August 28, 2016

S. Fl. VeganFest Vegan Educational Event; Photos and Footage

South Florida VeganFest 

Welcome to the South Florida VeganFest Ballroom
Video Footage from Shawne Parks 

Daiya and Follow Your Heart Dairy Alternative Free Samples
The Vegan Pod from Miami offering FREE Samples
Left: Presenter: Vegan Bodybuilder Torre Washington,
Right: Super Volunteer and Tech Man: J Drew Feldman
Left:Sarah Woodcock, Organizer: Butterflies, Right: Laurie Powell
The New Vegan Restaurant in Delray Beach are awesome!

A few of the many brands that supported the S. Florida VeganFest with samples

Holi Vegan Kitchen tuna-free salad free samples
Filled Room for live skype with Dr. Michael Klaper
Entrance to Ballroom
The crowd!
Holi Vegan Kitchen offering samples

Eriyah Flynn:
Vegan Publishers sold out! 
Yes, we had healthy fresh food too!
Professor of Law: Elizabeth DeCoux; Property Status of Animals
Torre Washington; Distinguished Vegan Bodybuilder
Collage by Sarah K. Woodcock; TAVS
Beauty Without Cruelty Free Samples
Margaret and Michael Serving Samples of Various Vegan Alternatives to Meat/Fish

Tristan Atreides - Photo Credit: Phillip Nawroth

Photo Credit: Phillip Nawroth
PHoto Credit: Phillip Nawroth

Above 2 photos: Evelisse Capo, The Food Pharmacy Food Demo

Live Skype with Michael Budkie: Stop Animal Exploitation Now - S.A.E.N.

Thank-you to Phillip Nawroth for his fantastic close-up photos of some exhibitors

Footage from Thomas Crotzer

Beginning of Sarah K. Woodcock's talk

Brief Interview of S, Florida VeganFest Organizer; Butterflies

Interview with 12 year old Adonnis at the South Florida VeganFest


Keith said...

Glad to see so many fantastic images from the wonderful day!

Live vegan. Educate others.

Chell said...

The New Vegan was happy to attend such a wonderful event. Healthy,happy eating everyone & thanks for your support ��