September 29, 2015

FREE public Vegan Educational Event ~ Tamarac, Florida September 25th, 2015 ~ Butterflies Katz speaker

On September 25th, 2015, I co-produced and spoke at an event that was FREE to the public and included a free meal and dessert. My presentation was entitled the ABC's of Veganism. At the time of this event, I am a few days away from my 58th birthday and my 37th Veganniversary. The presentation explained that veganism is ... anti-speciesism, animal rights, nonviolence, respect for animals, harming less, a social justice movement, etc. It was very well received by 100-150 South Floridians. While I'm no super athlete or babe, I have been living without any "meat" for 46 years, living without demanding animal exploitation for food, clothing, products and practices for 37 years - and doing just fine! Forty-five years ago, they all said to me "you will die; where will you get your protein" - but I didn't die and I have no illnesses and don't take pharmaceuticals. They were wrong. We CAN live vegan - therefore we should. It makes no sense to unnecessarily choose to exploit, violently assault, and kill other feeling and conscious animals. However, the presentation was by me, but not about me. It was about animal RIGHTS theory and the fundamentals of veganism. The age range of the audience was from 7 to 70's and very receptive, as we volunteers showered them with love, Vegan Truth, and good vegan food and gifts. We had a table of (abolitionist) vegan literature and Keith and Elena offered education and support; representing South Florida Vegan Support Group. 

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Watch video footage of the speech by Butterflies

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