July 28, 2013

30 second lesson on HOW TO TREAT A PIG!

Kids of all ages can learn to love pigs. Pigs are easy
to love. They are friendly, come when you call them, 
and love tummy rubs. All sentient animals, whether as 
intelligent as pigs or humans - or not  - have the inherent 
birth right to protection from bodily harm by humans - 
since humans can live vegan
and because animals are conscious and feeling.


Anonymous said...

These photos are so lovable, I just love them!!!

nzveganalien said...

Love all these photos. :) I can't help but feel sorry for pigs most almost. The horrendous conditions we keep them under.

=^..^= said...

Pigs are just as intelligent & lovable as any other house pet! You can see how happy & interactive they are in every one of these pictures, in stark contrast with those unfortunate sweet souls stuck in crates, divided from each other & deprived of natural touch, stimulation & natural behaviours in factory farms all over the country. These are akin to Nazi death camps and easily meet the definition of mental & physical cruelty, which should be outlawed immediately. There is simply NO excuse for such animal abuse... a disgrace to the human race & reason to immediately stop eating pork and speak up for pigs everywhere!!!