June 29, 2019

75 Exquisite Photos of Children Embracing Animals

Enjoy these uplifting photos of children embracing other species. These photos were selected because of their uplifting beauty. Part of their beauty is that they were not taken at a zoo, or where animals are a commodity for human profit or entertainment. Many of the animals digitally captured in this collection - are rescues in sanctuaries, as opposed to being exploited, or in captivity. The animals are not being ridden, nor do they have harnesses on their faces. Also, I chose photos where the animal looks happy. Many photos of children with animals are for the entertainment of the parents, however the animals don't look happy about being there; it's a forced pose. These photos were chosen because they convey a real feeling between two souls. Let the joy that emanates from the children teach us all to respect animals.  Respecting animals means living vegan...

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Boy & Fawn (by Walk in the Woods Photography)

Diksa Anil Mehta with Ramu the orphaned baby langur monkey
 that his parents rescued and adopted. 

Kellie Parry Photography

Dove Delight

'Grazing on Buttercups' by Clare Ahalt Photography, Maryland.

Ashley Gilley Photography

Computer Wallpaper Image 

Boy gently petting kangaroo at Tanganyika Wildlife Park - Wichita
credit: www.ohmyomaha.com

Andrea Martin Photography

Girl from Panama caring for her pig friend

Bah Bah Baby Bliss

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova

Sadly, this photo comes from an agricultural fair, but it shows that cows
should not be seen as "burgers / milk", but as gentle, feeling beings with rights.

Austrian Matteo Walch, when 8 years old, befriends a clan of Alpine marmots.

"Kindness is a Lifestyle"

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova

Cow Kiss

True Love

Cicida and Patrick Poole petting turkey,(2005), Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, Ontario, Canada.

Theo, the dog, and Beau (the toddler) 'Nap-time Love Story'

Lacey Gray Photographer catches her 2 yr. old daughter; Kinley loving a rescued 3 day old calf.

Bunny Boy

Stories of Joy Photography

Freedom Hill Animal Sanctuary Australia

Andrea Martin Photography

Kathamandu, Nepal - Asia for Animals

Hummingbird Girl (wallpaper)

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova

'Eye-to-Eye Chicken High'

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary, Costa Rica

Photo: Farm Sanctuary

A girl and her rescued friend, a baby monkey. Taken in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Baby Goat Kiss

Boy - Rabbit Love

Interspecies Kiss

Austrian Matteo Walch, at 8 years old, befriends a clan of Alpine marmots.

Girl Kisses Dolphin (not in captivity)

Creative Commons Photo of Child playing with Guinea Pig.

Freedom Hill Sanctuary rescued Helen as a blind calf.

Woodland Friends by Lisa Holloway

Frog Admiration

Freckled Flower Child Photography


Photo Credit: Chelsea Noyon of BC. "A Child's Love"

Boy with Galápagos Tortoise in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Duck Heaven

Photo Credit: Dafna Ben Nun, taken in a forest in Israel with gentle miniature horses.

Ashley Gilley Photography

 Beauty and the Baby

Iwona Podlasinska Photography

Butterfly High

Boy and desert tortoise from Wildwood Wildlife nature park in Wisconsin.

Boy's Best Buddy

Kangaroos Deserve Kindness.

Andrea Martin Photography

Pigeon Pleasure

Portraits by Elena Mironova | Елена Миронова

Watch the amazing video HERE

I'd like to make a habit of petting a rabbit.

Monkey See, Monkey Do Love You!

Andrea Martin Photography

Feeding Animals is FUN!

Julie O'Neill - Photography for a Compassionate World

Teach children to respect animals.

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova

Boy Pets Fish in a Pond

From the 2017 Documentary 'Citizen Animal'

Indian Village Girl and her Parrot Friend

Cambodian girl in the Angkor Area with her puppy pal

Andrea Martin Photography

South Australian boy with his pet kangaroo

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand; where elephants are loved and respected, not ridden.

Puppy Love


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Butterflies, for this assemblage of captivating images showing the heartfelt compassion kids have for animals. I think their sense of compassion is essentially innate -- but later repressed by what they're taught by the adults in their lives -- especially as regards the so-called "food animals."

To show respect for animals is NOT to eat or drink their "products." Kids aren't born with that proclivity. They learn it over time. SUCH a mind-numbingly poor "lesson" they're taught. You're showing kids' natural behaviors -- what they could and should LEARN from the elders who guide them.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful - thank you for this compilation.