September 17, 2015

The ABC's of Veganism

A = Animal Rights ~ Antispeciesism ~ Veganism is fundamentally interwoven with both.

B = Boycott of products derived from animal use. Direct action and economic activism.

C = Consistent, Comprehensive, Cruelty-Free ethic inclusive of all animals, all ways of harm.

D = Diet...veganism is not synonymous with a plant-based diet.

E = Ethical position. To say "ethical vegan" is redundant. It IS an Ethical position, not a diet.

F = Farmed animals in sanctuaries are essentially the same as our dog and cat Friends.

G = Golden Rule; Do unto all animals; human or other animal, as you want them to do to you.

H = Harmlessness in action.

I = Injustice ~ Veganism is the response to the Injustice of harming animals unnecessarily.

J = Justice for All - Equal rights for victims of violence; animals/humans equally able to suffer.

K = Knowing ...Veganism is something we can Know first hand from within, not hearsay.

L = Love Animals; many say it; vegans mean it. Don't have to love animals, to not harm them.

M = Makes sense. Why harm feeling animals when we don't have to? It just makes sense.

N = Nonviolence.  Veganism is intrinsically married to nonviolence.

O = Objection to the Oppression and Objectification of Others.

P = Peace on Earth - Many pray for it, but vegans are doing what will actually create it.

Q = Questioning. Vegans question for themselves if what is accepted as normal - is right.

R = Respect - Veganism is the least we can do to show basic Respect to ALL animals.

S = Social justice for the rights of anyone Sentient. A Solution for what ails our planet.

T = Truth; a timely truth for the benefit of 'the whole' and the planet we all share.

U = Universal Truth; everyone should find the vegan within them; it is Uplifting to our spirit.

V = Various Vegan Views. If you've met one vegan; you have not met them all.

W = Worldwide, rapidly expanding movement from Berlin to Boston, California to Croatia.

X = X-ray vision into the brighter future that will ensue from humans embracing vegan living.

Y = You...Veganism is not about YOU, but it's up to YOU to help end animal abuse.

Z = Zero Tolerance for animal exploitation, cruelty, and use - and it's not just lip service.

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