October 4, 2019

Activists Speaking Up for Animals Through Artwork

The following compilation consists of paintings and illustrations that speak up for animal rights or liberation, for veganism, or simply display the beauty living within other species of animals. Some are dark and less pleasing to the eye, others are intricate works of artistry;  but all convey a poignant message. ARTivism is a form of activism. Enjoy the following 60+ outstanding gems; some by vegan artists, while others depict "the way it should be" in our relationship to other species. Either because of outstanding skill in artistry and/or a profound message; they're all masterpieces. 

'I am my brother's keeper' by Amanda Moeckel

Phillip Downs Animal Rights Artist 'One of Us'

Steve Cutts

Chantal Poulin Durocher's thought-provoking painting

Lynda Bell Vegan Art

Philip McCulloch-Downes

Caroletta - "Edible or Inedible" - Berlin-based illustrator/painter

Revers Lab

Revers Lab

Jo Frederiks - 'Blind to Hypocrisy'

Animal Rights Artist; Jo Frederiks  ~ 'Abolish ALL Slavery'

Josephine Wall Fine Art

Sleyf  watercolor  commission

Sue Coe; English Social Protest Artist

Sue Coe - English/American Social Protest Artist

Andrew Tilsley From 'Animal Wrongs' series: 'Cures for Diseases'  

Japanese Artist Yumiko Kayukawa

Dana Ellyn

Lynda Bell (vegan) Artist

Twyla Francois Animal Rights Artist

Lynda Bell (vegan) Artist

Lynda Bell

Vegan Artist Karrel Christopher

Golden Rule Painting (Fuente: Flickr / vegansolution)

Shinya Okayama

German Animal-Rights artist; Rolland Straller

Disney Art

Sue Coe - English/American Social Protest Artist

'Breakthrough' by Regina Gelfer

A masterpiece by Jackson Thilenius (Crusade Creative Painting)

Animal Rights Australian Artist Jo Frederiks

Shinya Okayama

Hartmut Kiewert ~ Revolution and Ruins Series 'Nest' Oil Painting

'Cow Love'  |  Maru Luna

Twyla Francois Animal Rights Artist

Vegan Artist; Revers Lab

Twyla Francois Animal Rights Artist

A one-of-a-kind painting on canvas by Dina Farris Appel 

Sara Sechi ~ Art for Animal Rights (Facebook link)

German Fine Artist: Hartmut Kiewert ~ Animal Utopia Series


Raj Singh Tattal

'Milksucker'  |  Dirk 

Pawel Kuczynski's painting that depicts speciesism

Kris Kat

Jo Frederiks - 'When will we ever learn' ~ Animal Rights Art

Sara Sechi - Art for Animal Rights

Disney's artwork from Bambi

Hartmut Kiewert - Picnic Series

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