September 7, 2017


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Bute Island Foods is a Scottish company dedicated to producing animal-free foods for everyone to enjoy. Our aim is to make it easy for people to go dairy free by creating delicious, versatile food that supports healthy diets and lifestyles. Sheese is an award winning product and is widely available throughout the UK and other countries around the world. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a wine and cheese night, no one has to miss out with Sheese! ~ ~~ Twitter: @buteislandfoods~Facebook: @buteislandfoods ~ Instagram: @buteislandfoods


Eco-Vegan Shoes - is a totally vegan company based in the Netherlands. They are kind to animals and the environment, offering high quality and comfortable footwear in a wide range of models. They are offering a prize of All-Terrain Pro Waterproof Vegan Hiker Boots (back in stock in October). This model has been ranked as 'Best Hiking Shoe' by Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine (US) and the 'Best Ethical Shoe' by the Ethical Consumer Magazine (UK). Besides that it has the PETA-approved vegan certificate and it has been approved by the Vegan Society (UK) - This is true for all Eco-Vegan shoes.

Thesis; the most obsessed Beauty Purists. Products we make provide an unprecedented level of purity and efficacy due to our unique focus on organic, raw, vegan, living ingredients, most of them are food-grade, some are fair trade (raw shea, virgin coconut, organic sugars, organic raw cacao). We are offering a prize package of 4 organic facial serums, valued at $100. This package represent the products that started the whole line back in 2009 and have been around with minimal changes - because they are such successful formulas that change people's lives according to what customers are saying. Each serum is dedicated to solving certain skin concerns: Dryness, Oiliness/Blemishes, Sensitive/Reactive Skin and Eye area care. ~~ We offer: Organic, raw-focused, 100% vegan + chemical-free products which are also affordable! Benefits of our RAW ingredients: 1) unprocessed by heat and harsh agents, they retain whole vitamins and nutrients augmented by natural flavonoids which make them more effective 2) powerful, yet non-sensitizing action so you see the results, but don't suffer the side effects 3) balanced composition providing a variety of necessary nutrients like a well-designed diet for the skin

Zerran Hair Care is offering a U.S. Winner a selection of hair healthy vegan professional products. One each of our Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Serum Conditioner, Xblowsion Blowdry Spray, sleekly nourishing Amazon Oil, and three packs of our Hair Redemption Protein Treatment - retail value: $110 USD. ~~ Based on intensive scientific research and centuries-old botanical tradition, the company formulates and delivers 100% vegan shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are natural, effective and environmentally safe. Founded in California in 1986, Zerran International Corporation distributes Zerran Hair Care products to professional salon customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America. ~ Beneficial natural ingredients are used throughout the Zerran hair care line. Zerran International does not test on animals. All of our products are cruelty-free. All Zerran products are free of animal based products. All Zerran products that contain vegan proteins have been verified to be GMO-free, and all crops grown in the US or Canada. They also offer a selection of products free of artificial fragrances. These products instead contain natural aromatherapy oils. ~

ECO-DENT is offering a $40 one time use coupon valid on Vegan Floss, Toothpowders, and Mouth Rinses only – and free shipping to U.S. address only. ECO-DENT Toothpowders provide incredible oral hygiene capabilities, helping you keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh—without potentially harmful fluoride additives! ~ VeganFloss All floss is not created equal! ECO-DENT floss is not only the most economical floss, but it has real benefits, such as being vegan waxed, and made with a blend of natural essential oils to reduce plaque and help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. ECO-DENT packages their floss in a cardboard carton rather than a plastic case to cut down on ecological damage done by plastic and the disposal of plastic. Premium Oral Care Mouthwash ECO-DENT Ultimate Daily Rinse products are the premium mouth rinse product anywhere. Formulated with no alcohol and with an effective blend of essential oils and herbs, this product is perfect for both daily use as a rinse, or to cleanse and soothe minor mouth irritations or canker sores. The therapeutic level of baking soda provides effective soothing and cleansing action while helping to neutralize mouth acids. This rinse is a most highly recommended mouth rinse product and we know that once you try it, you won’t be disappointed. Available in fresh Mint or tangy Cinnamon flavors. Our TartarGuard Mouthwash is a breakthrough in oral care, featuring a baking soda based cleansing formula with a "time tested" combination of Thymol, Menthol, Eucalyptol and Methyl Salicylate along with a special combination of herbal extracts, CoQ10 and essential oils. Some key points: *Alcohol Free *Freshens Breath *Vegan *No SLS/SLES, No Parabens, No Artificial Colors *Cruelty Free-No Animal Testing *Natural Essential Oils for Flavor *Kills Germs That Cause Bad Breath

Beauty Without Cruelty - The Pioneer in Cruelty-Free Cosmetics & Body Care since 1963! Vegan Society Certified. Contest winner to receive a single use 40.00 coupon to spend at + free shipping.

Hi, I am Leni Lecker founder of Vegan4Dogs. My complete food 'Edgar' is a tasty kibble containing all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. This food is not only for vegan dogs but is a good starter for 1,2,3… Veggie Days. Edgar has also lots of friends that are sensitive to animal protein. Curious? Check out all of Edgar’s qualities HERE. ~ I am totally in love with cooking so I prepare homemade meals for our dog Eddie as well. I round up the meals with calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, taurine and carnitine through adding V-Complete, my supplement for homemade vegan dog food. Check out all details about V-Complete HERE ~~ So now you are in to try out Edgar and V-Complete. We are offering three prize packages, each containing: a 5kg bag of Edgar (vegan kibble), a 280g can of V-Complete and one Edgar’s vegan dog bag in Bright Blue or Hot Pink or Kelly Green. Take part and enter your essay. Edgar - Let your dog decide. ~ Leni Lecker - Animals Say Yeah!

Sonoma Soap Company (all vegan) is offering a $40 shopping spree with free shipping to a U.S. winner. ~ In the late 1990s, exceptional natural soaps were carefully hand-crafted in the beautiful wine country region of Sonoma Valley, California. Those unique soaps were the precursor to today's Sonoma Soap Company, makers of premium quality body care products including shampoos, conditioners, liquid hand soaps, bar soaps, bath and shower gels, and body lotions.

Why Why I Will ALWAYS be Vegan; 125 Essays from Around the World paperback book ~ dedicated to the preservation of what it means to be vegan. Prize is a gift pack of 5 books (shipped anywhere in the world). The paperback is beautifully presented with lovely photos of humans and animals intertwined. Essays were contributed from committed vegans on every continent.  Preview Book * List of Authors/Countries

GoMacro will send one winner an assorted tray of MacroBars, Thrive Bars, hat, coupons, recipe book and coasters for the winner - value $100. GoMacro is a family-owned, vegan nutrition bar company. Their story begins in 2003 on a farm in rural Wisconsin, where their co-founder Amelia was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rather than traditional treatment methods, she chose a macrobiotic diet, using ingredients from the farm to create recipes that became the inspiration for MacroBars and their new line of THRIVE Bars. They stay true to their roots by making certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free food. The GoMacro bars are cold-pressed, nut-butter based nutrition bars that offer a chewy and filling experience. The combination of high protein and plant-based ingredients serve as the perfect way to keep you fueled throughout the day and are certified vegan, gluten-free, organic, R.A.W., C.L.E.A.N, kosher and non-GMO. THRIVE Bars are ancient-seed nut bars that are low glycemic, with an average of 5 grams of sugar per bar. Packed with plant-based protein and essential fatty omega-3's, they are the perfect macronutrient balanced superfood, on or off the trail.

Vegan Essentials is offering a $50 gift certificate to a winner. Vegan Essentials, voted best vegan online store for years, offers snacks and food, personal care, beauty items, vitamins and therapeutics, books, footwear, clothing, companion animal products, home products, gift certificates; all of trusted brands you love.

Vegan Tuck Box ~ Win a 2 month Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box subscription.
Each box includes a surprise selection of 10-13 different vegan snacks and treats sourced from all corners of the globe. Items range from artisan chocolate bars and mouth-watering sweet treats to delicious cookies, nutty nibbles and crisps. Discover new and exciting vegan items that you won’t find elsewhere. And there’s no need to read labels as everything is 100% vegan. Vegan Tuck Box ships worldwide.

JEWELS of the FOREST are offering a case of mushroom jerky to a winner - value is $89.99, The recipient can choose a case of any flavor or a mixed case. These are an exotic mushroom paired with unique flavors: Sweet Chili or Sesame. 100% All Natural • Good Source of Fiber and Vitamin D • Gluten Free • Certified Vegan • NON-GMO • Fat Free. 

MuLondon (United Kingdom) is offering a $50.00 e-Gift Voucher for their products that can be shipped anywhere in the world. MuLondon brings joy and balance with their award-winning skin care range from London, inspired by traditional herbalism. Pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts are used to divinely scent and gently preserve the certified organic ingredients. MuLondon products include such luxurious essences as ‘Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh’ and ‘Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary’. The range is certified organic by The Soil Association, cruelty-free by The Leaping Bunny and registered vegan by The Vegan Society. MuLondon is a member of 1% For The Planet and is a Certified B Corporation. They ship worldwide - stop by and say hello!

Booda Organics is a 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan company proud to support the amazing vegan community by offering a prize of one Booda Gift Bag for the cause! This Gift Bag which includes one of each of our products: Booda Butter Daily Moisturizer, Suds of Love All-in-one Soap Bar, and Naked Lip Balm, a Happy Booda sticker and a card that reads "Some Booda loves you!" - retail sales price of $24. In addition a Lip Balm 3-pack.

Rescue Chocolate is offering a $42 selection of chocolate bars. Rescue Chocolate is the sweetest way to save a life because all profits are donated to various animal rescue organizations. However, these delectable 100% vegan bars are only for humans to enjoy. Each is vegan, organic, fairly-traded, and handcrafted in Brooklyn New York; using the traditional techniques of Belgian chocolatiers.

Righteously Raw Chocolate will send one winner a basket of all of our certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, NO Refined Sugar, raw chocolate line. The value is $80.00 Earth Source Organics is a family-owned, vegan, raw chocolate company. Our story begins in 2006 in San Diego, California where our founder Audrey Darrow was finishing treatment, surgery and radiation for breast cancer. Back in 2003 it was told to her that she had no time to waste doing anything but traditional treatment because her cancer was so aggressive. She was determined to keep the cancer from ever coming back! Audrey went to try to buy the healing raw foods in a local health food store and found that raw chocolate was $14.00. She could not afford that luxury so she took a job at the store just to get the discount. It was there that Audrey realized that if she could not afford the foods to heal, then many of America would also have the same experience. She set out to learn everything about raw foods and the ingredients to heal and keep away disease. In 2008 Righteously Raw Chocolate was born. It started out with three bars and grew into a line of 15 products of all shapes, sizes and prices to fit every pocketbook. We stay true to our roots by making certified organic, gluten free, kosher, vegan, no refined sugar, hand-made products. We are an Employee Focused company and use clean energy in our facility. Righteously Raw Chocolate is sold online at and in stores around the U.S. Our most popular product after ten years is still the Maca Bar and now our Macaroons and Mouthsfuls are killing it everywhere in the country.

Chocolate Hollow is an inventive chocolate factory in Vermont. We innovate in the realm of dairy free chocolate to create chocolate indulgence with no compromise in taste. Inspired by the drive to create vegan and omnivore approved versions of traditional milk chocolate favorites, our signature product is Schmilk- milk chocolate without milk. We are offering a package of one each of our ten log-shaped filled bars.
PRIMAL STRIPS® MEATLESS VEGAN JERKY is offering to ship one winner a box of Hickory (four oz.) That is 48 pieces, valued at $76. Usually sold retail in 1 oz. packages, Primal Strips are the favorite of protein-hungry bikers, climbers, and outdoors people. Kids love them in their lunch boxes and as mid-day snacks. ~ Primal Strips are delicious, healthy, satisfying snacks providing the health benefits of Soy, Seitan and Shiitake Mushrooms. This best tasting, best textured, meatless jerky is the lowest single-serve price on the market, and are NON-GMO, ALL NATURAL, VEGAN, KOSHER, NO CHOLESTEROL, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, and HIGH PROTEIN.
Derma-e is offering a "Beauty Prep Set” valued at $128.95. ~ Do you have a wedding, prom, party, work event or other special occasion coming up? Or maybe you just want to look photo-ready all the time! Well, naturally gorgeous skin is in, and we can help. Prep for your next big event with these ultra-moisturizing, age-defying, de-puffing formulas that promote a youthful, radiant glow. Now, no matter where you go, your skin is sure to look sensational. Our 100% vegan, cruelty-free formulas also do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil or artificial colors.

Veg Kids, a totally vegan organization that provides various events for vegan kids to connect with each other, is encouraging vegan children to participate in this essay contest. Veg Kids is offering a special prize to the child who writes the most impressive vegan essay. Essays submitted by children will be judged by a committee of students and teachers led by the award winning young vegan journalist who can be followed at The child who writes the award-winning essay will be provided a week of Vegan Camp during Winter 2017 or Summer 2018 - about a $700 value! Veg Kids's summer and winter Camp Exploration programs have been totally vegan camps for kids since they began just over a quarter of a century ago. The different camps have somewhat different programs and themes (Amusement Park Paradise, Cyclers' Safari, Explorers' Experience, Recreational Respite, Winter Week Away, etc.), but they all have the same committed ethical consciousness. While the camps have been based all these years in Southern California, campers have attended from across the United States and even from other countries. Parents can start finding out some more by reading the articles linked at and by perusing The Camp Director is a Ph.D. in Education who has been vegan for 35 years. Parents are encouraged to contact him at to find out more about the camps and to discuss how their children can attend from near or far.
Bio Follicle HSS will send one winner an opportunity to give our premium certified cruelty free hair products a try. The winner will receive our Bio Follicle 3 step treatment package manufactured to prevent hair loss naturally and as a bonus our aromatherapy sulfate free rosemary & mint shampoo and conditioner. ~~ The Bio Follicle Hair Support brand consists of premium plant-derived all vegan aromatherapy products that contain well documented botanical herbs, essential oils that will strengthen the hair shaft and stimulate circulation, making your hair look thicker and healthier while promoting hair re-growth and prevent continuous balding and thinning. Topical hair loss prevention spray Certified Cruelty-Free shampoo's 4.5 - 5.5 pH balanced - conditioners 4.5 - 5.5 pH balanced. ~~ Bio Follicle is cruelty-free and manufactured under the strictest quality control standards; No Petroleum Products, Perabens, Silicones, Synthetic Fragrance, Perfumes Botanical Perfumes, Artificial Colors, Formaldehyde or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Our hair support system was developed to work synergistically enhancing a healthy scalp through therapeutic activity.

NeemAura: BodyCare, Supplements, Bar Soaps & Pet Care Brand is offering a $40 Certificate to shop online. There is perhaps no other herb known to man that has so many and varied potential benefits for humanity. Neem has been used for thousands of years and has been widely documented in the ancient herbal healing science of India, Ayurveda. But the value of neem does not rely solely on traditional folklore. Rather, it is one of the most widely studied herbs of modern times, with hundreds of scientific papers having been written about it. The result of both traditional review and modern scientific evidence is that Neem truly is the “miracle herb”.

Kathy Divine is the author of vegan books and the founder of Australian Vegans Journal -- an independent vegan magazine. She is excited to be offering three of her books, Plant-Powered Women, Plant-Powered Men and Vegans Are Cool as prizes for the essay competition. Kathy also mentors aspiring authors, helping them achieve their dreams of becoming published authors. For more information about Kathy's books and her mentoring service, see
Edward and Sons is happy to offer one lucky winner a vegan essentials gift box containing 14 of our best-selling and newest products. The gift box features 3 jackfruit meat alternatives, 2 boxes of bouillon cubes, 2 gravy mixes, 1 coconut milk, 4 canned veggies, 1 Miso-Cup® and 1 Wizard's Vegan Worcestershire sauce! This prize is the perfect vegan starter kit and has endless recipe possibilities! Includes 2 recipe cards for our Vegan Taco Filling and our Vegan Not-Chick’n™ Salad! Pictured in the photo are the products included in the gift box. 

Yakshi Naturals is offering a one time use coupon valued at $40 and free shipping to a U.S. winner. Yakshi Naturals is a vegan line and has taken the art of perfumery to a new level. While other brands rely on synthetic fragrance blends and synthetic carrier oils, Yakshi Naturals has spent years developing a range of popular fragrances using just pure essential oils in a coconut oil base. From designer blends such as Goddess Dreams, Lover's Moon or Chinese Rains, there are also traditionally popular fragrances such as Whitestar Jasmine, Himalayan Rose, Fresh Vanilla and Idonesian Patchouli. No parabens, no chemical admixtures, no synthetic fragrances, no phthalates. Cruelty free - not tested on animals.

Vecado Plant-Based Pet Food (Canada) is offering a Canadian winner one 6 kg bag of Maximum Life Dog Food (by Evolution Diet) valued at $54 Canadian dollars. Max Life dog kibble contains 30% protein, is grain-free, gluten-free, 100% non GMO and is formulated for your dog's maximum health. It meets the nutritional levels established by AAFCO dog nutrient profiles for ALL life stages. Learn more about plant-based diets at

V-Dog is offering a prize of one 20lb bag of V-Dog kibble. V-dog, a vegan company, makes 100% complete and balanced dog kibble, organic Wiggle Biscuits, and tasty Breathbones for your fur baby. Our kibble is made with whole food ingredients like peas, lentils and quinoa and contains 24% protein along with all of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive. Our formula meets all AAFCO standards for optimal doggy health. V-Dog is conveniently available for purchase on our website (try our 'subscribe and save' option!), Amazon, and Chewy.

Mama-Nature U.K. ~ This vegan business in London is offering the prize: Awesome Argan Naturally Infused Rejuvenating Body Cream (AGE DEFENCE) – value $50 ~ Discover why Argan Oil has been used for centuries in Africa because of its amazing skin care properties. Increase collagen that you have lost due to sun exposure and aging and experience this wonder from Morocco. Rosehip Oil will also increase collagen and rejuvenate your skin.

Guna – Guna's New York is America's first 100% vegan handbag brand established in 2009. This vegan business is offering a Golden Uptown Wallet valued at $75 as a prize. 

Better Almond Butter makes sprouted Marcona almond butter. We use only organic and unpasteurized Marcon almonds from Spain. Our Almond butter is more delicious, more natural and more nutritious - that's what makes it better. Better Almond Butter is offering a prize of $40 worth of vegan almond butter. 

Nature's Alchemy is offering a $40 one-time use coupon to shop online at their site, and free shipping to a winner in the U.S. Nature's Alchemy Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Mineral Baths and Diffuser Pendant Necklaces. Nature's Alchemy 100% pure essential oils are meticulously extracted from plants by cold pressing or steam distillation using the same techniques developed by the medieval Persian physician Avicenna. All Nature’s Alchemy high-quality botanical oils are scientifically tested for purity and contain no chemical solvents, added alcohol, or any synthetic fragrance materials.

At Maxine’s Heavenly, we believe that food (including dessert) should be nutrient-rich fuel for your body. So we gave our mom’s famous cookie recipe a makeover. We've taken out all the unhealthy stuff and replaced it with super healthy ingredients to make your body feel just as good as your tastebuds do when you eat them! Each ingredient was carefully curated with your health and wellness in mind. Now treating your body right can mean having dessert too! We would like to send one winner a bag of each of our regular flavors: Almond Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin) and a bag of our seasonal flavor Pumpkin Pecan Spice. ~ Learn more about us and the original recipe that inspired it all at

RED STAR Nutritional Yeast has set the standard for quality and innovation for generations. With its roasted nutty flavor, RED STAR Nutritional Yeast has been a favorite among consumers since its introduction in 1975. Naturally high in protein and fiber, while low in fat and sodium, RED STAR Nutritional Yeast offers a perfect way to add extra nutrition to your diet – without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. RED STAR Nutritional Yeast is a primary-grown nutritional yeast, meaning it is cultivated expressly for its nutritional components. It contains Vitamin B12. One U.S. winner will win a 6 pack of this 'vegan cheezy' nutritional product.

RawRev is offering a prize of 2 boxes of their raw nut-based vegan bars, valued at $48, shipped to a winner. Always 100% Vegan, Gluten free, non-GMO and Kosher. Free from preservatives, soy protein isolates, whey, grains, and sugar alcohols. Out of her passion for clean eating and making a difference in the health of others, Raw Rev was started by Alice Benedetto, Mom of 4, Registered Nurse and Vegan Chef. Start your day the vegan way and notice the difference!

Bead & Reel is the one stop shop for activist fashion. This ethical boutique and vegan business is offering a $50 gift card. Featuring over 60 brands focused on 15 different searchable ethics which all meet the criteria of being thoughtful to animals, people, and the world, Bead & Reel offers a carefully curated selection of handpicked designers and products. Female founded, it is a passionate space to advocate for women makers and women shoppers. Bead & Reel is the host of the Fair Trade Fashion Show as well as a member of Fair Trade LA, PETA Vegan Approved, and the winner of the 2017 Sustainable Business Council Award.

Northport Naturals® - All of the good-hearted people associated with Northport Naturals® are deeply passionate about the organic and natural movement and are fully committed to providing high quality, affordable organic and natural products accessible to everyone. ~~ Northport Naturals® exists to provide products that enhance the natural beauty and health of your skin. We are dedicated to investing our time and resources to find natural ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality. We are offering 1 Ocean Mineral Serum and 1 Detoxifying Clay Mask ($43 value plus free express shipping within the USA). ~~ At Northport Naturals® our natural and organic body care products are hand-crafted in small batches for strict quality control. We practice a ‘zero waste to landfill’ approach during and after product creation by recycling 100% of waste. We also pride ourselves on providing Vegan Certified and Cruelty-Free Certified products. Our company only implements sustainable practices in the production of our products and use sustainable raw ingredients from suppliers who are powered with 100% renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy. We never use synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, parabens or any other harsh chemicals in any of our products.

Ancient Secrets Personal Care Products and Gifts is offering a one-time $40 coupon to shop online at their site. Free shipping is included to a U.S. Winner of this prize. ~ Ancient Secrets brings together some of the finest traditional personal care products on the planet. From Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps, Spirit Bottle Necklaces and Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts to Nasal Hygiene products for the practice of Neti, we search all over the globe to find products that are beneficial and supportive of a natural lifestyle of wellness and balance.

Tisserand Aromatherapy is offering a $40 coupon to use on their website, which includes free shipping to a U.S. winner. ~ As essential oil experts, Tisserand Aromatherapy offers a full range of natural and organic luxurious products for your enjoyment including: Essential Oils, Mists, Bath Oils, Bath Salts, Hand Creams, Remedy Roller Balls, Perfumes, Beauty Oils, Massage Oils. ~ Also, Award-Winning Soaps, Body Lotions, Bath Soaks, Shower Washes and Deodorants. Vegan certified and formulated free-from synthetic fragrances, SLES, and parabens. Gentle for all skin types.

Oshadhi is offering a $40 (one time use) coupon to use at - shipping included to U.S. address only. ~ Oshadhi - Passion for Nature * Authentic, Genuine Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Products including Organic ~ WildCrafted ~ Select ~ Traditional ~ Biodynamic and Standard Classifications. Hundreds of Highest Quality Essential Oil Aromatherapy Products!
Tiferet Aromatherapy is offering a shopping spree valued at $40.00 with free shipping (U.S. address) ~ Tiferet (tif*fer’*et): The central Sphere of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Beauty, Harmony, and Balance. The Heart chakra, and key to the mysteries of radiant health and well being. Tiferet’s aromatherapy products include Essential Oils, Perfume Oils and Room Sprays.

Unived is a plant-based Vegan certified natural products and dietary supplement brand based out of Bombay, India. Unived ideates, researches, develops, manufactures, and markets, various vegan dietary supplements and sports nutrition products in India, with worldwide shipping. Unived is a pioneer and the leading brand in India with plant-based sports nutrition products. You may read more about their work at - the website offers worldwide shipping and their product are also available via Amazon Prime for USA/Canada/Mexico customers. Unived is registered by the Vegan Society and certified by PETA. ~ Unived will give a surprise gift hamper to any winner who is based out of India. 

RareMyo is an everyday Vegan Muscle supplement developed to provide 6 of the muscle energy nutrients found predominately in red meat (B12, Taurine, Carnitine, CoEnzyme Q10, Beta-Alanine, Creatine). They are offering two free bottles ($40 value) shipped to any U.S. address. RareMyo is 100% Vegan ( certified), Cholesterol & Gluten Free, Ethically sourced, Manufactured in the U.S.A., and contains No Mega doses or controversial additives such as Magnesium Stearate.  RareMyo is owned by VerJus Essentials LLC, a Veg owned company.

ART IS EVERGREEN, style and Eco-sustainability - this is the mission of Da Quy, the first shoe brand 100% made in Italy, and 100% vegan. ~~ Da quy VEGAN STYLE presents a collection that brings together a vast choice of innovative and fashionable styles for a truly eco-friendly collection. The collection is produced entirely in Italy; employing Italian craftsmanship and fully complying with international vegan standards, allowing the collections to be certified by the Vegan Society of Birmingham. ~~ The idea of life that animates the brand is the conscious choice to produce shoes according to specific NATURAL standards, perfectly in line with current sensibilities and lifestyles, and moving towards an ethically sustainable way of consuming and producing that embraces the fashion sector as well as the food and energy sectors. ~~ Da Quy is committed to looking ahead and making coherent choices that meet the needs of ever more conscious and self-aware consumers, while not compromising aesthetic values. ~ The brand has been awarded the REACH certification by the Vegan Society of Birmingham, that has tested and confirmed that every product is animal-free, demonstrating that our products have not been tested on animals and do not contain any components of animal origin. ~~ A varied range of products, various style choices and above all a unique selection of materials: wood, hemp, velvet, embroidery, satin, caoutchouc, cotton, linen and eco-leather, come together to present a collection that is completely ethical, animal-free and in line with Da Quy’s company values. Check out more on our website ~~ Win a $150.00 gift certificate! 

NOAH is offering 1 pair of shoe "Gloria" in your chosen size and color - or - a belt of choice. Founded in 2009, NOAH offers fashionable, high-quality vegan shoes produced in limited numbers in Italy by small companies that guarantee fair working conditions. NOAH creates exclusive Italian handcrafted footwear and accessories combining quality and style while respecting the environment, the animals and human health. ~~ Our products express the traditional Italian style and the complete comfort of quality footwear. The materials used are breathable, resistant to scratch and wear, non-toxic, partly recycled and recyclable. The superior quality of our footwear is aesthetically outstanding and ensures total comfort and fit. Our shoes and accessories are entirely made in Italy by handcrafted factories that guarantee fair working conditions. ~ NOAH is a cutting-edge company playing a pioneer role in the field of sustainable and ethical footwear, combining ethical values with high quality design research. The socially responsible and eco-friendly business fits in with the elegant taste of the Italian "Dolce Vita": this is the Italian Vegan Lifestyle of NOAH. ~~ In addition to the footwear collections, NOAH offers style accessories - bags, belts, hats & caps - with the same high standards of aesthetic quality and environmental sustainability. PETA and the Vegan Society certified our concept. Also we received several Awards such as the Green Product Award, the Sublime Awards and much more.

High Vibration Products is a holistic oral hygiene care line divinely inspired and consciously created with positive intentions to heal all Sentient Beings and our Mother Earth. ~~ Vegan, fair trade, organic, sustainable ingredients to replenish our bodies with plants, clay and minerals from rocks that make up the bone of the earth. Our labels dissolve in water to leave no trace. It is our mission as creators to be responsible for the effects that our creations have on all and therefore to create with the highest of intentions, constructing matter for the benefit of all. ~ From a vibration of love, let all be healed. This is our purpose. ~~ We'll be giving away a one month supply plus to the winner so you'll really be able to experience why they say, "Good health starts in the mouth."

Stay tuned - more businesses will be offering a prize. 

Vegan Businesses that want to be added to this promo, by offering a prize, - email: veganpoet (at sign) hotmail (dot) com ~~ We are especially seeking vegan prizes from Australia, Europe, Canada, New Zealand ... 


Essay Contest Rules (English-speaking)
Send Submissions to
Submit your Essay by October 25, 2017
Be In to Win ~ See prizes here: VEGAN PRIZES 
Open to Vegans of All Ages Worldwide

*You are free to choose the vegan-related subject/s for your short essay/s, however listed below are suggested topics. Vegans of any age can enter to win. You can submit more than one essay. Since the essays will be part of a compilation of 'winning essays', it's preferable that they are about a single vegan-related theme.

*By entering and submitting a short essay, you hereby agree to have your essay published online (and possibly in a book in the future).

*When you send your essay, also include: Your top 3 choices of the prizes being offered from this LINK. You may also choose (optional) to include a brief bio including your location, and links to websites, and a photo in high resolution. No anonymous essays. Each essay will be published with author's first and last name, and perhaps credentials, location, short bio/photo.

*The essay needs to be original and specifically written for this essay compilation; and has not been published elsewhere.

*Essays should be thoughtful and edited. Say what you want to say in as few words as possible. The limit is 400 words and please do a 'word count' check. I may edit but will ask you first.

*As many prizes that are offered by business around the world determines how many essay winners there will be. 40 prizes = 40 winners.

Suggested subject matter for submissions:

~Specific subjects are encouraged, because the essays will be part of a compilation. Here's some ideas....

*why is all animal use considered abuse
*words of inspiration for new vegans
*educating children about veganism
*the reason for veganism versus the benefits
*veganism versus a plant-based diet
*ever-increasing population growth's impact on  the rate of  turning  people  vegan
*favorite or best form of activism to usher in a  vegan  humanity
*veganism relating to nonviolence and peace
*new computerized science initiatives replacing  animal  experimentation
*apps that make vegan living easy
*anti-apologetic vegans or uncompromising  vegans
*veganism relating to horseback riding
*child-free veganism
*history of veganism
*defining veganism
*diluting or evolving the definition of  veganism
*living with nonvegans
*vegan-organic gardening
*veganism relating to capitalism
*veganism relating to politics
*veganism relating to social justice
*veganism relating to activism
*veganism relating to religion
*veganism relating to atheism
*veganism relating to feminism
*veganism relating to philosophy
*veganism relating to sociology 
*veganism relating to human temperament  changes
*veganism as being the change you want to see  in the world
*veganism and legal rights, and property status  of animals
*veganism relating to rights violation /  civil rights
*veganism (or a plant powered diet) relating to  the  environment
*veganism as the root of healing many other  social issues
*veganism relating to leading the way for a better  tomorrow
*veganism relating to the intersection of all  oppression
*veganism growing by a ripple effect
*veganism relating to speciesism, sexism,  racism, ageism...
*growth of veganism in your community
*positive 'vegan' portrayal in movies, television,  media
*vegan principles dictating how you treat animals  you meet,  rodents in  house, dog on the road,  abandoned animals...
*veganism for people of every color – Jew/Arab  march together  for  animal rights
*a long-term healthy vegan biography (human or  dog/cat)
*a vegan-since-birth biography
*vegan super athlete biography
*vegan revolution
*veganism relating to human evolution of  consciousness
*scientifically-based responses to  questions/comments  vegans  hear  from  nonvegans
*vegan activism: batman light ~ chalk  challenge ~  festivals ~  protests /  marches ~ education stalls ~  events ~  street stalls ~  banners and billboards
*vegan "art"ivism