December 2, 2015

South Florida VeganFest 2016 made possible by a Pollination Project grant

I have been awarded a grant from Pollination Project to host a South Florida VeganFest in summer or early September 2016, when I am in South Florida and can coordinate the event.

There is a facebook group to join for anyone who wants to be on the volunteer committee. Since this is a vegan educational event, all volunteers are required to be vegan for the animals, beyond diet as far as they are capable, as a position of non participation in animal exploitation.

The South Florida VeganFest will be FREE to the public. Free samples, free meal, free educational materials, and free to the vendors who set up offering free samples to the public. In some cases, we can assist with food costs to local vegan restaurants, bakeries, etc., thanks to the grant from Pollination Project. We want all South Florida vegan restaurants, bakeries, stores to set up a table and promote their business. 

Please offer ideas and if you want to have a table at this event, contact Butterflies Katz ~

We are seeking:

Vegan businesses to set up a table promoting their 100% vegan products. We will have volunteers to represent the product and offer samples, or you can send your own (vegan) representative. We want vegan food products where we can offer tasting, as well as vegan dog/cat food products, vegan toiletries, vegan shoes/clothing, etc. For example, we want a V-dog table, an Evolution Diet table, an ABC cookie table, a Tofurky table, etc. 

A professional video made of the event for social media, and we can pay $100 and free meal and gifts. 

A professional photographer

Professionals to do food preparation demo

100% vegan product free samples to offer the public. We will have a display table of vegan products and free samples.

We also need donations of vegan food staples (flour, beans, grains, vegan cheeses, vegan margarine, etc.) from businesses that will sponsor this event. If you need a donation receipt from a 501 c 3 non profit organization, we can provide that. We can display your products as well on the display table. 

If you have suggestions for this one day, all day, vegan educational event - get in touch. 

Please do not bring promotional materials for your organization without running it by Butterflies. We already have a vegan educational table offering vegan educational pamphlets.

We need a donation of recycled or non-tree, non-one-use utensils and plates - for the day of the event. And we will promote any company that provides us with this.

Help with advertising, to help spread the word of the event. 

Any questions, suggestions, or those who want to reserve a table for the event, please email Butterflies Katz at


Cheryl Hugle said...

Wonderful news!

Unknown said...

Maybe I mossed it, but whete is the venue?

M. (known as) "Butterflies" Katz said...

The venue is the Tamarac Community Center on August 27th - all day