April 10, 2010


There’s a vegan world coming… where people attempt to grow more gentle and learn ‘how to love’, live in gentle surroundings; so gentle that a rabbit would stay near humans. It will be so gentle that people will walk barefoot on soft grass and frolic with the butterflies. Humans will sit on a forested floor and be surrounded by gentle deer. Chipmunks and ground squirrels, ducks and deer... will eat from human hands. There’s a vegan world on the horizon where it’s easier to love one another because people don’t fear each other.

My 32 healthy years of being a vegan attests to the fact that we use animals unjustly, and that we have no real need to. There’s a vegan world approaching; one filled with veganically-grown fruit trees and veganic gardens. Communities work together and enjoy sharing the weeding and mulching instead of spraying or fertilizing with chemical poisons. If someone wants an apple, they find an apple tree and pick it. Many varieties of fruit trees are planted everywhere because people have realized the ecstasy of eating tree-ripened, fresh fruit. Ripened fruit that drops from a tree is the gentlest way to subsist on this earth as well as the most gentle food for our physical bodies.

There’s a gentle vegan world just around the bend that is covered in flowers. People tune into flowers and are nourished this way. Trees abound. People don’t seem to have a tree-cutting fetish as in times past. The water is being kept clean and conserved. Rejoicing, sun-loving naturalists climb mountains and swim naked in natural pools. Sustainable living is what is practiced by all inhabitants of Earth, because they love our planet's breathtaking magnificence and want to preserve it.

There’s a vegan world coming where everyone recycles and everything gets recycled. Consumerism and materialism have lost their allure. They've been replaced by a quest for spirituality, living ethically, evolving one’s consciousness, seeking Truth, recognizing the ego, soul-searching, changing oneself for the better.

There’s a vegan world within reach where animals of all species are friends and live harmoniously. Humanity has risen above “The Food Chain” and other human supremacist beliefs at long last. Predator species have evolved to live a more harmonious existence. People have come to realize that farmed animals, no matter how good the conditions were perceived to be, were fundamentally disrespected. Their life was looked at as nothing beyond their use to humans. This enslaving of other sentient species is, at long last, a thing of the past.


Anonymous said...

so beautiful,thank you! we work for that world! peter from holland

The Compassionate Hedonist said...

If not the entire world just yet, at least in our own homes. This is exactly what my new home will be like.

OhSoooSara said...

this made my day :) i must believe in this world

Judy Carman said...

Let us all hold this vision close to our hearts and continue to imagine it and create it into being. We can become "Homo Ahimsa" if we do this together.
Love to all and thank you Vegan Poet for your inspiration. Peace to all of you and to all beings.
Judy Carman

Unknown said...

Your beautiful words sing out from your heart. May the harmonious vibrations reach the hearts of every living being so that collectively we remember that we are all ONE.
Beautiful blessings to all beings, everywhere,
Diane Fletcher