August 26, 2015

Evolution Vegan Dog, Cat, and Ferret Food from Pioneers in the Industry.

I just received my 20 pound sack of Gourmet Vegan Dog Food from the vegan-owned company called Evolution Diet (based in the United States). It contains a whopping 30% plant-based protein. I happen to have scientifically proven that dogs can not only thrive on plant protein for their whole lives, but can rebuild muscle that has atrophied with only plant protein. So why violently assault and kill other animals when you can get veterinarian-approved vegan dog/cat/ferret food? 

You can offer your furry friends meals that are ethical and don't involve you participating in animal exploitation, and also avoid unimaginable disgusting slaughterhouse waste. This bag label says it is 100% complete for all life stages. No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no saturated fat. ~ Completely cruelty-free for dogs and cats. Evolution is a pioneer in the industry; serving the vegan community since 1989. They are the only vegan company that will work with you and provide special diet formulations to help your rescued animal friends. Visit the site at

You can phone Eric at 1-651-221-9056 at no charge, with any questions about feeding dogs, cats, ferrets Evolution Diet dry kibble or wet formulations. The ingredient list seems to have it all! Everything necessary to supplement is in there, including taurine and l-carnitine, etc. I've done my research over the years, and some foods that are offered are not complete, but this product has all necessary nutrients. It meets all government requirements and is AFFCO-approved.

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Evolution Diet Pet foods said...


Very Special Heartfelt Thanks to M. Butterfiles Katz for dedicating her Life to saving & extending the Lives of All Non Humans, Humans & Our Planet & bringing us this FL Vegan Expo. What mission could be more important?

For 28 Years Evolution Ultra Premium VEgan Pet Foods and Supplment Compounds for Disease has had the same mission. Saving & extending Lives of Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits & All Others is where Evolution Pet Foods & Supplement Compounds for Disease are at.

Evolution Pet Foods also rescues Dogs, Cats and Others. We have nuetered-spayed, groomed, and placed or we keep them at our small sanctuary in St. Paul, MN. website:

Vegan CEO, Eric Weisman, DC, has not eaten Meat, Poultry or Fish for over 45 Years. Eric loves Veggie Burgers, Veggie Hot Dogs, Veggie Chic'n Patties fried Crispy on the outside. We hope you will too! Please make sure to read the labels on Veggie Burgers, Veggie Chic'n Patties & Veggie Hot Dogs to make sure they do not have Animal Ingredients. You will live Longer, Healthier & much Kinder Lives if you give up the Flesh Dairy Egg Eating Habit. You will also Look and Feel Better about yourself. One Vegan Person over a Life Time will save Many Millions of Animal Lives.

Evoluton Fed Dogs have lived up to 21+ Human Years of age and Evolution Fed Cats have lived up to 22+ Human Years. Ferrets and Rabbits have lived up 13.5 Human Years on Evolution Pet Foods. These ages are above the average Life Expectancy of Pets eating Evolution Pet Foods. These ages reflect our longest living Pets being fed Evolution for most or all of their their lives. Evolution fed Dogs & Cats can live at least a normal Life Expectancy when compared to Pets fed Super Premium Flesh Based Pet Foods.

Here are some proven methods to extend Lives of Cats, Dogs, Ferrets and Rabbits according to Evolution Experimental Studies and those of the National Institute of Health.

National Insitute of Health Studies prove that by feeding Pets 25% Less Dry Food, they live 25% Longer. These NIH Studies incorporated less expensive less fortified Pet Foods than Evolution. Imagine how much better Dogs and Cats in the NIH Study would have done on Evolution Pet Foods.

Hydrate Dry Evolution Kibble Pet Foods with at least 1/2 Part Water to 1 Part Dry Kibble Foods and let the food refrigerate for at least 12-24 Hours before serving. You will find that your Cat, Dog, Ferret or Rabbit will fill up on at least 25% Less Food. Do not feed Rabbits Dry Evolution Food because it is too concentrated. All Pets should be fed moistened Food for proper hydration and fermentation.

Moistening Dry Kibble Pet Foods for about a day in a sealed container in the Refrigerator allows the food to ferment. Fermentation makes Vegan Pet Food Nutrients easier to absorb and utilize. Moistened Fermented Evolution Pet Foods also produce a very important Vitamin called MK7 K2 that works with Vitmain D to produce stronger Bones, Moderate Inflammation, produce better Blood Cells & Improve Immunity.
What could be a better bargain than that?

We will tell you! Feeding Moistened Dry Kibble Food reduces your cost of feeding by 25-35% and will reduce Fecal Pick Up by 25-35%. Adding 50% Water to 1 part Dry Food and letting it sit in the refrigerator for 12-24 Hours will save you 25%-35% on your Pet Foods Feeding Bill, reduces your Pet Clean Up by 25-35% and may extend the Helath and Life of your Pet by 25-35%. Win, Win, Win! A message from The Evolution Pet Food Team. PHONE EVOLUTION OR GO TO OUR WEBSITE, WWW.PETFOODSHOP.COM. IF YOU HAVE HEALTH ISSUES OR QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PET, EVOLUTION HAS A FREE HEALTH CONSULTING SERVICE AT 651-221-9056.