October 27, 2013

Plenty of Proof that Pigs are Pals - NOT Pork

Photo Credit: C-A-L-F
Photo credit: C-A-L-F
Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary
Marjie V Bremner
Photo Credit: C-A-L-F


memographer said...

Amazing photo series! Hopefully, one day people will stop eating pets.

"Butterflies" Katz (go by the name Butterflies) said...

That was an interesting last comment. It's true, people eat our companion animals, our friends. It's really weird. Vets eat and wear and consume their patients, where I live rural.

I have rescued and lived with a pig, raised him since he was a wee little piglet and bottle fed him. He was so nice and loved tummy rubs and came when we called his name. His name was Promise. We promised him that we would keep fighting for his and all other sentient beings's rights.

Anthony said...

It makes me cry to think that people eat bacon so crass and without feelings. We have been conditioned into believing it is just some tasty "thing" on our eggs-But the truth is, our Friends are being Butchered and destroyed for a Primitive Eating consumption on our's part. I Cry to think of this. I saw the happy faces on these lovely little pigs and I want to hug them and take 100 of them home--I live in a 1Br Apartment, and I do the best I can to take care of 6 Rabbits--I never ever eat meat any more. I do not blame my parents, they were kind and loving people But, I thank you for your work--God will shine his Grace on your efforts to save His Loving Creations-