May 13, 2016

21 Photos: Butterflies Katz; long term vegan, animal RIGHTS advocate

I realized that I don't post many photos of myself. I don't have many photos of myself. I sort of cringe when I see vegan activists posting their 'body-beautiful' as a form of vegan advocacy. I don't have one of those anyway...mine is okay...nothing to brag all over Facebook about.

Here are the 21 photos I saved through the years, online. I did go for many decades without ever partaking in photography - as it was not vegan when I became vegan. Digital photography replaced the film they used to use that was coated with gelatin. Enjoy these vegan digital moments that tell a story...a vegan's story. 

Butterflies with Kisses; her best friend who lived freely and thrived on a vegan diet.

Butterflies with Andra in  airport after vegan poetry-reading-speaking - in Sydney. 

Petting Cozy- Gentle World's rescue - 2015
Photo: April 2016 - with rescued friends; Cozy and Mighty - who are fed vegan.
Taken in my 2015 Vegan-Organic Memorial Garden to Kisses

Speaking at Tamarac Community Center FREE public event Sept 2015
Kids and animals appreciate the respect I show them. Free vegan event.
"Auntie Butterflies" with Eden and Soul; her good friends who are vegan since birth. 
Butterflies beside her veganic Garden 2015, New Zealand
Speaking; Coral Springs library 2012 - event; It's Easy to be Vegan

Serving the attendees of  2012 'It's Easy to be Vegan' FREE event
hosted by Butterflies at the Coral Springs Library

Two photos above are from my years in Hawaii

My 35th Veganniversary celebration Darbster's, South Florida 

In Hawaii ~ both
Maui (and The Vegan Restaurant) and
The Big Island 
My birthday and 34th Veganniversary at Sublime ~ Ft. Lauderdale

And finally, my happiest face of all ~ at the poker table
with vegan friends (playing for low stakes). We all took poker names.
I was "My Gal Sal" and "Winnie the Pull" (as in mentally 'pulling' for the right card!) 

or sometimes 'Winnie-the-pot'...and just 'Winnie' for short. (wink)

Monarch butterfly taking first flight from my hand. 

Holding hands with Baba (a Collie friend fed vegan; lived to age 17)

Butterflies hand feeding a forest deer; a "wild" deer.
who she befriended when she camped  (long-term) 
in a USA national forest. 

Butterflies and her beloved, Kisses.
It was love and trust at first sight;

 when Kisses walked out of the surrounding forest. 
where she had been abandoned.
They had a life-long "in-love" relationship.
Supreme Master T.V. Interview about feeding dogs vegan

Surpreme Masster T.V. Interview ~ Vegan Poet poetry reading

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