in Portugal using the finest faux leather and natural materials. Enjoy a £30 gift card to spoil yourself with a pair or 2.
Vegan Essentials is your complete online vegan store for all products including clothing and footwear, home items, snacks and sweets, health and personal care, books, companion animal products, vitamins, beauty, etc. A lucky winner will win a $40 gift certificate.

NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes
We're giving a 40 € gift certificate.

We are happy to  give away any vegan product from our website (winner's choice) (except the gift sets) to a U.K. recipient.

Green Love
Hand-made in Sweden – pure and raw organic ingredients such as fair-trade certified Shea and cocoa butter. They are gifting a winner anywhere in the world with a $25 Euro gift card.

Old Wives Tail Hair Treatment - Based in England, but willing to ship anywhere, Old Wives Tail Hair Treatment is offering their Almond & Cinnamon Oil Organic Hair Mask; a protein enriched mask perfect for dry, broken and brittle hair.  Almond oil and Shea butter is the base. Pure essential cinnamon oil stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation. When massaged onto your scalp this mask will promote and encourage hair growth.

This U.K.- based company offers vegan-certified omega-3 EPA and DHA with Vitashine; a plant-sourced Vitamin D3) in one vegetarian capsule. Opti-3 is showing their support with a
6-12 month supply to a winner.

Moo-Free Chocolates
We're offering a selection of yummy Moo Free Chocolates to a lucky U.K winner. Our chocolate is made using our secret, organic and dairy free recipe; ensuring our quality products taste delicious. Our guaranteed 100% dairy free chocolates are also gluten free and wheat free, and are registered vegan.

Organic Nectars
Based in Saugerties, NY, Organic Nectars is a multi award winning producer of raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free chocolates, gelato and sweeteners and is giving away a $35 gift certificate to shop online at
Vegan Cuts
Enter to win a Vegan Cuts Snack Box or Beauty Box. Inside the Snack Box you'll find a mix of 7-10 vegan snacks ranging from chips to cookies and sodas to teas. The Beauty Box features 4-7 products--everything from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare. Both boxes are a great way to discover new vegan products. Vegan Cuts offers worldwide shipping on their boxes.

Raw Gaia
Beauty By Jessica 
A U.K. winner can receive their Organic Aloe Vera Gel Product  used as a Body Moisturiser - After sun lotion - Hair Gel - Makeup remover - Soothing lotion for cuts, burns, bruises, insect bites and stings - Stretch mark prevention! Directions

NOHARM Ethical Fashion
Men's Green Vegan Wallet
with "No Harm" insignia
for a U.K. Winner

Thesis Beauty
Thesis Beauty is happy to give away our two most popular serums which are both 99% organic. They contain a rich 1% of all- natural Vitamin E.  Zero synthetics, preservatives, water, fillers or animal products. Handmade and packaged to last and enjoy for a long time. Giveaway items are Eye Serum and Unscented Serum
Relais Rose 
Giveaway prize is a 2 person - 1 night stay (+ breakfast) at the  Relais Rose Bed, Breakfast & Charm centrally located in the heart of Germany.

Vegan Perfection is giving 1 lucky Australian winner a $50 gift voucher to be spent at their wonderful emporium of vegan foods. The online store offers meat and dairy alternatives, chocolates and confectionary, books, DVD's, pantry products, gift hampers, wholefoods, and body care products.

The Personal Vegan Shop
We're offering (2) lucky Australian or New Zealand winners a $25 gift certificate to shop online (minimum spend is $35 plus postage)
at The Personal Vegan.

Ayana Organics
A $25 gift voucher
will be gifted
to an Australian winner.

We'd be happy to offer (1) 5 pound bag of our vegan dog food as a giveaway. Healthy for pooch and planet. This vegan-owned and operated business ships to continental U.S. and Canada.

HealthForce Nutritionals
Green Mush™ - Ultimate Nutritional Support for Your Animal Companion.
Winner receives 3 (10 oz.) bottles FREE!

Beauty Without Cruelty
Beauty without Cruelty is giving away
4 travel size items
to a U.S. Winner.
They can
choose 4 from this link.

Stop unwanted hair loss with organic and vegan hair care that promotes hair growth and scalp therapy. We are giving away the Bio Follicle HSS Complete Package

Hope Street
Handmade organic and vegan skin and bodycare. We'd love to offer a U.K. prize of our award winning macadamia & rosehip night cream plus our cucumber and watermelon facial oil.

Vegan Tuck Box
Surprise vegan treat boxes delivered monthly throughout Europe. The owners – Kelly and Chrissy - would love to offer a UK winner one of their surprise treat boxes containing 10-12 exciting, hard to find vegan snacks and treats sourced from around the world.

Plamil foods; offer dairy-free chocolates, soya milk, egg-free mayo, and organic chocolate spreads - and use their our own special vegan logo that adheres to the UK Food Standards Agency Labelling regulations in respect of 'vegan' and declarations of what is 'suitable for vegans' (unlike the current UK Vegan Society's trademark), so you will never find a declaration 'may contain milk, eggs, fish' on their products; helpful to all those following an ethical, vegan or 'animal rights' lifestyle. They will be giving away a delicious gift to a winner!

Rise Clan
We're a D.I.Y., sober, vegan, bio, fair-trade and climate- neutral, family-owned and operated business from Portugal. We are willing to ship anywhere in Europe. A winner will receive two T-shirts, 1 patch and 5 stickers (gift worth 42 - 50 euros).

Boutique-vegan is an EU one-stop vegan lifestyle online shop of sustainable, vegan, organic, high quality products (food, cosmetics, home care, pets, media and books) (accessible in EN, FR and DE). They're offering a surprise package as a gift to a European winner!

Designer and Eco-friendly, 100% cruelty-free bags. We will be giving our black and white Emily clutch to a U.S. winner. The collection of bags for men and women is made in New York city using superior vegan materials.

Verité Spa Organics
We are happy to offer a Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit body butter to the lucky New Zealand Winner!

Sanctum - Australia
We're offering our Vegan, certified organic, Sanctum Body Pamper pack consisting of the ultimate skin softening body wash, Body Spa 200g; a stimulating body exfoliant, Body Buff 200g; a light nourishing body lotion, Body Soothe 200g; and heavenly hand and nail cream, Hand and Nail Repair 150g.

Happy Skincare
Happy Skincare is giving our vegan friends in Australia the chance to win a tub of our Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm which is gaining a cult following all over the world. Luxurious, soap free and a divine citrus aroma - this 84% organic and 100% natural vegan cleansing balm moisturises while dissolving oily impurities in your skin. It gently melts away daily grime, oxidised sebum (black heads) & makeup.

Our passion is to encourage every woman to use good quality cosmetics that enable them to look and feel beautiful without the unnecessary harmful ingredients. Alythea Vegan Cosmetics is offering a vegan lipstick that suits all skin tones and the amazing 5 in 1 bronzer, that can be used as a bronzer, eyeshadow, minimizer, blusher and lip colour. The value of the gift is $85.00 All our products are proudly manufactured in Australia and are never tested on animals.

Pangea Vegan Products
Your One-Stop Vegan Shop Since 1995
We'd like to offer a U.S, winner a
$25 gift certificate. Shop for
vegan food, body care, vitamins,
dog and cat products, shoes and
non-leather accessories, vegan
gift baskets, clothing, cruelty-free
cosmetics, gifts, candles, etc.

American Vegan Society
One-year membership to
American Vegan Society
which includes subscription 
to American Vegan magazine
(print version to U.S. or pdf
version to international)
and 20% off all books at the
online book catalog:

Rethink Food -
Rethink Food presents a whole-foods, plant-based diet as a simple solution to today's leading chronic diseases, from heart disease and obesity, to type 2 diabetes and cancer. With contributions from over 100 renowned physicians, nutritionists, and super athletes, all from around the globe, this comprehensive reference on nutrition provides a science-based discussion of the relationship between diet and disease. A winner will receive a copy of this new release on the life-changing health benefits of eating a plant-based diet.
American Vegan Society
One gift copy of the newly released book: Powerful Vegan Messages: Out of the Jungle for the Next Generation by H. Jay Dinshah and Anne Dinshah ~ The Dinshahs eloquently deliver their ethical message of veganism. Let Jay, Anne and friends (including Butterflies Katz) guide you to a world of compassionate living. "Someone must speak for reason, compassion, and hope--and this book will be a powerful voice for that cause." ~ Dr. Michael Klaper
The winner will receive print book if U.S. or e-book if international.

Kathy Divine; Author of
Vegan Lifestyle Books
is giving a copy of her new book:
Plant-Powered Women

American Vegan Society
One copy of: Apples, Bean Dip, and Carrot Cake: Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook
by Anne and Freya Dinshah.
A great basic recipe book for
kids ages 4-12. Adults are secretly
learning to cook with this book too!

The winner will receive print book if U.S.
or e-book if international.

American Vegan Society
One winner will win a copy of 
Dating Vegans: Recipes for Relationships 
by Anne Dinshah. The perfect book 
for solving social situations between 
vegans and nonvegans. This is a great 
read before your next date, give this 
to your date, or you can stay up 
reading the book as a one night stand.
The winner will receive print book if U.S.
or e-book if international.
Totally Tempeh
Totally Tempeh is offering $25 to spend on their range of fresh tempeh.  Choose from Soy-Sunflower, Soy-Aduki, Soy-Chickpea, Original Soy or Organic Soy Tempeh. This prize is available to residents of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

If you have a vegan company 
or product line that
wants to participate by adding a vegan give-away prize 
to this list - Contact: veganpoet (at sign)

July 27, 2014


Most children have to be taught that harming animals is acceptable. Vegans are people that have "unlearned" the notion that humans have the right to own and objectify, enslave, exploit, and be violent to other species of animals. Understanding the vegan ethic is easy for "un-adult-erated" people to grasp. We can make 'speciesism' history, as well as racism, sexism, ageism, violence, anti-semitism and all unjust discrimination; taught and learned perceptions. Children's books portraying mainstream consciousness, teach children on one hand to love animal characters. On the other hand, in the very same story, they go to a hamburger joint and order a milkshake and burger along with their animal friend characters. We literally were programmed with this irrational duality. This early indoctrination develops into the commonplace disconnect we see in non-vegan humans. When I learned people ate animals, at age 12, I was shocked. Animals were my friends. 

Children don't want to harm animals, generally speaking - and especially if they are reared with those values. Impart the vegan ethic to all children - and then we will, at long last, know Peace on Earth. None of us can be a perfect vegan, but we can try our best not to literally fund animal use; a worthwhile endeavor to rise above a world of insane proportions of violence, oppression and slavery. Stop literally living off violence, cruel exploitation and wrongdoing to feeling beings. Find the innocent child within that sees animals as friends. First do no harm. A better world is within the realm of possibility. We must stop persecuting those who we perceive as pests or our personal property. Humans kill so easily. Teach children nonviolence; teach children the vegan way of life. 

Teach children to become vegan adults.

      Thank-you photographers for these awesome photos!