September 21, 2013

Vegan lifestyle choices, a question from Survey of Vegans

Survey Question: Which best describes how you live? (choose all that apply)

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I do not eat in non-vegan restaurants - 10.41% 705
I do eat in non-vegan restaurants - 78.51% 5,316
I'm more of a minimalist than a consumer, I would label myself an environmentalist - 51.35% 3,477
I'm more of a consumer than a minimalist - 13.66% 925
Total Respondents: 6,771 + 630 chose 'other' and left a comment, here are those comments:

I very rarely eat in restaurants.

I will eat vegan in non vegan restaurants but prefer vegan restaurants

By restaurants, that's "sit-down". Corporate fast-food can't have ANY of my moneys!

I eat in vegan friendly restaurants

prefer vegan restaurants or coffee shops

I don't like other people preparing my food, and recycle as much as possible (clothing/household items)

When choices are limited (very limited in my area) So I usually prefer to travel to dinner for the vegan ones

i do not eat out in any restaurants

I PREFER vegan restaurants but do also eat in other restaurants due to social pressure

permaculture and local communities are the future!!

I don't really go to eat out but when I do its at a vegan place

Our food is fabulous however there are some fabulous vegan places around too! Don't support the chain restaurants at all nor the big box stores!

I only eat in vegan or vegetarian restaurants.

I prefer to support vegan businesses as much as is possible.

I prefer vegan restaurants but also support vegan options in regular restaurants as well. I always feel disturbed and squeamish with food from a restaurant with a non-vegan kitchen. Can't wait for the day we have a vegan world and all food is clean.

But only if I have to!

Vegan, Organic. Finally, it's important to distinguish that to me, Vegan is not simply about non-human animals, but all. Vegan embodies nonviolence in thought and action. Being Vegan is the one thing we can all do today—right now—to help animals, and promote peace. Being Vegan does not require expensive campaigns or involvement of large organizations. Being Vegan does not require legislation, or anything other than recognition that if "animal rights" and advocating nonviolence mean anything, it means we cannot justify any form of violence, which includes killing and eating animals.

In some social situations, I will eat at a restaurant that is not completely vegan

I'm an environmentalist too

i don't eat out

i do the best i can, always vegan though

I eat in non vegan restaurants with friends and I believe it helps to raise the vegan profile, I am constantly asking for vegan food to be put on the menu and also ask for a vegan meal, most places have been extremely helpful

We only eat at non vegan restaurants rarely. I would love to rather be an environmentalist and I do what I can every day to move towards that!

I eat only in restaurants which have vegan options

I only know of one vegan restaurant close to me and it's not exactly close so

There are no full vegan places in my area.

Only if they specifically cater for vegans

I just do what I can to make a difference

Although I'm a sucker for new technology...

I only eat at non vegan restaurants very rarely, maybe once every three or four months

I try to make ethical consumer choices

If I could only eat in vegan restaurants, I would, but there is no vegan restaurants around where I live most of the year

Will only go to restaurants with a vegan option, but prefer fully vegetarian/vegan resturants.

but trying to cut down on consumerism and don't value it

i reduce, reuse and recycle and use charity shops but i also buy lots of new stuff, mainly for my kids

No idea, I just always have the vegan option and I am quite an eco-friendly person.

I eat at non vegan restaurants when unable to eat at vegan restaurants.

I do not eat in non-vegan restaurants majority of the time

not through choice

There are vegan restaurants? I've never seen one.

I rarely eat out

i eat in vegan places and vegan in non-vegan places but prefer vegan. i do have moments of minimalism.

I do not eat out often, prefer to grow as much as possible of my own food and can and pickle dry and preserve for the winter months. I always do have to buy additional items i cannot produce on my own.

Only for social reasons and if there is no other choice

I eat at vegan and eco-friendly restaurants to support the vegan cause

There are no 100% vegan restaurants within a reasonable distance so of course we support the vegan options that are also scarce but available when we need or want to eat out and have even provided them vegan food to make sure it is available for other customers

I prefer eating in local restaurants that understand my preferences.

I usually invite people to eat at my place so that they can enjoy a full vegan meal, tasty and beautifully presented

I eat anywhere that will serve me a good vegan meal, but I prefer all-vegan restaurants. I buy things whenever I need them, but with as much environmental awareness as possible.

Try not to eat in non vegan places

I consume vegan meals; often I have to alter menu items so they are vegan.

I eat at vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. I cook a lot myself, too.

I just choose vegan options.

I do eat in non vegan restaurants but choose no animals salads and veggies

Rarely go to non-vegan restaurants, but occasionally for social purposes.

I would rather only eat in Vegan Restaurants.

there are very few vegan (if any) restaurants where i live, and i only tend to eat out with my family- thus always non-vegan restaurants

My husband and I rarely eat out, but we will eat at non-vegan restaurants as there are no vegan/vegetarian restaurants within walking distance. We do not own a car. We shop from thrift stores as much as possible, when we must shop. Veganism can be very consuming. Animal use is everywhere, and though we try our best to avoid it as much as possible, we accept that it is nearly impossible to escape it completely. However, we always remain aware when we cannot avoid animal cruelty.

Rarely eat outside home.

Rarely though

I hate eating out. I can't afford to consume much stuff.

I try to avoid non-vegan restaurants as much as possible!

but voice my dissatisfaction of them selling the animals out

Buy fresh and make from scratch - that way I know what's in everything I eat

I don't have the income to be a consumer, but I wouldn't label myself an environmentalist.

Usually I eat at home

I cook at home and waste nothing

minimalist but not environmentalist per se

but only vegetarian or Asian where I have called ahead and asked about methods of cooking and ingredients etc

Dread eating in restaurants. Do so only when unavoidable

I eat in non-vegan restaurants but of course, only if there are vegan options and preferably actually labeled "vegan"

I do not eat in non vegetarian restaurants unless travelling and there are no other options

I prefer to eat in vegan restaurants, but believe in encouraging non-vegan restaurants to branch out

I'm a minimalist with food, consumer with "things" clothes, toys, etc. I rarely eat out at all but order a salad or oatmeal at non-vegan restaurants if I have to go with friends or family.

I'm a really bad vegan

Strong advocacy for animals and for the environment.

I am a celiac, and I stopped eating out years ago because I kept getting sick.

I don't exclude non-vegan restaurants completely but I would never eat at a place like McDonalds. minimalist in most cases but not generally.

We have a great repertoire with the local veg restaurants who know we are vegan

I do eat salad at non vegan restaurants due to my work /travel/non veg. husband

When I am in non-vegan restaurants I try and promote more vegan options and represent. :)

non-vegan restaurants but with vegan options

I usually make my own food.

Trying to move to minimalist.

I don't eat out much because even vegan restaurants are not organic.

I order vegan food wherever I go, there are virtually no vegan restaurants

I do not understand. I will eat at non-vegan restaurants if they can serve me a vegan meal.

I rarely eat in restaurants

I don't feel comfortable in non-vegan restaurants, but there's no option in my city.

I rarely eat out, maybe two or three times a year altogether

I am continually improving on my living to pass the knowledge onto my 3 year old daughter.

everyone is a consumer. i rarely eat in any restaurants as too much effort.

I eat in non-vegan restaurants that serve vegan food.

I am between the minimalist and consumer!

I tend to go to vegan restaurants but I happen to eat in non-vegan restaurants too

I rarely eat outside, but when I do, I prefer it to a vegan place.

I eat whenever and wherever I need to, but I make sure it i vegan before I consume it

As a qualitative researcher, I find a lot of these questions problematic.

rarely eat out and tend to go to vegetarian restaurants when I do

i don't like to own a lot of things, but don't do it for the environment

When need arises, but love my vegan places

I rarely eat in non-vegan restaurants.

I try my best to be green and not consume too much

I rarely eat in non-vegetarian restaurants

...but am working toward becoming a minimalist

I choose to not eat animal products. I don't force my views on others, and I don't let my choices infringe on the choices of others. I will eat in non-vegan restaurants, shop in non-vegan stores, and socialize with non-vegan friends.

only eat in non vegan places that offer a vegan menu

I usually don't have a choice. But then I almost only eat at home

I only eat vegan options in non-vegan restaurants

There are no 100% vegan restaurants in my country.

its easy to find vegan choices in most restaurants

I only eat in restaurants/ cafes occasionally. There are no fully vegan restaurants/ cafes where I live. I usually eat at vegetarian restaurants/ cafes - I only eat at places which serve non-vegetarian food very rarely.

I try to make ethical choices in my lifestyle every day, like buying second hand, organic and fair-trade, give money to amnesty and local organisations for homeless people and refugees etc.

I don't like eating in non-vegan restaurants, but occasionally will when a local vegan group meets at one. I try to be as minimalist as possible.

I'm a consumer and environmentalist

I prefer home-cooked meals, but will eat out from time to time.

I will always try and pick the best option with less impact on the earth

working towards becoming "more" minimalist

I never eat in any restaurant, no money for luxury

Trying to move more toward being minimalist!! When in a non vegan restaurant its a good opportunity to say, "what do you have on your menu that is vegan?" I even wrote a friendly letter once to a restaurant that had zero vegan options... they wrote back and said they would look into expanding their menu!

I'm an environmentalist witch who likes and collects works of art

But i don't eat anything meat - there are very few vegan eateries around and the few that are, their prices are exorbitant.

I eat in non-vegan restaurants because there are no vegan restaurants where I live unfortunately.

I will now eat in vegetarian restaurants, providing they have specific Vegan options, and they seem clean and trustworthy!!

I chose vegan only eateries first. If there are none I eat at a vegetarian eatery. If only meat-serving places are available I will go to one if I am sure they understand veganism and preferably only if they label vegan options. I use Happycow a lot.

I sometimes eat in non vegan restaurants that have vegan items on their menu.

Very seldom eat in non-vegan restaurants in social situations on another's terms or if there are no purely vegan/veg places around.

Rarely "go out".

My first preference is vegan only restaurants or outlets.

I almost exclusively eat at Vegan Restaurants, but occasionally try a non-vegan one if they have an option.

I try not to eat out at all

If I had my way, I would not eat in non-vegan restaurants, but it is hard to not meet my family halfway. Additionally, in the city where my family lives, there are no vegan restaurants.

I believe it's necessary to provide feedback and make non-vegan restaurants aware of a growing lifestyle--particularly among people who are affluent enough to dine/shop in upscale markets

making my way from consumer to minimalist

I do support a few non-vegan restaurants that have incredible vegan entrees and always tell them to have more vegan options

I am a consumer who is taking steps to be more of a minimalist

But I would not label myself an environmentalist as I drive a Petrol car :(

I only eat in non-vegan restaurants if forced to and they have something accidentally vegan on the menu. I always choose vegan eateries over non-vegan ones so I can support them financially.

Vegan dishes only, and I much prefer to eat in Veg only restaurants.

food for thought; may not eat in non-vegan anymore

I live in the dessert to not eat at a vegan restaurant would mean I wouldn't go out. So I do eat at restaurants that sell meat

most cooking with my family than going to a restaurant

I look for opportunities to eat in non-vegan restaurants and educate staff about vegan substitutes they might offer.

I'm a consumer but I try my best to be mindful and ethical in my consumerism. I consider myself an environmentalist.

I minimally consume!!

I try to buy as little as possible besides groceries and gas to get to work it's mostly vinyl records haha

There are almost always vegan options. There are no vegan restaurants in my town.

I find restaurants that have vegan options

creativity allows for vegan options! and makes others aware

i make my own meals, the public disgusts me.

I do what I can.

I consider myself an environmentalist but I do like shopping... =/

I minimize my impact on the earth but I still have to conform within the norms of society.

I don't like to eat in non-vegan restaurants but will depending on company.

Only eat in restaurants if I really have to, I don't like doing so. Around here have no choice but to use non-vegan places, don't know any vegan ones.

There are no vegan restaurants here. Most restaurants don't have vegan/vegetarian options.

only if they have vegan options and always check the ingredients. I'm too poor to be a consumer of any sort ; P

Minimalist not consumer. Practice environmental choices but not environmentalist as such

I don't need stuff. Just my dogs.

I strive to eat 80/10/10 so I try not to go to restaurants.

Again, some people taking this survey do not live in big cities. There are no vegan restaurants where I live. There aren't any vegetarian restaurants for that matter!

I rarely eat at non-vegan restaurants but usually eat at home.

I think it is important to show non vegan restaurants that there is demand for their vegan offerings so they keep it up

burn wood for heat

I think it's beneficial to eat at non-vegan restaurants specifically to order their plant-based substitutes to ensure that they see there is a market and hopefully ensure that they continue to make plant-based alternatives available and in hopes that will also lead them to expand their offerings

I call before and ask for vegan food. If restaurants do not respect this, I'll do not visit them.

more of a minimalist

I only eat in non-vegan restaurants if I have to; I try to be as Eco-friendly as possible, but still use modern technology

I rarely lunch with co-workers in a non-vegan restaurant and have salad with no dressing, or in Japanese restaurants where there are a few options for me.

we eat out rarely but there are vegan options in non-vegan restaurants

Usually I do NOT eat out, but when I have to (family occasions), I eat in non-vegan restaurants. As to being a consumer or minimalist: probably something in between. Definitely consume less than the average person and avoid buying stuff I don't need.

I buy everything second hand, so that no corporate entities profit from my purchases (with the rare exception of some food items)..

trying to become more minimalist

I would like to be a minimalist and am working on it :)

I don't buy anything I don't need. I very rarely eat in a non vegan restaurant. I occasionally visit our local vegan restaurant. I get sandwiches at our local health food store sometimes.

i prefer to eat in vegan and Indian restaurants

There aren't any vegan restaurants in North Dakota (that I'm aware of). Possibly Fargo? But, that is over 300 miles away. I just order french fries @ restaurants.

I prepare all of my meals at home.

very few and I don't like it

I always choose to eat at vegan over non-vegan restaurants when they are available but will patronize a vegan-friendly non-vegan restaurant when necessary. When in a group amongst omnivores I will suggest restaurants with good vegan options.

I prefer to eat in vegan restaurants, but it is not always an option

im a rocker

I hate to waste!

I eat wherever and find a way to eat vegan

I mostly eat my own food

I make them make me something vegan

I minimally eat in non vegan restaurants and my omnivore family is more supportive of my purity everyday. :)

I eat at every type of restaurant but stay vegan

Rarely eat out.

I tend to avoid restaurants that also serve meat.

I rarely eat in non-vegan restaurants.

when i eat in nonvegan restaurants ..i hope they will change

there are zero vegan restaurants in my city...otherwise i would definitely not eat in a non vegan restaurant

i try to be minimalist as much as possible

the idea of asking about consumerism to vegans is pointless as it is at its heart a critique industrial capitalism.

There are only a couple of non vegan restaurants I eat in due to their knowledge in the matter and they are trustworthy, organic local restaurants.

Against consumerism!

Do not go to restaurants much (no money), would eat in any that served vegan food. I see it as a way to introduce veganism to them.

I cook most of my own meals at home, I don't eat out much.

I am working on changing that. I mostly eat at home anyway and very rarely eat out.

If they serve me vegan food

But I rather eat at home.

If there were more vegan restaurants around, I wouldn't

You need more choices - what are you asking?? I will eat in a restaurant that will provide vegan food! I am a consumer, an environmentalist and probably not a minimalist. I'm also a pagan, a community development worker, and lots of other stuff besides being vegan.

I'm a vegan maximalist when it comes to consumption.

rarely eat out coz no vegan restaurants and I try to be eco friendly

only their vegan items and all the vegans items are cooked separately.

I'm an environmentalist, but believe consumer power is one of the best weapons we have

I go to vegetarian (-friendly) restaurants, etc. and ask if a vegetarian meal can be converted into a vegan one.

I try to reduce what I consume, but cannot label myself an environmentalist.

minimize best as possible eat where i can to promote veganism in variety restaurants

As I am unemployed, I eat where I am invited, and order vegan for myself.

I think asking for vegan meals in a non vegan place can only be a good thing. A local farm shop introduced a small vegan range after we inquiries there.

Between consumer and minimalist

I eat vegan, no matter where I go.

I have no other choice then to eat in nonvegan restaurants..

I shop in charity shops rather than always buy new stuff.

Still figuring this stuff out

I don't eat out at all to save money and think non-vegan restaurants would sneak animal products into my food.

I'm too new to make a big deal about this if I'm with a group of friends. But I always call and make sure they have vegan options

I try hard not to eat in non vegan restaurants but....

I mainly eat in vegan restaurants but we only have two in our city

Rarely eat out

Self labeling has limitations.

I rarely eat in non-vegan restaurants

I would eat in restaurants if they were organic with vegan choices, but my town doesn't have those, so I cook at home.

This question is a little confusing. What does being a minimalist have to do with where you eat out?

What is with these LABEL? For goodness sake! I like all sorts of HEALTHY food! Most vegan food is NOT healthy because SOY is NOT healthy!

I don't understand the last two options

I would sometimes eat at a non-vegan restaurant, but order food that are only vegan

there are no vegan restaurants where i live. want a cafe gratitude so bad. have to drive 1.5 hours just to get to a whole foods.

To clarify, I eat vegan options in non-vegan restaurants. I do so to promote there being vegan options in those restaurants.

i eat the one or two vegan dishes in non-veg restos

only vegan foods though

We choose vegan restaurants whenever possible.

very frugally; the minimalist, uncluttered lifestyle appeals to me

try to eat at vegan restaurants, but not many around here.

I rarely eat in restaurants

I eat at ll restaurants to forge a path for vegans and those attempting vegan shift to follow. Empowerment in dining in a prevegan world.

Mostly eat at home but do enjoy vegan restaurants about once or twice a month and eat vegan at non-vegan restaurants maybe twice a year.

I mainly eat at home

I cook my own food. I bought some books to learn how to make vegan food

I choose to be a consumer of vegan products, while still being mostly committed to environmentalism. Minimalism to me is QUALITY, not quantity, which I wholeheartedly believe in.

I eat vegan in non-vegan restaurants when I need to, e.g. dining with others', but I generally try to support vegan establishments.

I aim to live consciously

I only eat vegan in non-vegan restaurants

I make most of my purchases from small, local farms and businesses. I live minimally compared with typical US consumers, but in Vermont I'm merely average

I prefer to eat in vegan restaurants but do patron non-vegan restaurants due to lack of all-vegan options

I reluctantly eat in non-vegan restaurants

Eat raw vegan -salads so its easy-er to eat at non-vegan places

I make every thing we eat as a family, breakfast lunch and dinner

intolerant impatient vegan, I don't eat anything from non vegan persons

i live simplistic peaceful vegan lifestyle, minimal consumer

I try to be a sustainable consumer.

No time for eating out.

I will eat in non-vegan restaurants but only if I can get a vegan meal there.

However love shopping ethically 4 clothes, a bit of a weakness there


Only if I have to, as vegan restaurants are non existent in this area I avoid eating out

The only non-vegan restaurant I go to is rated best vegetarian restaurant in DC, and has a 95% vegan menu, and they never give me animal products.

Do what I can...

I am an environmentalist, and am growing out of my previous consumer practices, slowly.

I try to expand vegan selections at non-vegan restaurants, and educate them on the options and requirements

A real challenge is eating at networking functions. Often they do not cater to vegans and you have little options.

When I eat with my friends in a non-vegan restaurant, I adapt the vegetarian option to vegan.

I'm an aspiring minimalist! :)

Although I'm more of a minimalist/environmentalist, I make a point of supporting ethical businesses that I believe in with both my words and my money.

But I'm vegan for the animals.

difficult to find vegan options in local restaurants but always find at least one item i can consume at each

I eat in restaurants that offer decent vegan alternatives, not just salad! I also ask them to prepare goods away/different grill than meat products

I go out to eat only under extreme social pressure, *cough* my in-laws *cough*, and therefore go to restaurants less than twice a year. When I go, I usually do not order or allow my daughter to order. We find something else to do while everyone else is eating.

Eat vegan no matter where I am.

I eat in vegan restaurants whenever possible.

There is only one vegan restaurant

i rarely eat eat out, but if i did i would prefer a vegan restaurant, i try to live life in simple ways

I eat home grown food and carry some while I travel

As vegan as possible and as non violently and respectfully as I can manage.

I am trying to be eco-friendly by buying only second-hand clothes etc.

In those non-vegan restaurants, I still eat vegan.

I mostly buy food at local markets.

rarely eat out, once a month maybe

i eat at non-vegan restaurants but only order the vegan options on the menu.

I mostly cook at home

My preference is to eat in vegan only restaurants but that isn't always possible, but that's where I am most comfortable

I have eaten in non-Vegan restaurants but don't enjoy it. I can't consider myself a minimalist but aspire to purge of many of my belongings.

For our health, the animals, the planet; renew, reuse, recycle, refurbish, reclaim -- eco, green, sustainable, local, fair trade, organic, no-GMO, et al. = I call myself a compassionate, green and clean living advocate, as it is what I do for myself.

I do eat in non vegan restaurants, but very rarely.

I will have a Veggie burger when in a pub with my non vegan friends

Only if I can get something made vegan if not we leave.

I do not eat in non-vegetarian restaurants by choice, but there have been some rare social occasions (maybe once a year) where I cannot do this. By choice we always go to vegan, followed by vegetarian restaurants.

I do not enjoy eating out. I am not a "foodie"

Stay at home. Never eat out. Trust issues.

No vegan restaurants in my city, although good chefs always accommodate my requests for a delicious vegan meal.

but it happens at times that when i eat out and there is no other choice locally i might eat in non-vegan restaurants too

If I have choice, I chose vegan (or vegetarian restaurants), if not - simply go to a non-vegan restaurant with vegan options. But I do eat and drink out very rarely.

Only if I can find vegan meal in their menu.

I rarely eat in restaurants, and when I do, it's almost exclusively vegan (or at least vegetarian). I'm neither a minimalist or much of a consumer - will buy new stuff, but use it for a long time and don't throw anything useful away.

I eat at non vegan restaurants because there are no vegan restaurants in the rural are I live in.

i try and stick to shops that sell a lot of vegan products and label them as so

I am selective about which non vegan places I go to

Cook @ home mostly eat out at one of a couple places that is vegan friendly or vegan

I will eat in a non vegan facility if they have vegan food available. Mostly local, healthier facilities.

Prefer to prepare my own food at home, but when I eat out I don't have the choice of vegan restaurants. There is only one vegan eatery here and it operates only on Saturday mornings

i eat vegan food in non-vegan restaurants

i eat in non-vegan places as well as vegan places

I eat at a restaurant (either vegan or non-vegan) about once per year. I am minimalist in some ways but wasteful in others (I have long showers, live in a large apartment, buy several daily newspapers). I recycle over 99% (by mass) of my waste. I do not drive a car. I work at air traffic control even though I know planes use a lot of fuel. I have only flown twice: when my family emigrated to Australia and when I returned to Croatia.

don't care.

im an avid reduce reuse recycler. im also an artist so i consume a lot in this manner, consuming fresh water pouring paint down the sink or what do you do with old dry paint? throw it out. and ive had so mean fashion streaks in my life to and consumed here but this lasted 2 years and it was between advocacy. ive been torn through my horse riding always feeling like i loved the horse yet my ass was on a leather seat. still i feel leather can be used very long so there's less in the land fill but leather farms are horrible. im a growing and learning vegan who is growing on the family. now that i have a green toronto card i can have an excuse to lure my father away and hes agreed to eat holistic meats. i am intolerant to work at any place selling conventional meat. and i do respect but couldn't date a vegatarian who works cooking bacon

I don't eat out often, but when I do I try to eat in a vegan restaurant if possible

I do not eat out often because we do not have many vegan options where I live. When dining at non-vegan restaurants, the food is very boring as I have to ask to eliminate many of the ingredients.

I choose not to eat out I make my own meals

I don't eat at non-vegetarian restaurants

I visit non- vegan eateries at times but I'm not comfortable with it!

Veganism is part of my larger environmental ethic

There are no vegan restaurants around :(

I buy what I need in a variety of locations and eat where I can order vegan fare, most anywhere

I eat in non-vegan restaurants as I have many non-vegan friends but I always ask for vegan options or get the restaurant to make me something vegan such as by omitting cheese to something. eg cheeseless veggie pizza with extra tomato sauce mmmmmm

We mustn't avoid non-vegan restaurants; instead, we must make a change by helping them realise there are more and more vegans

I don't know if I deserve to call myself an environmentalist, but aspire to be!

Because of my spouse But am very limited to my choices

with good vegan options

I avoid non-vegan restaurants now since I have had unfortunate cross-contamination incidents in the past. Try to make all my own food and eat mostly raw.

vegan restaurants 98% of time

Mainly buffet style restaurants which ensure i have a large variety of options. Vegan restaurants are hellishly expensive here in Brasília.

hard to avoid plastic, but I try really hard

I eat only vegan all places

Veganism is a new concept to the people of Bangladesh.

i prefer to eat in vegan restaurants, but my second choice is vegetarian restaurant w vegan options, last choice is non-veg and encourage them to create vegan options (advocate for change!)

i don't eat out often and if I do its a chipotle (a non vegan place with vegan options)

I rarely eat out and prefer vegan restaurants when I do, but there is only one in my city. We drive a long way to get take away from there once a week and I have my birthdays there.

I rarely eat in non-vegan/ vegan friendly restaurants

Eco vegan girl style. Go green!

nothing to eat in restaurants - they are unhealthy

I prefer vegan or vegetarian restaurants.

I try to be an environmentalist, but I'm also a bit of a gadget-geek so I fail a bit at this

trying to keep it simple but couldn't call myself a minimalist

The vast majority of my belongings (furniture, books, clothes, ornaments) are second hand and have been acquired through Freegle, swap shops and charity shops.

I don't eat in restaurants

consumer transitioning to minimalist

I prefer to support vegan restaurants

trying to reduce my consume

Rarely eat out

I am a minimalist and am conscious about the environment (reuse, recycle,conserve water/electricity) but am don't call myself an environmentalist.

I hardly ever eat in public places unless on duty and that is the the time I have to eat with non-Vegans.

Although my husband would say otherwise (he thinks I'm a consumer) he's a true minimalist.

Only on occasion and only if they have vegan options.

once in a blue moon i may patron a non vegan half vegan place, but maybe twice a year. i hate giving flesh peddlers my money

I eat vegan food in restaurants that aren't specifically vegan

Most in my area offer vegan food or can accommodate me

I eat in non-vegan restaurants but request that any cooking utensils do not cross contaminate my vegan food with the non-vegan food.

I don't dine out often, when I do it is usually at veg only restaurants

I'm always trying to eat in vegan restaurant and avoid the ones where meat is most of the menu.

Sometimes I'm kinda forced to eat in non-veg restaurants, but it's not something I enjoy, I take care of the planet but I wouldn't consider myself environmentalist

I'm currently working on decreasing my plastic use

I don't eat out much at all, I'm a simple person don't need a lot

I'm a consumer, I love spending. I'm also an animal activist; I'm saving or helping them one way or another literally 24/7.

I reluctantly eat in non-vegan restaurants, prefer vegan venues.

Moderate, slightly more towards minimalist than consumer but wouldn't appropriate the environmentalist label.

I primarily consume digital products

eat at veg restaurants mostly, but sometimes at others.

I would love to live a life that lets me be a everything good toward the animals and the environment and also survive and prosper without guilt. As I would always give back.

but generally not meat serving ones

I want to STOP eating at non-vegan restaurants

I eat in non vegan restaurants when I have to but would rather not

I mostly eat at home, my own cooking, prefer less processed foods

But wouldn't if I didn't have a non vegan family

Don't eat out often -- I prefer my own cooking!

I don't have any vegan friends here so eating at non-vegan restaurants is a bit of a necessity especially since I can't think of one completely vegan restaurant in the city.

I usually eat in strictly vegan restaurants but when traveling I will eat at non-vegan restaurants and order vegan.

(I am driven crazy by grammar and logic errors and would like to proofread your next survey.)

If there were any vegan restaurants (or even vegetarian) I would prefer to chose to eat there!!!

I eat vegan (or, if not possible, vegetarian) were I have to, according to my professional schedule. (author's note, a vegan is always a vegan. I'm afraid nonvegans took the survey!)

Never eat out anymore after a few nasty incidents in 'good' restaurants.

eating out is very rare for me

Veganism for health, for the planet, and for the animals.

I don't eat out often, but when I do, I try and eat at vegan run/operated restaurants

I've lots of material possessions but rarely buy new

I am normal. I eat at home and very occasionally will order Indian curry at a restaurant

I make sure vegan food is available and always order vegan when I eat in a non-vegan establishment

I like non-vegan restaurants to know that I am here and would like NOT to be ignored. Most servers are pretty helpful and happy to suggest alternatives.

I hardly eat out because I like to eat organic.

I do my best, but don't like to always be the awkward one

i don't have choices where i live, so i eat at home mostly and try to feed as many non-vegans delicious vegan food every chance i get, then i try to inform them, most of the time i am a failure at it. but i keep on trying

I don`t eat out much, Usually go to vegetarian places.

fit, vegan, green ( as much as possible )

I find vegan items in all restaurants

I feel this raises awareness

I am not an environmentalist.

hard question, I am a compassionate shopped and I mainly eat at home

I visit no-vegan restaurants only if vegan/vegetarian only options are not available.

90% of the time if eating out vegetarian/vegan restaurants are picked, 10% of the time it is a non-vegan restaurant, that has a extensive vegan menu. However, 99% of all meals we eat are homemade.

Mix of all the above

I'm an environmentally aware vegan consumer.

I try to be savvy in my shopping and not overdo it like I used to. And in my community there's not a true vegan place to eat and since my husband is a non vegan I do have to use non vegan restaurant.

1) Non-vegan restaurants = restaurants that are not exclusively vegan, right? 2) I don't understand what you mean by the distinction between "consumer" and "minimalist".

Prefer all-vegan restaurants

I don't eat out much, but when I do I mostly go to vegan places.

I am raising awareness, I speak up, I ask precisely in restaurants for vegan food I am in a vegan community in the hometown

don't eat out much try to make all our food at home with the kids to keep them interested in their diet and health

no all vegan restaurants around :(

I eat in vegetarian restaurant - which are nonvegan - and others only occasionally eg coffee is someone else is going there.

I'm a consumer but I do my best to reduce, reuse and recycle. For example, I always bring reusable bags for all shopping (not just groceries) and we recycle as much as we can.

I prefer vegan restaurants but I relish bringing up the subject wherever I go and wherever I might "plant a seed".

I never eat outside. I am a minimalist.

in my area there are no all-vegan eateries, and very few that offer vegan options, so i eat at home.

Have to, not many vegan rest local, and hubby is non vegan, eating out is a large part of our Social life.

I am a consumer but fully aware of the impact I have and try to lessen or offset the effects wherever possible.

While I eat in non-vegan restaurants, I do not eat non-vegan products at those restaurants.

Slowly progressing from consumer to minimalist... long way to go...

I do not eat in Meat Restaurants.

i do eat eat in non-vegan restaurants, but prefer not to.

I will eat in restaurants that have vegan options.

but I avoid it, trust vegan restaurants more

I change more and more from a consumer to a minimalist

I don't know. I rarely eat out.

I don't like restaurants.

i will make sure to put together a vegan option for myself from the menu

Your religion question is obnoxious. I don't fit into your categories and there's no "other".

sometimes.. if I am out and really hungry, otherwise I try to give my money to vegan establishments.

I cook at home or with vegan friends everyday. But occasionally I'll eat at a restaurant. If there are vegan restaurants in the city, I'll choose those. If not, then vegetarian ones. But if those are not available either, I'll have a vegan dish at a mainstream restaurant. Not happily though.

I find myself making more meals at home. I hate fried vegan foods! Which seems to be majority of these places. I

home cook all meals from scratch - do not eat out - there are no vegan restaurants in our area

Trying to live more minimalist lifestyle day by day

If we only mix with Vegan's then how the Heck can we change anyone? Tbh I hate ECONOMIC and "RELIGIOUS" Vegan's (ie Vegan's who act like religious nut jobs about being Vegan)! Some Species eat flesh some don't! Humans are NOT meant to eat flesh so we should NOT but Cats are so should! K9's are omni so its ok for them to become Vegan. Rabbits eat their own nighttime shit don't mean we should. Each Animal to its own way! Mankind should stop RAPING MOTHER EARTH! And that includes Vegan's who trash Our environment!

no too minimalist but I do not follow fashion or any mainstream shallow practices

I do what I can with what I have.

But prefer not to, if I have a choice.

I do eat in non vegan restaurants, but very rarely. Only when necessary, like family functions.

Not sure if I understand the question. I think we are all consumers, not matter how minimalist we live. Perhaps a rating of 1 - 10 would do better than black and white options.

I go to non-vegan restaurants but chose a vegan meal

I prefer to eat in vegetarian or vegan restaurants because of the ethics and the hygiene, but I occasionally frequent restaurants that serve meat if they have good vegan food. I feel that this encourages mainstream venues to provide for vegans, and in turn, people will see that it's becoming easier to eat out as a vegan.

I mostly eat in vegan restaurants, but buy from non-vegan producers

I mostly cook for myself.

I don't socialise. Once a year maybe to restaurant. Don't visit or party or movies. Prefer my animals only.

I make a point of asking for vegan options at every opportunity, to create demand

I seldom eat out as there aren't many vegan restaurants. But I do eat at vegan restaurants and try go there more

I eat in non vegan restaurants if they serve vegan options

...but not in non-vegetarian restaurants (except when hugely awkward to explain, like being part of a large convention or conference). Also, I respectfully decline any meal invitations even by friends if there is going to be meat served at the event.

I do sometimes eat at non-vegan restaurants but do not enjoy the experience

Moving toward minimalism--gardening and buying second-hand

I rarely eat out as my town has no vegan or vegetarian restaurant they may have 1 or 2 options on the menu at some ts

I eat in non-vegan restaurant if they have something for my food choice's.

I do eat in non-vegan restaurant but I do call beforehand and ask if for a vegan menu. I have yet to be said no to this request.

mainly eating home and very rarely in random restaurants but only vegan meals

I prefer to eat my own food, but eat out in family/work situations once in a while.

Trying to live more minimally!

I only eat out when I have to be social.

I would love to eat only in vegan restaurants but it is too expensive and too far. When I am on the road and kids are hungry, I find something cheap and vegan for them to eat like a veggie Subway sandwich.

I take my own prepared food to non-vegan restaurants

I rarely eat out. I choose vegan restaurants if available. If not I order meals with no animal or dairy products.

There are no vegan restaurants where we live, but almost all non-chain restaurants here have vegan options. I'm not sure if I would label myself as a "consumer", but not a "minimalist" either. We rent our house, we wear clothes from thrift shops, we recycle, we make most of our own food and don't eat much packaged stuff, we drive as little as possible, we do not buy anything with palm oil or palm oil derivatives in it, we use natural, mostly-homemade cleaning and personal hygiene products, we have a small food garden and I am very big on not wasting food.

I prefer the vegan restos though...

as far as poss i won't, i don't like it

I do not know what is meant here by "minimalist" and "consumer".

I do eat in non-vegan restaurants but it's really difficult if the restaurant serves meat.

When going out, I rarely go to non-vegan restaurants.

i am very careful in non-vegan restaurants

My town only has one purely vegan restaurant

I do eat in non vegan restaurants, but I make sure anything I specifically order has absolutely no animal products in it.

I don't eat in restaurants

I'll only eat in vegan-vegan friendly restaurants.

i try the best i can but live with non vegan family members

I always prefer vegan restaurants, but there are none in my town.

I am starting to rethink the eating in non vegan restaurants...I cook a lot more than I used too--

I can't afford to eat at restaurants.

...minimalist and environmentalist in some ways, not in all. For instance, I try to avoid buying new objects (clothes, book, furniture etc.) and I cycle or take public transport most of the time, but I do fly a lot. I try to buy a lot of local and seasonal, but also regularly buy exotics (coffee!!!! avocado)

I request vegan food

It depends!

I perform in establishments both vegan and nonvegan, sometimes eating in the raw vegan restaurants

I try not o buy more than what i need, but sometimes i need more than i need

Only when we're asked out to eat by family members. If I could choose, I wouldn't.

I buy only from good companies that don't exploit animals.

i eat in non-vegan places when needs must but try to avoid it

I live in a small town and there are limited (if any) vegan options in most restaurants. There are no all-vegan restaurants existing yet. I buy produce from farmer's markets and grocery stores and make most of my meals at home.

In Portland, there are tons of non-vegan restaurants that cater to vegans very well - some with separate menus and grills.

I rarely eat in non vegan restaurants, but always ask them to prepare something vegan and to include more vegan dishes in their menu. I have been quite successful doing that.

I do eat in non-vegan restaurants when I don't have other options but I always order vegan and hope it will increase the demand for vegan menu options.

I don't sit at a table where dead bodies are served.

... but only vegan food of course!

85% of the time when I eat out with non-vegan friends, our destinations are vegetarian/vegan restaurants. They always LOVE the food and ask when we can return! Otherwise its ethnic cuisine like Indian, Japanese, Korean... I never support McDonald's, Taco Bell, steakhouses, etc.

... but I eat only what's vegan!

I love vegan restaurants but sometimes have to meet people at non vegan places, where I eat a vegan option or as close to as possible

But try to be a mindful, ethical consumer.

but only vegan food

In non-vegan restaurants, I ask for vegan options.

as long as they are flexible to prepare a vegan meal for me. There are no vegan only restaurants in SA and only few vegetarian ones

I eat Vegan, in non Vegan restaurants rarely

I try to avoid non-veg restaurants

In Denmark, there is only one vegan and a few raw restaurants, so eating out means eating in non-vegan restaurants.

I eat vegan food in non-vegan restaurants, if there is no vegan restaurant

I rarely eat out . . . but if I am in a city I will check Happy Cow for recommendations and go there. So most times eating out is in a veggie not vegan place. Most parts of the world have few if any 100% vegan restaurants.

i eat everywhere where I can get vegan food, food of non-animal

Although I do eat in non-Vegan establishments, for social reasons, I've had so many bad experiences, I now tend to eat before I go out, and I cannot trust these places any more.

Although prefer veg*n restaurants

don t like eating out

Mid road, try not to be a consumer, bu do like some stuff. Sometimes eat in non vegan places. Not that often anymore, though

I prefer to make all my meals myself

I occasional am forced to eat in restaurant w/ vegan option for business

Although I eat at non-vegan restaurants and educate the restaurant about veganism I do find it nauseating and heartbreaking watching people around me dining on animal flesh. I have downsized and simplified my life in both materialism and commitments.

I'm working on not supporting any non-vegan restaurants. It can be difficult living so far away from the city.

home cooking is best

I will eat vegan options in non-vegan restaurants.

due to work, i am forced to eat in non vegan restaurants, on prefer vegan only restaurants

I definitely consume, however, striving more towards a minimalist.

I'm a consumer but not a crazy one...and an environmentalist

I go with my friends/family wherever, but only eat what is vegan at any particular restaurant...sometimes not at all!

I probably eat a vegan dish once a year in non-vegan restaurants if that and I do like going there.

I generally only eat in vegan/veggie restaurants. Very occasionally non-vegan ones.

I'm a minimalist but I don't label myself an environmentalist

I would label myself an environmentalist

I really hate eating in non vegan restaurants because of cross contamination, though I have to occasionally

I primarily cook, but occasionally eat at restaurants, most of which are vegan and at times I'll eat a vegan meal at a non vegan place

the answers allowed are too narrow.

There are no vegan restaurants in my area.

I still eat in non vegan restaurants, rarely, choosing food as vegan as possible, but it doesn't make me happy about it. I do for not feeling cut off.

I rarely eat in non vegan restaurants.

(No vegan restaurants in our area, we always choose vegan menu items.)

Usually, I try to eat at home and sometimes in a veg/vegan restaurant

I think it's important to eat in non-vegan restaurants so that I may make them know my requests.

A mix of n 3 and 4

I am an environmentalist

There are no vegan restaurants where I live.

I don't have many options in my little town

I do eat in non-vegan restaurants but not with non-vegans. I prefer to eat in vegetarian or vegan places, as often as possible.

rarely eat out but occasionally eat at non vegan restaurant

I eat in mostly all vegan restaurants or restaurants with a dedicated vegan menu.

I consider myself a conscious consumer. i do purchase but as ethically as possible.

I get invited and educate them on the importance of catering for vegans - I feel this is a good approach and brings more awareness - I would NEVER go to McDonald etc though!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your amazing work!! xxxx

There are no vegan restaurants here. I eat at home most often.

I rarely eat out

We rarely eat out, but have eating at veg friendly restaurants!

I choose vegan options in regular restaurants so I can eat with my non-vegan friends/family without calling attention to myself

I attempt to avoid all non-vegan restaurants but will go the bars at said restaurants on occasion.

But there are 2 awesome vegan restaurants close by; I much prefer them!

prefer veg restaurants, but rarely eat out anyways

seems like a survey to find matrimonial match ...haha!

I eat very rare in a non-Vegetarian restaurants (There in No Vegan restaurants in Bulgaria). When I am out of the capital I don't have a chance for a Vegetarian restaurant - no such nobby things here!

(but I mostly cook at home and on my own business. But most of my supplies come from non-vegan markets).

I am trying to become less consumer and more minimalist. Old programming dies hard.

I only eat in non-vegan restaurants if/when they have plenty of vegan options.

I am minimalist with some things but with others I allow myself to have it. Example...clothes and books...I allow. Don't care about most luxury items.

I hate to eat in non vegan restaurants, but to keep my social life I sometimes dine out in non vegan places. I have actually inspired my carnivore friends to try a vegan lifestyle by this so it has some benefits.

I am a climate activist and fractivist.

I eat in non-vegan places as I have a few relatives who are not sympathetic to the vegan diet.

I do not like eating out if the restaurant is not vegetarian

I eat in non-vegan restaurants because I don't want to radically change my life style. But always choose animal products-free dishes

i live vegan as best i can

Try not to but if I do eat in a non-vegan restaurant I only eat vegan. There is always something to eat.

I eat in non-vegan restaurant,if they have a good vegan dish.

i am working on being less of a consumer- i am already way less than my peers

I rarely eat out, would much prefer vegan restaurants but they're rare

My town has one vegan eatery so I eat vegan at restaurants that have vegan food on the menu or we specifically ask for it

I eat vegan food only. Sometimes in non-vegan restaurants but I make sure that everything in my plate is 100% vegan!

But I am very specific that there is no contamination, but I prefer vegan restaurants

I eat vegetarian options without dairy in non vegan restaurants.

I always eat vegan everywhere I go. If a restaurant does not have vegan options I usually leave.

When I eat out it is only in vegetarian restaurants with plenty of vegan options

I would like to move to the minimalist phase,I do care deeply about the environment and very distressed about the amount of damage that is done to Mother Nature in the name of development.

my area does not cater for vegans other then soy lattes so don't eat out often. When away will ask for non animal food

Do my best in the situation I'm in

I try to educate non-vegan restaurants when I am there.

I eat vegetarian meals

I always carry my own bag while shopping, if i don't then I put them all in the back pack which I always carry, I don't eat out much, very selected and choosy, but all vegan and healthy! I don't throw garbage out, I recycle, I have a dustbin in my car and i don't spit or dirty roads, am very strict with my ethics! No compromise!

I may consume less than your average American, but I buy products which are not tested on animals, free from chemicals, dyes, perfumes and artificial ingredients for the most part.

I very rarely eat out.

I give credit to non-vegan restaurants for having vegan options on their menu in the hopes that they will increase their options.

none are apt. does minimalist equate with as little consumption of all consumer products as possible?

Unfortunately there are only 2 complete vegan restaurants in Johannesburg, South Africa and they are far to travel to. Not a very vegan-friendly country. So We don't have much of a choice when eating out

But ALWAYS eat and live VEGAN...90% raw

Prefers mostly home cooked food or Pure Veg Restaurant. There are available in India not sure about other parts of World.

The ONLY time I eat at non-vegan restaurants are for family gatherings (only two vegan restaurants in the local area and neither are large enough for my entire family) & when traveling.

The choices to eat out are very limited around here, so if travelling I would eat in non vegan of I had no other choice though I am more inclined to eat in my hotel room.

I eat in non-vegan restaurants and request non-vegan meals.

when it cant be helped ~ prefer to only use vegan (anything!)

I mostly eat in Vegan restaurants.

I eat in non-vegan restaurants (not very often, though), but I order vegan items.

I will always choose vegan or vegetarian restaurants if possible over omni reataurants that provide a vegan option

Closest vegan only restaurant is 50 minutes away. We go there every other week

I currently live in a very small town and don't eat out often but when we do our first choice is always a vegan, vegetarian, or ethnic if available as I want to support organizations I believe in

I do not live near any restaurants so eat at home mainly

No vegan restaurants where we live. We eat out about once a month with our local vegan group in the area.

I eat mostly in vegan restaurants, but since there are only 2 in my town, I also sometimes eat (very rarely though) in a non-vegan restaurant.

I do not understand the question

Any non-vegan restaurants I order an appetizer or veggie burger

I rarely eat out, but will eat at restaurants that have vegan options or in vegan restaurants

By asking for Vegan options in a non-vegan restaurant I feel makes them more aware of veganism.

try to live with less but would not call myself minimalist

But I only eat vegan food

I do prefer vegan restaurants, but if out with family/ friends - I will simply order a vegan item off the menu. I will not go back to any restaurant that serves exceptionally cruel dishes such as veal or foie gras.

I do most of my own cooking at home.Can't afford dining out.

We rarely eat out, and if we do, we eat vegan dishes, though there is only one vegan restaurant in our town.

Leaning toward minimalist

but i only order vegan food.

We live in Kansas with very few vegan restaurants.

Most of the time, if I go out to eat, it is almost always at a vegan restaurant. Sometimes I do go to non-vegan restaurants, but they're typically vegan-savvy (e.g. Thai food restaurants).

I eat vegetarian where as most restaurants have one veggie meal.

i can always find something vegan

As long as there are vegan options I'm cool, don't judge others, that is their path: journey

Wish that weren't the case

I am an environmentalist but not a minimalist

I'm poor, we don't eat out. Once every month or so, I go to Chipotle

I prefer to eat in vegan restaurants, but most have a vegan option.

mostly eat home, or vegan restaurants, sometimes nonvegan with family (author's note; this person is not vegan taking a vegan survey; vegan are always vegan.)

but I mostly patronize my local vegan restaurants

Living in Wisconsin, the heart of the diary industry, vegan "anything" has been slow in coming. Non-vegan restaurants are the only restaurants in my area. We do everything we can to praise any establishment that offers honest vegan options. It may not seem much, but here, it is a voice where there are few.

Only occasionally ask for a vegan meal at a non-vegan restaurant but vast majority i go to vegan restaurants

hippy dippy community acupuncturist who lives in her office and eats mostly from the local CSA

I would label myself an environmentalist.

I rarely eat in restaurants at all. There are NO all-vegan restaurants in my area that I know of.

I consider myself minimalist and recycle everything I can. I do eat at non-vegan restaurants but have began to cut back on eating out due to the fact that the restaurants are most likely serving non- organic items.

rarely eat out, vegan for the animals, environment, health, etc.

I do not really eat out

I'm still a consumer, but look for reused / recycled / locally made

Moving toward self sufficiency.

i cook at home

lucky to be able to have meals tailored for me when necessary

I don't eat out a lot and always call in advance to make sure there is vegan food available.

I eat in non-vegan establishments but only if a vegan option is available.

I prefer vegan only restaurants but they are hard to find sometimes.

I was a lot more of a greenie before meeting my partner. I still am at heart but life gets in the way. Children unfortunately make convenience the priority rather than sustainability. But it is always in my mind and i push it onto my partner and children. I have had to compromise. I turned him vegan though!

I try not to eat out. its a waste of money, i truly don't know how its cooked, prepared and if the kitchen is clean so i tend to stay away from restaurants.

I eat at vegan-friendly restaurants only. I guess I'm somewhere in between a minimalist and a consumer.

I very rarely eat in non-vegan restaurants

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