November 18, 2009


VEGAN QUOTES by M. “Butterflies" Katz – Vegan Poet

“It’s pitiful to see humans so cold-hearted and not in touch with their natural feelings of empathy and fairness; so much so that they could be complicit in crimes against non-humanity. We cannot rise to who we are really meant to be, if we are inflicting (or paying someone else to inflict) misery and suffering on others. We free the animals and our own higher nature by living vegan.”

“All species and the natural environment are interconnected. By living vegan, we liberate ourselves from the guilt, (however hidden), of imposing suffering on other beings, and thus we free our high-minded and spirited nature to emerge. I believe that this evolution of the human consciousness, (which is not passive, but takes effort), is the way out of the critically threatening planetary problems we are facing. It is the non-violent approach to gaining rights for animals that will lead to their emancipation, and ours.”

“Regulating animal exploitation through welfare reform is regulating rape, torture and murder. If the conduct is wrong, we should unite and work for the end of this behavior, rather than work for inflicting harm in a more “humane” way. There is nothing humane in enslaving and commodifying the lives of fellow sentient beings. We need vegan campaigns to impress upon people that veganism is a moral imperative for all humans.”

“War and revolution have been tried over and over again. It's already been done before, you know what I mean? But EVOLUTION, which could be the new paradigm way of solving our planetary problems, has not been tried enough. This is what the noted quote ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is talking about. In order to change the consciousness of humanity; we must change our own.”

“I’m amazed at how many (educated) people still think that ‘vegan’ is a diet. I’m offering my three decade vegan-point-of-view with my 2009-up-to-date-definition of a vegan: Veganism is an ethical stance that rejects and protests the present structure that views animals as a commodity rather than the feeling, conscious beings they truly are. Vegans strive to rise above their speciesist mindsets. Hence, vegans avoid animal ingredients in food, clothing, products, and don't support businesses that exploit animals. Vegans exclude dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, honey, gelatin, meat, whey, silk, wool, leather, animal-derived substances in toiletries, products, and food. Vegans don't buy products that are tested on animals. They don't vote with their dollars to have animals perform for them, race for them, fight for them, entertain them, or die for them. Vegans don't support slavery.”

“Vegans don’t feel they are deprived. They feel fortunate to have been awakened. It is not difficult to be vegan once you get past the initial re-educating yourself from the misconceptions you were indoctrinated with by a misinformed, cruel, and insensitive society. It is our obligation to evolve humanity by striving to reach our higher nature of compassion. We can do this by seeking the councel of our conscience and following what it says.”

“The spiritual harmony that comes from being vegan is wonderful beyond words. Everyone I know who became vegan, (not pseudo vegan), is more energized, has had physical ailments disappear, and has gained more mental clarity and self-esteem. Knowing how the vegan ethic can benefit humans, free the animals, and has the potential to help save the planet, I have no qualms about telling every person who will listen about the virtues of veganism.”

“Throughout history, people have made major shifts in thinking. There is no reason to think that people can’t do this once again. In fact, if the human race is to survive, we must shift to veganism, because animal agriculture is rapidly destroying our planet and the heart of humanity, not to mention the billions upon billions of animals killed at the hands of humans. Veganism; non-violent and abolitionist, is humankind’s next evolutionary step.”

“Often people are not aware of the extreme cruelty involved in the animal products they eat and wear. We can no longer, in good conscience, ignore what goes on just so people can have products, garments and the food they “WANT”, that are completely unnecessary.”

“Apparently, we are the ‘reasoning’ animal, but with all our intelligence, we as a humanity, have not seen something so easy to see; the natural feeling to want to save lives rather than being the cause of misery, suffering, and the death of other sentient beings.”

“Veganism is related to many other social justice issues. If you are an environmentalist and want to help save the planet, first and foremost, you must oppose animal agriculture as it is reaping havoc on the environment and possibly the chief contributor to global warming. If you are a feminist, you must give up dairy and go vegan. The female reproductive systems of nonhuman animals are grossly exploited, and must be objected to; by not paying someone to do this to our sisters. If you are a peace activist in protest of violence, the first step would be to remove the violence you participate in by purchasing non-vegan products. Veganism is a solution to world hunger and a lack of equal distribution of food. Most of the grains and soy grown in the world goes to feed human-bred and enslaved animals for human consumption. If we did not breed and eat cows, pigs, etc, there would be plenty to feed the world’s starving humans. A balanced vegan diet is a better health plan for humans than the money-hungry ones in existence. I naturally knew animals were not food when my brother told me that meat was a dead animal, when I was twelve. My understanding of the vegan ethic has now expanded to seeing it as a remedy to the world’s many ailments.”

“If you are not vegan, go vegan. Skip ‘vegetarian’ altogether as veganism is the only ethically-consistent position. Dairy cows are tortured and then they are brutally slaughtered just the same as cows for meat; it’s all the same business.”

“I’m telling people the truth. People don’t always want to hear the truth, however! Why do vegans have to be so careful about how we are telling non-vegans THE TRUTH? Remaining ignorant of the atrocities that humans inflict on animals (that is within our control to stop with our purchasing power), is not justifiable. Ignorance is not bliss. Your ignorance is the opposite of bliss for billions of suffering animals, who so deserve the right to their little portion of light and bliss."
“I’ll see their Christmas cards hanging in a row on a string with ‘Peace on Earth’ messages and at the very same time, look at the products of extreme violence that they have on display in their shop window. I believe people really do want Peace on Earth in their heart of hearts, but they have not figured out that they sustain horrific violence with the food on their plates or the leather shoes that they wear. Violence begets violence.”

“The mainstream has not yet broken free of their misguided conditioning that thinks humans are superior to other animals and therefore we can do whatever the hell we want to them; use them for our purposes, at our will. This mindset is the conformist’s way of thinking, but one that must be done away with and replaced because it is not truthful. In being a conformist we must ask ourselves ‘is this something I should be conforming to?’”

“If the world was the way it should be, no being would live in fear of being hunted, slaughtered, enslaved, or commodified by the human species. Humans are the scariest animal of all. Humans are the only species that enslaves other species, and his own. Humans are the only species that employs a large number of assassins to carry out a mission on others of his own species, who they don’t even know, and take their life simply because someone told them to. Humans are the only animal that takes pleasure in imposing misery on other sentient creatures.”

“Veganism is intertwined with the peace movement; they should be considered synonymous, in my opinion. I don’t believe vegans should be terrorizing to other animals; human or nonhuman. Veganism has Peace as its foundation. The term ‘militant-vegan’ should be obliterated. It is an oxymoron. Vegans are ushering in a gentler world. We are making a stand saying we are in protest of all the violence, and we are showing the rest of humanity that people can (and should) live by a more expanded sense of justice and compassion.”

“When I consider all the animals that are brutally slaughtered to ‘make merry’, it doesn’t feel like ‘the season to be jolly’. Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with you (and me). Veganism is the one thing you can do today, right at this moment, to make a statement about nonviolence.”

“We vegans, in order to form a more perfect union of all that exists, and to establish true justice, ensure harmony and serenity of spirit, provide for the common good of all, to promote universal nonviolence, and to secure the benefit of freedom for all, should establish a ‘vegan movement’ dedicated to the fulfillment of these declarations. Let’s come together to share the same direction, from uniquely differing paths; to assist each other in the attainment of our common goal; a vegan world. Towards this end, we must dedicate our highest spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves to attaining this new paradigm. Lets’ come together, with this shared vision – and make ‘a vegan world’ come to be.”

“If I tell people the Truth about speciesism, people get uncomfortable because it challenges their indoctrination that humans are the superior species and all others are here for their use; to subjugate. It’s 2009 and slavery ought to abolished. Man is the only animals that enslaves. Man enslaves other races of his own kind because he thinks his race is superior. This is racism. Men enslave women, by using brute force, and only one sex has a hand in the laws governing both sexes. This is an example of sexism. Humans enslave and exploit nonhuman animals by the billions upon billions. This is speciesism.”

“I’m tired of being upset by people’s shoes that are made of animal skins. Everywhere, what is considered ‘normal’ is offensive to me. I am disgusted when I see a rodeo sign on the road. Inflicting misery on innocent beings is “normal” in our society. Ponder that. I’m tired of a “butcher” being a “normal” shop owner! I’ve had it with killers casually discussing their fishing or hunting of my friends. I am tired of seeing an animal bought and sold at the farmer’s market like a garment or object. I’m tired of the vegan lifestyle being thought of as so difficult. It’s not hard at all. I’m tired of veganism not being taken seriously; when in fact, it is a universal remedy for many of our ailments. I’m tired of so much violence. Veganism is an antidote. I’m tired of selfishness and apathy being normal. What is now normal; is something I don’t want to be. I’m amazed at how so many people really want to be normal. They follow what the majority of humans do; just so they can be normal. I want to live in that world where ‘Vegan is Normal’. Because in truth; it is.”

“To live in a world “as it should be”, one could start by climbing above their unjust mind-sets such as racism, sexism, ageism, nationalism and speciesism.”

“People have a human supremacy stance that carries them through life. We call ourselves “owners” of our dog. This is to be expected because we grew up in a world that teaches and even legally states that animals are ‘our possessions’. Often, people will pay money for an animal; which I find unthinkable. Commodifying another breathing conscious being is immoral.”

“Society is selling an assortment of lies and people are buying them. Television commercials are some of the worst forms of lying that goes on in the world. When I see how people listen to the TV commercials that entice them to eat sizzling muscle of a butchered gentle animal and think it is a “delicacy”, or accept as true the commercials that lead you to believe that an enslaved animal is HAPPY to give you its bodily secretions or dismembered body parts, I can see how Nazism was ABLE to ‘come to be’. Apparently, it’s easy to sell lies to people.”

“Society programs us with illogical lies about animals just as Nazism has regarding races of man. The oppressive conduct of society towards animals can be compared to the oppressive nature of Nazism. There are strong parallels between racism and speciesism.”

“What if we could awaken ourselves to filtering everything through our own reasoning mind, and through our own conscience, rather than just following societal norms? In our discovering of Truth (with a capital T), we must evaluate what we've been taught through reasoning and through our own sense of right and wrong. We can know what is really true because it is written in our hearts.”

“When I realized (at age twelve) that animals were not food, but sentient friends, and that everyone else thought differently, I knew right then and there not to necessarily trust what mainstream perception is handing me; to take people’s words with a grain of sea salt! If they couldn’t see this obvious Truth that animals are beings not that different to us; (two eyes, a brain, a heart, a nervous system, emotions, families, loveable, communicative) and should not be killed and eaten, what else were they not seeing that they think they do see?”

“Humans prize their intelligence and use it as rationale as to why they have the right to dominate/own/enslave animals. But to me, this seems like a fundamental lack of intelligence, like they really are not seeing very basic simple truths of life; truths that are easy enough for a child to comprehend (and they do).”

“Some say being vegan is too eccentric and difficult, but it is actually the very least we can do to respect the inherent rights of others. It is the first step.”

“Vegan education does seem to be accepted much easier by a child who has not been “adulterated”. Children naturally know, with proper instruction, that other animals are friends. An excellent way to spread veganism throughout the world is to ‘indoctrinate the youth, by telling them the truth!’”

“If I were a parent, I would not likely send my child off to a public school. Public school is an environment that teaches children the history of humanity from war to war, and makes heroes of mass murderers. Then school systems reinforces what they teach with lunches made from murdered sentient beings, even though the American and Canadian Dietetic Associations say that a pure plant-based (vegan) diet is appropriate for all stages of life. From early on, we train our children that violence is acceptable, even honored. We fill their sweet, beautifully innocent minds with lies about how we should treat other species with which we share the Earth. We serve them lunches derived of enslaved, tortured, and brutally murdered animals and products of their exploited reproductive system.”

“We were taught in school about Count Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist and philosopher, (1829-1910), but we were taught half truths. What they omitted was that Tolstoy said "If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food." In school, we were taught about Albert Einstein, physicist and 1921 Nobel Prize recipient. However, we were NOT taught that he said: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." -or this: "It is my view that a vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind." We were taught about Mahatma Gandhi, Hindu pacifist and spiritual leader, (1869-1948), but we were not taught that he said: "It is very significant that some of the most thoughtful and cultured men are partisans of a pure vegetable diet." -or this: "I do not regard flesh-food as necessary for us at any stage and under any clime in which it is possible for human beings ordinarily to live, I hold flesh-food to be unsuited to our species." We studied Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian sculptor, artist, inventor, (1425-1519), but somehow our school teachers did not teach us that he said: "The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men."”

“We feed our children a diet and an education that holds them back, keeps them down, and retards the progress of humanity. Vegan children are healthy, happy, and highly aware little persons. The children are the hope of the future; let’s direct our non-violent vegan education on them!”

“For me, having ideals, principles and ethics are more important than having a relationship with a person. However, having them both together can be a real high! Many people are in a relationship because of financial reasons, just to have someone or they’d be alone. I would rather be alone (or without a human relationship) than be with someone that was not lifting me to a higher consciousness. Since veganism is humankind’s next evolutionary step, a quality relationship would have veganism as its foundation.”

“It's a widely held belief that people need animal products for survival and good health, even though there are many long-time vegans who are very often healthier than the omnivorous majority. Any country whose economy is largely based on animal exploitation results in its people believing that there's little left to eat if you don't eat animal products. When people find out that I'm vegan, they ask me, 'But what is left to eat?' I tell them that I eat from the vast variety of plants found in the New Four Food Groups; grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit as recommended by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, rather than from the food group charts that were produced by those who profit from dairy and meat consumption.”

“Because of 'milk mustache commercials' and other economic propaganda, many people still believe that they need animal products for their well-being and survival, despite the overwhelming evidence that the very opposite is true; that in fact, a vegan diet protects us from many diseases that plague the human race.”

“We are the only species that drinks the mother's milk of another species. Would anyone suck on the udder of a cow for her milk? Of course not; we would consider it unnatural. Her milk is meant to nurture her baby calf. The truth is; dairy milk for human consumption is produced in a very unnatural way: first by artificially impregnating the cow (sometimes by strapping the cows on to what the industry itself calls rape racks!), then by stealing her baby within 24 hours of birth, despite her bellowing cries. (It's horrific what will become of her calves.) This grim cycle is repeated over and over and over until the cow is no longer profitable and then she is sent off to slaughter.”

"I like the taste of meat" is no longer a tolerable rationale.”

“We are destroying our planet; choking it with too many people and all their pollution. However, we can lighten our footprint on our tired Earth by choosing to be vegan and purchasing local produce.”

“‘Humane Slaughter’ or ‘Happy Meat’ is not the answer .’Happy meat’ is an oxymoron. No conscious being is happy to have their life reduced to a commodity and violently ended. Anyone can go online and see graphic footage of animals in a slaughterhouse about to meet their death in a horrific way. It's real; yet people have not been willing to open their eyes or their hearts to the suffering they are imposing on others. Becoming vegan makes us a kinder, smarter human being than we were before taking this step; which is essential to human advancement. Becoming vegan, by definition, makes of us more compassionate human beings, and compassion is essential for human evolution. That's why Nobel Prize recipient; Albert Einstein said: "It is my view that a vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind."”

“Avoiding animal products is good for people. It's good for the animals. It's good for the planet we all share. Change is in the air. Many human beings are realizing that we don't have a right to exploit, enslave, or be a part of the immense suffering inflicted on other feeling creatures. Nor do we have a right to continue a practice that is possibly the biggest contributor to global warming and the devastation of our environment. We don't have a right to perpetuate the horror that is human starvation, by using the world's grains to feed animals in order to feed our own addiction to meat. We don't have a right to over-use and pollute our diminishing water supply to sustain the farm animal business; which uses far more water than is needed for growing plants.”

“Veganism has "right" on its side. Veganism is a solution to our planet's ailments. The Earth and its people are crying out for change. Veganism is the next step for humanity that will bring the change we long for.”

“From questioning farmers at the local farmer's market and elsewhere, I've learned that many organic (and non-organic) gardeners use blood and bone fertilizer on a regular basis. I question what to purchase with our dollars: food grown with chemicals that damage the soil’s fertility and our own health or food grown in blood and bone; the by-product of an industry that exploits animals. I accompanied a local organic certifier on an inspection, which made buying organic food less desirable because of my strong stance on veganism. I needed a solution to this problem. I never thought I would get my hands in the dirt with the worms, but I decided to learn how to grow our food, vegan-organically.”

“For those who want to be an animal rights activist - simply become vegan. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you are actively protesting the shocking behavior of human beings towards their animal kin. Why have we not grasped The Golden Rule: 'Do unto others as you would have them do to you?' Why this 'easy-to-comprehend notion' is so hard for others to see in regards to all sentient beings, is an enigma.”

“Some animal rights people identify with being vegan but they "cheat", as they say. They need to keep in mind that cows are perpetually kept pregnant, inseminated by a human, and endure torturous conditions. These gentle friends have their newborn (whom they instinctively love and want to care for) stolen, sometimes, within 24 hours of birth. "Cheating animal rights activists" should consider this before they partake of a little cheese or pizza.” ‘Animal rights activists should be vegan as an example to their followers. People who look up to them are guided by their footsteps. Living a vegan lifestyle is a moral starting point for those who are an inspiration to others. It's not difficult to be a vegan if one grasps how profoundly meaningful it is. On the contrary, when one recognizes all the suffering and damage that stems from consuming animal products, it becomes hard to imagine why people decide not to be vegan!”

“Some activists work to save the whales, while they contribute to the persecution of cows. People want to punish others for their 'cruelty to animals' while they are cruel to animals every day by consuming animal and slaughterhouse products. This behavior is speciesist.”

“The concept of animal rights activists giving their lives to the animal rights movement, while not living as vegans, is inconsistent with logic and calls out for 'change'. Being members of an evolving human race, it becomes our duty to change for the better - in order to advance human consciousness.”

“It makes much more sense to spend our time, money and resources to promote non-violent vegan education, which encompasses all animal rights issues, instead of working on regulating or bettering the conditions within a system that should simply be abolished; a system that stems from a misinformed, flawed culture. We need to unite and work for empty cages, not better cages. I don't want to be a part of extending 'a pat on the back' to institutionalized exploiters responsible for misery and death imposed on other animals day after day, year after year, because they enlarged the prison stalls where they hold innocent animals captive or because they agreed to use cage-free eggs. It makes more sense to educate and change the mindsets of people; the purchasers, who are creating the demand for these products, by paying businesses to callously exploit non-human animals (and humans too).”  

“We have to stand up and speak the whole truth: Veganism and animal rights are synonymous. And I'm not speaking about a wavering, when it's convenient, not-to-make-a-fuss-in public-type of veganism that some are espousing. It seems that some of the big vegan and animal advocacy organizations are lowering the standard of the Vegan Ideal; to the point that they are replacing the word "vegan" with "vegetarian" in their literature and on their websites. I don't want to promote vegetarianism (which has come to mean dairy and egg consumption; hardly a vegetable which the word vegetarian implies).”

“Vegans do oppose factory farms, of course, however if there were no factory farms, most vegans would still be vegan. It's not about whether the process is "humane" or not. Veganism is a protest against a speciesist society that believes nonhuman animals were put here for our use, to be our property, to be subjugated by us; regardless of whether they are "humanely" raised or not. There is absolutely no such thing as humane enslavement, exploitation or murder.”

“There is nothing "humane" involved in the animal husbandry system, even if a product is labeled "humane". The "humane meat labels" are merely marketing schemes to make people feel good about themselves while they are still directly supporting cruelty. So called "humanely raised" animals have a number of torturous practices inflicted on them. Even when "free-range" farmed animals are allowed to live outdoors, they are still subjected to excruciating mutilations without painkiller, such as castration, branding, dehorning, tail-docking, and de-beaking. They are still slaughtered in the same violent way as factory-farmed animals. Sentient beings are filled with fear as they are prodded down a narrow chute. They can hear and smell what is happening to others before them, they desperately try to turn around, but can't, until it becomes their turn to be hung upside down on conveyor belts, and have their throats slit. Some are dismembered while still fully conscious. The whole abysmal system must be abolished and that is the only solution worth working towards.”

“Thus far, the history of humanity is appallingly oppressive. It is difficult to stop the human slavery in Sudan if you are living in the U.S., however, in most places in the world, one can choose to live vegan - a universal protest against slavery. Vegans do not pay someone else to enslave, rape, exploit and kill other conscious beings.”

“We need to lead by example that there is a better way. I'm suggesting (and it's not my theory) that evolution be our form of revolution. We need to bring about a gentle world, where no one lives in fear.”

“There is a lot of internal conflict between the differing factions of the animal rights and vegan movements. If we were all at least vegan, (not pseudo vegan), that would be an essential starting point for the unity we need to actually win rights for animals. We carry our veganism with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; it is the most genuine form of animal rights activism.”

“Being vegan, I walk the Earth dressed in a confidence that this path is leading me to commune with the higher realms of consciousness and further away from the trivial pursuits of mankind. Being vegan is a peaceful solution to what ails our planet today. We change the world, the course of history even, by changing ourselves; by reprogramming our thoughts; we evolve human consciousness.”

“I remember when I couldn't explain my 'new found veganism' without being verbally attacked or ridiculed. Now, no matter in which hemisphere I find myself, that never happens anymore. Sometimes I think that peoples' reactions might be a reflection of our own assurance, or lack of it, on being vegan.”

“There was a time when dogs were carnivore; end of story. Now, we know that dogs have evolved to being able to thrive on a pant-based diet. Dogs are evolving along with their human companions.”

“I remember being vegan when NO ONE else around me was, or had even heard of it!! This was prior to computer technology. I was absolutely SURE of the 'rightness' of it, and yet, NO ONE ELSE agreed.”

“I remember first being exposed to the truth of dairy. I remember saying 'NO, let it not be true that I have to stop eating dairy. Too hard! How can I possibly stop eating my rennetless cheese and ice cream?' Now, 30 years later, the thought of eating the secretions and bodily fluids of some animal is a repulsive thought; the other end of the spectrum from 'no, not my cheese too' way of once thinking.”

“Human consciousness is evolving. We can reprogram our thoughts. We can alter our habits. We can change our viewing, for a higher one. I remember NOT KNOWING what it will be like to be vegan and will my health fare? Now I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the truth of veganism. What religion could teach more than a vegan’s life of compassion? What could make someone feel closer to God than LIVING 'a more gentle and kind way' every minute of their life? Now, I KNOW, that the vegan diet and lifestyle was an immeasurable help to my physical and spiritual health. I remember when I was young, pondering why people didn't see the truth of veganism. 'What was wrong with them; were they blind?' I wondered. Why couldn't they comprehend, see, feel something so obvious to me? And NOW, many more people DO agree with me! And yes, the times; they are a changing, but those same questions still live inside my mind; unchanged after all these years 'why can't people see the TRUTH of veganism? It seems so easy to see.'”

“Even though we are at war as are many other countries, crime and violence is rampant, humans enslave and abuse children, wasteful consumerism is on the rise, clear cutting of old growth forests is practiced and it looks like the world is a real 'nut house'; don't give up! Human consciousness is obviously evolving as seen from the growth of the 'vegan movement'. We vegans are the forerunners of a 'super humane' race. So yes, the times; they are a changing! And we're all a part of it. As vegans, we are voting with our dollars, for which way it will all go. There is a dichotomy in existence on the planet; both are expanding simultaneously. Wars, overpopulation of Earth, pollution of our natural resources are all escalating. At the very same time, veganism and a social justice movement for other sentient beings beyond oursleves, is also growing.”

“I LOVE other animals as much as superhumanly possible in order to combat animal exploitation; in order to STOP the hunter from shooting the beautiful deer, or the vivisector from coldly and cruelly torturing sweet innocent love objects, or the Asian man from killing and eating man's best friend, or a woman wearing a coat made from the stolen coats of a multitude of animals who had to suffer in agony for it, or the billions of farm animals living a life of hell because of humans; whose capacity to feel is all clogged up with animal fat. The karma is clear. As vegans, let's lead toward the Light of Love, Truth, Gentleness, Integrity, Honesty and Soulfulness. Don't lose heart. Don't give up, for the times; they are a changing!”

“The new paradigm vegan may attempt growing his/her own food, ‘veganically’; without blood and bone, fish meal, animal sludge or manure sourced from the exploitation of animals. Instead he/she will use plant-based compost and mulch, rock dusts, crop rotation, nitrogen-fixing cover crops, and other non-animal based and chemical-free fertilizers to replenish the soil; a more sustainable, compassionate and healthier method of growing.”

“Convey the vegan message with Love, always having in mind to SAVE THE ANIMALS, first and foremost. Don’t let our anger towards the treatment of animals lead us to be violent in any way, in order to save animals. This will only make vegans look bad in the eyes of non-vegans and hurt the movement.”

“Veganism brings with it FRIENDSHIP WITH ANIMALS. There are many other species to love beside humans!”

“A vegan does not ever cheat!! The vegan diet is not like a raw food diet that you can cheat with. Being a vegan is a way of life. It’s a character-defining quality. It’s a solution to world hunger. It’s a health plan. It’s a panacea; that even encompasses our spiritual health.”

The above quotations by M. 'Butterflies' Katz may be used with proper credits.

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