January 2, 2021

100 Vegan & Animal Rights Memes (sized for Twitter)

 Freely share these Twitter-Sized Memes, no credit necessary. I make them and share new ones daily (Animal Rights Vegan) on Twitter. 

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Craig Cline said...

This is an extraordinary ensemble of logical and justifiable reasons for us humans to live a vegan lifestyle. I'll mention two I found especially compelling:

"We're all animals..." The artwork really spoke to me. We humans would do well to acknowledge that we are animals of the non-human variety -- members of Kingdom Animalia.

"I'm vegan because I reject violence, slavery, oppression, and speciesism."

It's fitting that you end the ensemble with the definition of speciesism. We humans should be taught not to inflict prejudice or discrimination on other humans. We should likewise be taught not to inflict speciesism on other non-humans.

Thank you for this incredible array of logic and art, Butterflies. It's the "right" start to the new year.