July 12, 2017

100 VEGAN Shop Signs Worldwide ~ 'What the World Needs Now'

These 100 photos (from storefronts and inside vegan shops) around the world,  depict 'what the world needs now'. We need to make 'vegan living' accessible to people. May this post inspire many more.


n conclusion, I can say from personal experience (as a head chef at a vegan restaurant) that vegan establishments do help to convert people to being vegan. Vegan business owners are activists whose everyday work helps others to go vegan. In addition, they are making their living in an ethical vegan way without participation in animal exploitation.  

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Unknown said...

I love this! I wish vegan shops were as commonplace as bakeries and that it was that easy for people to change their ways. The world is waking up... people will follow.