July 1, 2014


Vegan products contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. Even further, some vegans don't consider palm oil production to be vegan; as many plantations are causing forested land to be clear-cut; displacing and harming wildlife. "Cruelty-free" is the term used for products that are not tested on animals, but it does not always mean there are no animal-sourced ingredients. More and more companies are making it easy by labeling the product with vegan symbols and certification. I never had this luxury when I first went vegan 4 decades ago! The post concludes with some simple free recipes shared by vegan friends.

The V* symbol (in this guide) denotes a company where ALL their products are vegan (either because owner is vegan or because products happen to be suitable for vegans.) Generally, the links included will take you directly to the company statement on vegan products.

V* - PHB Ethical Beauty - Europe / Malaysia - skin, hair, cosmetics
V* - Sanctum - Based in Australia, ships worldwide. Organic, wide range.
V* - Emani vegan cosmetics - international sales
V* - Soapwalla - is sells only vegan products - global retailers 
V* - Pureology Hair Care - Global Brand - nonvegan parent company; L'Oreal
V* - Max Green Alchemy - U.S. based and ships anywhere in the world
V* - Nature Clean - Where to buy - Personal Care Products & household.
V* - Arbonne - certified vegan from Vegan Awareness Foundation
V* - Rahua Amazon Beauty - Hair Care sold online worldwide
V* - Derm Organics - U.S.-based, shipping to Europe, Australia, Canada, etc.
V* - Skin Blossom skin and hair care organic and vegan overseas
V* - Scotch Naturals Non-Toxic Nail Care - U.S.-based - sold internationally
V* - Method - Hand and Body Products - (they also offer cleaning products)
V* - Beauty without Cruelty - USA ~ U.K. ~ Australia ~ Germany
V* - Hurraw! Lip Balm - International Distributors
V* - Bio Essentials - Distributors: Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Middle East
V* - Inika (certified vegan) cosmetics
V* - Bulldog Skincare for Men - U.S. U.K. Australia, Germany, Spain, etc.
V* - Priti New York City - Nails - Made in U.S.A. and distributed globally
V* - MuLondon - UK-based organic 100% vegan skincare. Worldwide shipping.
V* - Mii Maa - Based in Melbourne, Australia, internationally sold.
V* - Schmidt's Deodorant - highly recommended, made in Portland, Oregon


V* - Crazy Rumors Lip Balms
V* - Skin All Natural
V* - Strawberry HedgeHog
V* - Cocoon Apothecary
V* - Emani Vegan Cosmetics
V* - Merry Hempsters
V* - Zerran Hair Care
V* - Sevani Beauty 
V* - Bazil Essentials 
V* - A Perfume Organic
V* - BioFollicle Hair Products
V* - Soultice Spa - nails and skin
V* - Beauty without Cruelty 
V* - TSI-LA - perfumes
V* - Shiro Cosmetics - Portland Based
V* - Shikai - Major brand found nationally in natural food stores, etc.
V* - Pacifica Natural Cosmetics, Perfume, and Body products ~ Facebook
V* - OM Botanical - Skincare, men, baby, soap, aftershave, etc.
V* - Max Green Alchemy - certified vegan, mostly organic
V* Vegan Beauty Boutique - face, lips, hair, bath and body
V* - All Natural Face Vegan Cosmetics Bath and Body
V* - Nature's Gate - major brand sold nationwide. Body, hair, deodorant, etc.
V* - Well in Hand - all natural face and body and herbal remedies
V* - Soapwalla - U.S. based with worldwide retailers
V* - Nature Clean - Personal Care Products (and cleaning products). Canadian.
V* - Booda Organics - Booda Butter and Vegan Lip Balms - Organic
V* - Herbs of Grace mineral make-up, lip balms, etc.
V* - Sevi Eco Vegan Bodycare - based in Baltimore
V* - Ellovi - based in California, U.S. They ship worldwide.
V* - Gabriel Cosmetics (Zuzu, Luxe, Clean Kids Naturally) nonvegan brushes
V* - The All Natural Face - Cosmetics, Bath and Body - international shipping.
V* - Pacifica Perfume - Fragrances, body wash and lotions, beauty
V* - Manic Panic - Eyes, Lips, Nails, Hair - New York based
V* Frank Body
V* - Swagger Cosmetics
 - Metamour Skin Care 
V* - Mountain Girl Soaps
V* - Neem Naturals
V* - Veloute Skin Care
V* - Pallas Athene Soap
V* - Surya Brasil - Hair and Lips
V* - Lime Crime Cosmetics and Nails
V* - Rabbit Food Grocery - Texas-based
V* - Kosia Naturals - Hair, Face, Body
V* - Lady Bug Jane Vegan Lip Healers
V* - Everyday Minerals Cosmetics
V* - Living Earth Beauty - raw organic
V* - Derma/e - Natural Skin Solutions
V* - Misa Cosmetics - Nail Products
V* - Fanciful Fox - Lips, skin, men, body care, tattoo cream, etc.
V* - DeVita Natural Skin Care - Face, Makeup, Baby, Hand and Body
V* - Viva La Vegan Health and Beauty Products
V* - Lipstick Republic of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
V* - Gourmet Body Treats - baby, bath and body, hair, makeup, skin care, etc.
V* - Bare English and Co. Organic Vegan Lip Balm - Canadian-based
V* - Hugo Naturals - Body and Hair Care, Soaps, Baby, Aromatherapy
V* - Tara Smith Vegan Hair Care - tested on celebrities, not animals.
V* - Malibu 100% vegan - Hair Care, Skin Care, Swim and Scalp products
V* - A Girl's Gotta Spa - Body Lotion and Body Wash
V* - Pure Abba - U.S.A., Canada, Mexico - Pure performance Hair Care
V* - LVX - Nail Color - Made in U.S.A. - various online and global retailers
V* - Monica Hall Spa Vegan Skin Care Line
V* - Replere - Dermatologist line of skin care
V* - Laughing Devil Designs - on Etsy - Soaps, Salves, Lips, Lotions
V* - Me and You Natural Vegan Soap/Deodorant - Etsy Shop - Vancouver
V* - Relogy Skin Care - Acne care
V* - Earthly Body - Hair and Skin Care Products
V* - OCC Makeup - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
V* - Grateful Body - Fresh, organic whole plant skin care
V*Asana Natural Perfumes
JÄSŌN® Products - all vegan except 2 products with honey or beeswax
Morocco Method - vegan, raw hair and body care; non-vegan boar bristle brushes
Delizioso Skincare - Canadian-based; a few formulations contain bee products.
S.W. Basics - All products are vegan except the organic beeswax lip balm.
Yum Skin Care for men and women - Canada-based organic and natural, no animal testing and many products are vegan-friendly.
100% Pure  - vegan except a few bee products. U.S. and EU headquarters.
Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile soaps - easily found, very economical, and good!
Alaffia - Fair Trade, Gender Equality, Sustainable Online Shopping; Products are marked vegan-friendly or not vegan friendly. Not all vegan; some contain goat's milk, honey or beeswax. Alaffia's Beautiful Curl product line is all vegan.
Shear Miracle Organics - hair care line is vegan
Hempz Vanilla Plum Herbal Moisturizer - Hempz citrus moisturizer


Giovanni shampoo and conditioners - From their site: "All our products are vegan except our Lip Balms which contain beeswax and our Magnetic shampoo, conditioner, power treatment, styling gel and styling wax which contains lactoferrin." Giovanni is a California based company with products sold internationally and through major retail department and grocery stores.
Ecco Bella - Most products are vegan with the exception of a few that use carmine from beetles for coloring, mostly in lipsticks. United States; easily found in natural food stores nationwide. They have distributors in Denmark, Taiwan, etc.
Desert Essence - found in natural food stores nationwide. Bath and body, hair and skin care, dental, and baby. Their organic line, excluding Mineral Sunscreen which contains beeswax, is 100% vegan.
Kiss My Face - A wide range of vegan body care products that are sold nationally in all natural food stores / health shops, etc. Not all products are vegan, these are the non-vegan products: Olive & Honey Soap, Honey & Calendula Moisturizer, Scrub/Masque, All Night Creme, Hot Spots (contains Beeswax), Organic Lip Balms, Peaches & Creme 8% AHA- (Contains Lactic Acid), 3-Way Color-(contains Beeswax)
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps - soaps, lotions, etc. - easily found (worldwide), affordable and economical. The company does use bee products (they do their own bee farming; unvegan). They do use palm oil in their bar soaps (does appear to be ethically sourced, though.)
JÄSŌN® Products - U.S. and Canada - Face, Hair, Sun, Oral - nearly vegan
Alba - are a nationwide brand easily found in natural food stores, etc. Not vegan - but products contain no meat or by-products of animal killing, or cruelly obtained animal ingredients, even if an animal is not killed. They do use beeswax in some products. No products are tested on animals.
Aubrey Organics - offer a wide range of vegan body care products and the ones that are vegan are labeled vegan. They are sold retail nationwide in natural food stores and beyond. Follow this link for an explanation of their nonvegan products. Although they offer many vegan products, they do offer nonvegan products sourced from the exploitation of animals.
Earth Science - nationwide brand easily found in natural food retail stores. Earth Science products are suitable for vegans, with the exception of about 6 products. See which products are not vegan here
Aveda - A wide assortment of body and hair care for women and men. Not certified vegan, but most products are vegan with the exception of some that contain beeswax and honey.
LUSH - The international company has a strong no-animal testing policy, but only 80% of their products are vegan. There is definitely an inconsistency here, however they are a major brand with many vegan hair and body products.
Urban Decay Cosmetics - U.S., sold internationally (parent co. not vegan) - They have a vegan logo on their homepage which is very misleading, because not all products are vegan. This link takes you to their vegan line of products and they use a paw to distinguish the products that are vegan.

Click here to shop Boutique-vegan: 100% vegan: food, animal and body care, cosmetics  books, house and garden. Accessible in EN, FR and DE 
Based out of Austin, Texas

Click here to visit / shop MuLondon

V* - MuLondon
V* - Hope Street
V* - Dolma Perfumes 
V* - Vegan Faces
V* - Little Blue Hen Soap 
V* - Buddha Beauty
V* - Faith in Nature  
V* - Green Love - Sweden
V* - Irish Handmade Soap
 - Raw Gaia - organic botanicals
V* - Yaoh Body Care Product 
V* - Premae Skincare - allergen-free
V* - Honesty Cosmetics - Products
V* - HeavenlyOrganics  ~ Facebook 
V* - Boutique-Vegan (English, German, French) Body Care, Cosmetics, etc.
V* - PHB Ethical Beauty - Ethical Wide Range Skin and Hair Care, Cosmetics
V* - Amie Pure and Natural Beauty - Facial and Skin Care Range
V* - Un Monde Vegan - Cosmetics - Toiletries - France and U.K. sites
V* - Skin Blossom Organic skin and hair care - organic and vegan
V* - Love the Planet - Scotland-based - Body, eyes, hair, face, lips
V* - Mama Nature - U.K.-based - hair, baby, body, wide range skin care
V* - Tropic Natural Skin Care - makeup and skin and body care
Pure Raw - German - says vegan
Ecco Verde Vegan Natural Cosmetics
Organic Surge - nearly all products vegan; Face, Hair, Bath and Body
100% Pure  - vegan except a few bee products. EU and U.S. headquarters
Lavera - 100 products certified by vegan society; not all products vegan, organic
Glyde Condoms and Personal Products from The Vegan Society
Essential Care Vegan Friendly Skin Products
Jason Natural Products - Most hair care, body care, sun care and dental products are vegan and easily found - The few non-vegan products in this link
Urtekram - organic, lip balms contain beeswax  - Sold in Netherlands/Germany
Weleda - list of products suitable to vegans, U.K
Ecco Verde Skincare and Makeup - Vegan Society Approved Products
Sarakan Toothpaste - it says here all dental products are suitable for vegans.
Dr. Organics - mostly vegan except for bee products

Eco Vegan Gift Baskets - SHOP HERE

V* - Alythea 
V* - Vegan Beauty
V* - Ayana Organics
V* - Adorn Cosmetics
V* - Davroe Haircare
V* - Prirodna Vegan Cosmetics   
V* - Australian Organic Biologika 
V* - Organic Kama Skincare
V* - Sliquid - Personal lubricant
V* - Planet Eve - Face and body
V* - KuuSH Body, skin, hair care
V* - Sapian by Surya Brasil Body Care

V* - Pure and Green Organics - certified organic, vegan, palm-oil-free
V* - Cherry Cosmetics - body and hair care, lotions, soaps, cleaning, etc.
V* - Sukin Organics - Face, Body, Hair, Sensitive, Sun
V* - E.l.f Cosmetics - all vegan except for a few brushes cut from horsehair
V* - Organic Spa skincare - spa and salon range; certified organic 
V* - Sanctum - Organic, baby care, body care, hair care, men, ships worldwide.
V* - Inika Cosmetics - Organic, Australian-based, sells overseas
V* - piCture POlish - Boutique Nail Polish Brand - Australian-made
V* - Evohe Sustainable Luxury Skincare - skin, lips, hair, body, makeup
V* - Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty - skin, body, facial care, men, baby
V* - HC Hemmings - Cosmetics and Mineral Makeup 
V* - MUSQ Cosmetics - skin care and makeup
V* - Claytime Australia - Makeup and vegan brushes
V* - Jenisis - All Natural and Vegan skin care products
V* - Tri Nature - Body, Skin, Hair Products
V* - Sorbet Sensational - sold in Australia through Hugabunny site
V* - Y Natural - Natural organic hair and skin care
V* - The Australian Natural Soap company - Palm Oil Free
V* - iRaw - Fresh raw skincare - tooth powders, skin creams, lotions, hair, etc.
V* - Herb Doctor - skin care, pet care, cleaning
V* - Lin Lous Skin Rituals - vegan-friendly
V* - Mii Maa - Certified Cruelty-free and vegan, palm-oil free, gluten-free
V* - Nature's Organics - affordable hand wash, eco, no palm oil
V* - Cruelty-Free Shop - Sydney, Melbourne, online shopping - vegan-owned
V*Botáni  Pure Plant Skin Solutions
V* - Scout Cosmetics - makeup, organic skin care, hair, vegan makeup brushes
V* - Cherry Brown - Makeup. No beeswax or palm oil. Vegan-owned.
V* - Genki - organic skin, hair and body care, fragrance, nails, baby, shop here
V* - Purist - Skin Care and Hair Care (an email verified the products are vegan)
V* - Happy Skin Care - makeup, skin care, and sample packs
V* - Lipstick Republic of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
V* - Kester Black Nail Polish - Australian made - Vegan Society Accredited
Alexami Botanique Cosmetics - mostly vegan, they use carmine
MTSD (More than Skin Deep) - cruelty-free, vegan except beeswax in lip care
Byron's Nature Gift - almost the whole line is vegan - skincare
Clean Conscience Pure Liquid Soap - vegan and cruelty-free
Australian Native Botanicals - Botanicals; all vegan ingredients, hair and body
Livinia Naturals - organic, vegan-friendly except for one animal hair brush, but it's certified that no animal was destroyed or hurt in process.
Larissa Bright - Skin Care line is 100% vegan. Make-up is vegan. Vegan products are marked with vegan symbol throughout the online catalog.
Purestuf - Organic, mostly vegan; a few contain bee products, no animal testing.
Palm Oil Free Liquid Soap 
Gaia Skin Naturals Australia - all vegan except one product containing beeswax. Australian-made but sold internationally - body care, baby, men, etc.


V* - Africa Organics
V* - Universal Vision Body Bar
V* - FAR Botanicals 
V* - Harmless House - body care, baby care, men
Esse Gel Cleanser
Vegan South Africa Directory of Vegan Body Care Products
Earthsap Vegan Products sold by Faithful to Nature
The Body Shop - no animal testing, not all products vegan


V* - Cruelty-Free Shop
V* - Verite Spa Organics - skin care, bath and body, baby
V* - New Zealand Botanical Skin Care
V* - Kester Black Nail Polish - Australian made - ships to New Zealand
V* - Sorbet Sensational Solids - hair, bath and body, baby and child, etc.
V* - Nude Natural Skin Care
V* - Inika Cosmetics - certified vegan and organic
V* - Frank Body - Australian based - ships to New Zealand
Eco Store offers many vegan products, but some have honey, goats milk, etc. On their site, the products that are vegan are labeled vegan.
Pearl Soap - Natural Fragrant Soaps made from vegetable oils


V* - Pronatural


Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps - widely available internationally, economical, and a product. They are not a vegan company as many think, because they support their own beekeeping to use in their lip balm, etc. The soap bars use palm oil that appears to be ethically sourced.
Jäsön Natural Products are sold in U.S.,U.K., Canada, and Japan. National sales within those countries.
Earth Science Naturals - is sold in United States, Canada, and the U.K. Earth Science products are suitable for vegans, with the exception of the following: Azulene Eye Cream contains beeswax, Hair Treatment Shampoo contains hydrolyzed silk protein, Hair Treatment Conditioner contains hydrolyzed silk protein, Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Shampoo and Masque contain hydrolyzed silk protein (source)
Dr. Hauschka - botanicals, no animal testing, many, but not all products vegan, wide range of products
Weleda - NOT all vegan, link to products > suitable for vegans.



Vegan Online
Cruelty-Free Shop (Sydney and Melbourne)
The Green Edge 
The Personal Vegan - no palm oil
The Arctic Vegan Store - Body and Bath Products, nails, lips
Vegan Market 
Tri Nature Lifestyle Products

United States - Canada

Vegan Store - (body care products)
Vegan Essentials 
Vegan Cuts - Body Care Products 

Europe / United Kingdom 

Boutique-Vegan - German, French, English - vegan, eco, fair trade
Boutique-Vegan - Germany
Shop Vegan cosmetics - ShopVegan - U.K.
Irish Online Vegan Body Care by Plant Goodness
Goodness Direct Body and Hair Care Products
Vegan.co.uk Online vegan shopping
Honesty Cosmetics Online Shop - wide range of vegan body care products
Un Monde Vegan - France and U.K. sites
Veganz - 100% vegan grocery store chain, Germany / Europe - some body care.

Vegan Lip Balms
Little Blue Hen lip quench - U.K.

Hurraw! lip balmsV* and organic
Crazy Rumors lip balm - V*
All Natural Face Lip Balms - V*
Lady Bug Jane Vegan Lip Balms - V*
Little Blue Hen Lip Quench - V*
Lip Glosserie -V*
Fanciful Fox Lip Balm -V*
Meow Meow Vegan Lip Balm - V*
Ellovi lip butter - V*
Booda Organics - Vegan Lip Balm - V*
Merry Hempsters - V* - organic - lip balms/salves.
Rabbit Food Grocery's Lip Balms - Texas - U.S. - V*
Soapwalla's vegan Citrus-Ginger lipbalm - V*
Bare English and Co. Organic Vegan Lip Balm Canadian-based -V* 
Cherry Brown - Lip Balm and Gloss - V*-Vegan-owned, Australia
Green Love Lip Balm - V* - made in Sweden - U.K.
Lush - None of your Beeswax Lip Balm
Karma Naturals Lip Balm - Vegan Lip Balms - U.S.-based
Epic Vegan Lip Balms
Lip Quench Lip Balm
Una Biologicals - Vegan Lip Balm - organic, beeswax in some - U.S. ship globally
SW Basics of Brooklyn - Vegan Lip Balms

Recommended Specific Hand Care

Desert Essence Sweet Almond Hand and Body Lotion
Method Hand and Body V* 

Baby Care and kids Products

V* - Baby Sanctum Shampoo and Wash
V*Gabriel Cosmetics - Clean Kids - hair and body products
V* - Jackson Reece Natural baby care products - made in U.K.
Weleda baby bath bodywash - U.K.
Premae SkinCare - U.K.-based, international sales
Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash
EcoStore Baby Moisturiser - Many vegan products, not all - New Zealand

Hair Care Specific Products

V* - BioFollicle  - U.S.- based
hair loss prevention and treatment
V* - Zerran Hair Care
V* - Scalp Rescue Shampoo
V* - Faith in Nature - U.K.-based
V* - Tara Smith Hair Care - U.S. and U.K.
V* - Eco Sevi  Sea Buckthorn Shampoo
V* - Malibu - Hair; Swim and Scalp products
Organic Surge shampoos - U.K. based
Evolve Hair Care - U.K.
Lush Veganese Conditioner
Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Shampoo
Casa di Menotti Bess Colour Lock System 
NaturOli Soap Nut Shampoo - bottled in USA
Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo
Morocco Method Natural Henna Hair Color
Acure Hair Care - most products vegan, a few not
Bio Follicle - Vegan Treatment Shampoos
Alaffia Coconut and Shea Daily Hydrating Shampoo - and other hair products.
Ecco Bella Hair Care - all products vegan except carmine used in lipsticks
Beautiful Curl - this line is vegan - the company that produces it, is not vegan
Eco Store Normal Shampoo - Conditioner New Zealand and other countries

Specific Products for Skin Care

V* - Shikai Borage Therapy Lotions and Creams
V* - Veloute Skin Care - Etsy 
V* - KuuSH Skin Plus Relief Cream
V* - Mama Nature - wide range skin care, baby care, anti-wrinkle, eczema, etc.
V* - Root Science Skin Care - sold online - organic - U.S.-based
V* - Relogy Acne and Skin Care
V* - Novena Maternity Skin Care - U.S.-based ~ International distributors
Salve Skin Care Products - U.S.-based - vegan certified skin care line
Organic Surge Daily Face Wash
Lush Dream Cream 
Natural Petroleum-Free Care Jelly
Alaffia Shea Butter
Acure Organics Body Lotions -  (most products are vegan, but several are not)
Aubrey Organnics skin care products - Not All Products are vegan, but most are and they are "marked vegan" to make it easy for customers.
Firming Boost for Skin by Seventh Generation; an international brand. They don't test on animals and have many vegan products.
Amie Face Care - U.K.
Desert Essence Vanilla Chai Hand and Body Lotion
Seventh Generation Hydrating Skin Boost

Specific Products for Nails

V* - A.Dorn - Nails
V* - LVX - Nail Color Abaco Vegan Nail Lacquer 
V* - Scotch Naturals - U.S.A.-based - and sold internationally - non-toxic
V* - Misa Nail Products
V* - piCture POlish - Australian-made - International Sales Boutique Nail Polish
V*Kester Black Nail Polish - Australian made - Vegan Society Accredited
The Arctic Vegan Store - Australia - products for nails
Adorn Toxic-free Nail Polish - Australia
Gabriel Cosmetics Nail Care
PritiNYC - all vegan nail products

Specific Soap Products 

Dr. Bronner's Citrus Castile liquid Soap
Kirk's Castile soap 
Vermont Soap Organic Foaming hand soap 
EcoStore Hand Soap - (not all products are vegan)
Kiss My Face Natural Peace Castile Soaps
EO Products - hand sanitizers
Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap Bar
Irish Handmade Soaps

Specific Products for Deodorant

V* - Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
V* - Florentine Gold - crystal deodorants, foot deodorants, Australian-made
V* - Fresca Natural Deodorants - Australia - vegan-friendly, no palm oil
V* - Soapwalla Deodorant Cream
V* - Green Love Fair Trade Deodorants - made in Sweden, U.K.
JĀSÖN® - deodorant - international major brand (Tea Tree is nice)
Urtekram (Denmark)
Weleda Citrus - U.K. link
Natural Deodorant Cream from Soapwalla
Lush Aromaco Deodorant
Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant  Weleda Citrus Deodorant
Crystal Deodorant
Deodorant Stones

Specific Products for Oral Hygiene

Urtekram toothpastes (Denmark based)
Weleda Plant-Gel toothpaste - sold internationally - U.K. link
U.S. Assorted Vegan dental care
EcoDent Vegan Dental Floss
EcoDent Gentle Floss (vegan) 
Desert Essence Tea-Tree Dental Floss
EcoDent Ultiimate Daily Oral Rinse 
Tooth Soap 
Sante B12 Toothpaste  or purchase here - Germany
Lavera Tooth Gel - Germany
Lavera Mint Tooth Gel - German
Sarakan toothpaste - U.K. based
Tom's of Maine - No animal testing, no animal ingredients. However, a few products contain propolis or bee products; so not all vegan.
Green People - U.K. Vegan Toothpastes
Jason Toothpastes - from Bamboo Vegan Online shopping - Greece
Jack and Jill Toothpaste - organic kids cruelty-free Australia, U.K., and U.S.

HOMEMADE ECO RECIPES (shared by friends)

I make my own from coconut oil, baking soda, organic lemon oil and peppermint oil (doubles as my toothpaste).

I'm making my own deodorant and it's working well--it's a spray. 2 oz witch hazel, 10-20 drops lavender oil, 10-20 drops ylang ylang oil, and 10 drops cedarwood. Just mix and shake before use. I put it in a glass bottle with a squirter thing on it I picked up at the natural food store.

I've stopped using shampoo. I just use baking soda and apple cider vinegar. For deodorant, I use coconut oil with baking soda mixed in. I mix in a small container and keep in the fridge. It pops out and I just rub under my arms.

Just three things! Baking soda, Bragg's apple cider vinegar and organic coconut oil. The first two I use to wash my hair. The baking soda for teeth, the coconut oil for body, lip, face and hair moisturizer and oil pulling (oral).The baking soda and coconut oil blended together are my deodorant.

For kids toothpaste, I use coconut oil, a tiny bit of oregano oil and lots of tangerine and lemon oil. Adult toothpaste is baking soda and lemon and oregano oil blend. Tea tree oil as a deodorant, others can be added if you want more fragrance.

Baking soda's an amazing deodorant, a little blob, wetted, squidged under the arms, rinsed, smell all gone.

Many just use pure coconut oil or shea butter for their skin moisturizer.


pixiemom said...

Butterflies, your tireless work to help fellow vegans is very much appreciated! A thousand times, THANK YOU!!

ortrudes said...

Please recommend a true vegan antiperspirant. I have used Certain Dri and Toms of Maine. I'm not absolutely sure Certain Dri contains no animal ingredients although the package stated not tested on animals. Toms is supposedly vegan but does contain palm oil. I am gradually convinced a vegan antiperspirant doesn't exist. I hate wet underarms even if they smell good. Thoughts or advice?

Anonymous said...

Ortudes, check out www.thecrystal.com And while I understand your concern regarding palm oil, a product that contains palm oil is vegan.

ibga said...

DermaDoctor makes an excellent true anti-perspirant. It, like all their products, is crualty-free. It has stuff in it that I wouldn't drink though, that is, I guess, the compromise for an antiperspirant rather than a deoderant. I like being dry.

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Eve said...

thanks for this comprehensive list of vegan companies! very helpful!
I'm a artisan perfumer that has created a vegan, 100% natural, yoga inspired perfume brand: www.asananaturalperfumes.com
Could you please include it in your list and let me know if you have any questions!
thank you!

Unknown said...

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Vegan makeup products online

Serenity Meredith said...

Thanks for the home made ingredients I love ylang ylang so I will definitely try making that for my personal use.
I have just started a company for organic vegan facial mask, coffee scrubs, facial oils and much more: https://skinmuk.com.au
Could you please include it in your list and let me know if you have any questions!

love your work