January 13, 2020

70 PHOTOS of People Around the World Bonding with Various Species of ANIMALS

All over the world, people of many nationalities and ethnicity, are breaking free of our societal outdated indoctrination that other species of animals are lesser than humans; not deserving of basic rights, or should be dominated by humans. People are rising up and seeing that animals are here with us; not for us to use and exploit. This post is Vegan Education at its finest. I don't need to show you undercover footage of what goes on in slaughterhouses; the name says it all. I don't want to show you the many heartbreaking ways humanity is violent to animals. I need to educate you on the way it should be, the way it could be; because there's already animal sanctuaries in existence worldwide; displaying respect and concern for our animal cousins. This collection of photos speaks louder than words; that other animals are friends. Speciesism is the assumption of human superiority, that leads to the exploitation of animals. I advocate for fundamental rights of all sentient beings; human and nonhuman animals; because ALL animals are conscious and feeling beings. Enjoy these uplifting photos; most of them from sanctuaries; where animals are not ridden, chained, held in captivity, or used as a commodity. Several of the photos depict a special bond one human found with an animal. They all convey the message that animals are friends, fellow Earthlings, and that this world is their world too; regardless of species.


A.L.F. Kuba said...

True love knows no boundaries. Being vegan is true love.

Craig Cline said...

It's always GREAT to look at what you come up with, Butterflies, and these photos are really compelling.

They speak to us: the compassion we human animals develop for "the other animals" is rooted in our willingness to empathize with and for them.

Thank you for another superb addition to the universally desirable goal of achieving human(e) empathy and compassion for ALL animals -- both humans and non-humans alike.

Unknown said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I wish the world could see them and learn compassion from them.