November 17, 2018

125 PHOTO Collection: "The Way it Should Be" ~ Humans Embracing Animals

There are too many photos that depict the disrespectful way humans treat other species in the animal kingdom, however this photo compilation does not depict "The way it is" but rather "The way it should be". These photos are taken from vegan-run animal sanctuaries, or wildlife animal sanctuaries, or from personal friendships between humans and animals. None are from zoos or other types of prisons where animals are treated like a commodity, and kept in captivity. The photos were not taken from places where animals are hunted or where people are riding on their backs - because that's NOT the way it should be. Among the photos are the famous Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey, who observed primates in their own environment, and befriended them. Our species must stop purposely breeding animals only to enslave and exploit them for human purposes like food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment, or for any reason.  Our objective should be to create sanctuaries and preserves to keep animals safe. We need to rescue, befriend, love, respect, and help other animals, as they too are sentient beings. They're our animal cousins; fellow members of the animal kingdom; other nations who speak a different language, but not  'lesser than'  us. 

The following photo essay is entitled The Way it Should Be .......

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Oh, and if you're not already vegan, go vegan. These pictures speak a thousand words as to why it is the right thing to do.