October 5, 2016

My 38th Veganniversary Statement to the World

Butterflies and friends
As a sensitive, caring, respectful human being, I care about human rights and I also care about animal rights, equally. I feel for others and don't want horror and violence to befall anyone who can suffer. I'm a Golden Rule advocate; basically as my life's philosophy or religion. I am anti-oppression and stealing anyone's rights; anyone who is feeling and conscious, which is animals; both human and all other species. ~ I believe that humans embracing veganism, by virtue of it's long term effect on temperament, is no less than our only hope of Peace on Earth. Our adopting veganism is the solution to a society overtaken with violence; where media and television has made murder and weapons of killing "normal"  - however, in a sane world it is so contrary to our natural feelings. Ending animal farming is the best hope of halting global warming and environmental devastation. Humanity embracing veganism is what we need to do to heal Earth and all its inhabitants. It's our next evolutionary step. 

We need to leave off the selfish "I like how someone tastes" caveman type mentality...because seriously a cannibal likes how humans taste. So liking how someone tastes is not valid logic. (Incidentally, a convicted cannibal said human meat tastes similar to pig's meat; a bit tougher.) We may think wearing someone's skin makes us look more beautiful, when in Truth it reveals the ugly unjust part of us. 

Live vegan - first and foremost - as a matter of individual fundamental rights of anyone sentient, but also as a tool of evolution; to aid us to step up into being pioneers of a new and better world for all. It's a social justice imperative; it's about getting out of our small "wants" for the bigger picture; Peace on Planet Earth - finally. We CAN help make it happen. Today I am celebrating my 38th Veganniversary (years as a vegan by Jay Dinshah's 'American Vegan Society' standards; no leather, fur, silk, wool, honey, meat, dairy, eggs, and byproducts, toiletries and other products derived from animal experimentation and ingredients, no entertainment that exploits animals; as far as I am capable. Through the years, and with the help of Gentle World, I have long surpassed Vegan Society standards, however). We can live vegan; therefor we should; it's the only right thing to do. 

Vegans are RIGHT ... stop your jokes and putting them down...they are people who believe in justice so much that they live it; don't just say it. It's high time people stop with their out-dated ways and join the rapidly growing vegan movement and know the great joy of living your life without intentional harm to others. It enhances life and gives it great purpose. I highly recommend vegan living as a protest for peace, as a method of growing oneself, and as the way to pull our demand for animals to be exploited and harmed. Essentially, being vegan is in part, a boycott, only one that won't end; it's for life...a forever commitment to not intentionally impose harm on animals.

Once we wake up to the The Vegan Truth...we just live what we know is right and it becomes normal, easy, and life-enhancing. It only makes sense that if we live with respect for others, it will be good for us too. I didn't know this when I was young and first becoming vegan; no health benefits were known...there was no internet - I had nothing to go on. I started being vegan with the feeling that if I have to live off imposing misery on others, then I wouldn't want to live; it was a chance I took. But I do want to live. I am proud to say that I have lived my adult life for nearly 4 decades without participating in exploiting animals and have been fortunate to be able to live peacefully. I have no major medical issues and have rarely needed a doctor for physical ailments... we can do it. I inform myself of possible pitfalls and ensure I am getting all the nutrients I need ... and I am able to get them all without torturing animals. I look around at others my age, and think living vegan has physically benefited me. I just can't even imagine not being vegan; it's unthinkable. I live the way I want everyone to live; I only ask others to do what I have very successfully done. I mean no harm to anyone ... and I can honestly say that, because I live it.

It IS wrong to sexually violate (as in purposely breeding animals and forcibly inseminating them), to kidnap their newborn offspring to torture and/or kill at birth, to objectify someone and turn them into a thing; a resource, a commodity - rather than the feeling being that they truly are. It IS wrong to enslave others, to hunt them down, to use them for purposes of entertainment or experimentation; for human profit. Our behavior must reflect these principles, and if it does not, we are standing in the way of our collective moral and ethical progress.

~ Butterflies Katz / October 6th, 2016 ~ my 38th Veganniversary


Unknown said...

Happy Veganiversary Butterflies!
All the lives and suffering you've saved, 38 years ahead of your time.
Truly inspirational!

Uday said...

Happy veganniversary and birthday, Butterflies! You are an inspiration to vegans around the world! - Uday

Ashley Simon said...