May 16, 2016

125+ Photos ~ VEGAN -Signs-of-the-Times

 Vegan 'Signs of the Times' 
...from around the world

One of thousands of signs from the Animal Rights March in London 2016

From the Animal Rights March 2016 in London
Be Fair Be Vegan Campaign
Be Fair; Be Vegan Billboard on Times Square, New York
Matthew and Alyssa Sikora doing vegan education tabling. 
Animal Rights protesters; Israeli Jews and Arabs together 
300 Vegans for Independence/Vegan
sign on a park bench
Vegan street education, Ireland ~ Vegan Information Project
Roof sign from Invercargill Vegan Society, New Zealand
Animal Liberation, Victoria, Australia
Toronto Pig Save, Toronto, Canada
The words 'go vegan' in the flooring of a vegan shop
Cruelty-Free Shop, Australia - window display
Direct Action Everywhere street protest
Elizabeth Collins street stall, NZ vegan, New Zealand
Manchester U.K. street activism
Asking for New Year's Resolution from bridge/highway
Meaningful, at least, graffiti - or who knows, maybe they wanted it there. 
My vegan restaurant's wall
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary Campaign, USA
Shout it from the rooftop!
Street sign protest ~ Lisa Qualls - USA
English translation - No Racism, No Sexism, No Speciesism
Educational stall ~ Emmy James, Peaceful Abolitionist, New Zealand
From the top of a roof in Australia
Sign painted on car that was in a parade ~ Vegan Society of Peace, Texas, USA
Valentines' Day Campaign
Melbourne, Australia street corner vegan education
Alice Springs Vegan Society, Australia 
Stop Specisism ~ Stop - Croatia
Professor Roger Yates, long term vegan, animal RIGHTS-based vegan advocate, Ireland
Jenny of Invercargill Vegan Society, New Zealand - taking it to the streets.
Sign on bus in British Columbia, Canada/ Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary campaign

Vegan Information Project - Ireland


Unknown said...

Wonderful album of vegan love here! Shared.<3

Unknown said...

Sign of the times! I'm feeling a bit encouraged by this.

Craig said...

Another phenomenal contribution to the great cause of veganism by the inestimable Butterflies Katz! Did you notice that this terrific assemblage of photos did not contain even one that was in a religious setting; as in a church or synagogue, for example. Unless and until we vegan animal advocacy activists have the courage to pointedly ask those who are religious or spiritual to evolve to the vegan lifestyle, we will continue to be marginalized. Just consider the fact that there are approximately 2.2 BILLION Christians around the world. They "own" the universally known Golden Rule. This moral and ethical precept must be expanded to include ALL sentient beings, both humans and non-humans alike. The version to apply is, paraphrased, "Do not do onto others that which you would not want done onto you." The human population continues to expand exponentially , and most of the new humans will be taught that the use of animals for human purposes is culturally and societally acceptable. Only by getting the religious and spiritual people of the planet -- the GREAT majority -- on board with veganism, do we have any hope or attaining the "tipping point" that will allow the percentage numbers of vegans to rise. Without this evolution, we will likely remain stuck at pathetically poor percentages ranging from 1% to, at best, 3%. Let's talk seriously with the billions of people who deeply value "their" Golden Rule, and nicely but aggressively ask them to apply it to EVERYONE.

Becky said...

Craig, I agree. You might be interested to read about a new documentary that's being made called The Compassion Project -- all about the gap between religion and veganism. Check it out and they're also raising money for the making of the movie so if you can spread the word it'll help them out and make the film something really worth sharing with religious and spiritual people.

Lynda Wise said...

Awesome awesome awesome!

Vegan Chef said...

Great pictures - The graph on Google Trends is very encouraging with vegan dramatically overtaking vegetarian on popularity on google all over the world

Tony Foods for life Health and Nutrition

Unknown said...

Hi, these are some awesome vegan images. I am running a vegan website. May I know whether I can use these images on my site with photo credit, and a link to your site? Let me know if you need any other information. I applaud your work as a vegan!!

Unknown said...

I wonder if you also know about my new placards; see the article below including  the important update information given in the comments and replies to comments; 

kno3 said...

THANK YOU for posting this. This is SUCH an amazing, uplifting page! All these inspiring photos make my heart HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO EMPOWERED by this, thank you thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 Widely sharing!!!