September 21, 2013

Which describes your employment situation best? Survey of Vegans

From going through the comments, I see that many people who responded are confused as to what a vegan is. They seem to equate veganism with eating a plant-based diet. However, veganism is an ethical position of non-participation in animal exploitation, as far as practically possible. Therefore, if you work at a job that directly exploits animals - such as a nonvegan restaurant, you are participating in animal exploitation. Then there are jobs which are still nonvegan, but have more merit, such as hospitals or vet clinics. However, all pharmaceuticals are tested on animals. People who work in health shops, vitamin/supplement shops, or in cosmetics and hair care - that use conventional products that are tested on animals and contain animal-derived ingredients - are not vegan. If a job has nothing to do with exploiting animals, like a computer tech person - then it is a vegan job; because it has nothing to do with animal exploitation. Then there are businesses that specifically promote vegan products or food, like vegan shops or vegan restaurants. Barbers and hairdressers, for example, can choose to use only vegan hair products - thereby making their business a vegan one. In conclusion, there are many who refer to themselves as vegan, take a survey of vegans, who still literally demand and support animal exploitation in many ways; which is inconsistent with the vegan ethic. Though being vegan in the workplace is very challenging in this speciesist society, we can try out best to bring vegan ethics to the way we make a living.

Answer Choices                               Responses

I own my own vegan business - 7.35% 461
I work for a non-vegan business that profits off animal exploitation (restaurant, grocery, shoe store) - 8.07% 506
I work at a job that doesn't directly profit off the exploitation of animals like real estate, book store - 54.70% 3,429
I work for a vegan business or company - 2.82% 177
I am not currently working in a job - 27.05% 1,696
Total  6,269 + 977 chose "other" with a comment. Here are those comments:

Self employed, I avoid animal products in the goods that I supply (some of which are available in my line of business)


Vet clinic

Chain pet store.

Stay-At-Home Mom

I am a self employed holistic therapist that only uses vegan products/advocates vegan diet.

I care for an elderly women (now 97 yo) who via my are has been vegan for the past 6 yrs

I'm still studying

i cook for kids crap i wouldn't eat

I had worked in the insurance industry for 13 years until I had the baby last October as of right now I am a stay at home mom I hope to continue to be able to do so but I'm also looking looking for part time work at home

i own my own business that doesn't directly profit off the...

I own an Edible Arrangements which uses only fruit and kale

we have many rescue farm animals I stay home with-

As an flight attendant i'm not really sure, but don't think so

I create vegan aromatherapy products

We have careers!

own a small cleaning business

I work at THE major hardware store in a inventory job.It's definitely not a vegan work environment.

psychiatric nurse

I work for a company that carries a lot of vegan products


i am a professor at a university

Health industry. (Nurse) dance choreographer.

I own my own business caring for horses

work at raising my vegan child

stay at home mom

I work for a cat rescue and rehoming charity

Not currently working but thinking of opening a vegan store soon.

Oil company..

Well, I work with dogs and I never feed them meat; is that a vegan business?? :)

Work? Are you kidding?

Stay at home mum

I work for the city helping people get government assistance.

In college doing Animal Studies cert 2

I work for a university teaching human and animal anatomy. It is a bit of an oxymoron, I know, I don't agree with everything the Uni does but feel I have a clean conscience with what I do.



Work for myself sometime at companies that exploit animals I don't feel good about it but being young what can you do? I'm looking into other job paths


Own a rock merchandise store, cruelty free items only

Run multiple businesses, none directly vegan related.

I am a health professional

My husband owns his own vegan business (phew!)

I have my own business

I am retired

I work in medicine and still study masters also in the medicine area

but would love to work for animal welfare

County council employee

long term sick

I work in animal rescue.

Though I would much prefer to work for a vegan business


I am self employeed

High school student



after becoming vegan I quit my non-vegan job

I own a vegan and organic hair salon.

Full time PhD student

Self employed

i work in a nursing home that is not vegan

I work in a pharmacy.

I am a high school student

Business owner with animal-free products

I am studying

unable to work due to health problems (disabled)

I am an educator

every occupation has some form of exploitation. bookstores can sell meaty recipe books,hunting etc. leather bound. hard to escape exploitation that's why i find it hard to find a suitable job.

Working on a vegan option.. I manage a health food store that sells a little organic meat and too much dairy...

Student - will be a school teacher

work in a hospital

I own my own business and refuse to use materials that are from animals.

I plan on becoming a fantasy writer and illustrator, which is a nice opportunity to promote vegan values

I am retired!

I am a visual artist and my husband is a systems engineer

I work for the university that I'm studying at as a teaching assistant. None of my students are vegan, and even though I don't discuss it with them or in any way judge them, they know I'm vegan and a fair number of them are generally disrespectful.

Part-time work in LUSH cosmetics

I work in healthcare



im a stay at home mum :)

i have three jobs

I work with scientists, who profit from animal testing

Retired teacher


I work at a nonprofit

I work at a cat rescue (voluntary)

I work in an assisted living facility

I am a student


And I'd rather not.

I'm a teacher

im a student, but i do all the housework

i am retired

My own business

I'm a college professor

Own construction/handyman business

I have my own pet-sitting and grooming business. I profit from caring FOR animals.

Work for normal company

I work in the public sector ... is that one of the above?!?!?

i work in a comedy club

I am self-employed in animal therapy and nutrition

I work in youth mental health full time, and a music promoter part time. Also a director for Animal Liberation (NSW).

self employed Management Consultant

I work for a vegetarian and I run a vegan website

Baby sitter

i also work at a non vegan cafe (vegetarian) though am soon planning to leave

I care for my 93 year old Grandmother full time.....she is vegan

I don't like all aspects of my job where animals are concerned

Looking for work, but will consider the ethics of the company and job description upon applying.

And I also work for a non vegan restaurant

I work for an animal welfare organisation.

I am a writer and I also run


Retired from my profession.


Would love to work for a vegan business

I work in a museum/gallery and nature/wildlife centre - the museum has taxidermy but I wouldn't say it 'profits off animal exploitation'

I work at a school as a Educator it does not fall into any of these

Wholefoods store, with large vegan clientele that we cater to, mass amounts of vegan products

I am a nurse which does involve me caring for others but I do have to dispense pharmaceutical items which does make me uncomfortable

I work for a large hospital

among many other things I work for a vegetarian & vegan company

nonprofit organization helping humans

i sell organic veggies and work in a health shop but I'm caring my baby now

I am a stay at home homeschooling mom who is actual on the go with the kids A LOT!

I am a student.

I work at a non profit that promotes local food systems and sustainable agriculture

I work for a bank



I own businesses where vegan/non vegan is not a category.

I work at home for free!

I am a Disability Pensioner

Peace Corps

I work for a children's charity and study herbal medicine

I work in a regular job, and I have my own vegan business

I work for the government.

I work for a vegan non-profit.

I work at a clothing store. It mostly uses synthetics/man-made materials but sometimes has clothing containing wool or angora.

I am a retired real estate agent

none of the above

occasionally working holiday jobs in IT

I'm a performer not making much money and avoid animal exploitation ons

I'm a housewife, my husband is working for a vegan company

Student and stay at home mum

I'm a mother - that is my job :-)

Hospital receptionist

summer job crop inspections on farm land profiting from animal exploitation

retired now but worked for family computer business and some journalism

Stay-at-home mother

Work for myself doing various jobs- artist, teach yoga, pet-sitting (majority of clients are not vegan); sewing...


I work for a company that manufactures an Australian made t-shirt fashion label

recently own my own business - a pet grooming parlor. Left the non-vegan world of corporate containerized shipping

I work in a university

Vet clinic

Animal rescue were almost all staff are vegan but we do buy in meat products for the animals in our care


yoga teacher

Full time vegan/AR/eco activist!

Prior to which I worked in public education and worked for an animal protection non profit running the education department.

I am an artist/musician, so it happens that i do work with and for non-vegans.

I already said that I'm a student, didn't I?

I work for a university.

I a writing a thesis on animal ethics

AT & T

full time mother

work for a non profit that supports vegan lifestyle

Recently retired early.

yoga studio manager and med student

work at health/organic shop but they sell free range/organic meat/eggs etc

I'm a full time Mum at present. Until recently I worked as a registered nurse.


I work for human rights

I own my own business. It has nothing to do with food.

Self-employed. One vegan business. One multimedia and computer consulting/repair business.

I work at a university

I own my own business - not related to veganism



I own a business that has nothing specifically to do with veganism

I own my own health and wellness company.

Fashion design student

construction (which at times means crossing into animals habitats)

Self Employed builder

retired but a full time activist for animals

writer, translator, teacher and volunteer in a no kill cat shelter

I am an independent self employed person, but carry the message of my yoga teachers who are vegan and support vegan lifestyle

self employed

I also run my own pet care business-although it's not exactly Vegan, all owners provide their own pets food

Self employed dog walker, so not specifically vegan, but not a non-vegan business.

Prior to travelling I worked for a government agency unrelated to veganism but unrelated to animal exploitation.

health food store but not all vegan

I teach health awareness and raw food

I work at Urban Outfitters

Applying for work with vegan rescue.

I'm veterinary nurse...

I am actively looking for new employment in a non-foodservice environment; preferably in human services

looking to work/train in cycle repair

I work at the San Diego city schools..which just adopted "meatless Mondays" ommm its a start <3 p="">7/31/2013 8:27 PM View respondent's answers
Own my own business (as ethical as poss)

I own my own business. I dye and spin wool yarn and fiber. Not technically vegan, but no animals were killed for the wool, and I buy as much wool as I can from small local farms where I know the farmers and how the animals are treated. (Author's note: this person is not vegan, no wool is vegan.)

I work for a non-vegan business that profits a little bit of animal exploitation. Through selling about 10 out of hundreds of pieces of clothes.

Part-time and woefully under-employed.....

Also own a small business that does not exploit animals

I want to start my own vegan biz someday though!

Very proud of this recent switch!

I'm free lance.

Natural health professional who advocates a raw vegan diet.

I'm a self employed graphic designer

I work for myself and a non-vegan business that doesn't profit from animal exploitation

I work for a health shop that sells both vegan and non-vegan products

I am a teacher. Meals are non-vegan, but the school doesn't profit off of them.

I'm a hairstylist. No products are animal tested.

Retired postal worker, now I rescue animals full time instead of part time.

I am a psychologist

i work as a CNA in elder care facilities

I work for an oil company... :-(

I am a nurse

I am a Teacher.

I love your idea that real estate does not harm animals. I take it your not a Deep Ecologist. (Author's note; In response to this comment, I am a deep ecologist and live as a minimalist and non-consumer with concern for the environment.)

Newly qualified teacher


I work for not for profit arts organization

I work for a local authority in the parks department

Self-employed vegan teacher

I am currently unemployed though am looking into starting my own dog walking and pet sitting business

It's vegetarian, and I'm chipping away at it. :)

I am a student

Self employed

I own my own business that has nothing to do with veganism.

Self employed tradesman

I am a kept woman - lucky me! My partner is a vegan tattooist with his own business.

I stay employed

in school, getting teaching credential

Full-time mom


I own my own company / My daughter and I are the only Vegans

I work for the Department of Defense, which kills PEOPLE. Lots about DoD employment bothers me. When I started, I was an arms control specialist so I could feel ok about helping to reduce nukes and conventional arms, but since Bush was president? Mixed feelings.

looking to start environmentally friendly HVAC company


Transitioning to owning my own vegan business


I work at the local Humane Society.

I work in a state health care system

Not working due to health

I have two jobs. One in food, one in corporate.


At home, home ed my kids

I work for a vegetarian business that campaigns for animal rights, human rights and the environment

I don't have a job (student).

I work for Lush, who have mostly vegan products but some way to go

Several co workers vegan and vegetarian.

self employed


running my own business not related to food choices (Author's note; Vegan ethic extends beyond food choices.)

I also work for the national health service in the dietetics department

Air Force

I work for a non-profit animal welfare organization

Also, I work at a job that doesn't directly profit off the exploitation of animals (free lance web developer, trying not to damage animals)

I have a vegan and non vegan job, both food related

I volunteer for Mercy For Animals and encourage veganism.

but i am going to open my own vegan business in the near future

I'm a full time mom. it is a job.

I am a teacher at a school with very, very few vegan options for the students or teachers.

i am a student who works infrequently at a call centre

I own my own business

Healthcare - sadly, animal exploitation is ubiquitous.


I am a Social Worker at a homeless shelter

My kids are 2 and 4. I am lucky to be a full time mom.

I work in a Kennel/Day Care for dogs and cats

I work at a daycare


I work in a vet clinic

I work at a hospital

Part-time worker and self-employed

I work in a law firm


I work for a non-vegan non-profit

I'm a dental assistant and work with the most amazing people in the world!

Stay at home Mom

I work many jobs with my main goal as a performing artist

I work for my school library and a dog daycare.

I am retired

I work for a non-profit where I have opportunities to encourage people to adopt vegan diet for health reasons.

I own my own daycare

I am a consultant

teacher- mandated units are not vegan and harm animals

I work for a catering place and they do serve meat


I work for a company

I am vegan and run a voice over business


I work in the special education field.

i help in an group against animal testing and others work for the animals


I am a full time cosmo student

I work in a vegetarian wholefood Co-op


Factory that does have a milk allergen

Retired, doing voluntary work for a vegan organisation.

I am a teacher and artist


I am retired.


work in mental health nothing to do with animals

I am currently a teacher but we are in the process of opening our own business. A vegan doggie daycare and spa.


But I used to work for PETA, and then a vegan bakery..

Animal attendant

I am a Yoga Teacher

I offer vegan B&B - very small scale

My job and work involve people only, no animals or products...

work for an educational institute

Fashion industry - work for a store that is against fur and leather but still uses wool.

I am an unemployed full-time student looking for part-time (and preferably vegan-friendly) work.

I work at a corporate but conservation driven company as an ecologist.

Work for a university

business that i can promote health and veganism in

Vet clinic

Self-employed + charity volunteer

I have created vegan products for them. I plan to leave soon to a 100% vegan co.

social workers

i work in a hospital where i promote healthy vegan lifestyle

I have jobs, but I don't get payed for them.

I own a non vegan business, a beauty salon.

exploiting people/water dept.

I volunteer at a nonprofit all vegan, farm animal rescue sanctuary

I work for a company that uses plant based and organic products, sometimes with beeswax / honey

I'm a medical student

I work for a very famous university that does animal testing

Work with dogs

Ceramic teacher and maker

I work for oil and gas and hate it. Endangers and kills sea life.

I work in a health food store but we sell loads of fish oil

I own my own business and does not profit off from animals

Self employed, nothing to do with veganism

Provides vegan options in an area where there is none


Health/wellness/fitness educator.

I work as a charity fundraiser.

I am in full-time education

I work at a private psychiatric hospital that offers its clients "conventional" food options. However, the dietary department does offer many options for specialty diets, vegan diets included.

Second hand store

I serve the public as a Physician Assistant in an urban Emergency Department

Even as a sometime fish eater I WILL never work in a fast food place! (Author's note: why did this person take a survey of vegans?)

I work for a predominantly vegan company (just one ingredient, in one product is non-vegan)

Bottle shop attendant. We sell non-vegan and vegan alcohol.


self employed

No options for students. (Currently in Nutritional Science, PhD).

I work at a university (so it's a non-profit but has non-vegan enterprises).

I am an artist

I refuse to work for jobs which profit from animal exploitation, even second hand (Author: this is how I would think all vegans would respond!)

I work in a vet's office.

I am a full-time working professional, a teacher

I also work at a vegetarian and vegan as the pastry chef restaurant and am helping the owner transition out the non-vegan menu items and ingredients. Only cheese and honey are left!

I work for a media promoting green living

I work in a job that helps human animals.

I am a vet technician and help animals

stay at home mum

I am a student

I work for a conservation organisation that manages parks in central Africa

I work for myself, teaching and translating, so being vegan etc doesn't come into it.

I work for a non-vegan business that does not profit off animal exploitation

i am not my employment

i work in conservation but everyone eats meat

I am in healthcare


I work in animal rescue, a volunteer



i work for U of M and though not directly in my dept, animal research is done there.

volunteer work currently at animal shelter

I am Family Nurse Practitioner at a rural clinic

Looking to move to vegan job


I am the owner of a coffee company.


I work at a Children's Hospital

professional in education and support worker

Stay at home mum

I work for a non-profit in the human serves field that does not directly profit from animal exploration

I work in Government

I'm a Networker and therefore working hard to get enough for changing the Non Vegan rules! Offering all slaughterhouse personal a work into liberty!

Self-employed jewelry maker.


I am a Primary Ed Teacher

Retired from university teaching

Medically retired. Injured at work.

I work for a Humane Society. Job that doesn't directly profit? Could argue both sides.

I would not work for a business that profited from animal exploitation. My husband and I will not invest in such companies/funds either. (Author's note: this is a vegan's response.)

I have passive income and concentrate on animal rights

I am self-employed

Now I'm vegan I'm working on leaving my job with a dairy

I also work part time for a company which isn't vegan. I also recently discovered they use eggs from battery farms, and have written to the HQ to ask them to consider alternatives.

I'm an RN, work at a hospital. Don't know how to answer...

TV producer

I own my own business that does not profit from animal exploitation, but it's not a 'vegan business' as such

sorry, it's true...seriously thinking about resigning though because i feel like a hypocrite

self employed


work for myself

I own my own business and am vegan.

self employed artist

self employed.. does not profit from animals

What does that mean, vegan business? I have a firm that does professional writing for businesses.

stay at home

I am a retired teacher.

I work in a hospital

self-employed in health care


I have taken early retirement. Was a district nurse.

I am retired

I work in a non-vegan law firm

rescue animals

stay at home mother

wow... you really are an arse


I hadn't realized that I did this until now.



I don't have to work as my husband has his own company.

I am a teacher trying sot spread awareness regarding veganism.

I also run my own vegan business.

Translator and committed volunteer in a rescue

child care worker

Stay at home mum.

Stomal therapy nurse

self employed

After turning vegan I started a vegan fashion accessory company, but still working as a dance therapist.

self employed contractor

I work with children who are Stig addicts

I'm a full time carer.

I am a vegan housewife .

I work at Mamma's Pizza which recently started using "Daiya" cheese on their pizza's. So it's not horrible but I would love to work at a vegan restaurant but there are none where I live (Oakville).


local government

I am retired.

Work for a university hospital and find it very hard to know that they are doing experiments on animals.

I do theatre.

Vet nurse - helping animals but pimping for the drug companies

I am a student and at the same time opening up a business which will lead to vegan restaurant.

Freelancer- irrelevant to the animals' issue.

I'm an artist.

i work for myself

I work at burger king

I am an artist

rescue institution

I work at university

not working; student

studying veterinary medicine

My vegan business is donation based and I work with children part-time

I am a student and work part time in retail

Self employed

I volunteer for a vegan business

retirement community: helps people but the people are non-vegans

i work at a health food store

My job has nothing to do with the exploitation of animals

Work in the arts

...I also work for various vegan businesses, R&D &consulting

full time mom

We have vegan items at the bar I work at.

looking for other employment starting with going back to school

Vegan activist.

Retired homemaker living with software engineer

modelling and giving power yoga lessons

I own my own business that doesn't directly profit off the exploitation of animals. (software company)

currently still studying

I'm a translator and won't work with clients who directly profit from animal exploitation, but like a vegan shoe shop or grocery store, I can't guarantee the clients are vegan.


Disability pension

I'm an artist...

on disability

I am a high school teacher.

I am a lawyer by professional

I'm married and I study music

In law school

I work in Media

i am disabled and not working

I am nutrition program instructor for state extension.

I own my own business (publishing) and try to make it as vegan and green as possible.

I do voluntary work with animals from home

Stay at home mom

I work in the high tech industry


i am a gardener

pastor of a church

I work for a social service non-profit organisation

I am a grad student and work at the University (Political Science)

Work in a non-profit serving persons with disabilities.

i am a carer for my diabetic son

I work at a supplement store.

i am a teacher

I work in a hospital

I run my own business, non-vegan-related, which does not directly profit off of the exploitation of animals.

who cares.

Self Employed film maker, author, activist. speaker

Vegan-Only Personal Trainer

Full time Mum!

retired animal welfare work

My own dog training and sitting business

I own an orchid and interior plantscaping business

I have my own business

I generally work in jobs that do not directly profit from exploitation of animals.


I am and aide for an autistic girl and provide services in her home

I currently work for a non-profit that does not have any particular impact on animals.

I work for a non-profit organization that works on several issues, including animal issues

I worked at a business that does not exploit animals but was recently downsized and so have decided to retire.

I work as a teacher in a school

Age 33 but retired

Self-employed business owners

My business is unrelated to any thing that would exploit animals but all products used within our work are vegan

The store has sheepskin seatcovers, lanolin containing products, leather steering wheel covers, etc.

I own an organization that helps families.

I am self-employed (and do not profit off of animals)

I'm beginning to work for EVEN (Eugene Veg Education Network), and my work as a musician is vegan-oriented.

Work for a veg*n friendly restaurant.

Movie maker at novelo filmes

I have my own business which is unrelated to vegans/animals is my employer

anthropology student

I am a (paid) hostess/promoter for marijuana-friendly events, I often have many opportunities to educate people about veganism, many pro-marijuana individuals are very open to and interested in the vegan lifestyle.

vegan self employed artist/photographer

I'm interning at a non-profit that does vegan outreach

I work for a vegetarian business


Disability carer

I have done my share and enjoy my freedom

I am a biologist teacher

My job situation is too difficult to describe here

i teach at college level

Research institute

School meal-time assistant so have to serve non-vegan meals (author's note: or get another job!)

I would never work for a company that profited from animal exploitation.

volunteer for vegan oganisations

I am a Student

I am retired

I am an actress

I am not happy serving dead animals on plates.

homeschooling mother

I was injured at work and can no longer hold down a job so I receive a disability pension

Retired yoga teacher. Second new career, artist.

Work in a boarding kennel

I am self-employed but my business isn't vegan or non-vegan... those terms don't apply!

Student teacher

I work in healthcare.

I manage a health food and supplement store which does sell all the "free range" and "natural" meats. I call that part of the store the "graveyard" and I won't go there.

stay at home vegan mom

I am caregiver to grandchildren

pet sitter

i work as a cleaner in a care home

I do a variety of voluntary community based work

Sustainable, compassionate interior designer and feng shui consultant

I work at a restaurant

I work in hospitals and training organisations as a nurse

I work at an after-school care that serves the children non-vegan food for afternoon tea.

disabled and retired

I prefer not to answer this



self employed and struggling artist

doctor, giving out plant based info daily, but i do prescribe meds sometimes, but mostly take people off them.

I have my private practice

I run my own business

Self-Employed. Own a Laundromat.

Government- public education administrator

Vegetarian company (LUSH Cosmetics)

I work for a design agency that has some clients related to animal exploitation. I would really like to leave and work for a vegan business



I am a graphic designer and on numerous occasions have refused to work on specific projects, ie, hunting journals, the horse racing industry, butchers, etc.

nursing student

On a disability pension

Disability pension with an Ebay store

i work in a shop

I am a stay at home mom beginning a Health Coaching business - I will stress a vegan diet.


I work in a big cinema centre where such things as ice-creams, chocolate, candies are to buy in the bar/cafe

Sole Trader (Gardner).

retired social worker

I work at a financial institution.. Not sure if any of the above applies.


i volunteer in a health service for sex workers

i work for a promotional company which may on occasion do lanyards for meat company's or food chains like KFC

self employed dance teacher

I am a teacher

I work at a grooming salon that promotes animal adoption

in a clinic

social science researcher

Private practice but unemployed (only 1 client at present); financially supported by non-vegan partner but we live apart

I work for myself from home.

I work at an organization that promotes organic plant based diet but includes few animal-sourced supplements on its therapy

stay at home mom

I work for a (non-vegan) animal protection organization

Work in hospital

Self-employed proofreader



I volunteer for a vegan animal rights organization.

I am a student.


I work for an organic cafe as a vegan chef. The cafe would be vegetarian except for the salmon

retired, working on an e-book re veganism

I am a Vegan plumber who only uses renewables.

I am a casual cleaner and try to get my clients to use vegan cleaning materials

I own my own business drawing house plans I guess that makes it a vegan business

Farmer (Author's note: this may be a prank.)


I work at a Language teaching company.

personal trainer

62 and find age discrimination in IT

I am about to start a vegan business

I work in an organization that helps animals

I'm retired with a pension.

Too old to need to work ! I have retired.


successfully avoiding so far

I work for a hospital which in my opinion profits off of animal exploitation (Author's note: it's not your opinion; it's fact.)

full-time carer to my mother who has dementia

I work at my parents sugar shack (maple syrup making)

Unemployed at the moment :(

I work for a bank...

I work for a human rights NGO

I work with trees and help my wife with nearly vegan (breakfast free range eggs only) B & B

Work as free translator. I choose my works...

Own a Barber Shop. Are in the process of switching over to products not tested on animals

Environmental NGO

I am going to start my own vegan business

I work part time in a restaurant/bar

I am self-employed but sometimes consult for companies that profit off animal exploitation.

Kindergarten teacher

retired teacher

I also work for a job that has no connection to animal exploitation

carer for my children 14 year old with arthritis 9 year old with ADHD and studying at college


I am a home care provider.

I work in healthcare and am floored that healthcare is NOT about health at all.

I have worked on a homeless hostel and have not met any vegan staff or service users

I work for myself. It's vegan, but doesn't offer vegan products or services.

I work at a vegan-friendly restaurant.

I own my own dvd rental shop and am a full time carer for my mother too

kinesiology n languages so not directly but connected to this life style

I own my own 85% vegan business

I'm a tour guide (for everybody, not only for vegans).

I work for a vegetarian NGO which promotes a vegetarian lifestyle.

I've had a lot of problems with work with my veganism. I was once fired over it and written up for it at another job.

Sadly, unemployed. Know any vegan companies hiring? Lol

I work for a green organization that saves animals and the planet. (GreenPeace)

I am contracted to work for a company that is just run of the mill not specifically vegan but is not involved in exploitation

I work in a profession that has nothing to do with veganism, but does not profit off animals.

self employed try to be ethical as much as my knowledge allows

Work for a teaching establishment which has canteens which sell animal products.

I work for a natural health company that isn't specifically vegan, but doesn't profit off animal exploitation either.

I work for a cat shelter.

medical field

I work for an animal shelter

I am not involved in that area. I work in the crafts AND office supply section of the store.

Self employed

all my time goes to volunteering for the animal rights organazation that I'm on the board of

Working for an Environmental NGO, but the place is not totally vegan.

I work at a vet clinic

jeweler and animal rights school speaker volunteer

I run a software company


i work for a vet who has traditional, unenlightened views on animals

I currently moved to another city and am looking for a job.

University employed

i´m still a student.

2 jobs. One is option b) the other c)

I'm still studying, but I'm also a freelance makeup artist with a 100% vegan makeup kit:)

I wouldn't work for a non vegan business though.

I am a nurse working for the NHS vegan fetish clothing

I work for Whole Foods

homeschooling mom

I am self-employed as an artist. I paint pet portraits and rescued farm animals.

I work voluntarily

i work for the NHS

stay at home wife/mum to be

Business owner, not fully vegan

I work in healthcare where patients are given medication tested on animals and food that contains animal and animal bi-products.

I work in conservation where although not mandatory, most colleagues are vegan.

I work for a restaurant that serves both animal and vegan options.

I work in a veterinary office

Self employed and nothing to do with animals.

I'm an AVI consultant but nowadays mostly work pro bono! I mostly advise Vegan's about their AVI issues. AVI = Audio Video Interface!

I own my own business that doesn't directly profit off the exploitation of animals like real estate. Actually it is a real estate

I run my own company

live in carer

online marketing

In the future I would love to own or work for a vegan business or charity but don't at the moment.

I am re-training so that I can start my own vegan business

artist from home

I work in a diner for the time being.

i am a health professional

Soon to retire. Mining company.

I'm self-employed. I'm a Spanish tutor at home.

Full time mum!

I own a business, fortunately that does not include anything to do with meat, dairy, or eggs, yet it is not "vegan focused"

I work in a hospital

I am a graphic designer at a corporate. But I started my own organisation and plan to work with the animals full time soon

I am professor at an institute that has a non-vegetarian mess, uses leather in its work, might do projects with animal-related businesses - but one of those are the *nature* of our business, they are incidental.

Self-employed Independent Contractor

I only have a summer job

I work for a primarily cruel cafe, but also offer many vegan options.

plan on starting a vegan business!

I am currently working a summer job at a vegan animal rights organization but the rest of the time I work for a veg-friendly restaurant (which does sell meat, eggs, and dairy).

I work in a pharmacy- I am aware that animals were exploited to test the drugs, and would like to change jobs but can not at this time.

I work for Alberta Health Services. It is not vegan, has very few vegan options and supports the testing of animals for medical purposes.

I work for an animal welfare NGO

University professor, economics

Starting a vegan business.

I work for a medical mfg company

I work as a private English teacher, and also in vegan multi-species animal sanctuary


self-funded retiree

I'm a massage therapist.

Stay-at-home parent


I work for a environment non for profit, with a focus on vegetarian and cruelty free food

I drive a special needs school bus and have my own vegan businesses.

Home schooler



I am the carer of my 2 autistic children

I work for a nonvegan business

Disability pension

I work at an Orphanage.

I work in environmental advocacy to protect ocean habitats; not a vegan company but also not exploitative directly or indirectly, as your choice above implies.

Self employed, nanny who can make all vegan meals!

I am a volunteer ombudsman (senior advocate)

Stay-at-home mum, currently building a business that is not vegan-related

I work in a library and am a vegan cookbook writer and blogger.

I work at a job that helps animals feel better

I own my own business. It is not yet 100% vegan, but close.

I participate in the creation of a vegan cooperative enterprise for which I will not work (I am unable to work for health reasons).

Seeking Employment that does not involve animal exploitation. Working hard to be able to accept lesser salary and thus open more options.

I volunteer with stray/rescue animals, and also fund raise for hem. My husband is very supportive of my work and so I do not have to worry about finances.

I work for a non-vegan skin care company and I am currently looking for a new job, hopefully with a vegan company.

I am a full time college student.

I am working on leaving my current job as it is not in alignment with my personal beliefs

I work in the mental health field as a Therapist.

I would like to find a vegan business to work for

I am a health practitioner who promotes plant-based eating

Federal Government Employee

I am a business owner in Las Vegas


I work for a company that sells Major appliances.

I am retired..

I am a social worker

I work as a veterinary nurse which often poses me with ethical dilemmas

I own a business, personal services/forensic engineering

I work at home, making soap, sewing, scrapbooking :)

Own a non vegan business that has no impact on animals

School teacher


No answer

more like a non-profit. I help those who want to become vegan

Stay at home wife. Planning to start a vegan business.

disabled, no work

I own my own business. It's not vegan but it's not NOT vegan

Volunteer director of a local vegetarian society

I own three businesses, one of which is vegan - bleat

Full time student

Animal rights activist. Work non-profit

I live on a small holding with horses, dogs, cats, rescue hens (x50)

I work at a nonprofit

I own an online and printed publication

I am writing a novel and hoping to publish it in the near future.

i work in a call center in technical support

Temporary stay at home mom

I work for a job mixed with vegans and vegetarians and is centered around marine conservation

I work as a healer, on my own

I am a foreign language teacher, not sure if this is vegan or not :)))

I work at a no-kill animal rescue. The directors and many of the staff are vegan.

I am a homeschooling mom

i am a nurse. medications and treatments are tested on animals as part of approving them for humans


social worker for a not for profit housing group that deals with people living with HIV/AIDS

(but will change it in 3 weeks, hopefully!)

I do work for companies like Cadbury who use milk in their products! Currently this is causing me a lot of personal conflict and I wish I had a mentor who could help me sort this internal issue out.

I am early-retired - now freelance writing/animal advocacy volunteer

i own a dog sitting and errand business making healthy food

I work for an animal welfare organization

I am a civil servant (gov job)

home dad. house dad?

I teach at a high school

I am a writer and . . .

I run a pet care company, who promote high quality, ethical, but non-Vegan, foods, I also work part-time in a supermarket, at a dog boarding kennels, and at a stables.

I work for a Holistic Health Clinic as the office manager, and I bring in a ton of Vegan products - my boss is very responsive to this, as she is a Vegan herself. I also work on farms and help people adopt a better lifestyle and Veganism 1 step at a time.

work from my home

I would love to have my own vegan business!


I'm a teacher

Goddamn government job

I am a stay at home mum

animal charity worker

vegan veterinarian that works for non vegans vets

I work in academia. Not vegan.

I work for government agency.

I am a city official. I work to pass laws protecting animals.

Non-profit that is not vegan but doesn't profit from animal exploitation

not working

stay at home mom to unschoolers

domestic violence animal protection

Care worker of humans - non profit

I work at a non profit university that does some animal research

I'm in high school


I am a writer with a focus on animal rights issues.


I work for a blood bank


hopefully I will have a vegan business in the future, if I had the money

I'm working to open a farmed animal refuge. I raise funds with vegan baking and cooking demos and sales.

I am a full time mother and work part time at home

I run a nonprofit that works on farm animal issues. We employee vegans and omnivores.

I work for a government agency


I work in a veterinary clinic

Full time Mum / homemaker

business owner

I am retired

caretaker for a Veteran


I work for a city as an engineer

Public school

Full time mum

I work at a job that benefits animals--though not a vegan company.

I work as a private tutor (self-employed)


i own a vet hospital

Home maker

Stay at home mom

I work for the government inspecting restaurants

Own my own editorial business

I am a psychotherapist and coach

I am a freelance book editor, full-time self-employed

I work on an organic farm and produce stand.


I am a nurse at a surgery center

I am in the entertainment field as well

Small business owner - vegan crochet.


With animals

Self employed complementary therapist.

my job is not related to vegan life


I can't choose any of these, because while my zoo does make money from people looking at animals, many of our animals are rescues or involved in species conservation. In a perfect world, we wouldn't need such places. (author's note: generally zoos are not considered vegan; confining and using animals for entertaining humans.)

self employed market trader, do not sell animal products off any kind


i work for a non-profit agency that helps the intellectually disabled members of my community

I work for myself, and maintain cruelty free/ environmentally friendly standards.



I run an animal sanctuary


I work for a non-vegan business, but they offer and promote a lot of vegan products.

i own my own business

I am a free-lance writer ...looking for a job.

Non-profit that promotes animal protection

Self-employed, income from property.

stay at home mom (which I consider a job)

I am self employed

Until recently, I worked for Columbus Metropolitan Library, where they were terribly discriminatory against veganism and animal activism. Had my job threatened over a Milk is Murder sticker I put on my locker. The last straw was when not only did I get a stern talking to for volunteering to put together a vegan potluck for our office holiday party (2012), but also, the boss took it upon herself to bring in a big pan of game hens (like 15 little lives, for one stupid party for a bunch of selfish shitheads. One slab of meat would have been bad enough, but when I saw all those tiny bodies in that pan, I knew I had to get away from these awful people.

I'm a teacher. I bring my own food every day because the canteen is neither organic nor vegan - not even vegetarian.

I work in Equine rescue


Semi-retired psychotherapist

I work for an organization that indirectly profits from animal exploitation because it uses animals for various forms of research

animal protection organization

Local government; they have tribute to animal exploitation (agriculture, farm factories, nature, killing geese)

I am self employed (Civil Engineer)

trying to get my elementary school to stop serving milk but its a federal requirement :(

I also hold animal drawing workshops where I promote the care and respect and connection towards animals

will not exploit animals for a living

I am retired.

I work at a university

I assume service station comes under this heading?



retired gardener


I am currently a student

I am trying to make my own business slowly but surely.

I work for lush which campaigns for animal rights issues but is not 100% vegan as some honey/egg use.

retired & working at being a self sufficient vegan

Have my own vegan business and work for a company that doesn't directly profit off the exploitation of animals

both an employed and private English teacher I base my lessons on animal rights and veganism

I've written a vegan book, Be Their Voice (ignorance is not bliss) which will be published in the late summer.

I also have an AWO in bangalore.. we promote veganism as well, also am a montessarian and with Vegan restaurant

Gardening our own vegetables for being autarcic


I am a teacher at a Waldorf school

Work for a software company


I work as a private nanny and the families I work for are slowly changing their diets to cruelty free :)

Work for the government

Living on inheritance.

I am in the process of starting up a vegan business in South Africa.

I have my own business not veg related

I work in a vet's office.


Molecular scientist

I work as a Veterinary Technician, I try to help animals as much as possible but it does profit from them I guess, and I work for a recycling organization which I believe all vegans should also carefully recycle and compost since all landfill garbage directly affects a lot of animals species

And run vegan websites and local groups for a hobby.

I work for a Bank

government county job

I work for an environmental non-profit organization.

I work for a pharmaceutical company...there is a division that tests on animals as ALL pharma companies do. Haven't met a vegan yet that refuses to take medicine. (Author's note: there are many vegans who refuse to take pharmaceuticals unless it's an emergency situation, because they are tested on animals.)

I own my own business- dog walker/pet sitter

homeschooling child

USGBC supports vegan choices

vet nurse off work due 2 injury

I am in the process of starting a vegan business

Though I don't have a job yet, I would not do work that harms animals

I work in health which heavily profits from animal experimentation and exploitation :-(

I was recently laid off but am looking at jobs for vegans

I run an Animal Sanctuary

I'm a full time mom. My husband is a business owner- antiques- and also plans to open a vegan natural foods grocery store.


I am a language teacher, translator and I also work with kids

I work for myself and strive to, and generally do, only have vegan clients

I own a company

I work for a useless science organization that doesn't have a clue. Yet.

Stay at home mom and yoga instructor


yoga instructor

I worked for an animal welfare group for many years. I just left that position behind to move.

I am retired from the healthcare industry.

I devote my free time to activism

i work in a county hospital


I am disabled-Multiple Sclerosis

Own pet care business

web developer freelance

Stay at home mom

I have to serve animal based products /personal assistant to CEO


I own a pet sitting business.

Medical field-nurse

Lost my job mostly for being vegan. Currently in a rut and afraid to find another job due to having to go thru the situation again


Starting in home child care

I am a writer, a musician, and a photographer, which might as well be called "being unemployed." With that said, we have decided that one solid income works best for us, our lifestyle, and the environment (two cars, etc.).

Im a stay at home mum for now but will go back to teaching highschool English. But my hubby works for a company that isn't animal-related.

I am an artist and I use animal bones and other things in my art work but they are always found objects.

I am retired

I'm a teacher.

i work for a non-profit that is not vegan.


I am director of a kitchen and bedroom business

This business supports vegans and compassionate carnivores

i work in catering (non-vegan)

Medical lab

I am a student ambassador at my college

Own and operate a 5 star rental home with no leather in decor.

I teach yoga at a yoga school where one of the two owners is vegan

Personal trainer- my own business

I work with children.

I work at a university

Some of the clients in my job exploit animals (major Fast food) others don't - I don't get to choose not to work for them - it troubles me deeply

Breakfast and lunch are free to employees, vegan options are available

I am a stay at home mom raising my son vegan. ;)

I am retired but do lots of vegan volunteer work

I work for the government.

Artist, semi-retired

I work at Holland and Barrett and although not a vegan business it provides a nice range of vegan products.

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