May 15, 2011

What's your brand of veganism? (200 vegans, in 2 words, tell theirs!)

This was from an interesting thread where I asked this question:  'If you had to describe your variety of veganism or your take on veganism, in 2 words - what would they be?' Two hundred vegans/vegan activists responded with their two words. And here they are - in order:

Chelsea Miller - Abolitionist vegan, but not associated with any particular group
Niki Gianni - Animal rights
Abigail Davies - abolitionist vegan
Nick VeganCore - new vegan
Akintayo Adewale - African Vegan :-)
Lillian Massey - Abolitionist vegan
Jane Daly - fruity vegan
Helen Marston V - Forever vegan
Rebecca Brooke Corby - vegan activist
Cheyenne Bradley - Abolitionist vegan
Dianne Pitro - Compassionate life
Flavia LotusBlossom - Ethical vegan
Flavia LotusBlossom - I like abolitionist vegan too, but find I use 'ethical' more often.
Jeanne Cressey-Vegan - Ethical Vegan
Emma Attwell - Abolitionist Vegan
Elaine Alfaro - Eco-Vegan
Sarah May - Ethical Abolitionist Vegan
Deborah Brown Pivain - everyone vegan
Randy W. Sandberg - life saver
Cathleen V. Cassidy - cruelty-free
Roniyan Shamia Abigail - Abolitionist-vegan
Sally Thompson - abolitionist vegan
Joseph T. Espinosa - Animal activist
Brenda Zimmerman - Ethical Vegan
Jody Chesik - Ethical Vegan
Mary Quinn - abolitionist vegan
Dave Warwak - Morally honest
Sara Vegan-Ward - Abolitionist-Vegan
Marion Scherner - abolitionist vegan
Matt Bear - consistently Nonviolent
David Starsoul - TRUTH and LOVE.
James Idol - Peaceful living vegan.
Brandon Becker - For animals or Animal liberation. Veganism is a means to the end of animal liberation. Nothing else for me, though I do like its health benefits and the fact that eating plant foods causes less harm to the environment than eating animals in today's industrial society.
Rhea Parsons - PROUD VEGAN
Tony Bishop-Weston -
Coleen Tew - reclaimed vegan
Lai Sityar - abolitionist vegan
CharVegan Padworny - vegan ahimsa
Lisa Shaw Osh  - Activist Vegan.
Gary Loewenthal - Vegan advocate
Linda Rapp Nelson - If I'm talking to vegans, I would say abolitionist vegan. If I'm talking to non-vegans, I say ethical vegan.
Donna Anderson - vegan abolitionist
Lee Hall - Just...vegan.
Debra Couch - Vegan vegan!
Julie Ann Sherwood Zserdin - abolitionist-vegan
Deborah V Blundell Broh - Life vegan.
Deborah B Reynolds - animal rights
Daniel Thomas Williams - I call myself an "ethical vegan". Which implies "abolitionist",
and that it's not just dietary.
Jane Daly - Vegan foodie
Jo Osborne - abolitionist activist
Urosh Sredojevich-Vegan - abolitionist vegan
Kerry L Shoemaker-Davis - multi vegan
Vic Pitro - animal rights
Leah McKelvie - antispeciesist activist
Ruthe Wallace - Lee hit it on the nail. It should be only "vegan"! You either are or you are not.
Janice Cowett - Happily Vegan!
Lisha A. Daigle - very vegan
Mark Tripp - Eternally compassionate......
Jake VeganforLife Sanger - Treehugging Vegan :-)
Phillip Dolittle - Abolitionist Vegan
Michelle Larson-Sadler - vegan momma
Lee Hall - "Vegan! You either are or you are not." [That's it Ruthe! No such thing as an anti-abolitionist or anti-ethics vegan; why suggest otherwise?]
Daniela Carvalho - Abolitionist Vegan!!!
Daniel Cohen - Compassionate Righteousness
Pintu Vegana - Veganise all
Sue Rivers - Abolitionist vegan
Dan Cudahy - abolitionist vegan
Trudy Thomas - Love animals
Nicole Kutun - ethical-veganis.....oh wait there is also vegananarchist!
Sharron Woodward - Ethical vegan
Sharron Woodward - Animal activist
Sharron Woodward - Animal advocate
Liza Moore-Vegan - Fiercely Vegan
Martina Fattina - respectful living
Carol E. McCormick - Humane MYTH
Carol E. McCormick - anti-"happy meat"-ist  (ok, I cheated)
Ben Johnson (husband to the late: Shirley Wilkes-Johnson's) - It's right!
Sonia Twain Ethical vegan - I agree with the comment that the single word should say it all. Vegan by definition is a philosophy/way of life not just a diet, though in common usage there are now pure vegetarians for health reasons who get labeled/self label as vegan.
Brendon Clarke-Pepper - Ethical vegan
Wild Fiona-Vegan - Love vegan
Wild Fiona-Vegan - wild vegan
Alice Leonard - Joyful vegan
Alex Richards - Abolitionist-vegan
Stephanie Marie Heckman - Ethical vegan.
Michelle Larson-Sadler - vegan parent
LouiseVegan Fisichella - harm less.
Janne Högström - Healthy vegan
VegAnn Hawks - hardcore vegan!
SavannahVegan Kronson Bach - Ethical vegan!
Andy Mars - Compassionate Righteousness
Alexa Reed - Ethical Vegan
Moore Rhys - Live ethically
Barbara DeGrande - Abolitionist vegan
Don Robertson - Peaceful Planet (Vegan)
Janet Goldie - uncompromising vegan
Heather Michael Leughmyer - sassy vegan
V Beth Lamb - Thinking vegan
Elaine Vigneault - vegan advocate
Barbara DeGrande - Elaine, that is how I describe myself, too!
TheEvolved Stopthebarbarism - anti speciesism
Melissa Viau - Abolitionist vegan
Lindsey Sanders - abolitionist vegan
Emmy James - Peaceful abolitionist
Nonhuman Emancipation - Egalitarian vegan
Lindsey Sanders - I'd like to add to my response that I'm a nonviolent abolitionist.
Darren Williams - compassionate journey
Mimi McCorry Stiegel - The Best!
Krysten Voss-Vegan - 'Hardcore Vegan!'
Kim Frost - Abolitionist vegan
Traci Drum - Vegan 4life
Arnold TheVegan Freeman - Ethical imperative!
Arnold TheVegan Freeman - OOPS I was responding to "Please add your two word response to this interesting thread; How would you describe your take on veganism in 2 words." But I see the actual thread is about how I would describe my veganism so..... Abolitionist vegan!!!
Michele Volpe-Reynolds - Ethical vegan!
Roger Yates - For Justice
Jennifer Sweezey-Keller - vegan metalhead
Jennifer Wood V - Obligate Vegan
Kat Wain - Intensley Vegan
Alex Kolenoff - ethical vegan
Danny VeganBatman Nichols - Yourofsky/Tuttle
Shari Wosk - Peace Love
Sue Tupper - militant abolitionist - No, I have to change that. Because I use so much psychology to work at people to get them to go vegan: sneakymilitant abolitionist. There, I did it in 2 words.
Diana K Field - Forever Vegan!
SavannahVegan Kronson Bach - also....Empathic Vegan!
Chris Grant -  Primitivist Vegan
Jessica Constable - PROUD vegan :D
Carolyn Bailey - Understanding vegan
Lian Jia Xin - Vegan Spirit !!
Jason Ward - choose compassion
Heather O'Connor - Happy Vegan!
Elizabeth DeCoux - Not Property
Salim Andreas Piro Khan - nonspeciesist nonexploitation
Quincy Vegann Kirsch - Ethical Creaturist ( Ethical vegan just seems redundant.)
Mike Vee - Life Saving
William Paul - Abolitionist Vegan
Trina Burt - Proudly vegan
Greg McFarlane - Universal love
Rolanda Celina - Morally evolved.
Elizabeth Collins - Abolitionist Vegan
Sandra Cummings - abolitionist vegan
Wendy Shaw - Animal Lover
Beth Hardesty -  I / Thou
Oscar Horta -  Egalitarian antispeciesist
Nonhuman Emancipation  - Egalitarian antispeciesist
Matthew Mackintosh - Loving Vegan
Jen Fox - Abolitionist Vegan
Krista V Williams - Ethical Naturalist
Tumeria V Langlois - compassionate vegan
Judith V Barnes - Lonely vegan
David Catherine - Nazarite vegan
Alisa Bergamin - Evolutionary Bliss
Jose Valle - Egalitarian antispeciesist
Natasha Zaicov - evolved person
Christopher Noaro - respect life
Christopher Noaro - 'your take on veganism' and 'your brand of veganism' I interpret as quite different. My take on veganism would mean 'another way' of describing it in 2 words, therefore: 'respect life'. But as for my brand of veganism, perhaps 'Individualist vegan!' or 'Marxist vegan!'
Stacy Karron - "Religiously" vegan!
M Butterflies Katz – The Truth
Ruth Hawe - love demonstrated
Lorraine Haines  - Indubitably vegan. (Okay - I admit I wanted to find a word no one had used yet! :-P).
Diane Gandee Sorbi - peaceful abolitionist
Kostia Troini - Love Liberation
Ethical Bounty - Living compassionately
Bea V Elliott - Evolved. Someone else can have my other word! ;)
Brooke Cameron - Vegan learning (I hope to always be learning.)
Mary Elizabeth Cianciolo - decent human
Lisa Wright - born again
Caroline Raward - Kindness Love
Elizabeth Collins - In my happy place I say "human being" because that is really what should be synonymous with "vegan" - that is what I am working towards by promoting abolition
Ignatz Ziller II - Just me.
Jen Macartney - Ethical vegan
Vance Lehmkuhl - Live Justice.
Stuart Kent - vegan freak
Stuart Kent - I mean that in a good way..........
George Zuwala - about them
Kate Roberts - gratuitous nonexploitation
Aaron Cross - Damn good
Kate Drake - Abolitionist antispeciest
Verna Knapp - End cruelty!
Angela Vegan-Collins - Truly living.
Lesley Dyan Dombrow - Cruelty-free Vegan
Delta Troy - Animal Liberation
Jake VeganforLife Sanger - Animal lover
Jake VeganforLife Sanger - economy lover
Jake VeganforLife Sanger - nature lover
Felicity Aleesha Isabel Newman - Vegan Christian.
Grace Lorraine - "inviting evolution" is my "variety of veganism"
Sheryl Rapee-Adams - 'Loving others.' 'Understanding connections.'
Peadar Melinn - Heart'n'Soul
Ruth Hawe - harmlessness personified
Ruth Hawe - manifest gentleness
Ruth Hawe - being kind
Anthony Antich V - Raw Vegan (abolition implied)
Sarah Kiser - Golden Rule
Kylise Howell - Vegan Love
Brenda Zimmerman - ethical vegan
Laura Végan Moran - Honest Vegan
Ben Stein - Compassionate Righteousness
Addie VeganRae Rimmel - humans suck
Joede Mw - urgent intervention
Ellie Perry - compassionate soul.
Sheri Lucas Me: Philosophical Vegan  - Simon (my son): Complete Vegan
Penny Beck - pure compassion
Dianne Robison - Animal Respect
Maria Mróz - Caring Vegan

                                                    Photo from a Melbourne protest.


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I love the responses! Couldn't come up with one myself though...

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F****! I missed it!
I'll add mine anyway! he he
Vegan Abolitionist
Pablo Fernandez-Beri

M. (known as) "Butterflies" Katz said...

I am aligned with the precepts of the abolitionist movement, (though I was vegan before it began). I just call myself VEGAN usually, however my two words were Vegan Truth - I see it as nothing short of a Great Truth. I really like many of the answers and with the exception of raw or fruity vegan, they were all true for me, too.

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World Peace

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For Them....

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vegan veterinarian

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Animal Rights

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Ahimsic Vegan! =) Hooray for unconditional love for everyone!