November 5, 2011

I'M VEGAN AND........fill in the blank.

In honor of World Vegan Day 2011, I posted this fill in the blank question on Facebook. Here are a plethora of vegan testimonials, pleas, and statements in response. 

Jessica Barnett - I'm vegan and I've never felt better!

Leah McKelvie - I'm vegan and antispeciesist.

Toran Tanner - I'm vegan and love it.

Tracey Chiancola - I'm vegan and I'm hoping you will become vegan too.

Janne Högström - I'm vegan and never felt better, both mentally and physically. Join me!

Bridget Vegan-Is Love - I am vegan and AWAKE! ♥

Rich Lysloff - I'm vegan and wish everyone else was too!

Alexa Reed - I'm Vegan and Catholic.

Sharon Prymaka - I'm vegan and reborn.

Rhea Parsons - I'm Vegan and prouder than I've ever been in my life!

Jillian A Mills - I'm vegan and Sexy!'s the best decision I've ever made in my life.

Urosh Sredojevich - I am a vegan and a freethinker.

Shannon Tweedie - I'm vegan and it is NOT a tedious concept to grasp, and I embraced justice for animals as soon as I learned about it. I wish others would stop hesitating and do the same!

Monica V Lucas - I'm vegan and I wish everyone were.

Christopher Boot - I'm vegan and that will never be enough.

Heidi Woodruff - I'm vegan and you should be too! It's easy, it's better for you and better for the planet - but most importantly it's the morally right thing to do.

Tierra Chapman - I'm vegan and‎ animals are my bliss, and I simply refuse to be a part of the misery that they suffer!

Liza Moore-Vegan - I'm vegan and live a guilt free life!

Karen V Sibert - I'm vegan and Happy.

Michal A. Kessler - I'm vegan and I having a searing desire to help others awaken, and to not only eat vegan, but to LIVE vegan a well.

Robert Ribic - I'm vegan and I love all and everything.

Emmy James - I'm vegan and it was the best decision I've ever made.

Tanya Verrall - I'm vegan and I hope you come and join me... then we can all feel this great!

Savannah Kronson Bach - I'm Vegan and enlightened in a very dark world!

Barbara Huning - I'm vegan and I'm bending the arc of history towards justice!

Missy VeganOddity - I'm vegan and it made me the person I was meant to be and I can't imagine not living this way!

Jarek VeganSpirit Zawisza - I'm vegan and no one is harmed.

Alan O'Reilly - I'm vegan and vegans rock!

Stephanie Marie Heckman - I'm vegan and I'm a REAL animal lover.

Vera Cristofani - I'm vegan and I recommend everybody to be just to all animals as well.

Alice Schmalice - I'm vegan and there's no going back EVAH!

Michael Tiedemann - I'm vegan and have never been happier knowing that I am not contributing to the exploitation of non-human animals and that I am making a difference in the world. Oh, and the health benefits are just a bonus.

Nerida V Monk - I am vegan and I was born vegan. It just took me a while to figure that out!

Diane Gandee Sorbi - I'm vegan and once you know the truth, it's the only ethical choice.

Janet Weeks - I'm vegan and I don't care who knows it!

SavannahVegan Kronson Bach - I'm vegan and I love everybody else who is one too! Bless each and every one of you on this thread!

Ele Goudreau - I'm vegan and I wish I could do even more to end the suffering of animals.

Lindsey Sanders - I'm vegan and it feels completely normal and good.

Leah Waters - I'm vegan and I haven't doubted my decision for a second.

Kenneth Butland - I'm vegan and animals are my friends.

Megan TheVegan - I'm vegan and I'd give anything to stop the murder of innocent animals.

Sue Ⓥ Rivers - I'm vegan and if you knew what I know, you'd be vegan too!

Susan Gallagher Cassidy-Ray - I'm vegan and it is the very least one can do to end animal exploitation.

James Nottingham - I'm vegan and I am in it for the long haul, and if I stumble, I will get up and keep on going.

Rex Tyler - I'm vegan and I live to love the animals that be, murdered in the wretched world thats known as Planet E.

Alex Corrigan - I'm vegan and compassionate.

Alastaur Daly - I'm vegan and I respect other sentient beings and their right to life and freedom.

Phillip Dolittle - I'm vegan and compassionate, sexy and cruelty-free!

Barry Taylor - I'm vegan and don't understand why everyone isn't!

Vanessa Earthchild - I'm vegan and wish veganism wasn't called a diet and wish more people respected human and other animals and tried to limit harming them. I am happy I had my eyes opened to the many ways we harm others.

Tom McCracken - I'm vegan and filled with LOVE for ALL.

Pearl Lotus - I'm vegan and so - being - the change we want to see in the world - justice, peace, equity, respect, kindness.. and abundance, within thriving ecosystems.

John Bussineau - I'm vegan and able to sleep better at night knowing I am doing the "right" thing for my self, animals, and the planet.

Ignatz Ziller II - I'm vegan and Loving it ♥

Adriana Jones -  I'm vegan and it's the least that I could do.

LouiseVegan Osh - I'm vegan and I will help change the course of our civilization.

Quincy Vegann Kirsch - I'm vegan and 'out and proud'. I only wish I had been born vegan. Actually in a way I was, so I wish I had been raised vegan so I would have nothing to be ashamed of. And because I believe in Justice for all.

Cheyenne Bradley - I'm vegan and thus am the change I wish to see in the world!

Sue Henderson - I'm vegan and I couldn't possibly be any other way.

Sarah C Panullo - I'm vegan and guilt free. :)

Isobella Geneva Merritts - I'm vegan and evolving into the best I can be.

Charlotte Mussman - I'm vegan and it's the best thing I have ever done for my life, for my health, and for the animals around the world, and for human kind! GO VEGAN on this day and everyday: WORLD VEGAN DAY!

Judith V Barnes - I'm vegan and so are you. You just don't know it yet.

Brandon Becker - I'm vegan and straight edge.

Brandon Becker - I'm vegan and oppose speciesism.

Brandon Becker - I'm vegan and desire animal liberation.

Danny VeganBatman Nichols - I'm vegan and concerned the word vegan is quickly becoming the new vegetarian.

Marty Deason-Fahling - I'm vegan and I feel good!

Elemental Cow - I'm vegan and it opened my eyes. And while it gave me peace of mind to know I no longer am part of the torture and murder of sentient beings, I myself am tortured by this knowledge. Therefore, it is now my duty to help put an end to this culture; it has become a part of me.

M Butterflies Katz - I'm vegan and see it as basic minimal decency shown towards other sentient animals.

Cheyenne Bradley - I am vegan and living and breathing it - every single day, it is who I am, for the animals, the environment and people.

McKenna Grace Fisher - I'm vegan and I will always fight for the lives of all sentient beings until I draw my last breath!

Kim Frost - I am vegan and intensely proud to be so - a loud voice for our fellow companions on the planet and Mother Earth herself. I will be a proud vegan until the day I die! Love Love Love!

Vegano Martin - I'm vegan and practice meditation.

Jenn V Keller-Lowe - I'm vegan and I wish the rest of world could see through our eyes..peace ♥

Kelly Carson - I'm vegan and I know it's just not enough.

Megan TheVegan Wilmore - I'm vegan and EMPOWERED!

Sue Tupper - I'm vegan and I've never looked back.

Daniela Carvalho - I am Vegan and I work spreading veganism! Hoping one day Everyone will be!!

Salim Andreas Piro Khan - I'm vegan and green.

Hulya Johnson - I am Vegan and I am human being with COMPASSION for All Animals! I am Vegan simply because I won't fund violence, rape and murder.

Ashleigh Mott - I'm vegan and I'm all for peace and justice for all living things, but just wishing for it and wanting it won't make it happen. It's going to take action! We've got to make people aware, and never stop making them aware. We've got to take the issues to the people and make them understand their seriousness. We've got to really be willing to fight for what we believe!

Ana Campos - I'm vegan and I'm personally defining following a vegan diet without actively advocating on behalf of animals, as simply a diet change. It just isn't enough. Potlucks are cute. Protests are powerful.

Kenneth Butland - I'm vegan and If one is leading others to veganism then one is part of a movement. If every vegan influenced one other person to become vegan per year then critical mass would be reached within years.

Wayne Adey - I'm vegan and better for it.

Scott V Frizlen - I'm vegan and I've never gone back, and I never will. And I won't change this for anyone ever!

Raphael Hunter Reyes - I'm vegan and I poop more frequently than before.

Matt V Peake - I'm vegan and angry!

Laura Beth Bamberger - I'm vegan and what else needs to be said? That says more about me than anything else I could add.

Jen V Earthling - I'm vegan and wish I could DO more!

Holy V Bliss - I'm vegan and my greatest wish is that humananity will shift into regarding the nonhuman animals as their equals and treat them and each other with respect to create a sustainable world in which all can live peacefully.

Grace Lorraine - I'm vegan and if you want to discover your own reason to become a passionate, abolitionist, vegan activist.... let's spend some time together!

Anita Vegan-Mahdessian - I'm vegan and an abolitionist. I'm against corrupt governments, religions, enslaving traditions and doctrines. I want total liberation for all beings from any kind of suppressions.

Jo McVegan - I am vegan. HEAR ME ROAR!

Helen Ann Nicholas - I am vegan and want peace and no more cruelty for all living creatures. It hurts me every day to see what happens in the world.

Gary Loewenthal - I'm vegan and it would be my honor and privilege to help you become vegan.

Davegan Raza - I'm Vegan and wish it had happened many, many years ago.

Michaela Österlund - I'm vegan and I wish everyone else was too.

Anne Walker - I am vegan and I practice Ahimsa, cruelty-free foods, animal rights activism, vegan advocacy, justice for all living beings, compassion for all living beings, peace, daily walks with my companion animal, daily yoga exercises, regular visits with family and friends, reaching out to others in need, being helpful, kind and considerate to everyone I meet. Namaste!

Danielle Hawley - I'm vegan and don't understand why people who know what it means, aren't vegan too.

Sos Orangutans - I'm vegan and green ~ For the animals, the environment, other people... The Earth. ~ ♥

Alicia Sangineti - I am a vegan and I am grateful not to be an accomplice of so much injustice, never again.

Emma Attwell - I am vegan and I'm bloody pissed at the rest of the world!

Kellie Fuller - I'm vegan and it has made me more conscious of life and how my actions affect others around me - animals and people alike.

Renee Marie LaPlume - I'm vegan and I wish the world would share my view and embrace and promote it, and that the lifestyle was all around me so that my heart could finally open and my love pour out, safely, as this world is not a safe place right now.

Elizabeth Collins - I am vegan, why aren't you?


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I'm vegan and...the number of animals that that spares absolutely pales in comparison to the number of animals that can be spared by taking the plight of farmed animals to large numbers of current meat eaters via leafleting with good citationed booklets, showing video footage and doing feed ins.