August 13, 2012

A vegan is____________________ (fill in the blank.)

The following question was posted on Facebook and here are the responses:

A vegan is_____________________________ (fill in the blank.)

Karen Zupancic - A vegan is humane and ethical.

Asheville Vegan Society - A vegan is Da shit!!

Rainbow A-s Sparkles - A vegan is never invited to BBQ's.

Janine Evans - A vegan is what everyone should strive to be.

Matsya Foisy Siosal - A vegan is the most ethical choice for the modern age.

Shannon Tweedie-Idzikowska - A vegan is responsible with a dash of integrity.

Tråvïs Öåk - A vegan is someone who confronts specieism and abstains from the use of animal products as best as one can.

Carol Hughes - A vegan is someone who cares deeply about all species, and does so by never intentionally harming anybody; of course anybody meaning people and animals.

M Butterflies Katz - A vegan is a pioneer of a new world....a less violent one.

Laurie Cook - A vegan is conscientious.

Brooke No-Nonsense - A vegan is striving for an ethical life.

Vegan Maven - A vegan is an evolved being.

Melissa Chapman - A vegan is a most awesome human being!!

Tamara Renea Hubbard - A vegan is an example of what is possible.

Chef Seth Evan - A vegan is doing the right thing every day.

Judi Thomas - A vegan is connected to the planet.

Christina Ve Gan - A vegan is a person who consumes no animal products, because they hold the belief that animals are not here for us to enslave, consume or exploit for human purposes or gluttony. Vegans opt out of the speciesest perspective that animals are here for humans.

Flavia LotusBlossom - A vegan is someone who cannot bear the thought of a fellow, sentient-being being harmed in any way, for any reason, and will go out of their way to avoid participating in any sort of harm being brought to any other animal. A vegan is someone who, once they see what being vegan is all about, is never the same again, and can never go back to a "pre-vegan" way of looking at the world.

Sarathi Anuyayi - A vegan is Is someone who says ' we can '.

Ari Moore Evergreen - A vegan is willing to practice nonviolence and nonconformity.

Vegan Maven - A vegan is one of the true good guys.

Aaron Daniel Scheibner - A vegan is constantly researching and staying informed about issues relating to all animals (not just the "farm' animals"), being open-minded and willing to stop eating/using something when they find out it's not vegan. Good example is palm oil. Nasty stuff and in so many so called 'vegan' products.

Katia Luto  - A vegan is awake and aware of the truth. Committed to playing her/his part in bringing about change.

Diane V Gandee Sorbi  - A vegan is someone who has made the connection and understands that all sentient beings have the right to live without being used and abused, and that there is no valid reason to ever intentionally cause suffering to the innocent.

Joseph T. Espinosa - A vegan is just a decent person.

Betina Beti - A vegan is an abolitionist.

Colleen Curlewis - A vegan is someone non vegans should admire.

Alexandra Lupin Rajzman - A vegan is committed not to ever hurt an animal intentionally, whether it be for food or for other convenience.

Saurabh Dwivedi - A vegan is human.

Vegan Maven - A vegan is trying to be better.

Jean Coleman - A vegan is Love.

Michelle V Ellis - A vegan is consciously connected.

Kathy Bender - A vegan is compassionate.

Lynn Gamarel - A vegan is a highly evolved organism.

Mara Rachel Dobervich - A vegan is energetic, awesome, amazing, and super :)

Steve Lotz - A vegan is often a voice in a wilderness.

Kortnie Sloat - A vegan is peaceful ♥

Rebecca Sheely Bugbee - A vegan is empathetic.

Rachel Ariana-Vegan Roth - A vegan is a person filled with compassion for all living beings.

Monica Joseph-Braberry - A vegan is a statement to make the world right for all species of life!

Jana Charif  - A vegan is sexy ;-)

Simone Hewitt  - A vegan is not ignorant.

Carolyn Veg Ienna  - A vegan is 'compassion in action'.

Lorena Prieto Mucke  - A vegan is AWESOME!!

Felicity Andersen  - A vegan is doing all they can to reduce suffering.

Marianne Mikkelsen - A vegan is a person who has evolved.

Dave Bernazani - A vegan is a person who goes without so others won't suffer.

Shane Celeste - A vegan is the best person you can ever be, the epitome of love.

Tumeria V Langlois  - A vegan is aware, compassionate, caring and loving to all Beings.

Sophie Prunier-Duparge - A vegan is on the right way.

Vanessa Earthchild - A vegan is someone who tries to live their life without harming fellow sentients.

Safflower Vegan-Power - A vegan is someone who is constantly fighting a battle to save the planet and its inhabitants.

Amy Lynn Vegan-Forever - A vegan is  thinking it would be awesome if "we" all changed our last names legally to "Vegan." We could start a movement/become a tribe/make a news sensation!

M Butterflies Katz - A vegan is someone who respects the rights of all animals; human or non by not enslaving and violently assaulting them.

Alexandra Lupin Rajzman - A vegan is committed not to ever hurt an animal intentionally, wether it be for food or for other convenience.

Jasmin Kathleen - A vegan is learning COMPASSION, responsibility for ones own path, shining light, connecting and experiencing animal, plant, all one consciousness ♥

Elli Roberts -  A vegan is awakened.

Haley Tree -  A vegan is divine.

Dave Warwak - A vegan is biologically an herbivore and acts like it, like all deer, elephants, and gorillas; and as a select few non-violent ethically evolved humans behave.

Butterflies Katz - A vegan is someone who wants to bring about a vegan world; free of animal exploitation.

Janna Crookham - A vegan is awesome!

Amanda Beatty - A vegan is someone that wants to make all right with the world.

Patrice Ann Thomas  - A vegan is enlightened!

Avi Tzippori - A vegan Is Being Love. Be Love ❤

Michelle Potter - A vegan is lucky beyond belief :)

Brett Parker - A vegan is someone who respects all living beings by not using them for food or for any other purpose

Shena Steer - A vegan is aware.

Kathi Creed Altobell - A vegan is one step closer to saving the world! Be Vegan please and help save the world. It will clean up our environment, it will make us more healthful, it will feed the hungry, it will give us peace and love ♥

Susan Martin Stover - A vegan is living how God wanted us to live.

Helen Williamson - A vegan is evolved.

Brendan May - A vegan is ( ME ) honest and caring.

John Johannesen - A vegan is civilized.

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