January 1, 2015

BOOK: Why I will ALWAYS be vegan; 125 essays from around the world

Introducing a NEW e-book 
Dedicated to the preservation 
of what it means to be vegan.

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Over 125 short essays from around the world offering insight into the perspective of a committed vegan. The first 60 essays were entries in an online contest that was hosted by thevegantruth.blogspot.com It became obvious that the compilation of winning essays was worthy of publication in book form. Since the contest, essays were added in preparation for a print version of the book and to include more regions of the globe.

It is now available from Amazon.com in many countries around the globe. Please help the book's compelling message reach millions of readers.

        Amazon.com link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RAVDK5E

Links, by country, to purchase the book (English version). $3.98 U.S.D.

Australia/New Zealand


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars A moving collection of essays. January 2, 2015
By Nikki
Verified Purchase
These essays are so beautifully written. I absolutely love reading this book. Excellent work! Every person,vegan or not should read this book.
5.0 out of 5 stars trust me - read it! January 12, 2015
very touching! a book for literally everyone. helps to understand Veganism so much : )
5.0 out of 5 stars What it truly really means to be a vegan April 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
This book helps me relate to so many people around the world. A lot of these essays are able to say in the perfect words what I could never really describe feeling as a vegan, helping me to understand my feelings better, introspect, and be in a better position to talk to other people about veganism.

For NON-VEGANS, this is a great book to read because it gives you true insight into why people actually choose to live a vegan life. What you find may be actually VERY different from what you ever thought veganism is about. Neither is veganism an exclusive club, an elitist group, or cult, nor it is some mystical, ascetic practice that is supposed to be hard to do. Anyone and everyone can easily start being vegan. People from all sorts of professions, ethnicities, countries, age groups, and societies are going vegan all the time. Firefighters, lawyers, 3-year olds, 60-year olds, teachers, engineers, doctors...you name it! I hope you'll read this book to undo all the misrepresentation of veganism that has been spread by celebrities and other health/nutrition/diet personalities.

And of course for vegans, this is a great read as well. Just through the simple pages of a book, you become instantly connected at a beautiful level to all those other people around the world that have come to the same basic realization as yourself. Thanks!
5.0 out of 5 stars Written by an activist who knows her stuff! March 16, 2015
By Rima Jomaa
Wonderful editor and beautiful essays. Highly recommend this and all works by the author Butterflies Katz.

The e-book now contains 125 essays and here is the 
cover of the print book; coming soon! 
Cover design and copyright - Rolanda, Evolve Campaigns, U.K. 

1 comment:

Craig Cline said...

We all owe a great THANKS! to Butterflies Katz not only for having undertaken this compelling project in the first place, but also for now enabling these "worthy words" from all over the world to be shared with others.

As essay contributors, and as advocates of the vegan ethic and lifestyle, the least we must do -- to actually honor Butterflies' work -- is to ask everyone within our personal sphere of influence to purchase the e-book.

Of course, we should lead the way by first buying it ourselves.

Unless and until we ask folks to buy the book, it is unlikely that they will do so of their own accord. For one thing, it is unlikely that they will even learn of the book unless we inform them of it.

Hopefully, as a courtesy, and in respect of our personal relationships with them, they will elect to read what we have written.

So, please DO ASK! And please say THANKS! to Butterflies as well.

Craig Cline
Salem, Oregon