May 24, 2015

Be in to WIN Vegan Prizes ~ I'M A VEGAN Essay Contest


Based on the stunning Isle of Bute, Bute Island Foods, have recently expanded their production facility. One of the market leaders in dairy-free cheese, Bute Island Foods supply their range of Sheese and other products all over the world, to supermarkets, deli's, health food shops and selected Holland and Barrett stores, and are also expanding into the food service industry. ~ They produce nine delicious flavours of vegan hard "Sheese" including: Smoked, Strong and Medium Cheddar Styles, Mozzarella, Cheshire, and tasty Blue Style. ~ The award-winning Creamy Sheese comes in six mouth-watering flavours (Garlic and Herb, Chives, Cheddar Style Spread, Original, Sweet Chilli, and Spring Onion and Black Pepper). Their most recent innovation is a Melty range of Sheese: Red, Mild, Strong and Smoked Cheddar styles, perfect for melting on to pizza, pasta and melty Sheese toasties! Red Cheddar style has a wonderful medium-strength “cheesy” tang, coupled with the eye-appeal of that attractive red colour. The newest Smoked Cheddar has also been a very popular addition. ~ The entirely vegan range is kosher certified, gluten-free and lactose-free, so whether you are making a lifestyle choice, care for animals, or have milk allergies – now you can smile and say “Sheese”! ~ Also available is the new 100% Vegan Deli range of seven delicious chilled continental mock meats (including Chorizo and Mock Ham) that really deliver on flavour and texture. For more information contact Guy ( or Mark Crichton ( on 01700 505357.

Bute Island Foods is gifting 
4 international grand-prize winners. 
Each winner receives:
Melty Sheese - 12 assorted
Creamy Sheese - 6 assorted
Vegandeli Continental Sausages - 6 assorted
Sheese T-Shirt (winner to confirm size required)
Recipe Leaflets - 20  

Vegan and Organic hair loss prevention * Certified Vegan * Aromatherapy shampoo and conditioner * Argan Oil 100% pure organic * Rosemary and mint * Lemongrass and Sage * Tea Tree and Lemon * Pomegranate * Sulfate-free * Paraben-free * Bio Follicle Products located in Jamaica, N.Y. is offering the Bio Follicle HSS Normal Hair Loss Prevention System to 2 U.S. winners and to 1 Australian winner.

Vegan Tuck Box is gifting their Classic Vegan Snack Box to 4 lucky winners worldwide.

Vegan Tuck Box is the UK’s first monthly 100% vegan snack box. We launched Vegan Tuck Box to make it easier for everyone to go, stay, and enjoy being vegan. We scour the globe for the tastiest, new and most exciting plant-based items and deliver them to your door in a surprise box each month. Now you can save animals and have the best tasting snacks around! Our monthly vegan snack box contains a surprise selection of exciting vegan snacks and treats. hand-picked by us for you. Each box contains new or hard to find vegan snacks so that you can be the first to try new products on the market, and save time looking at labels. The items in the box change each month and include chocolate, biscuits, sweets, snack bars, crisps and other savoury items. Choose the right box for you, including mini, classic or gluten-free. You can buy a single box if you want to give it a try or subscribe monthly for a discount and loyalty benefits. A vegan snack box is also the perfect gift for vegan and non-vegan friends and family and we have themed boxes for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. Join the vegan snack box revolution! 
The Camp Exploration Vegan Camps have been providing a vegan oasis for vegan kids during summer, winter, and spring vacations since 1993.   Campers have come from across the United States as well as from multiple countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Parents send their children from such long distances to have the opportunity to live, even if for just a week, in the ultimate positive-valued vegan world.   Non-vegan campers often attend as well, and most of them have gone vegan through the enjoyable experience and positive influence.  Vegan campers become even more secure in living such caring, conscious lives. The best child's entry in this 'I'm a Vegan' Essay Contest - will win one week of Camp Exploration Vegan Camp. For more information as well as for information on the affiliated Veg Kids organization that connects vegan kids with other vegan kids via a variety of weekend activities in Southern California throughout the year, please email   

2 Australians will win a prize containing a Begenki  collection of Oil Blend, Face Mist, and Body Oil in the winner’s choice of blend: 
Be Vital, Be Serene, Be Sensual or Be Tranquil

Please see link to the page that details 
Begenki products 

Arbonne is a vegan company that has been around for 35 years! As an ethical vegan, I became an Arbonne Independent Consultant because I believe every human should have access to vegan products and to educate them on the exploitation of animals, specifically related to personal care products. Arbonne is not only vegan, but also uses non-gmo ingredients and is a carbon neutral company…the earth is our home to share with all other sentient beings and we must take care of our planet. We have products ranging from a baby care line, anti-aging skin care, men’s products, and nutrition.~~“Our products are good for you and kind to the Earth." ~~ I will be gifting our Seasource 5 in 1 Essential Massage oil and Renewing Body Gelee for one winner  ($100 value) and the other winner will receive our Cooling Foot Creme, Liquid Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen for Body and Liquid Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen for the face ($102 value). I can ship to the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and Poland.
VEGAN LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE is an International Digital Magazine and an enjoyable, intriguing, friendly and sometime challenging community which highlights all the positive aspects of a plant based vegan life. ~ Because we know that veganism isn’t just about food (which is just the tip of the iceberg) but involves every area of our lives, we include vegan travel, petitions, and the best restaurants worldwide, fashion, accessories, personal products, animal rights, and even the latest environmental news worldwide. ~ In fact everything you can think of, where possible, we find the cruelty-free version. ~ Even if you are not vegan, perhaps you are looking for a change of lifestyle to a healthier and kinder way, then Vegan Lifestyle Magazine will introduce you to like-minded people and show you that it’s much easier, and far healthier, to live cruelty-free than you may think. The vegan world is welcoming, accepting and friendly. You could expect no less from those who put kindness to all as their priority. Kindness is our future and the only one we have. So, don't lurk around the edges, come on in and join the community it may just change your life! Subscribe to Vegan Lifestyle Magazine ~~ iTunes Google Play  ~~ On Facebook

We would like to offer a 1 year subscription to 4 lucky winners. ENJOY!

Vegusto specialise in Swiss 100% plant based gourmet, all natural, multi-award winning, vegan cheeses and meat-free alternatives. Free from dairy, cholesterol, palm oil, sugar, and GMO, there are 40+ vegan society approved products that have won numerous awards: Joint Winner of Store Cupboard Category - 2014 Free From Food Awards, Great Taste Gold Star Award 2013, PETA Vegan Food Awards 2013: Winner of best Dairy-Free Cheese and Winner of Best Vegan Burger, and the overall 2012 Free From Awards winning the FAIR Foundation Trophy, to name a few. ~ Vegusto is gifting (3) £20 online vouchers, excluding shipping  - to winners from U.K. or Ireland

An e-book offering insight into the
perception of a committed vegan, and dedicated to the clarification and preservation of what it means to be vegan. All regions of the globe are represented. 

The book's Facebook Page

When you submit your essay - let me
know if you would enjoy a copy of the ebook - Numerous winners will receive a copy - or if you would like to win the print book coming soon! 

If you are a vegan business and want to join in ~ email me:
veganpoet(at sign)hotmail(dot)com
Be in to win one of the above prizes!

By submitting an essay, you are being a part of a public statement highlighting both the diversity among vegans, as well as the golden thread that binds all vegans together. With your help, this project has the potential to be a compelling collection for both vegans and nonvegans. By submitting an essay you are stating that you are a vegan as defined here: Recognizing the right of all sentient animals to be treated with respect and justice, therefore vegans do not consume, wear, or use animals or take part in activities of their exploitation, as far as possible. 

I'm a vegan __________.  (fill in the blank with ONE WORD.)

In 400 words or less, write an essay using your formed sentence as the title and the theme of the essay. Keep your essay to the point; the title. (You can submit separate essays in several titles, to be entered into the contest with a chance to win a vegan prize.) You can either choose a word from the list below, or come up with your own.

I'm a vegan anarchist.                                             
I'm a vegan feminist.
I'm a vegan abolitionist.                                          
I'm a vegan non-speciesist.
I'm a vegan pacifist.                                               
I'm a vegan philosopher.
I'm a vegan environmentalist.
I'm a vegan-sexual.                              
I'm a vegan egalitarian.
I'm a vegan minimalist.                                           
I'm a vegan rescuer.                                                                                                 
I'm a vegan peacemaker.
I'm a vegan advocate.                                              
I'm a vegan educator.
I'm a vegan activist.                                                
I'm a vegan protester.
I'm a vegan lecturer.                                               
I'm a vegan spokesperson.
I'm a vegan liberationist.                                       
I'm a vegan mentor.
I'm a vegan blogger.                                               
I'm a vegan director. 
I'm a vegan campaigner.                                               
I'm a vegan organizer.
I'm a vegan atheist.                                                  
I'm a vegan Jew.                                                       
I'm a vegan Christian.
I'm a vegan Muslim.                                                 
I'm a vegan Jain.
I'm a vegan pagan.                                                    
I'm a vegan teen.                                             
I'm a vegan lover.                                                     
I'm a vegan pioneer.
I'm a vegan parent.                                                    
I'm a vegan mother.
I'm a vegan man.                                                       
I'm a vegan child.
I'm a vegan boy. 
I'm a vegan teacher.
I'm a vegan professor.                                               
I'm a vegan lawyer.
I'm a vegan doctor.                                                   
I'm a vegan vet.                                                         
I'm a vegan nutritionist.
I'm a vegan dietician.                                                
I'm a vegan filmmaker.
I'm a vegan chef.                                                       
I'm a vegan baker.
I'm a vegan actor.                                                      
I'm a vegan author.
I'm a vegan journalist.  
I'm a vegan scientist.                                         
I'm a vegan sociologist.
I'm a vegan podcaster.    
I'm a vegan photographer.                                       
I'm a vegan restauranteur.
I'm a vegan shopkeeper.                                           
I'm a vegan chocolatiere.
I'm a vegan publisher.                                               
I'm a vegan composer.                                     
I'm a vegan executive.                                             
I'm a vegan proprietor.
I'm a vegan editor.                                                      
I'm a vegan columnist.
I'm a vegan celebrity.                                                  
I'm a vegan comic.
I'm a vegan cartoonist.
I'm a vegan hippy.                                                      
I'm a vegan centenarian.
I'm a vegan historian.                                                  
I'm a vegan fruitarian.
I'm a vegan artist.                                                        
I'm a vegan gardener.                                                                                               
I'm a vegan cyclist.
I'm a vegan athlete.                                                      
I'm a vegan runner.
I'm a vegan yogi.                                                        
I'm a vegan marathoner.
I'm a vegan bodybuilder.                                             
I'm a vegan Earthling.                                                 
I'm a vegan Indian.
I'm a vegan Kiwi.                                                        
I'm a vegan Arab.
I'm a vegan American.                                                 
I'm a vegan Australian.
I'm a vegan Canadian.                                                
I'm a vegan newcomer.                                               
I'm a vegan student.
I'm a vegan volunteer.                                          
I'm a vegan fundamentalist.
I'm a vegan liberal.                                                      
I'm a vegan politician.
I'm a vegan humanitarian.                                      
I'm a vegan philanthropist.
I'm a vegan preacher.                                                 
I'm a vegan evangelical.
I'm a vegan poet.                                                       
I'm a vegan extremist.                                                 
I'm a vegan healer.                                    
I'm a vegan naturalist.                                 
I'm a vegan writer.                                        
I'm a vegan newlywed.                                               
I'm a vegan Muslim.
I'm a vegan Buddhist.                                                 
I'm a vegan Hindu.
I'm a vegan Israeli.                                                     
I'm a vegan Italian.
I'm a vegan Brazilian.                                                 
I'm a vegan Peruvian.
I'm a vegan grocer.                                                   
I'm a vegan entrepreneur.
I'm a vegan retailer.                                                    
I'm a vegan visionary.                                                 
I'm a vegan evolutionary.                                       
I'm a vegan revolutionary.
I'm a vegan nonconformist.                                                                               
I'm a vegan animal.
I'm a vegan competitor.                                                                                     
I'm a vegan militant.
I'm a vegan influencer.                                            
I'm a vegan demonstrator.
I'm a vegan diehard.                                                   
I'm a vegan radical.
I'm a vegan coach.                                                      
I'm a vegan advisor.                                                   
I'm a vegan counselor.
I'm a vegan culinarian.                                               
I'm a vegan messenger.                                            
I'm a vegan forerunner.
Submit and be in to win a prize from participating vegan businesses -or- you can choose to contribute an essay; no prize necessary. Along with your essay submission, send your name and where you live, and which prizes you would prefer, if any.