April 7, 2017

Heartwarming Short Videos of 'Humans and Animals'

As seen in the following short videos, animals have feelings. They are beings capable of deep emotion. They seek comforting and attention, as we do - and we often find this in our inter-species bonds. All animals, including humans, care for their young. Animals love and want to be free from harm. Some of these are tear-jerkers! Some are just plain adorable. Some of them are brilliant rescues caught on film. Enjoy, and hopefully see that we should live respectfully towards other species. The least we can do is live without intentionally exploiting and harming animals. Living nonviolently necessitates living the vegan way of life. (If you want to see the videos on a larger screen, after opening them, you can click the "YouTube" icon, lower right corner.)

Beautiful man loving a calf

A truly amazing rescue!!!!!

Feeding Daisy (rat friend) is so cute!

Surprise guest found in closet. 

A reunion with a lion friend, now in the wild.

Short film of Albert the turkey hugging his dad. 

A boy sleeping with his duck friend.

A welcome home greeting from goose friend.

Cow lays on the dog bed. 

Wonderful footage of cow hugging. 

Runner stumbles upon animal needing rescuing.

Chicken hugging boy friend.

Inter-species bonding at an animal sanctuary.

Girl and her chicken friend.

African man brings water to thirsty animals.

Human - Gorilla Reunion

Respecting animals at vegan animal sanctuary.

Rescuers pull baby elephant from mud pond.

Helping pull ducklings from sewer.

Humpback whale rescued from fishing net.

A duck and young girl closely bonded.

A Monarch butterfly and Koala bear

Guy doing push-ups while kissing a rabbit.

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