August 4, 2013

Incredible Interspecies Relationships

“I think a lot of people find these cross-species relationships surprising because they don’t appreciate the richness of the emotional lives of non-human animals, that non-human animals experience the same emotions we do.” Marc Bekoff, Professor Emeritus of University of Colorado, who was featured in a PBS episode “Animal Odd Couples”
One of these unlikely couples features in the film, took place at Oklahoma’s Wild Heart Ranch, a goat named Jack spent years guiding and protecting an old horse named Charlie, who lost his eyesight. He selflessly took on this job right up until Charlie died.  

In the same PBS film, a scientist and Primatologist Lauren Bren; who spent over 6 years studying the interactions of non-related rhesus macaques on an island in the Caribbean, said: “When it comes to forming these complicated relationships with others, I think we have to admit that we’re not the only ones that do that, and that other animals have friends, too.”
A macaque monkey nestles his/her head on a dove
On Neilingding Island, off the coast of China, a macaque monkey befriended a white dove. The monkey had strayed from his/her mother, and was taken in by the staff of an animal protection center. Soon after, the monkey became friends with the dove; also adopted by the center’s staff. For two months they ate together, slept together, and helped heal each other, before both were released back into the wild! Link to story

A remarkable documented friendship was formed between Pippin, a fawn abandoned by her mother, and Kate; a Great Dane; who never had puppies of her own and became a surrogate mother to Pippin (Pip).  Kate is the canine companion of author and photographer; Isobel Springett. Kate successfully raises Pippin to be an independent deer, and Pippin always returns from her free-living life to visit her best friend. Apparently, Pippin sometimes leaves the herd of deer that has become her family and comes back to visit Kate, occasionally bringing her own fawns along, as well. 


Anthony; the lion, and Riley, the coyote, were brought together when they were both just over a month old, and despite their differences and the fact that they would never be companions in the wild, these improbable friends have formed a close and gentle bond, at Arizona’s Keepers of the Wild sanctuary.

Friends Anthony; the lion, and Riley, the coyote
In a surprising act of inter-species devotion, a deer recently stood watch for weeks over a nesting Canada goose in a Buffalo, New York. The goose sat on her eggs inside a large urn at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, and the buck stayed nearby, often positioning himself between the goose and any cars or passerby's. Usually both the male and female geese share the job of keeping eggs warm, but the expectant mother was alone except for her deer protector. 

When the goslings hatched and left the urn, the deer continued to protect them by chasing off crows; predators of baby birds. Watch on You Tube ~ Watch on YouTube
Owen and Mzee
In 2004, an Asian tsunami reached the Kenyan shore and swept a family of hippos out to sea, leaving a hippo calf stranded on a reef and separated from his/her mother. A volunteer managed to rescue him and the baby was named Owen in his honor. Owen, however, was frightened and confused, so when he was released in an animal sanctuary, he ran to a 130-year-old Aldabran tortoise named Mzee and cowered behind him. Mzee eventually came out of his shell and the two became inseparable friends.  Until Mzee was old enough to be introduced to a friend of his own species, he and Owen spent over a year together, feeding, cuddling and napping. 

Crocodiles eat turtles usually, among other beings. But, incredibly, instead of becoming lunch, this turtle was allowed to bask in the sun on the back of a crocodile. Photographer Mac Stone set up an intricate camera rig to capture the creatures in their natural habitat. Source link  

Meet Wesley and Chance.
Wesley and Chance have been together since Wesley was rescued as a baby. Chance and Wesley live at Sunrise Sanctuary. Wesley was a calf that was on his way to slaughter for veal. Chance is a rescued pit bull. They are inseparable and amazing to watch when they are together. Source Link

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