July 25, 2020

10 VEGAN Companies to Support

These brands sell ONLY vegan products. They are worth supporting just for that reason. However, they also make superior and trustworthy products.

Vio-life is 100% vegan. They offer a wide variety of cheese products. They can be found in the United States and in Europe; with their main office located in Greece. They offer Harmless food for those who care about the life of animals and the planet. Clean food; free of preservatives and GMO's. Healthy food; free of allergens. They have acquired many certifications and awards.

Sjaak's - All of Sjaak's chocolates are vegan; chocolate bars, gift boxes, and holiday treats. They have "melk" chocolate bars to replace milk chocolate. The sugar they use is non-bone char sourced. They are also organic and fair-trade. Truly ethical and incredibly delicious. They're based in California, U.S.A.

Sheese is an award-winning, superior 100% vegan line of cheese made by Bute Island Foods, in Scotland. They offer a wide assortment of tasty vegan cheese. Sheese products are stocked in many retailers throughout Europe, and also in Canada, New Zealand, Asia, and South Africa. With over 30 years experience, they have made it easy for people to go dairy-free.

Field Roast offers very tasty plant-based meats, such as sausages, breakfast sausages, burgers, holiday celebration roast, deli slices, etc. and also CHAO cheese slices and products. Field Roast uses whole-food ingredients to craft their artisanal quality products. Their meat alternatives are NOT gluten-free. They are GMO-free. They're all plant-based. They are not totally organic. They are easy to find at major grocery stores.

Made-Good offers granola minis and bars, crispy squares, and baked mini cookies. They are seriously healthy. I'm addicted!  They're all certified vegan. They are made in a dedicated nut-free facility and are allergen-free. These sustainable, organic snacks are perfect to send with your child to school, as they contain a vegetable extract blend. They're an ethical business.

Miyoko's Creamery is "compassioncentric". Their business is based on compassion for all living beings. Their mission is "phenomenally vegan"; to craft dairy products that everyone loves, that are kinder, greener, and tastier than ever before. They're based in wine country, California. They offer cheese wheels, vegan butter, vegan mozz, vegan cream cheese, and vegan roadhouse. These healthy and delicious products can be found at major suppliers like Walmart, Publix Grocery Stores, and Target.

Follow Your Heart are the makers of the #1 vegan mayonnaise: Vegenaise. It's the best! In addition, they offer other dairy alternatives like shredded and sliced cheese, salad dressings, breakfast VeganEgg and Yogurt. They are leaders in making plant-based foods that are delicious and better for you. Earth Island is the facility where they produce 'Follow Your Heart' products, and is sustainable and zero waste. They can easily be found all over the U.S., in many European countries, as well as many other countries worldwide, and under the 'Earth Island' label in Canada.

V-Dog is vegan-owned and operated. They make animal products without animal products! They offer a quality kibble, mini kibble, breathbones, and wiggle biscuits. Plant-powered pooches, like vegan humans, leave behind a much smaller environmental "paw-print". V-dog is committed to loving, snuggling, and protecting all animals, not just "pets". When pups adopt a plant-based diet, they're taking a stance against animal cruelty. V-Dog is easily found in U.S. stores and online, and in a growing amount of countries worldwide.

Angelic Bakehouse offer nutritious and delicious whole grain, sprouted bread products. Their products are all vegan (though the crackers, which I've never seen, say 'cane sugar' and I'm not sure if it's bone-char-free sugar). They are also Non-GMO, allergen and nut-free, kosher, and they only use ingredients you can pronounce. They use red wheat berries, quinoa, oat groats, rye berries, barley, amaranth and millet. After sprouting them to increase nutrients, they press them into dough for more flavor. You can buy them online or at a retail store. I purchase them from Costco.

So Delicious are the makers of the finest vegan ice creams and frozen desserts, yogurt, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream novelties, CocoWhip frozen topping, beverages, creamers, shreds, etc. They are easily found at major grocery stores, Walmart, etc. They offer coconut base, or cashew, or soymilk in some. I recommend the cashew ice cream. They buy UTZ certified cocoa, which means the cocoa is sourced from farmers who comply with sustainability standards of the UTZ program; see UTZ.org. All products they make are certified-vegan. They have some certified organic products, and use a lot of organic ingredients, as well as Non-GMO and kosher.

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