March 2, 2023

Movies, Movies, Movies - 50 More Worth Watching!

Here are 50 more movies worth watching. I've published  2 other posts; each with 100 Must-See Movies. Link & Link  There are poignant movies such as The Danish Girl, House of Gucci, Amadeus, Immortal Beloved - that were beautifully acted and captivating, but they're not historically accurate.


It has some really fun moments. Hard to understand accents,
& I didn't like the black & white, but it did have many nice moments. 

Camp X-Ray

Not an award-winning movie, but it moved me; it moved me to research
 Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and how it remains a stain on American history.
 Kristen Stewart was excellent. 


A thriller produced and directed by Ron Howard. 

The Way Way Back

Heartwarming. Great performance by Sam Rockwell. Starring Steve Carell.

My Cousin Vinny

A bit slow to start, with a fantastic ending. Marisa Tomei stole the show! 

Akeelah and the Bee

Very enjoyable & uplifting. Keke Palmer as a child played the starring role;
 which she got because of how smart she is. Loved it! 


A legal crime drama & box-office success produced by Barry Levinson. 
The title is a slang term for juveniles who serve sentences longer than 9 months.

Fruitvale Station

The film is a true story based on the killing of Oscar Grant by police
officer, Johannes Mehserle at the Fruitvale station in Oakland. 
Critically-acclaimed and Starring Michael B. Jordan.

Rabbit Proof Fence

An Australian drama loosely based on the true story by Molly Craig, about
her mother & two other aboriginal girls who escape from the Moore River
 Native Settlement, after being placed there. They escaped to return to their
 aboriginal families. A very compelling story that critics loved. 

Good Boys

A box-office success comedy, produced by Seth Rogan's company. 

Liar Liar 

A huge box-office success showcasing Jim Carrey's masterful comedic acting.
 He was nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy.  

The Godfather 

One of the greatest films ever made due to great acting, the phenomenal
 portrayal of Italian mafia life, and Italian culture & religion, with a brilliant score.
 Godfather 2 was also excellent; a progression from the "old country" in Italy
 to early days in the U.S., and onward with a captivating performance by Al Pacino.
The film is a Frances-Ford-Copula masterpiece with an acclaimed ensemble cast. 
Godfather 3 also had some phenomenal acting by Pacino. Perhaps not as 
good as the first two, but definitely great and worthwhile to watch.  

Easy A 

A fun romantic-comedy with a fantastic performance by Emma Stone.
The cast was very enjoyable in this box-office success film.


A Steven Spielberg movie, but not his best. It is still worth watching for
the interesting subject matter: the Israeli government's secret retaliation
against the Palestine Liberation Organization after the Munich massacre 
at the 1972 Summer Olympics; where Palestine terrorists killed 11 members
 of the Israeli Olympic team. It raises the question if revenge killing or
counter-terrorism makes sense or not. 

La La Land

An enjoyable musical romantic film starring Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone.
Just sit back and smile and enjoy this highly acclaimed movie. 

A Bronx Tale

I knew I was going to enjoy the movie from the moment it started.
 It was captivating through & through. It was Robert Dinero's directing
debut. Well done! Critics praised this drama about a young man torn
between the temptations of organized crime and the values of his
honest hard-working father, as well as racial tensions in the community.



A bit corny & unrealistic, and yet thoroughly entertaining and uplifting! 
A Norman Jewison romantic comedy-drama about love, starring Cher;
who won an Academy Award for Best Actress. 


A box-office hit comedy-drama with highly positive reviews. Great actors. 

The Way We Were

A romance drama directed by Sydney Pollack. The
one-and-only Barbra Streisand steals the show! 

Licorice Pizza

I smiled a lot through this movie. It s a different kind of romantic comedy.
Very enjoyable. The big name actors are only in there for their names. The 
critics also loved it, and it earned 3 Academy Award nominations. 

The Aviator

A biographical drama directed by Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio plays
 Howard Hughes. The film is not to be missed; especially for the portrayal of
 Kathrine Hepburn by Cate Blanchett. An A-list supporting cast in this
 moving, box-office success and critically-acclaimed film.

This is Where I Leave You

I disagreed with the critics, and enjoyed the plot and brilliant cast.
The comedy-drama film was a box-office success; starring Jason Bateman,
Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Jane Fonda, Rose Byrne, Kathryn Hahn, etc.

The American President

A most enjoyable romance film with a good plot; starring Annette Benning
and Michael Douglas playing the U.S. president. A wonderful Rob Reiner film. 


If you like biography movies, like I do, this one is interesting. This
is the true story of Frida Kahlo; the acclaimed Mexican artist, played
by Salma Hayek. She led an unusual life. 

The Last Emperor

An epic and captivating film. Except for a ridiculous part at
the end that was impossible to be true, this 1987 film tells the
story of Puyi, the final emperor of China. Winner of 9 Academy
Awards, and 4 Golden Globe's including 'Best Picture'. 


An all-around good "true story" film, but a must-see
stand-out performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman, 
 who played Truman Capote & won the 
Academy Award for Best Actor. 

My Week With Marilyn

I didn't think I would like this, but I was touched by
the scenes with Eddie Redmayne and Michelle Williams; 
who was nominated and won many accolades for playing 
Marilyn Monroe; who was filming The Prince & the Showgirl,
in London. The British actors were all very enjoyable. 

The English Patient

An epic, romance, and long film that was good, 
but perhaps not "9 Academy Awards good". The plot
was lacking, but a very well-made 'tear-jerker' movie. 

Paper Moon

This black & white movie is worth watching just for Tatum O'Neil's debut
 movie performance. She earned herself an Academy Award for it, & is the youngest person to win an Oscar. Director Peter Bogdanovich approached
 Tatum O'Neil, at age 8, to audition for the role even though she had no
 acting experience. She played along with her real-life father Ryan O'Neil. 

Million Dollar Baby

While I am totally against boxing or any "sport" that physically
harms anyone, this was a great movie that definitely shows
what can happen from such sports. Clint Eastwood had the
leading role, & also co- produced, directed, and did the score
for the film; a man who became so impressive in his old age.
 Hilary Swank was marvelous. A deeply moving film; winning
many accolades, positive reviews,  & a box-office success.


Why this movie was not more popular and critically-acclaimed. 
I don't know. Very good movie that made many interesting
points about "race". It's a biographical sports drama about
African-American Jesse Owens who won a record-breaking
4 gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. A poignant
box-office success, with some moving performances.


An American war-drama written and directed by Oliver Stone.
It sticks in my mind after the film because it gives an insight
into military that you don't usually get. There are war criminals, even in
 the U.S. military. The movie is based on Stone's war experience in the
 Vietnam war, where his platoon sergeant & squad leader argue over
 morality in the platoon & of the war itself. It was a box office success &
 was nominated for 7 Academy Awards. It won for Best Picture. 

Here Today

An comedy-drama written and produced by Billy Crystal, who
also stars in the movie, along with Tiffany Haddish. I liked
it much more than the reviews/critics. I found it emotional, 
funny, and a soul-stirring. 

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

A coming-of-age drama that had some emotional scenes. I
loved watching Leonardo DiCaprio at age 19. He won his
first nomination for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe
for his role playing an intellectually-impaired person. I also
loved the character Juliet Lewis played. 

The Sting

Paul Newman and Robert Redford (need I say more?) play
grifters. Along with great artwork, great music, it was a 
massive commercial & critical success. It was nominated for 
10 Academy Awards, and won "Best Movie" 

Jerry and Marge Go Large

A comedy-drama based on retirees; Jerry & Marge
Selbee, who played the lottery in a big way, in order to
help their town. I watched it because I love Brian Cranston
 and Annette Benning, but I most enjoyed learning
that it was based on a true story. 


A captivating film based on a true story. Don't miss this movie!
Robert DeNiro is amazing, and it earned him an Academy-Award
nomination. Robin Williams was also wonderful in his role; earning
him a Golden-Globe nomination. The movie was nominated for
'Best Movie" at the Academy Awards. 


Beanie Feldstein (sister of Jonah Hill) is hilarious, real, 
and a good actress, along with co-star: Kaitlyn Dever. 
A modern classic. 


A very interesting biographical drama about Hollywood
screenwriter; Dalton Trumbo. A new subject that I've
not seen in movie after movie, but I won't spoil it for you.
Bryan Cranston was superb as usual, & was nominated
for several awards including an Academy Award for this role.

October Sky

A biographical drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern.
Even though I personally don't believe in polluting Earth with
sending rockets to space, this was a splendid movie; full
of feeling, great performances, and based on a true story.

The Cider House Rules

A drama with some warm feelings and good performances,
especially Michael Caine. 

The Fisher King

An uplifting film with themes of giving, true friendship & helping
those in need, mainly the homeless or suffering individuals. All
four of the main characters gave wonderful performances, but
especially Robin Williams; who won a Golden Globe and was
nominated for an Academy Award for his role. 


A heart-warming fantasy film directed by Gary Marshall. This
is the movie that catapulted Tom Hanks to stardom. 

I, Tonya

I enjoy true stories, and how true this film is - is left up 
to the imagination. Margot Robbie was good, but
Allison Janney was unbelievable! Great acting that
one her all sorts of accolades. 


I smiled a lot through this heartwarming movie of
substance, directed by Rob Reiner. 

The Fablemans

A semi-autographical, coming-of-age film about Steven Spielberg's
interest to become a film-maker. It's based on his family & youth. 
The only problem with it was that it ended; and so abruptly. 
The whole cast was fantastic. 

The Trial of the Chicago 7

An excellent courtroom movie that received many nominations for
accolades. It's a historical legal drama about a group of anti-Vietnam war
protesters charged with conspiracy and crossing state lines with the
intention of inciting riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
The ensemble cast was highly entertaining; especially Sasha Baron Cohen. 


Worth watching mainly for the excellent performances of Austin Butler
who played Elvis & Tom Hanks who played his manager; Colonel Tom Parker.
The movie may not be totally accurate, and was a bit all-over-the-place. 

Tick Tick Boom

A biographical, musical film directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and
starring the magnificent, adorable Andrew Garfield; who won a
Golden Globe best actor for this performance & was nominated
for an Academy Award for the role. It had cameo appearances by  
many Broadway stars; which was quite unusual. 


A captivating drama that depicts two World War 11 veterans - one black
and one white - who return to rural Mississippi; each to address racism
and PTSD. Very positive critical response to this well-acted film. 

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