April 29, 2016

SPONSORS South Florida VeganFest 2016

We'll have a sampling table of vegan meat, cheese,
and ice cream a la ....veg fund!

We are still seeking sponsors (who only promote vegan). All participants are volunteers, but we would like to cover their basic travel and set-up expenses. We need additional funds for venue and for South Florida vegan establishments to come and help us feed the public.

Private donations are happily accepted:

Check to: Marcia Katz

Mail to:

South Florida VeganFest
2559 Blue Sage Ave
Coconut Creek, Florida 33063

South Florida VeganFest 2016

South Florida VeganFest 2016 is an all day educational community service event and celebration of veganism. The day's events include: a FREE meal, free vegan product tastings and samples, exhibitors, speakers, food preparation demos, film debut: Vegan Voices, and vegan educational information. With the exception of some worthy books that will be available for sale, EVERYTHING is FREE thanks to the sponsorship of The Pollination Project - and - A Well Fed World - VegFund - and private donations. Please get in touch if you want to be a sponsor of this event or offer a much-needed donation. It will be filmed for social media and viewed worldwide.

Everyone is a volunteer but we want to help cover everyone's basic travel and set-up costs. We are seeking donations now to cover the venue and set-up costs of local vegan establishments to come and help feed the public. If you want to send a private donation, please make check out to Marcia Katz - and- mail to: (or email me for internet banking details)

South Florida VeganFest
2559 Blue Sage Ave.
Coconut Creek, Florida 33063

Butterflies Katz; an unwavering vegan of 37 years, is the organizer of the South Florida VeganFest 2016 (with a lot of help from her vegan brother, Brook! and other volunteers). For checks my legal name is Marcia Katz, but please call me "Butterflies". 

The event is all day and attendees can come anytime and attend any or all of the speaker presentations. Click HERE to view the speakers. 

Film debut: Vegan Voices - edited and created by Angel Flinn; outreach director of Gentle World

Live Skype with Michael Klaper, M.D. 

Food preparation demos, exhibitor tables, FREE meal, food sampling, and more.

Click HERE to see the wonderful sponsors making this event possible!

On Facebook:

Page for the South Florida VeganFest

Volunteer Committee for the South Florida VeganFest

SPEAKERS: South Florida VeganFest 2016

SPEAKERS for the South Florida VeganFest 2016 

 August 27th - Tamarac Community Center

Casey Taft, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine

Presentation Motivational Methods for Animal Advocacy

Author and Vegan Book Publisher

(Assorted books will  be available for purchase at the VeganFest)

Gary Steiner is Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University, where he has taught since 1987. His books include Anthropocentrism and Its Discontents: The Moral Status of Animals in the History of Western Philosophy; Animals and the Moral Community: Mental Life, Moral Status, and Kinship; and Animals and the Limits of Postmodernism. Together with Professor Gary Francione, he edits the "Critical Perspectives on Animals" book series at Columbia University Press.

Two consecutive speeches entitled: Veganism is a Moral Imperative 

Animals in the History of Western Philosophy

Elizabeth DeCoux - Attorney and Professor of Law 


From Property to Persons: The Progress of the Animal Rights Movement

Sarah K. Woodcock is the Founder and Executive Director (volunteer) of The Advocacy of Veganism Society (TAVS). She is an adopted Korean-American vegan. She lives in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota in the United States, with her husband and adopted nonhuman animals. 

Presentation: Veganism and Social Justice: Taking a Pro-intersectional Approach

Keith Berger has been vegan since 2004 and believes in creative, non-violent, unequiVOCAL vegan education as the means of creating a world in which veganism is the moral baseline for our treatment of individuals of other species. In 2013, together with Elena Brodskaya, Keith co-founded South Florida Vegan Education Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to public education on veganism, animal rights and ethics with the goals of abolishing all forms of animal exploitation and oppression, and eliminating the status of animals as chattel property. The SFVEG website is

Presentation: Striking at the Root: Vegan Education as Activism

Michael Budkie, is the co-founder and Executive Director of SAEN; Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!, which works exclusively on the animal experimentation issue by successfully terminating research projects, forcing the USDA to take legal action against laboratories, and coordinating release of animals into sanctuaries. He has been published and travels extensively, appearing on TV and radio programs to expose the truth about animal experimentation. SAEN is a non-profit (vegan, nonviolent) organization working towards the total liberation of animals from laboratories.

Presentation: The $14 Billion Hoax - Correcting the Myths and Combating the Propaganda. As taxpayers  and consumers, we have the right to know how our government is wasting millions on outdated animal research. Learn how these labs are squandering your hard-earned money, all the while making you believe that they are "well-regulated" and "humane" when nothing could be further from the truth. No graphic images or content. 

March 23, 2016

Vegan for 37 Years … and Still Kicking!

Note: I don't KICK anyone! I'm a nonviolent vegan.

When I stopped eating animals in 1970 – every teacher, doctor, parent and peer disagreed; and said 'where will you get your protein? - you will die!'. Even though I stood totally alone, I still somehow knew that I was right... and they were wrong. That's a fairly incredible place to be in life....and particularly at the age of 12. When I became vegan in 1979, again, I had never met another vegan and had only heard of The American Vegan Society. Standing alone is one thing, but also knowing you are in the right - which translates to all of society is in the wrong – is a burden I've been bearing much of my life. 

I am growing sad and impatient for humanity to wake up to the simple obvious “Great Truth” that we should not be violent to animals. We activists try to speak every which we can. We get creative with our advocacy, trying to get nonvegans to become vegans. I hope my public story serves as living proof that we should rewrite societal norms and laws if they are unjust, and help justice be served. 

I would say it made me a better person to live vegan. I read about vegan nutrition to ensure I get what I need – and according to blood tests, I am getting all the necessary nutrients. I'm no super athlete (though you can be as a vegan), and I have minor flaws and pains as all humans do. But I feel certain that I am better than I would have been if I had not been vegan all these decades. So there you have it; we can live healthy, happy, harming-less lives. 

So ... I'm still kicking after 37 years of non participation in animal exploitation. I hope I can stay here on Earth long enough to see humans realizing and embracing this notion that humans do not have the right to violently assault, breed and sexually violate, kidnap newborn infants from, make slaves of, torture and murder (and in holocaust proportions) – other animals. They are other species of the same 'animal kingdom' we belong to. It is time that we take our next step and 'let go' of the very passe 'predator' mentality. We now have concoctions and formulations from plants to beautifully feed, dress, and care for ourselves and our rescued animal friends. Make your best effort to only support products and practices that are not derived from using animals. 

The Truth of Veganism is so easy to see that a child can grasp it...often easier than brain-dirtied adult who believe the “greatest lie ever told”. Nonveganism (abusing and using animals for human financial gain) is a lie. Violating and exploiting the reproductive system of a cow (exploited for dairy), killing her newborn calf so humans can steal the sustenance that is ~ by nature ~ meant for her own calf; a bovine; not a human – is a lie. This is not living in Truth; for those who consider themselves Truth seekers. Especially since we don't need to – we should not have the legal or religious right to torture, enslave, exploit, objectify and be violent to animals. The Truth is - we all, in our better selves - would like to live and enjoy life without making life “hell on Earth” for other animals. Remember when you were a kid and you liked animals; they were your friends. Well...they really are. The only thing that has changed is that you bought the lie that society was selling you. Understandable, it's a lie that has permeated every corner of the globe for a very long time...yet it is still … a lie. It is an obvious Truth if humans can live great lives without intentionally harming innocent animals, that this is the more civilized and better way. I'm living proof that we can. Living as a vegan has not harmed me – nor other sentient beings. And according to unbiased science - unbiased science - and unbiased science - a vegan's diet is the best thing we can do to help save the planet we all share, and has many benefits to humans and society. The heart and soul of veganism is that of HARMING LESS and HELPING MORE. 

In another 37 years, I will be 95....hope I will be here and able to write the sequel to this post; a blog thanking humanity for rejecting “the greatest lie ever told” and becoming a vegan humanity. 

March 1, 2016

Rebel With a Cause

It all started 46 years ago when I was 12 years of age. My brother told me 'meat' was a dead animal. I took my first step into rebelling against society and rejected the practice of eating animals. No one else around agreed, encouraged or supported me. But I was a rebel WITH a cause.

When my parents made my older brother break his prom date with 'Mary Ellen Stoklas' who was not Jewish, as a statement, I brought home my new friend to meet them; the only black kid I could find in the all white, predominantly Jewish school. I was a rebel with a cause. I wanted to teach them that they could never make me prejudice like they were. I made a stand. I still work diligently to ensure that I don't judge people based on irrelevant criterion like the ethnicity or region of the globe that they happened to be born into, but rather on who they made of themselves. Based on relevant criteria like “character”, I find humanity to be a scary species of animal, endowed with a serious self-involvement that starts early on in childhood and grows into them being the biggest pest our planet has, while having the chutzpah to call other animals “pest animals”.

Hog Wrestling
My mind can't even conceive that humans can be so cruel....viscous. How can anyone drag a newborn lamb from his/her mother, brutally killing the baby; often in full sight of a distraught mother sheep? What kind of a species takes pleasure in terrorizing animals; as in rodeos, pig wrestling, running of the bulls, bull fighting, spinning dog festivals, dog fighting, and sadly the list goes on and on....on to holding animals in captivity to entertain humans; like circuses, zoos, seaquariums, animal acts, and horse-racing tracks. And the list continues to animals in laboratories, to animals used for food, clothing, and other products and practices. I'm a rebel with a cause. That cause is “Peace on Earth”. Veganism is our best hope of literally bringing about “Peace on Earth”. Vegans have risen above “lip service” to embody their longing for Peace on Earth. Every step of the way, with every choice or purchase, a vegan votes against cruelty, violence and slavery.

Spinning dog festival

When I was 21 (37 years ago and pre-internet), I read about dairy production in a vegan magazine. The article described the torture cows and calves routinely endure for humans to steal the “breast-secretions” from another species (that is not meant, by nature, for humans, but for their own calves.) I rebelled against societal norms and immediately proclaimed myself a vegan. If society thinks this is acceptable and normal behavior, I wanted to be anything but normal. So I rebelled against society and did what I thought was right. I was so alone in my rebellion of a society where it is legal to use animals as if they were things; not beings, a society where people don't consider our shared environment – but instead – pollute, consume, and waste, where greed drives them to kill animals, people, and trees, forests and rain-forests, and who continue to overpopulate a violence-plagued planet with threatened sustainability, and where the word “integrity” is a hardly-ever-heard word, and where reason is not ruler. 

Because I experienced a man beating me up, I can reach to my own sense of empathy and never want to physically harm any human or animal. Because I was born Jewish and learned of the unjust massacre of my ancestors, I can empathize with the oppression of others. If I were born 70 years ago in Europe, I would have been falsely imprisoned and murdered, for no justifiable reason. That really hits home for me. Because of this, I am able to empathize with all others who are in need of my empathy, including other species of animals. And perhaps especially other animals, because so many wage war on them - and they are innocent victims. They cry, scream, bellow, plead with their eyes, run away, try to turn around in the chutes leading them to slaughter – but people are deaf to their cries and blind to their obvious desire to live their own life. It's our ethical duty to right this atrocious wrong. I'm a rebel with a cause; that cause is to help end anyone's oppression.

You can not live a life of Truth and side-step “the vegan thing”. Vegans – all vegans – are rebels with an important cause. In a nonviolent way, they are rebelling against the accepted but uncivilized violence that permeates Earth. Any sentient (conscious, perceptually-aware, feeling) being has the birthright not to be violently assaulted, sexually-violated, owned and objectified, by any member of the human race. Why? Because humans CAN be vegan. It's good for us. It's good for animals. It will be good for our planet too if we embrace vegan living as normal. It IS normal. It is normal to NOT want to kill and torture feeling beings. What is now accepted as normal is truthfully not normal.

Being vegan is something we can actually do to stop all the violation of basic rights; to literally stop the slavery society has been built upon, and the violence people literally nourish themselves from. Becoming vegan is joining a rapidly growing worldwide movement that is trying to bring about a new and improved way of living. Get with the times. Like a hippie protesting war, a suffragette protesting sexism, or an abolitionist protesting slavery, be a vegan demanding animal rights, and on the right side of history. Be a rebel with a cause.

February 17, 2016

The Kisses Garden 2016 (Vegan-Organic Garden)

The Kisses garden is a large vegan-organic garden of veggies surrounded by flowers. It is one of the many beautiful aspects of Shangri-la. This 454 acre Gentle World vegan educational center in northern New Zealand, is not only a sanctuary, but has a live-in program for those interested to learn about vegan living; everything from veganic gardening, to the animal rights ethics, to how to prepare the food, to watching films about the reason and benefits of vegan living, and learning from a group of long-term vegans.  

I had a powerful lesson from nature this year when an uncommon huge flash flood seemingly demolished the garden and was literally life-threatening for me at my spot trying to escape the rushing rising river. High and behold, two weeks later, the plants were almost all standing upright, or they grew from being flattened to turning upward - reaching for the sun's light. I grew with my garden; realizing that we can bounce back from destructive forces.

We have possums that demolish our fruit trees and gardens, as well as pheasants who in the spring pull the newly sprouting vegetables. And there could be pigs too. My garden has no fence unlike the other gardens on the property. I try to grow that which would not entice the animals in the environment rather than fencing anyone out. This year the male pheasant ate all my peas and most of my potatoes as they sprouted, but other than that...the free-living animals have let me have most of my garden! It has tomatoes, zucchini, onions, potatoes, purslane (highest plant source of omega 3 fats), rocket/arugula, cucumbers, squash, and plenty of flowers for me and the pollinators. Rather than stealing from bees, I try to help them by growing the plants they love. I planted 27 Milkweed plants for the Monarch butterflies. My picture-perfect tomato patch was hurt the most by the flood, but still some remain. This year, I learned the pain a gardener can endure. However, the pleasure from it is so fulfilling. Enjoy the photos; taken by my friend Autumn (Nadine Lorraine)

Bees and Monarch butterflies love the miniature zinnia.
An ecosystem which includes Echium specifically for the bees. 
Two weeks after being flattened; onions now standing up again! 
A mega flash flood flattened the plants; left covered with debris.
Bees loving the pollinator flowers planted for them. 
Zucchini/Courgette plants tucked behind the flowers. 
Foot path straight through, lined with purslane and arugula.
The Kisses sign is at the entrance of the walk through garden.
Plaque I lettered for the Kisses memorial garden. 
The garden is vegan-organic vegetables surrounded by flowers.
Teddy-bear sunflowers next to Milkweed for the Monarch butterflies. 
Beautiful backdrop to the garden, in northern New Zealand.
The garden is a memorial garden for Kisses; we were in love.
She ate a vegan diet and lived a happy, healthy life. 

February 7, 2016

Butterflies Katz essay from Why I will ALWAYS be vegan; 125 essays from around the world

The following is my own essay from the book Why I will ALWAYS be vegan; 125 essays from around the world.

Butterflies Katz, New Zealand/USA

I've been vegan for 37 years, therefore it is safe to say I will always be vegan. I committed to vegan living before any health benefits of the vegan diet were known. I stopped eating animals at age 12 when I learned “meat” was a dead animal, and became fully vegan immediately upon first reading about the ethic, when I was 21. This demonstrates that I never believed humans have a right to breed, enslave, exploit, and kill animals. I will always find it unethical, and I won't ever want to be complicit in the objectification of feeling beings.
I feel repulsion for all animal-exploiting industries and their disturbing products derived from animal abuse. For example, milk is meant for babies of another species who are killed (just after birth) so people can steal their sustenance. Leather, fur and other fabrics worn by humans come from animals who need their own skin. Somehow it is accepted as normal to eat rotting corpses, or to be entertained by animals stolen from the world they should live in, wrongfully imprisoned, and forced into demeaning (and often harmful) acts, tricks, or labor. I will never want to pay for products that are tested in the eyes of rabbits or to steal the food bees make for themselves. I am not drawn to that way of thinking. I have zero desire to be violent to anyone; human or other animal.
If one is not vegan, they are directly paying for animals to be violently assaulted on their behalf. Long-term vegans are proof we can live vegan; thereby making veganism a social justice issue. I will always want to do my part in advancing humanity to a species that does not intentionally and needlessly violate the inherent rights of conscious, perceptually-aware, feeling beings. Animals that are exploited for human purposes also fear death, desire to nurture their newborn, have families, have eyes and faces, are communicative, and have pain receptors, a brain, and a nervous system which gives them the capacity to suffer.
Through the decades, I've come to see the many far reaching natural outcomes that will result from humans embracing vegan living. Planetary healing and a less oppressive society will replace the environmental degradation caused by farming animals, and the violence that presently plagues our planet. I will always want to be a pioneer of humanity's next step. I strive to live my life guided by the Golden Rule, the principle of nonviolence, and “doing the right thing”, therefore I have no choice but to be vegan.

January 3, 2016

Pollination Project's Announcement: Butterflies Katz's South Florida VeganFest 2016

The Pollination Project has awarded me a grant to coordinate a South Florida VeganFest 2016 (late August, early Sept.)

Check out their link:

The focus will be vegan education and animal RIGHTS.

Get in touch if you want to participate or have any ideas for vendor tables (free to vendors offering free samples to the public), speaker with credentials who can draw a crowd, etc.

Email M. Butterflies Katz - veganpoet (at sign)

* Seeking a professional to make a video of the event for social media. We will pay $100 plus goodies.