September 21, 2013

Are vegans mentors, advocates, or quiet - question from survey of vegans

Survey Question: Which most describes you? (choose all that apply)

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I am a mentor or coach and help new vegans - 20.73% 1,426
I have a vegan website or blog - 15.84% 1,090
I live vegan but don't "push it" on others, don't bring it up for discussion - 34.90% 2,401
I use social media for vegan advocacy - 63.87% 4,394
I educate my friends or family about veganism but not the general public - 55.16% 3,795
I educate the public about veganism for example giving speeches, at a market stall or leafleting - 17.57% 1,209
Total Respondents: 6,880 + 570 chose "other" with a comment, here are those comments:

I'm an animal rights activist.

I don't do anything formal, but I'll talk to anyone about it!

If people want to know more I'll tell them but I won't force my beliefs on them as in my exclusive it just causes people to become defensive and shut off.

I participate in our local vegetarian group which consists of over half vegan. I educate when I do booths for the group, as well as help anyone who in genuine and asks about being vegan & why they should be. My children are also wonderful at stating they do not eat meat & why. My 6 and 5 yr old are vegan ¬ filtered yet. So they just tell people they aren't cows and don't eat periods. We all share information via twitter, Facebook and I have a 'family' blog which will contain something's related to a vegan lifestyle..

its been hard to be heard.. friends and family are not so open to "new" topics, they believe in many myths.. it pisses my off

Attending demos

I tell anyone I am vegan and am point blank as to why esp when they don't see the point.

I post online, as of yet my entire family just ignores it or argues their silly denials..sigh

If someone is open minded enough i will easily share and try to bring them to a understanding of veganism

Only when it comes up

I plan to become as active as I can in the public arena.

I have plans for reaching out further with the vegan message perhaps speaking engagements!

I educate my family, friends and anyone else when the opportunity arises.

I volunteer my knowledge to anyone who asks

If the subject comes up or questions are asked I'm glad to participate in a discussion. I don't bring it up out of the blue.

I speak about being Vegan with most people I am in touch with daily

I bring it up if it comes up. I dont push others i talk passionately about it. People have to see and make up their own damn minds because ten its only energy draining my soul lol

None of these apply

I live vegan and talk about it to friends or people i meet.

Anyone who asks I will "educate"

i run a vegan Peoples Kitchen, but i keep in the background the fact that its vegan

Although I'm happy to discuss with friends, family (F and F) and coworkers, I generally don't push it, and focus on the public (strangers). Let's say I stand my ground, as *they*, F and F, typically tend to push it. I have found that there tends to be more challenge and bias with F&F. Coworkers sometimes never know I'm Vegan. It's not necessarily worth it, as I tend to focus my energy on those interested, as opposed to those not interested, which is often the case with friends and family.

I am constantly giving people different vegan facts, and telling them how a plant based, cruelty free vegan lifestyle is the way to live

I help anyone who wants to know about veganism, but I would not consider myself a coach or a mentor.

My PhD also discusses animal rights and veganism

I live vegan but although I do not "push it" on others I am happy to discuss it

I debate all the time on politics, religion, and ethics. Veganism comes up often enough.

I collaborate with several animal rights charities.

If they ask, I answer

I resent the taboo of speaking of it or promoting it. If I were braver I would.

Educate anyone who asks.

vegan t-shirts all the way! :)

JUST started vegan advocacy to public again

i discuss it when others bring it up

I don't start discussions about veganism because I've made the experience that it's the best for me to just live "easy" and from time to time people will see that I chose soy-milk or that I don't wanna try their steak... and one day they gonna ask me why all this. so when I then start to talk about veganism it's like they are really listening. this gives every time very positive feedback and makes ppl think because they see that I didn't try to bother them with my opinion.

I often try to avoid discussions because of the negative reactions (eg with my wider family, etc.)

I tend to keep my opinions to myself unless asked, but I think that's to with low self-esteem as opposed to a lack of passion or understanding about the necessity of spreading the vegan message.

i'm a vegan artist

i bring it up randomly and have done stalls.

I try to share it with everyone I come into contact with, good food is a good introduction!

Run online vegparents support groups in UK

I spend a lot of time educating people about animal testing, factory farms, dairy industry

I wear vegan tshirts and plan to distribute leaflets by 2014

When someone expresses an interest in veganism, I suggest tools that were helpful to me.

I do animal rights advocacy.

I try not to judge others, which is really hard as I have no respect for an omnivorous diet or lifestyle. However I believe that compassion is the key to helping others see their path, and me getting upset with them is not helpful for anyone, especially me.

I use food to advocate veganism to my friends and family

I don't like arguing but I am happy to answer questions.

I happily discuss it when people ask.

If somebody asks me why I am vegan, I will explain the dairy industry, and suggest some educational films like Earthlings or Forks Over Knives

I am vegan and explain what that means to anyone who is interested

If someone brings it up, I will educate them.

people always ask that's then I teach about veganism and animal exploitation

I educate on heart healthy eating, which includes vegan choices

I try to be the "cool vegan" and try to demonstrate the benefits of a vegan lifestyle more than I talk about it, although if friends get me going, it's hard to get me to stop talking about it!

Only if they show interest.

cooking demos

I educate the public by attending demonstrations and vegan events; I unofficially mentor/coach new veg people (e.g. family and friends)

If someones interested, I start talking about veganism, otherwise not

If people ask, I tell.

I reblogged a few pictures on fb, and got told i was ramming it down everyone's throats. I've tried to discuss it with friends but most get really defensive and verbally attack me. Only a few (who are open to the bigger picture and interested in being healthier) have actually paid attention/agreed/and discussed it, but alas they still haven't joined veganism

I teach about veganism with compassion because hate breeds hate

i am a retired vegan alone

Unfortunately, I do not have hope in humanity. I don't believe the world will be vegan. I will tell friends and family about veganism, and I do not hide my feelings when any animal cruelty related topics arise. But I am not out to convert everyone I meet. I wish that the world were different, and if I can encourage people to adopt a vegan lifestyle, I will do all that is in my power. But it is a delicate subject for most, and so I do not constantly push it.

Talk about veganism all the time. Share delicious food with non vegans

I consider myself an animal rights activist. I do non-violent demonstrations.

I tell ppl about it who are interested, but tolerate them as non vegans

my family is already vegan.

I also run the monthly public meetings for Animal Liberation.

I talk about it to anyone who will listen but don't push it. That's a turn off right there.
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Volunteer for SAFE

I bring it up but don't push.

I have a vegan clothing line & illustrate to spread "softly" my veganism

I am limited by physical illness so most of my advocacy

I will discuss and debate it with anyone who's curious

I love by example. Never be rude or push it. Always available to answer questions. through this I have open many peoples minds and two people in my life became vegan so far.

I educate clients in my salon about why i am changing my lifestyle.

If they ask they will get answers

I don't like the word 'educate' used in this context, I'm realistic not everyone is going to be vegan, if people ask I tell them all the info they should know sometimes when they don't ask as well but I respect others point of view just as I expect them to respect mine, me saying 'you shouldn't eat meat' is just as bad as them saying 'you should eat meat'. The carrot works better than the stick! I bake vegan treats for non-vegan friends and family, tell them why I'm vegan, plant the seed, the idea and let it grow on it's own.

Often donate vegan baking to charity fund raising events.

I share info with ppl who ask

I am also an Angel Intuitive and many of the Angel's messages for individuals and groups promote a vegan lifestyle for health, wealth and compassion.

I educate at work for those interested

involved in setting up a vegan restaurant (co-op/community project) to introduce people to vegan foods, and give teens and their parents advice

I discuss veganism with anyone who shows the remotest bit of interest.

New vegan, I explain what I know to the best of my knowledge to people who don't realize what is going on.


I am open with it, but don't push. Will answer questions.

tabling for vegan groups, marches, protests

I always find an opportunity to talk about animals somewhere somehow

I tell everyone if I have the opportunity

I don't like to out right push veganism on my friends from fear of them getting annoyed and casting a bad light on the movement. I like to subtly influence them by sharing yummy vegan food with them or recommending cruelty-free products. I also like to share photos of my adventures on social networks (Facebook, Instagram) so people can see how fun, easy and delicious it is to be vegan. I have had many friends come to me for advice on how to go vegan since doing this. I don't initiate discussions on veganism but will openly talk about it if someone asks or starts the conversation. Outside of this I also participate in many protests against things like animal circuses, horse/jumps racing, marine slaughter, live export and more.

I also use social media

Feel like I should educate people when they beat me up about my eating habits. I do not talk about it because if this. But if they knew the reality of what was behind what they ate maybe they'd feel differently. They usually say " eww.. I don't want to see/ hear that" if I even gently brought it up. I have to bring my own food if I am ever invited to someone's home. I also have a disability so feel doubly ostracized.

I produce a coule vegan events per year.

I want to become more involved as I believe it is great for so many reasons, but am not yet confident enough.

I hand out vegan living leaflets with recipes and samples of vegan foods to families in the vicinity of ourselves at parks etc.

i hate the world C:

volunteer with a vegan organisation and help with events, stalls etc.

I selected "vegan website or blog" because my side-business - The Vegan Goddess - has a Facebook page

I also educate friends and family

I like to educate people about being vegan in a positive way - through training and competing in figure I hope to demonstrate that you CAN build muscle and be strong as a vegan. I also like to share my recipes and lifestyle on my blog, and answer questions from others/help people make the transition

not about veganism, but about animal liberation. i do not use the V word.

young vegan's meetup, have done a lot of vegan outreach and protesting

My work to save wildlife does not allow me to discuss veganism as many of my grass roots members are meat eaters. My focus needs to be the threat to our wildlife at this time.

I think I am going back to non vegan

I don't push my beliefs on others, but they know I am vegan and will discuss it with them if they are interested

I own a business which promotes veganism, vegetarianism (as a transitional stage).

i have done public activism in the past but not since i moved out of the country

I don't push my views on others, but I do have discussions with family and close friends, and anyone else who expresses curiosity. I've also volunteered with Food Not Bombs and National Meat Out Day

I don't bring it up for discussion for my own sake. However, I strongly support advocacy.

I organise conferences and talks on animal rights

I teach college courses on the politics of food

I don't often bring up vegan issues but gladly discuss it when others have questions

I try to educate family/friends, but mostly they are polite, but don't want to know

I am always happy and willing to help anyone who asks. I don't believe anyone should push their lifestyle, dietary, religious, political, etc. beliefs on others

I would never tell someone else how to live their life and I feel very strongly about that

somewhat active on the internet but it is not my basic political engagement

I take every opportunity to cook amazing vegan food and share it with people that are non vegans to make them see other alternatives to consuming dead bodies.

I protest for animal rights occasionally

i just live

I rarely bring it up for discussion unless I am with close friends or family, but if the topic comes up, I am willing to discuss it passionately.

I am totally burned out as far as it goes for activism

My friends and family consider me annoying for mentioning veganism, but I do it anyway

and I educate friends and family when it's appropriate

If people ask then I will inform them why I am vegan. I advocate for all animal well-being, but close to my heart is the plight of Greyhounds and Lurchers - I campaign pretty much full time for their well-being.

I prefer to "push" veganism from the compassionate choice for animals. Too many vegans are focused on the health aspect rather than the cruelty to animals, and environmental impact of animal exploitation.

I teach vegan cooking classes.

i make it clear to everyone im vegan and won't settle for anything else

I talk about veganism to people that are honestly interested

I educate through bake stalls raising awareness of the joys of vegan baking and fundraising for animal sanctuaries

I attend AR demos.

I only educate the public when someone ask me more specifics or about my view

More on raw food

vegan FB page

I educate everyone, but mostly only if they bring it up. I generally don't wish to speak with persons who don't want to listen and I mostly try to lead by example doing more than saying.

Wear pro vegan tee shirts. Have discussions with friends.

I hold raw vegan uncooking classes

I talk to strangers every where about living vegan

School Speaker for Animal Aid

It is hard to find time for meaningful activism, but I try to reach out to the public when I can.

I want to start a blog soon!

also educate friends and family.

i make vegan food for Buddhist retreats and other events

One on one, any time, anywhere.

I blog and do art for Vegan Mainstream. I'm published in "Confronting Exploitation", a new book of AR essays.

I do leaflet and will talk about it with anyone, though I have a hard time communicating.

I'll talk to anyone about veganism if the situation presents itself

I like to think I'm pretty realistic and open (but consistent) when dealing with non-vegans. I don't like to bring it up, but it almost inevitably does; I talk about it but don't push it, I think remaining reasonable and approachable is a preferred state

I educate my friends or family about veganism when approached about it but not the general public

It depends on the situation, sometimes I will prefer not to push it when I feel it is pushing others further away and won't bring it up, other times I will bring it up, and will always answer questions happily when it comes up.

I occasionally re-post stuff on Facebook and bring it up in conversation.

I am a former Animal/Earth Liberation Prisoner of War. Jailed for Incitement. Now I take a more moderate line.

Plus i advise family & friends when i can on the simple side of vegan & give leaflets

I have become more active in the past years, volunteering sometimes for NGOs, or participating in protests

When the opportunity arises occasionally will help out at/cook for local vegan fares, make and sell campaigning badges/recipe leaflets, but only happens very rarely.

I do tend to tell people I am vegan and explain to them why, but don't push it too much unless they ask (then I explain in more detail) as I want people to see vegans in a more positive light

I generally only talk about veganism if someone else brings it up.

I don't push it, but I don't hide it. Really dislike all this aggressive vegan stuff I see on social media now :(

trying to pass for my kids the advantage of being vegan

We are vegan activists that use vegan food to educate people.

I donate money to vegan organizations. I participate in Vegan Outreach's Team Vegan.

also gently educate friends when they appear receptive, this is harder to do than educate the public

I volunteered with the 10 billion tour this summer

I use social media to positively promote veganism, i.e., minimizing graphic pictures of animal torture and abuse while pointing more towards the positive impacts of veganism, the nature of it being the only truly rational and ethical lifestyle, promoting things like vegankit and earthlings

bring up veganism in my daily dealings with people

I speak up about it EVERYDAY!! :)

I teach vegan cooking in courses in a small town

I am a dietitian & address adopting/maintaining vegan diet in my private practice work

If someone brings it up I share my thoughts

all of the above

If someone is seeking for information good, I'll give them, I also use social media to share vegan-related content

will talk to people who seem interested

I am always looking for ways to start up conversations with strangers about veganism. I leave leaflets and info at libraries, doctors offices, and other good places.

i would like to educate the public about veganism in the future, that is my dream

I present on a vegan/animal advocacy radio show

huge breastfeeding advocate -- this is essential to the vegan lifestyle

Leafleting, tabling, and educate family, friends and co-workers.

My friends and family know I ma vegan. I don't push but I always bring a yummy vegan meal, answer questions or recommend recipes

I have a blog where I post about veganism, but its not a strictly vegan blog.

My dad is actually going to try being vegan =)

I educate whoever wants to know and wants to listen not the negative people though they make me want to punch them :)

I found out for my close family/friends, they are more receptive when I don't push. However, I educate people whenever they are curious about why I go vegan.

I will discuss but try not to "push it". If they ask I'll answer...

I make my general, basic beliefs known through social media which leads people to come to me for help in their journey.

Started eating vegan due to health issues and adult-onset (or worsening) Food Allergies.

Teach vegan cooking

have gotten 1 friend and 2 family members to go vegan. 1 family member then made educated her coworker and made him vegan.

I live by example as a vegan, and willingly engage in conversations about veganism quite frequently, i.e. I make few attempts to avoid conversations about veganism.

animal rights protester/advocate

In the past, I have helped vegans from overseas and have given vegan food demos

I share my vegan enthusiasm online - FB page and blog, and love talking about it with people who show interest. I don't push my views on others, but I will hold my ground

I edit a mag, write for it, sell at our stalls, help on other stalls and leafleting

I will answer and discuss honestly when someone inquires about my vegan diet

All of the above but only when prompted or asked for information from others

would love to educate general public too working on it

I educate the general public through social media, but not in person.

If people ask I'll chat to them about being vegan but generally don't push it

I am now a personal trainer, and use my authority to guide people towards plant-based living for health reasons.

I also distribute "Why Vegan?" Leaflets

I try to talk about being vegan to anyone that will listen

educate all those interested in learning

Occasionally once per month

I'm assertive about veganism - I won't tolerate 'teasing', but not aggressive or preachy

I am more than happy to talk to people about veganism if they are interested in a vegan lifestyle.

as an add on to the answer I chose, I don't bring it up for discussion but it if someone else brings it up i will talk about it and answer questions.

bit of all the above

I strike up conversations about veganism everywhere I go in a non-threatening manner- usually at the grocery.

I live vegan and don't push it on others, but certainly mention it. I don't think people change because others try to force their beliefs on them, I think they change by being inspired by others and by seeing how being vegan can be a really enjoyable way of life.

if people ask, I help. if they're a MESS, I'll put in my 2 cents

educate when possible

I just became vegan so I am finding my voice, so to speak. Don't fall into any category yet

i am a activist and rescuer

I offer advice when asked.

I promote veganism and educate people in my family, friends and school community about veganism.

If they ask, I'll answer.

I use a social networking site to post pictures of my vegan food and lifestyle. I like to educate people, such as my family or co-workers, about a vegan lifestyle but I do not push my beliefs on them. I find that people are more open and accepting of my lifestyle when I simply inform them and do not try to get them to follow my lifestyle.

I educate people on the cruelty of the animal/birds

Gladly and openly discuss veganism!

I write and publish about veganism.

i try not to be overbearing but occasionally encourage friends and family

write songs about veganism

I teach about animals and animal rights issues whenever I can and never use any materials that promote non-vegan a

a person's ethical choices are theirs to make and i don't believe in forcing my beliefs onto other people. i advocate veganism only when asked about it. that being said, i am asked about it on almost a daily basis. i think that an openly militant attitude shuts people down immediately and achieves nothing.

I'm not pushy (it doesn't work coming from me) but am open about my veganism and happy to talk with anyone who's interested. Interest is key, or no one listens!

would love to be educated myself

id like to be able to do more but im shy to do it alone

i have a one track vegan mind cant stop telling people

Board member of AR group and farm animal sanctuary

also volunteer for animal advocacy

will be doing public works soon

I incorporate the plant based diet in treating illnesses

We will help anyone with it but do not push it. let them ask

early in my veganism (20 yrs ago), I did a lot of talking and "pushing," which backfired. burned by that experience, I shut up. these days I find educating others very challenging, even when opportunities present themselves. I fall back on the idea that at least I "model" vegan behavior, but whether this influences others is questionable.

I live vegan, try not to "push it" too much but I do bring it up for discussion; also discuss with friends & family; and use social media for education.

I discuss openly

I'm a very opend speeched quit intolerant and impatient vegan...

Tell patients of the health benefits of the whole food, plant-based diet.

FB group to support and help new vegans.

I live vegan and do bring it up when it seems appropriate.

Show various movies & do the occasional legal work 4 animal organisations

Will be setting up a raw vegan website and training online

I educate the public about veganism, but do it just online, in my relationship pages.

informal mentor/coach. whoever asks me and wants to change - I help them

My whole life focus is on contributing to the growth of the vegan movement

Friends and family educated only on request. I learned that.

People are coming to me for resources. I have a lot of info, but am not a coach.

I am happy to talk with anyone about veganism and will bring up the topic of veganism when relevant

i am currently in a health coach program

Anywhere I go!

I would call myself a 'moderate' vegan. I think you can't be too militant/restrictive, or the diet becomes too difficult to maintain. So if I eat a slice of bread, I don't worry about whether or not it has eggs.

Much of my fiction writing and screenwriting deals with animal rights issues, and connects animal rights to other social justice issues.

Leafleting and street stalls.

I don't really tell people I am vegan yet if they ask I will.

I don't talk about it unless asked.

I put my food on instagram

"Go Vegan" bumper sticker and run vegan groups.

Educating anybody and everybody about veganism whenever I get a chance!

I am open about being vegan and will discuss it if asked and not push it on anyone

Will try to bring it up for discussion if possible, but not a lot comes out of it.

I have a vegan accessory company, and do my best to advocate veganism in any opportunity I have.

I talk about veganism, when there is a subject like nutrition

Every time I'm at the grocery store I start a conversation with someone and promote a vegan diet.

I educate my friends and family, too, if they show interest

I use social media and talking to everyone and his brother about being vegan every now an than.

I work as a nutritionist

I spent 15 years as a Vegan Society local contact, but am taking a rest now.

I would like to promote veganism on a larger scale when I am older and able.

no question, no answer - I don't discuss people that topic, if I'm not asked about.

I do outreach volunteer work for the Toronto Vegetarian Assoc.

I educate my friends and family but some friends just bite my head off so I tend to not bring up my veganism

I do social media for a vegan business

And I plaster the shit out of my truck with vegan bumper stickers.

I will talk to anyone who wishes to listen.

see above #3; I host culinary workshops, demos, speaking presentations - public and private, et al.

plan on joining a group for leafleting

People at my bar hear my vegan talk every so often.

I don't push it on people, but make it know n that I am vegan.

I sometimes share information about veganism on facebook or twitter

i person a vegan info table at a market every other week, and happily talk about veganism if it comes up, but don't push it on people.

well,i do to public at times to but don't push it - but don't stay quiet either

I'm Aiming to be an example and promote veganism in the career i choose in life

I have received so much personal hate and attacks from trying to educate and inform people, that for the time being I don't bring it up in discussion

I am about 1/2 way between the last 2 choices

I have done a vegan display at the public library

Ir depends upon my mood & how much time I have

I volunteer for SAFE

I discuss the benefits of plant-based diets to a few people at work.

I occasionally write a "letter to the editor" on vegan, animal-rights, ecological, indigenous rights and human rights issues; and I also write to companies and politicians

live my life.

i do my best to be a vegan that emphasizes compassion for the environment. i am also tolerant of all citizens who make even a step such as thanking people at grocery stores that choose free run for example

Only discuss veganism if others want to know

I use any opportunity to talk to people about it, but do not schedule speeches, leafleting, etc.

I happily educate people about veganism if they inquire

Still new to this so non of the above

I didn't leaflet this past year.

I'll talk to people about veganism if they ask me and want to hear about it.

I do a little bit of all of the above.

I don't proselytize, but it often comes up in conversation

I tell people I'm vegan so I can be fed vegan foods such as at restaurants and pot lucks and that is usually enough to get negative reactions. I then provide the facts, as I believe them, on why I am a Vegan politely.

None of the above

academic looking to research and advocate in veganism

In real life I don't talk about it much unless it comes up in our conversation.

I volunteer at local animal rights groups and participate in public demonstrations

i educate about veganism through classroom teaching

try my best for this, but people in Brasil are most accommodate with carnivorism

I try to be a walking advert for veganisim I.e. looking really healthy and being happy etc - if people see how happy and healthy I am they are more likely to be open about it and even consider turning vegan. I don't want to push it onto people as that can really put people off.

I usually wait until someone asks a question that will lead to me telling them I am vegan, so hat I know they are truly interested in my information and effort. I also join groups to leaflet to the public but don't do it solo.

only inform if asked, not a closet vegan

I hold vigils outside of a slaughterhouse.

I only really talk about it if asked, but I sometimes post links to articles about animal rights or animal suffering on facebook.

I have done stalls and leafleting in the past, and plan to start giving talks.

I also do my best to educate my family and friends when they are open to listening...

I do discuss in the workplace. It's too big not to. Our company doesn't serve anything vegan nor even vegetarian, and there are a few of us around.

I run a veg email list which advertises vegan events, businesses and helps people with info on how to go vegan - or even vegetarian, but with a definite encouragement to go vegan. I also volunteer to help out at a vegan non-profit organisation with a vegan cafe and cruelty free shop when I can, and promote it as much as possible. I also attend and have helped organise animal rights rallies etc.

I educate my friends and family when asked. I am a vegan health coach, not for profit.

Everyone I have told that I am vegan has been interested in what I had to say.

I want to become braver and more of an activist.

I'm beginning to get active in advocating for the vegan lifestyle. When asked, I let people know how I feel about the subject. Both those I know well and those I don't.

i also educate family and friends!

lets say, I try to discuss and educate my family/friends

to anyone respectfully willing to listen

i only discuss it at length if the other person asks for more information

I bring it up whenever appropriate (talking about dining options, etc.)

I speak my mind through a public forum - namely a website.

Am developing a TV series with a 'masterchef' :)

I bring it up whenever possible

I'm new to veganism so I don't push it on others but I use social media and 'like' all of the vegan things

I try to educate people when they ask about veganism. I don't want be a pushy vegan and give others a reason to see vegans, and by association veganism, in a bad light. I occasionally share or like vegan posts on Facebook though in the hope people will be prompted to find out more for themselves and question their own behaviour, how their food is produced etc.

I declare that I am vegan and educate those who would like to know more.

when asked, I will engage in a discussion about veganism

I occasionally re-post vegan videos, pictures, etc. on Facebook.

Occasional leafleting/personal interaction opportunities as and when these arise.

I am going to start a vegan business (market stall that offers educational material)..

I want to speak out about it at work but it would definitely get me in trouble. I want to speak out about it in public but am a little afraid of getting attacked.

I have done all types of outreach in the past and have suffered from burn out. Now mainly living by example and reaching out to those who are transitioning in my own circle of friends and acquaintances.

I am vegan and talk about it but only with those that are interested or ask questions.

I will discuss and educate anyone who shows interest

and family and friends

my future life will be dedicated to campaigning now

I wear clothing with AR or vegan messages, have strong visible "vegan" tattoos, have successfully participated (openly) as a vegan in strength sports, have been involved in youth vegan programs, have been involved in many protests and the handing out of fliers, have been involved in open rescues.

I sometimes bring it up with my family

I am very outspoken about veganism and animal rights with people in my life.

I'm open about it & talk about it if the other person wants to. I actually use similar ways of communication as I do with smokers; me being a former smoker. I understand how tough it is plus veganism is alien to some people also.

Cupcake activist/advocacy through delicious food

If food topics come up I will mention that I am vegan and have a discussion if appropriate

Vegan animal rights activist

I like to educate and influence veganism, but not push it. In my business I make sure that people are aware of the truth and try to make them make wiser decisions regarding products they use.

i have done all these but not all all the time

I teach people vegan cooking

a bit of all depending on the situation

I make vegan food for others. Do not push my values.

I don't 'push it' on others, but I do bring it up in discussions.

I own a new wellness centre that educates on the vegan lifestyle.

Will start more vegan outreach after attending my 1st AR conference in DC

I answer questions about veganism. I gave a talk at a co-op expo once. I produce a vegan food blog.

If people are interested I will educate them but otherwise I leave them alone as long as they leave me alone.

I am an animal rights activist and organize global protests etc and run 2 websites - one for cetacean issues, the other an arts minded Eco collective.i use social media heavily to raise public awareness and educate the public regarding veganism, animal rights etc

I try to educate friends and family.I am on facebook with many vegan friends,

i sometimes share something online, don't do much more. but if *someone else* bring it up - i feel free to get into a conversation.

Good question, i am now going to find out how i can tell the general public - thanks :)

Everyone I meet knows I'm vegan. I discuss the benefits of it and will gladly talk about it when asked, however, I do not push my beliefs on anyone.

I wish there was a platform in South Africa for educating the public about veganism.

Will discuss why i am a vegan or talk about my veganism to anyone anytime

I don'y push vegan on anyone, but I love to touch on the subject to get a feel of how others feel about it before I do further a discussion on it.

I welcome discussions and questions from friends/family, but rarely initiate dialogue.

If others are interested I tell them about it: why, how, protein, health benefits etc.

i try best i can but where i live is horrible for vegans, send more my way or help me get out please, lol

just mentioning for others, easily... :-)

I am about to start being an advocate

I am a testament to the health

I push it on to anyone and everyone. People need to know vegans exist. We are constantly being told that animal eaters exist -adverts /cookery programmes.

I am planning to educate the public too

I am an animal activist and it never goes away, I can't separate it from myself, I am always one, it defines me,

I'm a militant vegan on tumblr

Mix of some of the above

I have donated a large sum of money to carnism awareness advocacy. I'd like to be more active, especially after reading Melanie Joy's "Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows".

I have a Vegan Group On Facebook

I have a vegan Facebook group

will talk to people about it when they ask me about our diet or if they have a go at me for how we eat

I have an info sheet I offer to anyone willing to read it.

I am an animal rights activist and have always helped and loved animals

I try to make all see that vegans are not just a bunch of tree huggers.

Family,friends all know I'm Vegan,as do all my Facebook friends,have met awesome like minded friends through FB also. :)

I never broach the subject but if it arises in conversation I will state my views.

I try to educate as many friends as possible and to lead by example, plus use social media for advocacy.

I sometimes leaflet.

it is personal, if people want to discuss then I am happy but being a militant vegan just puts people off, I prefer to show people my wonderful vegan food and how healthy I am which I think is more inspiring

Volunteered for a year with an animal rights org, now less active (except for social media) because of work

Attending leafleting and rallies such as Pig Save

I believe in setting a personal example. I never hide it, but only answering when I am questioned.

I educate people I come in contact with about being vegan all the time

People ask what changes I have made and how happy/amazing I look... that opens the vegan discussion door! :)

Taking a break from vegan activism except online due to health reasons

Write about it in my blog

I just made a You-Tube channel and am planning on uploading videos of vegan makeup tutorials, vegan recipes, outfits &styling with thrifted clothes and accessories, DIY projects, FAQ's about veganism etc

If someone asks about my veganism and my beliefs, I tell them.

I post what is essentially vegan food-porn on Facebook with great positive response

I talk about it with those that ask

I'm a Vegan Society contact, but no-one has contacted me for mentoring so far!

Sometimes I join events and help distribution leaflets or so

the website is Great Vegan Athletes

Write newspaper articles

I talk about veganism when there is a change to bring it up naturally in conversation. This happens quite often.

I would like to do more to educate the public as well as my friends about veganism. It's difficult because people are quite defensive about it. I mainly use facebook posts to advocate veganism among my friends.

I educate whomever is interested in the subject, sometimes I bring it up and sometimes they ask me questions. But I always educate anyone who is interested, but I do NOT force.

I preach with my life and example every single day!!!!

If approached about it, I love to share my beliefs.

I am rarely/never preachy about veganism, but I always answer questions cheerfully and try to lead by example. My veganism is contagious--a half dozen family members and friends have been inspired to become vegetarians or vegans.

I live vegan but don't push it on others except for posting on my facebook wall.

I bring vegan foods to work and parties, etc. to show how yummy they are!

I plan on counseling my patients on becoming a vegan when I get my medical degree

If people ask and are not rude I tell people about my choice?

I do some leafleting but don't give speeches or do stalls

I support vegan organizations and animal rights organizations financially

I'm passionate about educating my friends, family and the general public

I help in a vegan shop, offering advice when asked

Planning to do leafleting because I'm eager to spread the word.

I am Assistant Organizer of Boston Raw Food, Vegan, and Vegetarian Meetup. Now you can find me. lol. Hi! :)

I don't push veganism on people in my life. However I do educate the general public through leafleting.

I educate when people are curious

Community event organizer

this also applies to vegetarianism as i believe it gets people one step closer to veganism

I don't lecture my friends and family (though I'll answer any questions)-- I try to live by example and feed them delicious vegan food.

Contribute as a writer to vegan blog (not my own blog)

I use social media to help spread the vegan word and to educate others.

unless someone ask, but i do share and reblog vegan info in social networks

Also in AR

I introduce friends to new foods, and the benefits of them

I discuss it but don't push it.

I am happy to educate people if they ask, but I generally don't bring it up myself.

I want to be more of an Activist, but find it difficult

Doing volunteer work, petitioning, talking to all who ask, and conducting research into vegan feminism

I tell everyone, whether they be family, friends, strangers, people online, etc. I will not stop spreading the truth!

easy to alienate people if you bring the subject up nobody wants to heat about it- I am being called extreme for just being a vegan

I have done and will do these things from time to time

I write a blog and am talking about my vegan journey on it (its not a blog about veganism though)

I'm vegan and mention it offhandedly in conversations.

When asked, I tell, but other than forwarding stuff on Facebook, I don't bring it up.

I consider myself as a vegan activist

I would like to become more outspoken about vegan issues, and am currently working towards it.

My mother still believes meat - especially hamburgers - are "real food" and "the most filling." Price and convenience are more important to many people than ending animal exploitation (my mother was in denial when I told her at Thanksgiving time about turkey abuse!). I am trying to inform more people around me about why vegans are vegan.

I will persuade anyone and everyone - known or strangers - to become vegan (or at least make more ethical choices). Eg, I'll try to persuade shoppers to buy free range eggs instead of factory-farmed, etc.

Often the grocery store is the place I've found to be a great conversation starter/educator.

Have testified at State House before legislative committees for animal protection

I leave other people alone. This is a personal choice and I am not prone to evangelize

I am happy to talk about it and coach folks when asked

protest animal injustice

I keep to myself to avoid conflict

Speak to schools and give sermons.

I will talk about veganism if others bring it up. I want everyone to be vegan . . . so if someone has opened the question . . . I will go with it.

Generally only discuss it if others bring up the issue.


I run a Veg*n Social Group - nearly 500 members (Perth)

Am starting to become more and more staunch about veganism

I don't proselytize.

I try to speak up for the animals and promote Veganism whenever I get a chance.

live by example I hae links but would like more

Coordinate and attend demos, etc.

I organize an animal rights organization

I have stopped "pushing it" on my husband, but still hope...

I talk to anyone who wants to know more!

I've been stuck languishing in suburbia for a decade or more due to familial obligations, but am hoping to rejoin society soon in some meaningful capacity, and try to get to know other vegans.

Push it? It's a normal subject so pops up for discussion every now & again.

I answer questions when asked however find people too judgmental which makes me not want to answer further questions.

I've run numerous animal rights groups over the past 19 years

I only talk about it if they are interested

I work with a Vegetarian Society in Portugal, I leaflet, I write articles (for sites and sometimes magazines), I try to inform people and I try to help new vegans

I educate my clientele about veganism.

I've done my share of demos, protests, leafleting etc but not so much since having kids & moving far from the city

I educate when asked

I put information on facebook as well and share food at work potlucks

Everything, including advertising and working to motivate other vegans.

President of local college's veg*n group

I answer questions when people ask. Most of my family (including my extended family) is now vegan or veg.

vegan education is only a small part of achieving animal liberation

Have passed out vegan lit, worked for non-profit animal rights org

I educate if asked

I'm starting a market stall this weekend! yay.

I have hit brick walls trying to promote veganism in the past; I now live by example.

I teach vegan cooking classes.

I try to educate friends from a "health" viewpoint. I have lost over 100 pounds since going vegan.

I table and have planned events. I'm on the BOD of a vegan advocacy organization.

I like to debate about veganism with everybody, but I never start (they do it ;) )

Direct action when possible

I'd like to do more

I tell people after they've known me for a bit

My blog isn't purely vegan and I talk to everyone I can about vegan.

Do TV, radio, magazines etc - get the vegan out there! Yay!!

Although I do not push my beliefs on others, I am always willing to educate/help them with questions and have no problem voicing my opinion and/or advocating for those who need it!

Most of my family/friends eat meat and are fascinated/scared of my diet

I can't shut up about it.

I talk about my eating habits only when asked sincerely

I am a health vegan. Ethical vegans are annoying.

I educate anybody that is willing to listen

I don't push it, preferring to live by example, but am always happy to share my knowledge when asked. I find that people are more willing to learn when they choose to ask questions rather than when something is "pushed down their throat".

every opportunity to sow seeds to about our lifestyle i do in abundance...9 vegans this year

If I have a chance I do my best

I am not that influential. I wish I was.

I offered to volunteer to the local shelter to have vegan fund raising events

People can tell I'm (mostly) vegan by my bumper stickers. Strangers will talk to me about them. I also occasionally mention veganism in my blog, which is about climate change.

I mention my life-style whenever appropriate, then try to pursue it. It was info. which turned me vegan, so I hope I can get others to have the same reaction.

I tell people I am hoping they will ask questions

Attend some AR protests and share loads of AR petitions on FB

if people ask about vegans i tell

vegan outreach - free vegan food fairs, vegan catering to showcase vegan food

I no longer talk about veganism to anyone except other veganism. I used to be very vocal and was part of an active vegan community, but I got tired of the constant fighting with hostile non-vegans

I am a chef and a nutritionist. I hold vegan events and education session

Living by example

have educated the public in past and plan to again, just not at the moment

I answer questions asked by anyone who asks me when they bring up my 269 tattoo.

I find it almost hopeless to discuss vegetarian diets vs. meat eating

I educate through Facebook, but think forcefully does not work.

i educate people through my teaching

How some of these are stated contradict each other a bit. For example, while I don't "push it on others" I do bring it up for discussion and educate my friends and the general public through social media.

I try to explain to people who are curious and want to know more

but will talk where people are interested as they are very often

by making vegan food and entertaining

also from our NGO we promote Vegan lifestyle.

I don't push it but I share on social media recipes that I loved or going to try; I bring things that I bake to office for my non-vegan colleagues and they LOVE them; I bake for fundraisers related to animals; I bring my pet chickens to events so people can see how intelligent they are, and educate ppl that you don't need to eat them to live a healthy life.

I just became a vegan and I am sooo happy!

I slyly tell people about unpleasant realities as opportunities arise

Some of my sites:

ALL of the above, EXCEPT 'don't push it'...

I will probably educate people about veganism as part of my job once I finish school

116 yrs Old Baba Jai gurudev ji a Spiritual Saint who had huge no. of followers in India started a movement of spreading the message of Being Vegan across India. His every follower is involved in this movement.

if it comes up I educate, otherwise I live a healthy lifestyle and wait for opportunities

I live vegan and do bring it up for discussion.

i talk to everyone about living a compassionate vegan life

I live vegan but don't "push it" on others, do bring it up for discussion

I print labels and stick them everywhere as a form of guerrilla marketing for veganism.

and through animal lib protesting and ALF

I often post petitions for animals & the environment on my facebook

I am still a new vegan, I'm still finding my way

I educate anyone I encounter, often the starting point are the rescue animals at the sanctuary

I am a member of an animal rights organisation

I run some vegan campaigns

I have educated and converted several friends and family members to veganism.

Have also gone to protests, handed out pamphlets. No speeches yet. :)

I try to educate anyone who shows an interest in veganism.

I try to "spread seeds" in some of my 500 friends minds, by sharing philosophical pictures with deep-meaning words on facebook.

Currently vegetarian & plan to be a committed vegan in near future.

I discuss if others want to

I live vegan, bring it up, but am not pushy about it! I educate when people ask!

I am not a pushy vegan, but I do bring it up in conversation w/ friends and share info freely if I see someone is open to hearing it

Also volunteer for an organization that promotes veganism and animal welfare

I try to educate people about veganism - one on one

but I don't bring it up out of context

I try to educate wherever possible by choosing the time and place very carefully. I am intensely aware that being too overt will earn you love by vegans and ridicule by non-vegans. It's a fine line that I wrestle with daily. I recently wrote an article that I could have published to vegans, but I worked hard to have it published outside the sphere, for instance.

I only talk about veganism when asked about it and post vegan food pictures on FB.

I choose the ones i did because i help friends and family that have questions but I do not push my opinion on others

I educate everyone I possibly can (those who are willing to listen or ask for information in regards to veganism, friends, family, strangers) about veganism and animal rights.

Also, I talk about it with friends + family and anyone else that wants to talk about it.

we also started a group at church about being vegan. (Christian)

I try to provide basic info when asked, I find subtlety works best, otherwise people ignore the message (which they sort of know but don't want to admit) by writing you off as radical or fanatic.

I am slowly converting my immediate circle of friends and family.

I tell those who are interested. Most people are too stuck here they are to want to listen

I havent had the best experiences with speaking about my veganism to people, but i will keep doing it. I dont try to turn them, i try to lead by example.

I do graphic design to spread the message

I bring animal rights issues into my classroom.

I tried to inform or educate my family but they are morons and don't believe in science and nutritional research, they are sheep led by the media and still think that everything the government says is truth, from money issues to food, science and nature.

I give vegan cooking classes and hold vegan potlucks in my home.

I have educated others, but only when specifically asked.

I often open the door to discussion, but never push it.

I am a librarian..I purchase vegan materials as much as possible

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