May 3, 2017

My Life's Philosophy - Briefly

My life's philosophy is opposed to 
oppression and injustice.

I am deeply offended when I hear of another innocent black youth
 that was killed by a U.S. police officer.

I'm appalled when I see a young girl shot 
for speaking up that girls should also have access to education in her country.

I'm shocked when I hear that gay people are 
put to death in some regions.

It is heart-wrenching when 
I watch documentaries on 
slavery, genocide, wrongful convictions, 
the Holocaust...

I'm appalled when world "leaders" 
threaten nuclear war

I am heartbroken by societal acceptance of unnecessary violence that's intentionally inflicted on feeling animals. We know that humans can live vegan, so why are humans
still torturing and killing animals?

Live Vegan for Peace on Earth, finally, 
once and "FOR ALL".

~ M Butterflies Katz
May 2017

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Unknown said...

Very nice. Thank you.