February 17, 2016

The Kisses Garden 2016 (Vegan-Organic Garden)

The Kisses garden is a large vegan-organic garden of veggies surrounded by flowers. It is one of the many beautiful aspects of Shangri-la. This 454 acre Gentle World vegan educational center in northern New Zealand, is not only a sanctuary, but has a live-in program for those interested to learn about vegan living; everything from veganic gardening, to the animal rights ethics, to how to prepare the food, to watching films about the reason and benefits of vegan living, and learning from a group of long-term vegans.  

I had a powerful lesson from nature this year when an uncommon huge flash flood seemingly demolished the garden and was literally life-threatening for me at my spot trying to escape the rushing rising river. High and behold, two weeks later, the plants were almost all standing upright, or they grew from being flattened to turning upward - reaching for the sun's light. I grew with my garden; realizing that we can bounce back from destructive forces.

We have possums that demolish our fruit trees and gardens, as well as pheasants who in the spring pull the newly sprouting vegetables. And there could be pigs too. My garden has no fence unlike the other gardens on the property. I try to grow that which would not entice the animals in the environment rather than fencing anyone out. This year the male pheasant ate all my peas and most of my potatoes as they sprouted, but other than that...the free-living animals have let me have most of my garden! It has tomatoes, zucchini, onions, potatoes, purslane (highest plant source of omega 3 fats), rocket/arugula, cucumbers, squash, and plenty of flowers for me and the pollinators. Rather than stealing from bees, I try to help them by growing the plants they love. I planted 27 Milkweed plants for the Monarch butterflies. My picture-perfect tomato patch was hurt the most by the flood, but still some remain. This year, I learned the pain a gardener can endure. However, the pleasure from it is so fulfilling. Enjoy the photos; taken by my friend Autumn (Nadine Lorraine)

Bees and Monarch butterflies love the miniature zinnia.
An ecosystem which includes Echium specifically for the bees. 
Two weeks after being flattened; onions now standing up again! 
A mega flash flood flattened the plants; left covered with debris.
Bees loving the pollinator flowers planted for them. 
Zucchini/Courgette plants tucked behind the flowers. 
Foot path straight through, lined with purslane and arugula.
The Kisses sign is at the entrance of the walk through garden.
Plaque I lettered for the Kisses memorial garden. 
The garden is vegan-organic vegetables surrounded by flowers.
Teddy-bear sunflowers next to Milkweed for the Monarch butterflies. 
Beautiful backdrop to the garden, in northern New Zealand.
The garden is a memorial garden for Kisses; we were in love.
She ate a vegan diet and lived a happy, healthy life. 


Theodora Nicholas said...

Absolutely delightful blog - very inspiring photos
and links.
Many thanks Marcia!!

Unknown said...

I might like to live there. What would it take?

M. (known as) "Butterflies" Katz said...

Eric Schneider - there is an online "visiting Gentle World" form to fill out for all guests, visitors, wwoofers, helpers...