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October 22, 2012


An inter-species
LOVE puddle
with a piggie pillow.

female to female"
photo credit JoAnne McArthur 

Love and Pleasure
is felt by
sentient animals of all species

Golden Rees (many moons ago) and Braveheart (a free-living forest deer) enjoying each other's beauty, grace, and gentleness.

Love that is shared between species is absolutely thrilling.

People often say "you pig" in a derogatory sense. But; pigs are friendly and intelligent. They're precious friends; not food.

Kisses; my beloved. She was
vegan for 13.5 of her 14.5+ years.

Calves are innocent gentle babies. They're not "veal",
not a thing that you can,
with conscience, drag from his/her mother at birth so
you can steal his/her milk.
This young child has grasped what adults
have not yet figured out.

Somebody found my avocado! He or she is a ground-squirrel of the western U.S.

A kid and a kid
lost in
mutual admiration.

I could not think of
harming either of these
precious beings.

"Inter-species Slumber Party"

"The Way it Should Be"
Jenny Brown of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and her bovine friend.

A Monarch butterfly
takes her first flight
from my hand.

Words could not do justice
to a moment like this. I was
lucky enough to be there. There was a legend of "the vegans" in the woods among the deer. The only other people they knew were hunters.

This woman understands
that pigs are pals -
NOT pork.

I'm touching hands with a ground squirrel and a chipmunk in a forest. We got to know each other for some time before they came up to me and ate from my hands. We lived together; harmoniously.

is not
by species.

This furry friend found
a cozy warm bed
for a cat-nap.

Like humans,
many species of animals
live as a family unit.

Evolve Campaigns - U.K. - for many more fantastic campaign banners and photos.

An orangutan protector holding his friend.

Do unto ALL animals as you would have them do to you.

Hummingbird bed.

and the

Real "Necking"

Some photos are so beyond the beyond, that a caption only gets in the way.

"Portrait of a Duckling"

Photo credit: Daniel Hennessy, 
Brisbane, Australia

A sane reaction to a lamb.

We can talk to animals; and they can talk to us. Some people just don't listen to the language other animal's speak. But this boy does, and so do I. He reminds me of me.
Matteo Walch of Australia and his Marmot friend.

Angel Flinn of Gentle World
with Poof the Magic rabbit.

Hands of rescuers reaching
to grab a beagle puppy that
is being rescued from the
Green Hill Beagle Liberation.


A face not only a mother
could Love!

Who's happier, Sarah Lux, Harrison, or me looking at this awesome photo?

partners in time

Soul at age 3; a healthy beautiful
vegan child - and my friend. At age
4 he says to me when we were standing
by a river: "Auntie Butterflies, if I saw a hunter,
I would throw his gun in the river." Soul Rees

Douglas getting a big hug. Photo from the website:

A great photographer not only precisely catches imagery, but captures a feeling. This photo defines good photography.

What a magnificent sight!
Four dogs found
a beam of light.

Vegan-fed baby and
vegan-fed dog
Photo credit: the Rees's

We shared life with a Golden Retriever (this is not her) that also protected rabbits. But she didn't come to us that way, she learned a new behavior. People train animals to do all sorts of meaningless tricks for human amusement. Animals, including humans, can be trained "not to harm" other animals.

At a sanctuary, rather than feasting on turkeys at Thanksgiving, they offer a feast to their rescued turkeys.

Amazing digital moment of a BlueJay family.

Evolve Campaigns, U.K.

"Best Friends;
looking outward together,
in the same direction."

"contagious kitty smile"

Beautiful; a golden retriever (vegan) in the golden light, with her friend, Summer.

Nose to Nose,
Cheek to Cheek
The language of Love
is the one they speak.

Animals have lives
that they want to live.

A 3 year old often has a better grasp on the fact that animals are sentient beings.

A mother's love is felt
throughout the animal kingdom.

Cow Kisses and Caresses

They're not "fighting
like cats and dogs" -
they are hugging
like cats and dogs.

This guy looks like a
Disney character. He's a
ground-squirrel I befriended while living in a national forest. He's munching on cantaloupe seeds.

They're all Lovie-Dovie
          (pun intended)

Bill and Lou; two oxen that lived on Green Mountain College property for 10 years, and had become mascots; known by name. Very sadly, after much protesting, they were slaughtered - autumn, 2012. Vine Sanctuary and others offered to save them and give them no avail. These two animals had formed some human friendships, however all farmed animals ARE BILL and LOU!

There's no hiding the
friendship felt between
Matteo Walch of Australia
and his Marmot friends.

The new babysitter.

Baba had
separation anxiety,
to the day
he passed away.
So did we.
We didn't want
to separate. He
lived to age 17.
Photo credit:
Sky Weil;
Gentle World

Smiling and looking
each other in the eyes,
What a friendly human-
to-sheep surprise.

paw and hand that intertwine
paw of his and hand of mine

At sanctuaries; where cows and other animals are not seen as a commodity, a resource, a thing - but as the truly sweet, gentle, beautiful being that they truly are.

Juliet Gellatley - U.K.
and her rescued friend.

Turkeys feasting at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's "ThanksLiving" event where turkey's are not eaten, but instead treated to a feast.

Friends of a different color
and species; it's not
an issue for them.

A mother's Love lives in all
kinds of sentient species.

Reverence for life; especially perceptually aware, conscious, animal life.

Koala cuddles.

Have kitten, will travel.

"I won't last a day...
....without you."

I know the sweetest part of me from holding you.

Animals are my friends;
to protect and respect.

A deer friend

Summer kissing Valiant;
Gentle World's
very gentle dog friend;
fed a vegan diet.

Australian demonstration

photo copyright: Elias Delphinus

A Monarch emerging
from the chrysalis.
The green cocoon
turns transparent
and then
fades away,
and a butterfly is born.

We're not
the only animals
that embrace.

All animals
have a
and a

"A fawn at dawn"
photo credit: Butterflies Katz

Jenny Brown of Woodstock
Farm Animal Sanctuary with
her friend Ralphie.

I loved to feel the touch
of this ground squirrel's
little hands
on mine.

John Unger and Schoep wade in Lake Superior. The photo went viral on the internet and their story was in the news. I've hardly ever seen a photo that depicts Love as well as this one.

Colleen Patrick Goudreau
and friend.

Salute to the Sun

Hippo Mama
and baby. Animals
of the ocean are
also sentient.

photo credit: 
Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Real Men are Vegan
Photo credit:

Manatees wouldn't think
of hurting you. Please don't
hurt them or anyone.

Ground squirrels store
food in their cheeks and
then take it and bury it to
store for the winter months.

Praying the human race,
will at long last,
learn to respect
"otter" animals.

Photo: United Poultry Concerns

Floating with

Sleeping puppies and piglet

dolphin kissing dog

At a sanctuary, a friendship
formed between a rescued turkey and a goat.

Fish have feelings, too.
Oh yes they do!

We, Animals - JoAnne McArthur

Real men
are kind to other animals.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Thanks for the early morning gift. Proud to be vegan another day.

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thanks for the wonderful photos! <3

Kaos Wicca said...

Just Beautiful!!! Thank you... I hope you do not mind, but I have shared this on Facebook...
All the Best...

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This post is a true gift for the soul. Thank you for sharing.

Treesa said...

This post is a true gift for the soul. Thank you for sharing.

Sam Swaye said...

Inspiration pictures....we are all living souls and all living animals deserve to live peacefully on this glorious planet without prejudice or ego..x

Stacy said...

Great pictures. I used one of these for an event photo for our vegan thanksgiving. Please let me know if that's not ok, and I'll remove it. Thanks! Stacy