July 27, 2014


Most children have to be taught that harming animals is acceptable. Vegans are people that have "unlearned" the notion that humans have the right to own and objectify, enslave, exploit, and be violent to other species of animals. Understanding the vegan ethic is easy for "un-adult-erated" people to grasp. We can make 'speciesism' history, as well as racism, sexism, ageism, violence, anti-semitism and all unjust discrimination; taught and learned perceptions. Children's books portraying mainstream consciousness, teach children on one hand to love animal characters. On the other hand, in the very same story, they go to a hamburger joint and order a milkshake and burger along with their animal friend characters. We literally were programmed with this irrational duality. This early indoctrination develops into the commonplace disconnect we see in non-vegan humans. When I learned people ate animals, at age 12, I was shocked. Animals were my friends. 

Children don't want to harm animals, generally speaking - and especially if they are reared with those values. Impart the vegan ethic to all children - and then we will, at long last, know Peace on Earth. None of us can be a perfect vegan, but we can try our best not to literally fund animal use; a worthwhile endeavor to rise above a world of insane proportions of violence, oppression and slavery. Stop literally living off violence, cruel exploitation and wrongdoing to feeling beings. Find the innocent child within that sees animals as friends. First do no harm. A better world is within the realm of possibility. We must stop persecuting those who we perceive as pests or our personal property. Humans kill so easily. Teach children nonviolence; teach children the vegan way of life. 

Teach children to become vegan adults.

      Thank-you photographers for these awesome photos! 


Craig Cline said...

This is absolutely TERRIFIC, Butterflies. A picture is said to be worth 1,000 words, and these pictures are worth their weight in gold. Thank you so much for this beautiful portrayal of the way things COULD be, if only adults would embrace the vegan ethic you mention. Their kids would likely do so, if they weren't taught otherwise. I'm reminded of the quote by Desmond Morris (?), who said (paraphrased): "Put a young child in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If the child eats the rabbit, I'll buy you a new car." Indeed we MUST eradicate "speciesism," beginning with our babies.

Craig Cline
Salem, Oregon

Stacey said...

I have been teaching my five year old daughter all about veganism for the past few months- she hasn't eaten any kind of meat since she realised where it comes from (real living animals) despite my stating that she has her own choice in the matter. I am so proud of her resolve and compassion. She regularly states how 'we love animals, so why do people have to eat them?' and sometimes it is difficult to explain in simple terms to her why the world works this way, without being too graphic or full-on. It is difficult finding options that appeal to her when we go out for lunches. Even at her school canteen - the only vegetarian lunch option is a salad sandwich - which has cheese and butter on it too. Every fun-day they hold at school has 'special' lunch options: pie, sausage roll, or meat-pizza. It is disheartening.

I will definitely be showing her these pictures, she will just love them and I think they will mean a lot. Thanks for sharing. Xx

Cathy said...

This is beautiful, Butterflies. Thank you so much for such a message of love and hope.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos