October 16, 2013

35 years vegan ~ Butterflies's 35th Veganniversary Celebration

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one day....I came upon Gary Smith's post of a vegan wine and cheese event featuring The Vegan Vine wine. This impressive looking event inspired me to host one too. For my 35th Veganniversary, I organized a lovely public event, with Darbster (a vegan restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida; with a vegan-verified wine list).

I am not much of a drinker. I wanted to educate the public that wine is often "fined" through isinglass (from fish), casein, milk solids, egg albumin, or gelatin; thereby making it not suitable for vegans. However, there are many wine-makers that don't fine through products derived of animal exploitation. The Vegan Vine wine was featured.

The Vegan Vine
The wine was accompanied by cheese wedges from Daiya, Vegan Gourmet, and
Dr-Cow Tree Nut cheeses. All the cheeses were good, I mean really good. 

Everyone was totally blown away by the Dr-Cow Aged Tree Nut Cheeses.

The aged cheeses that we sampled were made of organic cashews, hemp seed, Himalayan pink salt, and vegan acidophilus (they make it themselves; not grown on dairy culture). Please ask your local stores to stock this awesome healthy cheese and let's make it more accessible; it was the hit of the party! Okay, the vegan wine was pretty popular too. 

Vegan Gourmet's Nacho Cheese is so tasty and one of my favorites. 

All the Daiya wedges are top of the line! 

Daiya knows how to make great tasting and melting vegan cheese; a reward for a woman who had no cheese alternatives when she committed to living vegan - 35 years ago!! 

We all mingled; humans and a dog or two; sampling and enjoying the live entertainment. 

Many expressed how much they enjoyed it.

And believe it or not, I left my own event a bit early because one glass of wine
had me wanting to lay in bed and blob out.

Butterflies at her 35th Veganniversary celebration
I live without participation in animal exploitation - as far as reasonably possible. That commitment has grown through the years. When I first started, I was vegan in diet, products, clothing, etc. - however it was a couple years later when I quit working at nonvegan restaurants/bars so as not to be a participant in animal exploitation. I don't believe animals are ours to use for any reason - and I allow that belief to guide my life's actions and what I literally finance. I oppose breeding animals, objectifying animals, or seeing anyone sentient as our property or a resource.

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Richard Randall said...

The Dr-Cow Aged Tree Nut Cheeses sound very interesting.